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chevy trucks

chevy trucks. 1950 Chevrolet Trucks ad.
  • 1950 Chevrolet Trucks ad.

  • epb87
    Mar 2, 09:44 AM
    Today's mythical creature isn't really mythical. The Gigantopithecus is an ancient form of the ape. There is speculation that it still exists and is the reason for yeti and Big Foot sightings. I guess that is the reason for including it in a mythical creatures display.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5140/5484933159_0f8ca13877_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5484933159/)

    This mythical creature is Rangda. Rangda is the demon queen of the leyaks in Bali, according to traditional Balinese mythology. The leyak is a mythological figure in the form of flying head with entrails (heart, lung, liver, etc.) still attached. It is said to fly trying to find a pregnant woman in order to suck her baby's blood or a newborn child. Don't they sound friendly?

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5171/5485528774_59701cb011_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/22077805@N07/5485528774/)

    Loving the detail in these pictures and the others you have been posting from this museum trip. I assume it's a museum of some sort and that it was all in the same trip at least...

    chevy trucks. Chevrolet Trucks 4x4
  • Chevrolet Trucks 4x4

  • Lepton
    Jul 23, 06:57 AM
    i think i would rather read a paperback
    wouldnt the screen strain the eyes?
    Good point, one key to a good book reader is a high pixel density. Of course, that would be great for viewing video, as well..

    chevy trucks. 1953 Chevy Truck Drivers Side
  • 1953 Chevy Truck Drivers Side

  • mi5moav
    Jul 23, 07:01 AM
    Are foldable/flexible displays ready? Strange that Xerox shut down Gyricon. I wonder if this product could actually, be sold to Borders and Barnes and Nobles. When you walk into the store instead of seeing paperback and hardbound books, you see hunreds of thousands of these on shelves. This could totaly change the way the publishing/library system works. You have a few of these flexible OLED displays that you just bring or rent from your local library or the book store and then you just go back or download a new one. The only problem is that there would have to be a simple way to charge these since it would be crazy to just stick them in thousands of bases, need to be as easy as slipping them into the shelf. So, if they created som sort of mat like SplashPower they would charge through the plastics. So, you could have these wonderfully moddern bookshelves that actually were splashpowered...And since covers sell books when and individual picked up one of these new Apple ibooks the cover art would have an animation sequence not just a static image. I can just see it now all these ladies picking up and seeing Fabio flexing his muscles on Appple's newest Ibook Ereader with it's flexible OLED display.

    chevy trucks. Full Size 4 Wheel Drive Trucks
  • Full Size 4 Wheel Drive Trucks

  • Lotso
    Mar 29, 11:31 AM
    And this is one of the big reasons why I'm doubting this rumor about LTE.

    The technology on the carrier end of things is still nascent, at best. I don't think Apple would invest lots of time and money to launch technology that would be barely functional upon launch.

    I had always assumed that the 2012 iteration of the iPhone would be the very first to have LTE because that would give both the carriers and Apple enough time to work out the kinks.

    I think it's vastly more probable that bloggers are becoming antsy about the lack of verifiable iPhone rumors compared to this time last year. Apple has probably tightened up their leaks and speculators are left on the sidelines throwing out inconsistent theories.

    I'm still betting that we see a modest bump the iPhone 4's specs, the white version, and increased storage capacity and this will be the iPhone 5.

    Thank you! Finally some sense.

    AT&T doesn't even have LTE deployed yet. They say on the official At&t FAQ (http://www.wireless.att.com/answer-center/main.jsp?t=solutionTab&ft=&ps=solutionPanels&locale=en_US&_dyncharset=UTF-8&solutionId=KB115944) that LTE will start being deployed by the middle of 2011. Even if Apple waited until September the LTE would just be getting started and the coverage would be too lacking.

    LTE iPhone is in 2012

    chevy trucks. 1946 Chevy Trucks Sale
  • 1946 Chevy Trucks Sale

  • Aztechian
    Aug 3, 12:45 PM
    Let's theorize: So why didn't they use the internal card?

    Supposedly because apple said "please, please, pretty please dont"

    Edit: Or maybe it was just an offer they couldnt refuse...

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  • Dum used trucks for sale .

  • cult hero
    Mar 25, 06:07 PM
    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. Humans are social creatures, we evolved being social to help us survive against great odds.


    I'll see if I can find it, but I wouldn't boast about having Asperger's, it's better to boast about being an NT (Myers-Briggs personality type)

    I was joking. I don't think we need a society of of Dr. House walking around.

    Me = INTJ, if you were curious. :P

    chevy trucks. 1958 Chevy Truck
  • 1958 Chevy Truck

  • VictoriaStudent
    Dec 5, 04:34 PM
    Who are the Beatles?

