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wiz and amber rose together

wiz and amber rose together. wiz khalifa amber rose
  • wiz khalifa amber rose

  • maknik
    Nov 12, 02:14 PM
    Paraphrasing: I don't like being told what I can and can't do. :rolleyes:

    The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, liberalism, libertarianism... A pretty good definition, really.

    wiz and amber rose together. wiz khalifa amber rose
  • wiz khalifa amber rose

  • Master-D
    Mar 10, 08:50 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5136/5515049260_58ca08dacc_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/damoncrane/5515049260/)

    wiz and amber rose together. Le shrug* #AmberAndWiz
  • Le shrug* #AmberAndWiz

  • drlunanerd
    Nov 8, 08:23 AM
    Yeah the benefit for C2D is the bigger cache size mostly. That's only available on 2GHz and up AFAIK.

    I'd still rather have the new potentially bug fixed hardware though.

    ...and 64 bit, and better SIMD processing etc. Recent MacWorld benchmarks show the same clockspeed C2D 28% faster than the CD in iTunes encoding. That sold it to me.

    wiz and amber rose together. a while now—when Wiz was
  • a while now—when Wiz was

  • darkplanets
    Apr 2, 01:51 PM
    Hehe. You are the one falling for the myth about MP myth. DXOMark has a lengthy article that explains why more megapixels is NOT a bad thing. It does NOT negatively influence low light capabilities, contrary to popular belief.

    I never disagreed with that, but that's not what I'm talking about-- I'm talking about sensor capabilities, which is the core issue in the MP myth. Just because something has 3 more MP than something else doesn't make it better at all... the quality of the sensor is essential, no? I'm not saying its a bad thing, but to say that this 5MP camera from this manufacturer is worse than this 8MP camera from a different manufacturer solely based on MP... that's the crux of the MP fallacy.

    wiz and amber rose together. Sooooo Wiz tats Amber#39;s nick
  • Sooooo Wiz tats Amber#39;s nick

  • ipedro
    May 4, 11:00 PM
    This almost requires that iCloud be a free service for iOS users. A back up is prudent for any OS upgrade so having all or nearly all of your phone's personal data backed up or exclusively stored in the cloud would be a system that would allow iOS devices not have to rely on an iTunes direct link.

    wiz and amber rose together. Amber Rose and her new boo Wiz
  • Amber Rose and her new boo Wiz

  • PlipPlop
    Apr 14, 10:46 AM
    I agree and disagree. It's more than just the cool factor. But that is a big part. Consumers also know that a Apple product is more reliable, better supported and overall less headache than a PC.

    So basically, there is a reality to the marketing hype.

    Im not sure about the reliability, Apple products have taken a massive down turn in reliability. My old G4 is going strong but everyone I know who has a Mac Book has had to have them repaired by Apple stores. Seems like the dvd drives on them break quite a lot.

    wiz and amber rose together. Amber Rose and new boyfriend
  • Amber Rose and new boyfriend

  • caspersoong
    May 5, 01:09 AM
    I only worry about the price... and eye strain.

    wiz and amber rose together. WIZ KHALIFAH????quot; Amber Rose
  • WIZ KHALIFAH????quot; Amber Rose

  • crap freakboy
    Oct 26, 05:34 PM
    As long as Apple are being above board on this design flaw and offering a repair for those affected at no cost then alls well and good I say.
    Must be a pain to have to wait for the repair though.

    wiz and amber rose together. wiz khalifa amber rose. wiz
  • wiz khalifa amber rose. wiz

  • rouxeny
    Nov 28, 06:08 PM
    Anybody else notice that the supposed "limited edition" mono box set, which sold out on the first day it was available for pre-order, seems to have hung around for a bit?

    It's available on Amazon for I believe half what I paid for it over a year ago.

    If I had realized that "Limited edition" meant "only limited by how many copies our CD presses can turn out" or "only limited by how many you gullible public will buy" then perhaps I could have saved myself some money.

    I guess a sucker is born every minute.

    wiz and amber rose together. Wiz+khalifa+amber+rose+
  • Wiz+khalifa+amber+rose+

  • Iggy
    Nov 8, 07:54 AM

    Ok then, what's next....

    wiz and amber rose together. Photos: Wiz Khalifa amp; Amber
  • Photos: Wiz Khalifa amp; Amber

  • iJohnHenry
    Apr 4, 05:48 PM
    The idea that religion is the only thing that keeps kids from growing up into terrible people is a bit outdated, there are large countries in the Western World were religion has almost no influence and these places are not a pool of hate.

    Actually, this Book of Truths� is not a bad idea.

    You can introduce it to your children, in the comfort of your own home. No need to venture out into nasty weather, wasting gas/shoe leather, to go to some palatial venue.

    And now that the government has failed in raising your kids, because you sure are not allowed to lay an open palm on the little dears, this might be one way to get the message across, for a healthy, successful life.

    OK, this should be good. :D

    wiz and amber rose together. wiz khalifa and amber rose
  • wiz khalifa and amber rose

  • jacg
    Sep 12, 03:40 PM
    If you have two different Airport Expresses, both with speakers attached, you can stream music to both at the same time. This isn't a new feature in 7.0.

    You maybe didn't read my post properly. I said I spotted that 6.0.5 could do this but I still don't know how. Whenever I select a different set of speakers it swaps to the new set. Do you need to press a modifier key or something? (Can't test just now because one of my AEs is elsewhere).

