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  • Connect IT
    Nov 3, 05:25 AM
    Apple needs to pull its head out on this one.

    Flash eats battery! Ok, and? So does fieldrunners. Guess what? I can decide if I want to spend the power playing it!

    Flash is full of archaic crap. Well dang. The web is full of archaic crap. Including a lot of flash. But it's still the web, and I still need to access it.

    Flash isn't necessary, you can use Java, Wookie, etc... whatever. Ok, sure, I'll just write every website I need to visit to find my travel reservations and itinerary, and have them rewrite their page in a new format.

    This stupid tug of war leaves the end users in the lurch. Adobe, clean up flash, Apple, encourage them and accept that it ain't gonna be perfect.

    I couldn't agree more!:)

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  • Photics
    Apr 11, 10:46 PM
    (ahem) There IS a difference. Photoshop is far more advanced that Pixelmator for P-R-O-F-E-S-S-I-O-N-A-L work. It has a deeper set of tools and features available. Why do you think it's expensive? For one, it has many plug-ins and filters built in that come from third party developers.

    I've been using Photoshop — professionally — for about 16 years. In that time I've seen the cost of technology dramatically drop. I've seen lots of open source software hit the market. And yet, Adobe still wants me to pay $600 for what I see as bloat.

    Photoshop has better layer effects, and better type control. But other than that, I think Pixelmator is pretty solid. (I haven't had to worry about the CMYK color space in years. HA!) The quartz filters are fun. I like the speed and lightweight footprint of the app. I like how Pixelmator handles certain tools... like the Magic Wand.

    Pixelmator is a nice application and does things pretty close to what Photoshop does, but only to a certain degree with a ceiling limit. For $29 bucks, you're only getting what you get in Pixelmator, nothing more. Photoshop, however is a very demanding program that takes up a lot of RAM and a learning curve.

    With Pixelmator, I should be automatically getting an upgrade... version 2.0 for free.

    (It jumped to $59.99 though. It looks like the lower price is gone.)

    I've been using brushes, layers, blends, filters, color correction... I'm very happy with the software. I have CS4 Design Premium on my PC. If it was so much better, I could simply turn on my PC.

    Sure, if you work at like a Printshop or design house, it's like expected to have Adobe products. I don't have that problem. I can pick alternatives. Between iWork and Pixelmator, I've eliminated the need for a lot of expensive software that I used to use on my PC. I wanted to move CS4 over to my Mac, but that would have been $600. So instead, I got Pixelmator and iWork.

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  • zephead
    Oct 15, 05:52 PM
    I actually like the idea of wireless communication on iPods. They could do it exactly like "sharing"in iTunes. Imagine you sitting somewhere in the underground or bus, taking out your iPod, checking "other iPods" on the main menu, browsing through the playlist and thinking: "hey, this guy/girl has a good music taste". You could see what she/he's listening to ("now playing") and listen to it. And if you see the other person rocking his head to the same song you're hearing, you know it's the right one. And if this person happens to share it's profile (contact information), you can get the phone number etc...
    That sounds like it makes more sense than Zuneing a song. Instead of somebody asking "do you want to listen to this song" and maybe the person is annoyingly persistent about you listening to it to the point where you want to clock him one for not leaving you alone, the person can look on another person's iPod himself if he so desires and if the other guy has sharing on. If Apple makes iPod sharing exactly the same as iTunes sharing, and figures out a way to keep the battery life up, then that's what people would want to get.

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  • fkhan3
    Mar 25, 12:34 PM
    Downloading... no more issues please, fingers crossed

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  • TigerWoodsIV
    Mar 22, 12:52 AM
    They definitely just need to have an update to 220 GBs that was previously discussed here. Idk what I'd do. The biggest iPod Touch is way too small and way more money.

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  • e-coli
    Aug 8, 08:30 PM
    The one thing to remember is that this is a Developer's Conference so there is not going to be a lot of pizazz with flashy announcements. There was not a whole lot of new mind-blowing things announced so he could have been a little bit bored with it.

    Bored with such trivial things as THE OPERATING SYSTEM that runs his entire corporation! I highly doubt that's the case.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    Sep 22, 02:24 PM
    I was wondering how many hillbillies and other country folk have an iPod. maybe Walmart is afraid that even Billy bob wants to download instead of buying from crappy WM.