    I listened to some previews in iTunes and it just sounds like some old, dusty kind of annoying quasi-hippy stuff.

    chevy trucks. about my 1947 Chevy Truck,
  • about my 1947 Chevy Truck,

  • dagger55
    Mar 28, 08:50 PM
    Didn't have time to get the PO approved before it sold out.... really disappointed. anyone know if you can get on a wait list?

    chevy trucks. 1953 Chevy Truck - Classic
  • 1953 Chevy Truck - Classic

  • whooleytoo
    Oct 11, 08:38 AM
    Am about half-way through the game again on Legendary. Some parts are very tough, but it's always so rewarding when you get past them. The 'random' checkpoints are a bit of a pain, sometimes the game saves and you've only one bar of health and a few bullets. Grrrr.

    What's this about datapads? I managed to get through the game on Heroic & half on Legendary without finding even one. Don't make me go through all that again!

    I have to say I really liked the story; something about prequels like this that appeals to me. I liked the sad, inevitable tragic 'feel' of the planet falling to the Covenant. There were things I didn't like - it's a pity it didn't feature the first contact between humans and Covenant. I still don't understand why Halsey was kept in a glass cell. To be honest, I felt the missions felt a bit random too (maybe I was concentrating too hard on staying alive to take in the details), until I played through again. Really like it now.

    I'd love to play through the series again, starting with Reach and then Halo, etc., but I've never tried playing Halo on a 360. Does it play/look ok?

    I tried Halo Waypoint too. Interesting, tying the games together like that.

    chevy trucks. from #39;39/#39;40 Chevy trucks.
  • from #39;39/#39;40 Chevy trucks.

  • ablatt
    Oct 27, 08:17 AM
    Well I'm not a MAC expert by any means but here's a thought.

    I've built many PCs and none of the heatsinks that ship from AMD or Intel have had heat sensors or wires on them. The only wires are for monitoring the RPM of the fan which is attached to the top of the heatsink.

    The CPU has its own temperature monitoring and doesn't depend on the heatsink.

    Maybe the thermal sensors on the heatsink are not needed completely or at all? The initial solution, before new firmware was available, was to simply replace the heatsink, but now they can safely ignore the short?

    chevy trucks. Custom Chevy Trucks
  • Custom Chevy Trucks

  • stridemat
    Nov 12, 01:59 PM
    Fair comment, I thought something was up as he has not posted anything on twitter for ages, until today.

    When one developer leaves many more will take there place.

    chevy trucks. Low Rider Chevy Truck
  • Low Rider Chevy Truck

  • sedarby
    Jan 11, 04:29 PM
    This might be silly, but there is nothing particularly 'Apple' about that sign. Other than the beautiful white typeface against black canvas, of course. As people have pointed out, it isn't Myriad set. Why would Apple change their font for one banner? Do they do this regularly?

    Isn't it possible that this sign belongs to another company showcasing software etc at Macworld? Doesn't Apple normally have some sort of branding on their banners?

    Excuse the ignorance if I have no idea.


    The banner has a huge :apple: underneath the slogan. It is branded and definitely Apple. Something in the air is probably iTunes Movie Rentals with Apple TV or the new iMac (don't know how something in the air applies to iMac but I'm sure Steve will enlighten us) ;)

    chevy trucks. 1955 1972 Chevy Trucks 1955
  • 1955 1972 Chevy Trucks 1955

  • neiltc13
    Apr 26, 02:57 AM
    London is not representative of the rest of the UK at all. It skews almost every figure released that is related to population. I've never seen anyone with a gun, I don't know anyone with a gun and I doubt I ever will.

    This is always going to be the case when a single city has over 12% of the country's population.

    chevy trucks. LMC Truck offers 1989 Chevy
  • LMC Truck offers 1989 Chevy

  • Mattie Num Nums
    Mar 28, 01:16 PM
    These are the end times. We'll know it is when MS makes a good product again.

    * Microsoft Windows 2008R2 SP1 is great.
    * Microsoft App-V and Med-V both works amazing.
    * Windows 7 isn't that bad either (though I HATE that glassy Windows look.)

    chevy trucks. Slammed 1963 Chevy Truck
  • Slammed 1963 Chevy Truck

  • *LTD*
    Apr 17, 12:07 PM
    If your going to criticize the grammar your comments should be directed at Apple. Have seen the front page of apple.com?

    It's perfectly acceptable form for a short, succinct advert. It isn't a large block of text. I'm not sure what you're going on about.

    chevy trucks. chevy trucks 2000
  • chevy trucks 2000

  • ogee
    Mar 21, 03:28 PM
    I somehow doubt its true, but its a nice story.