    The v7 interface chugs a bit on my 1.25 GHz PBG4. I think the interface has too many dark shades. What's with the black highlight in the sidebar?

    wiz and amber rose together. Although Amber Rose
  • Although Amber Rose

  • OatmealRocks
    Apr 14, 04:47 PM
    AGAIN, let me restate the following:

    - Brazil has one of the most expensive workforces in the world - please don't think that the world's second-biggest Western democracy is the same as an Asian sweatshop - Apple or Foxconn are NOT going there because of cheap labor - it's a much more strategic reason, along with lower logistical costs;

    - Upper-level salaries in Brazil are ALREADY higher than in the US or Europe, for reasons of economic growth and increased demand for skilled positions. A C-level executive in BR earns an average of $520,000, as opposed to some $400,000 in the US and Europe.

    HAHAHHA are you retarded? Of all places with such high division of upper and lower class you are going to use Brazil when comparing to the US? C-Levels will not be the ones on the factory floor. Spend 5 seconds on google and you are going to see a much different view in terms of labour cost. In fact I'm a little disappointed you would even argue that cheap labour is not one of the benefits of Brazil. You must be out of touch. FYI monthly salary will be wayy south of $500/month. Hate to tell you this but Foxconn is the highest exporter in % of GDP for ALL of China (I think they proven their competency.).. and well...you are an arm chair president with tons of misinformation.

    wiz and amber rose together. wiz khalifa amber rose tongue.
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tongue.

  • whatever
    Aug 29, 08:57 AM
    At that price, I hope Apple considers preinstalling Vista on its machines.

    240 bucks for Boot Camp is ludacris, when you'll probably hardly use it anyway...

    Why the **** would Apple ever pre-install Windows on a Mac.

    If they went that route then they might as well just cancel all develop on OS X, because they would need that money to pay Microsoft.

    I honestly feel that Boot Camp is one of the worst things that Apple could ever do, but they had to appease the little kids. But just wait until the first virus hits your Windows partition and screws up the boot sector of your drive and you're unable to start either OS.

    God, some people!

    wiz and amber rose together. Wiz Khalifa had just released
  • Wiz Khalifa had just released

  • theROZ
    Jan 11, 04:37 PM
    Here is a geek observation, the apple logo on those banners have a silvery rim that is pretty similar to the iphone casing....hmm maybe I should go outside...

    wiz and amber rose together. As we all know by now Wiz and
  • As we all know by now Wiz and

  • FF_productions
    Aug 3, 06:31 PM
    Yeah, is it possible to *watch* keynote as it happens, cause I don't wanna miss t, I wanna feel the suspense, or at leas thow long after Keynote will we know details?






    wiz and amber rose together. amber rose and wiz khalifa.
  • amber rose and wiz khalifa.

  • saving107
    Mar 25, 12:52 PM
    Is the iPad 2 Wifi modelnumber 2,1? (or 2,2 / 2,3?)

    iPad 2 WiFi - 2,1
    iPad 2 AT&T - 2,2
    iPad 2 Verizon - 2,3

    wiz and amber rose together. Amber Rose who is known for
  • Amber Rose who is known for

  • ilovethisgame
    Mar 28, 11:00 PM
    Working in a retail shop (photo goods); I can say that margins on hard goods is so razor thin, requiring ad-ons makes sense. It also keeps scalpers away for the likes of the iPad 2.

    Thats fine and good - my only point was that I couldn't believe Apple was allowing this. They are very protective of their image and allowing Radio Shack to REQUIRE applecare and a case probably won't sit well with customers. This is why I think it is store managers or maybe regional managers pushing this? I would have to say I would really be surprised if Apple knew this and allowed it. I mean it's not like Apple needs Radio Shack here. It's more the other way around.

    wiz and amber rose together. wiz khalifa amber rose tongue.
  • wiz khalifa amber rose tongue.

  • sishaw
    Jan 11, 03:08 PM
    Silly rabbits.Apple is talking about the new wireless Apple TV and associated iTunes movie rentals you download from them satellites ;)

    OK, but can they transmit directly to the receiver in my tooth?

    Mar 30, 01:18 AM
    Hopefully when the day arrives that Jobs moves on, integrity, ethics and truth will be allowed back into the organization.

    Integrity, ethics and truth will never happen in a competitive social system that is based on money and profit unless the company wants to go bankrupt. That's what PR is for: telling lies in the most acceptable way to the public. Still lies.

    IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 11:08 AM
    Yeah, only take that portion of my statement and :rolleyes: to it.:rolleyes:

    You've got to admit, you kind of deserve that response, if you going to cite a commercial to back up your argument.

    Apr 17, 01:37 PM
    LOL! I always knew that the ipad was just a toy. Now Toys R Us are selling them, HOW APPROPRIATE.

    Nov 12, 10:30 AM

    I really hope Apple makes some changes, anyone who has developed or listren to developers knows what a stupid process this is to get an app approved.

    What will actually make developers happy? Free run? I respect Apple's right to try to keep their platform within the guidelines that the determine. Apple isn't perfect but the Facebook developer did the right thing... He tucked his tail between his legs and ran... It's cool when people give up. (sarcasm intended) He's a developer, he's gonna deal with different platforms with different rules ALL THE TIME! Soon the internet will start "locking down," then what will he do? I think the Facebook app could be a lot better, I'm not claiming to be able to code it and what-not but the apps shortcomings can't be all linked to Apple's approval process. That's what I think this developer should have focused on: making the app as amazingly good as possible within the "confinements" that are in place.

    Oct 27, 04:40 PM
    I just installed the update and coreduotemp & Istat now say my temps are running in the mid 50's; before update they said 20's(which I didn't believe). Never had the RSD problem; fans don't seem any louder/more active than before the update.

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