    You'd be surprised how many people are willing to live in a trailer in order to be able to afford $300 cell phones and "designer" clothes. There's an apartment building not too far from my house which is an utter dump, and in one of the parking slots is a vintage Corvette.

    Apple needs to take a page from Snapper's book regarding Wal-Mart -- give them the big fat finger. For those of you who aren't aware, Wal-Mart approached Snapper a few years ago, wanting them to make a cheap quality build of mower, put the Snapper name on it, be paid WM's crap supplier prices, and sell them exclusively in Wal-Mart stores. Long story short, Snapper didn't want poor quality (or WM for that matter) to be associated with the Snapper brand, and told WM what it could go do with itself.

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  • Chundles
    Apr 11, 01:13 AM
    I got CS5 Master collection like less than a year ago for $1200...WTF? Now they want me to pay $500 for another upgrade??? WHAT TO THE F!!!???

    Yup. Adobe like to take money from you.

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  • LastZion
    Mar 15, 09:20 AM
    If you don't absolutely NEED it, practice a little self-control and wait. You'll regret you order if you place it and the new MBPs come out next weeek.

    I've been hearing that storey for over 2 months now

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  • dime21
    Mar 28, 04:00 PM
    radio shack lol, do people still shop there?

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  • benixau
    Oct 12, 03:36 PM
    Look, dont get me wrong. I believe that as soon as apple and motorola say ta-ta to each other for the mac's CPU then we may have a decent processor under the hood. Look, whilst ironic that the very chip we want comes from a copmany at the complete opposite end of the market, a power4 even cut down at 2Ghz or 2.5Ghz may get apple upto maybe 10-15% of the market share. That is important because then we would become a sizable group. Worth seriously developing for maybe???

    Most of the oldest apple allys dont take apple seriously anymore and they just pump out aps that are compatible to stop the email flood that would occur if they didnt.

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  • arn
    Aug 7, 11:56 PM
    What kind of phone is that? Just a mockup?

    Looks like it might say "Sony Ericsson" on it.


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  • snowleopard2009
    Nov 12, 08:53 PM
    In a way it's rather ironic. When myspace was huge. Some people were defecting to facebook because of all the problems. Myspace allowed you to do and post almost anything. Custom backgrounds, flash, all kinds of HTML. Spam spam spam and more. The result? Slow, clunky pages. Pages that crashed even the toughest browsers and computer with lots of RAM. Phishing SPAM and viruses via messages and pages. Soft core porn and more.

    Go to Facebook and you needed to be approved just to join (essentially). You needed a certain email address. Your page can't have graphics and flash. Your name can't be "$h@wn of da d3@d" or whatever. It's similar to an iphone in that way.

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  • tekmoe
    Mar 11, 03:23 PM
    I just bought a Macbook Pro literally 5 minutes ago. I've been waiting for months and I finally gave up. After the order was completed, I thought I'd check macrumors just for laughs and the first thing I saw was, "new macbook pros tomorrow?" :(

    Patience is a virtue, my friend.

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  • Huntn
    Sep 22, 10:48 AM
    I played for about 90 minutes last night. I am impressed with the graphics but focused on the story (solo/coop), seems like more of the same. I mean it's good but as with most sequels and for me especially after the 5th time around, it's feeling a bit repetitive. Maybe as I get farther into it I'll get more excited. :)

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  • Cloudane
    Jan 11, 04:16 PM
    Something in the air..... yeah, that's people's PCs being chucked out of the window at the news of great new Macs :p

    Or perhaps we're finally going to get those flying cars we were promised for year 2000.

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  • bketchum
    Sep 4, 04:07 PM
    Originally Posted by Ted13
    I certainly hope that the resolution on the Apple Movie Store will be AT LEAST 480x720 (aka 480P). Otherwise, between Netflix and super cheap DVDs these days, I don't see how Apple can compete with lower than DVD resolution.

    If they are really smart (and the studios play ball, which is doubtful) they would go straight to 1080P.

    I agree with you on the DVD quality. But could imagine how long it would take to downlaod a 1080p film? Days! The hard drive space would be another thing, it would be about 10 or 11 gigs for one film! At least. This is not going to be possible for at least 3 or 4 years I would say.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Just as a test (not very scientific)... I went to the Apple Quicktime site and downloaded "The Queen" HD movie trailer at 1080P. Using an iBook connected to Airport Extreme wifi that's connected to an advertised 5-Mbps internet cable service, it took me about 5 minutes to download the 2-minute, 150-MB trailer. A little math tells me that a two-hour movie will take me about 300 minutes (5 hours) to download, and the size of the file will be about 9000 Mb in size.