    When Ive returned a product, they have never asked for my name or address, and if I didnt give them my email address, there is no way they could contact me.

    chevy trucks. Chevy Trucks
  • Chevy Trucks

  • Eddyisgreat
    Mar 21, 02:15 PM
    So much win. Imagine some RMA drone at Dell or something freaking out because there is some strange yellow square on their product and the manual doesn't "step 5a" to account for this.

    chevy trucks. 1941 Chevy Truck - Classic
  • 1941 Chevy Truck - Classic

  • jayenh
    Mar 31, 07:41 AM
    Your logic is flawed. Why would the 6th generation iPhone be called iPhone 5? Apple just got out of the naming sequence and looks like will be following a numerical sequence now. It would be stupid in a marketing aspect to go from iPhone 3G to iPhone 3, as customers would like to see additional things in the name, not the removal of a letter.
    iPad -> iPad 2, iPhone 4 -> iPhone 5.
    It makes the most sense, and btw when people call it "iPhone 5" they're referring it as the 5th generation iPhone because it's a faster way of saying just that.

    iPhone = iPhone 1
    iPhone 3G = iPhone 2
    iPhone 3GS = iPhone 3
    iPhone 4 = iPhone 4
    iPhone 5 = iPhone 5

    In regards to the OP. I'm very excited about the iPhone 5 now, it seems as though waiting for September will be worth it if we're to see a completely revamped iOS + A5 Dual Core CPU + Upgraded GPU + 4" screen + NFC + possible LTE upgradability.

    The iPhone and iPhone 3G have kicked the can update-wise, now it's your turn iPhone 3GS.


    apple messed up when they didn't call the 3G the "iphone 2" (which was actually caused by not putting 3G in the iphone in the first place, they had to broadcast 3G capability because there was so much moaning about the original iphone being edge only), we had to have a 3GS rather than "iphone 3" to avoid confusion, and now we have the iphone 4 (note how the iphone 4 is the 4th iphone). i doubt we will see them go back to numbers and letters again and they don't need to, especially now that the iphone is such a well known device. it's capabilities don't need to be included in the name anymore.

    chevy trucks. 1947 - 1954 GMC amp; Chevy Trucks
  • 1947 - 1954 GMC amp; Chevy Trucks

  • j.mcc
    Jul 24, 02:43 PM
    If it hooked up to a wiki with the old wireless and allowed approved paid contributors/users to edit and add entries from the magippear keyless keyboard, it would truly become the essential traveller's instructional companion. Pop it in a sock, because you should always know where your sock is. Yes, it's a hitch-hiker's guide, no less...

    May 5, 12:20 AM
    The issue with Verizon (and probably other carriers) isn't a "mother may I..." issue of sending the updates over 3G, the issue is probably exempting the OS updates from any transfer caps.

    In other words, to not have the 500MB iOS update apply to the 200MB or 2GB/mo or 5GB/mo data cap. This might require Apple to grease the skids with a little cash for Verizon and AT&T, or limit updates to WiFi only.

    That said, Apple in general needs to get a better handle on their update package sizes. I've got 3 Macs, 2 iPads and 2 iPhones on my home internet connection. Its 300-500MB (occasionally more) per Mac each time Apple releases a OSX point release (about every other month), 500MB for each iOS update (every other month) times four devices. So I'm looking at a maximum of 3.2GB of just Apple updates each month. This doesn't include updating iTunes, iPhoto, MS Office, etc.

    Oct 18, 02:46 PM
    Books are expensive these days. How much would e-books go for?
    If audiobooks are any indication, don't expect to save any money by saving trees. :p


    Nov 23, 05:39 PM
    and as an example, you can get the blue album for �5 from high street stores

    Where have you seen it priced that low?

    Mar 28, 06:26 PM
    This is a sad, ignorant, white trash comment.

    I would agree. I know someone who is a manager there, and they actually treat there employees well, and happen to be one of the ONLY companies expanding in this economy. I might have a cushy desk job now - but I worked in retail before, and won't say anything negative about Walmart.

    It doesn't hurt that it's where I also picked up my iPad 2 64g WiFi.... :)

    On a side note - the more places that sell iPad the better. Like or not, Apple has went "mainstream consumer" and wants to beat out the "personal computer" with their tablet. They cannot do that only stocking it in Apple stores where people cannot "impulse buy". Steve Jobs said they lost the "PC War", but he didn't tell us about the sneak attack with the iPad. Sure I love my MBP and use it for development and design, but i use the iPad for EVERYTHING else.

    Oct 12, 10:31 AM
    Click for larger. iPhone 4 now has also a dock.




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