    To me that's not outrageous. However, it does mean planning ahead. I won't be able to start watching the movie five minutes after I've started downloading it. The real-time viewing will catch up to the download. I would need to give it about a four-hour head start.

    No matter, my 1.33-GHz iBook isn't powerful enough to play 1080P HD movies without dropping frames and sound every few seconds. I think there are a lot of people in the same position as me. I cannot believe that Apple will offer just one level of movie quality. Just like what Apple currently offers on its movie trailer site, I'm guessing you'll be able to rent or buy 480P, 720P, or 1080P quality movies.

    It took me just 50 seconds to download the same two-minute-long trailer at 480P quality. The size of the file is about 30 Mb. That means it will take me about 50 minutes to download the whole 1800 MB movie. At that rate, I can start watching the movie right away. My internet connection provides a download rate that is twice as fast as the movie viewing rate. That is exactly what I want. On impulse, I can be watching any movie I want within a few seconds. At full screen on my iBook, the 480P movie looks like I'm watching a rented DVD movie. The best part: No trips to incredibly annoying video stores.

    I'm guessing the time it takes to download a 720P movie, and its file size, will fall somewhere halfway between the 480P and the 1080P movie.

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  • goobot
    May 5, 09:32 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_2 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8H7 Safari/6533.18.5)

    For now it's unlimited, who said it will last?

    ATT fanboys always say "For now it's unlimited" as if VZW will really get rid o f unlimited since ATT + T-Mobile announced the merger.
    ATT Fanboys are really hoping for VZW to end unlimited.

    VZW is going to be the biggest phone company anymore, I bet they don't get rid of unlimited data for a long time. VZW needs to stay competitive as they are not going to be the biggest company anymore....................

    Lol, I'm pretty sure they said they are going to caps, jut cause you don't like it dont blame form members.

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  • ModestPenguin
    Aug 2, 04:20 PM
    Dirty whiney windows users messing with our macs.

    Back off.

    Apr 2, 08:21 AM
    Man that new camera is going to look huge on the back of the phone if they don't make it bigger.

    Apr 12, 12:35 PM
    Doubt it, American labor unions will never allow that. haha. Plus, China won't have problems finding labor in the country.


    Electronics manufacturers are not in China for cheap labor. The manufacturing process is so automated that there is very labor involved. They manufacture in China because of currency exchange rates, and because of lax environmental laws.

    Really? So I guess the 920,000 people working at FoxConn are just standing around goofing off?


    FoxConn has a net income of about 2.2 billion. Their gross revenues are about $59 billion. If each worker cost them just an extra $2,500 per year ($210 per month) they would be out of business and have to shut their doors.

    And everyone here knows damn well that Chinese workers get paid much less than US workers, in other words doing FoxConn in a country with higher labor costs would mean that everything would cost a CRAP LOAD more money or it wouldn't get built to begin with.


    As someone pointed out, Samsung may assemble SOME things in korea but individual components are often build elsewhere. Samsung also does a lot of Chinese manufacturing too. In fact, out of the Samsung devices I own they are all MADE IN CHINA too.

    Nov 8, 08:27 AM
    Agreed. That would have been with a bigger cache though. Is there much of a speed bump for the 1.83?

    The cache alone doesn't explain that particular benchmark, as overall speed increase clock for clock is only 10%. I haven't seen the 1.83 tested so can't comment.

    Jan 11, 12:18 PM
    agreed, but thats why i am very very interested in the typeface. the thin (notably thin) typeface suggests something beyond just the obvious "wireless stuff" connotations of the wording. if that phrase was set in the normal Myriad Pro weight thats one thing, to me this says more than just that.

    but then again i am a designer and clearly have a fetishistic relationship with typography. so i may be wishfully thinking. :)

    Type Addicts Unite! :)

    Sep 6, 08:17 AM
    Wow!!! :eek: I definitely did not see this coming on a Wednesday. I'm heading to Apple's site right now to check it all out. Go, Apple!

    And $999? Holy...

    Edit: Haha, I'm just laughing with excitement over here. I love Apple! :D I'm probably not getting one, but this is so sweet. I definitely can't wait to try it out in an Apple Store.

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