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will smith wife

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    Mar 18, 01:34 PM
    I had my 3rd gen iPod for years until it got stolen but it gave me over 3 years of love before all these 'posh' colour ones came out.

    It was and still is the best mp3 player and they joy it brought me! If the iPod classic does go it'll be a sad day but that's evolution for you, the new ones are just as exciting!

    That blog just goes to show that Job's was right and still is, with every new Apple product negative responses galore appear and yet we all end up buying one in the end!


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  • DavidLeblond
    Sep 4, 05:51 PM
    Has anyone considered that apple might not be realeasing the wide screen super secret video ipod because it dosn't exist?

    lets all think for a second...

    1) touch screens are weak, soft, and matte, not iPod at all
    2) they get printy and scratched very easily
    3) they would go through oodles of batter power
    4) Apple would not make the thing bigger just to hold the extra battery
    5) battery life would STINK
    6) touch screen starts to complicate the interface, goes against apple's easy as pie rule
    7) the thing would have to cost a fortune

    You're SO right about 1-5 and 7. I mean if touch screens were hard, shiny, battery efficient, and inexpensive then I'm sure game makers like Nintendo would have used them in handheld game systems like two years ago! And they would have priced it at like $150. But we know THAT will never happen. :rolleyes:

    Oh, wait... (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nintendo_ds)

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  • malnar
    Apr 27, 10:33 AM
    That's a really dangerous way of looking at it. It's much better to have three sets of money -- our money, my money, and your money. Preferably in separate bank accounts. In a situation like you sketch, usually one or the other spouse ends up doing most of the purchases with the communal chest, and that can lead to conflict when the other one wants to get something for himself.

    Kids have pocket money, which they can spend as they see fit -- adults should have at least some money that is unquestionably theirs as well. It's a lot easier to agree, once, that M and F's personal entertainment budgets are $n per month, than it is to agree that this september, we'll get a couch, and then maybe in january we'll get an ipad, etc... Budgetting and saving apply on that level as well as the communal property level.
    "Dangerous" ... this is junk talk. Who have you been listening to that suggests this? My wife and I have been married 12 years and have shared the same bank account that whole time, no separate accounts. (Jesus, what a nightmare to keep track of!) We've never once had a conflict about spending like you suggest we should. Why? because we live as WeegieMac does, the poster you're ripping on. We have respect for each other and our mutual needs as well as our individual desires. And we make sacrifices when we need to - both of us. Most of the responses in here act like marriage is a competition to see who can get what, or who can sneak this or that past their spouse. It's just shameful. What a tiring life that must be.

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  • Consultant
    Mar 25, 01:07 PM
    Do not update if you want possible jailbreak / unlock in the future.

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  • roland.g
    Mar 29, 10:11 AM
    I think I'll enjoy my iPhone 4 a while longer and my battery life. LTE is not prevalent enough yet, nor are the chipsets able to run low power enough. Mid 2012 is the best timeframe for LTE. Any earlier and you are on the bleeding edge of no infrastructure. The networks and the technology simply aren't ready.

    Oh, and the biggest myth about LTE: People actually believe there will be a significant bandwidth improvement. Sorry, but the jump from EDGE to 3G was much more significant than 3G to LTE, especially with 3G running at 7.2.

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  • Cheerwino
    Apr 17, 10:36 AM
    Apple rightly wants to gain as wide of a distribution as possible while the product is hot and lock in these slots on the floor. They should be able to ramp up production in the future. Also, these retailers are looking to increase traffic, which drives impulse purchases. Try getting your kid out of Toys-R-Us without buying anything.

    Also, people are different. Some like to shop online, some like the personal attention from a specialized store, some will just pick it up on impulse.

    It's certainly possible the breadth over depth availability will bite them, but right now it only helps feed the popularity to see it advertised everywhere and available almost nowhere. It's kind of like a hit song or pop artist, I guess. Perhaps iPad 2 is the electronics product version of Elvis or the Beatles.

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 14, 04:44 AM

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  • Hls811
    Nov 8, 07:45 AM
    Isn't the RAM the same? Unless they are putting single chips in as opposed to double to make store bought upgrades simpler.

    The 2.0Ghtz versions were upgraded to 1GB Ram minimum (up from 512).

    the 1.83ghtz version is still 512MB

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  • Piarco
    Jul 23, 06:23 AM
    This would persuade more to get the new iPod more than the ability to play full screen movies.... all the rumours around the 6G are quite interesting, lets hope it plays out into something that lives up to them.

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  • mcmlxix
    Mar 29, 01:19 PM
    I can't possibly imagine anyone (who lives on the coasts, anyway) buying a smartphone in Sept/Oct 2011 that is not LTE capable.

    The coasts? Because there are no urban areas in "flyover country"?

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  • PeterQVenkman
    May 5, 12:22 AM
    3d iPad = vomitus maximus

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  • Ubuntu
    Sep 13, 02:07 PM
    I just bought one of the silver ones and I really like it. It feels just like a mini to touch and the packaging reminds me of the sort of boxes you got Times watches in. It's syncing up all my music as I type :)


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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 14, 08:45 AM
    Thanks Mitthrawnuruodo and Chundles. I know it's not news, but I wanted to know.I'm really sorry if I sounded a bit harsh... I didn't really mean to... :o

    It's just that this has been explained over and again so I roll my eyes more as a reflex... ;)

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  • Gregintosh
    Apr 12, 11:59 AM
    If Apple manufactured their products in the US, the iPhone would probably cost $999 with a 2-year contract and the iPad would probably cost $1599 for the 16GB model.

    When you have to pay someone $12 an hour to work an assembly line and pay for benefits and payroll taxes, that raises costs a lot to a country where you can pay 75 cents per hour and benefits like health insurance cost $5 a month rather than $500.

    A 25-page document isn't necessary and the law would be dumb. All that it takes is for someone to take a basic economics course.

    Americans who complain about jobs leaving overseas need to realize that when they go shopping they need to put their money where their mouth is. Everyone pays lip service to "made in the usa" but when they look at the price tags in the store they buy made in china!

    The thing to watch here is if the quality improves when production is done in Brazil. If the production quality is the same or better, that's good news for consumers.

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  • Rafterman
    Apr 18, 05:56 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games and...toys!?

    The iPad is a toy. For grownups.

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  • Humber
    Mar 14, 12:55 PM
    I hope that graphic will improve VERY! Like 512mb was standard on 15 and 17 and opticial 1gb....yeah, I know I'm dreamin' :(

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  • X2468
    Mar 29, 10:18 PM
    Maybe it's time to upgrade the screen size to get more under the hood (and stick the antenna back in there).

    I hope they widen it by 2mm so there's room for a modest bezel, instead of that ultra thin example seen a short while ago. There's got to be a little room for a case to overlap the front edges a bit.

    If they put the antenna back inside, then the case edges can be shaped for style and comfort. The iPhone 4's edges are just too plain looking. Other than proving they could make a fragile glass phone, it's a pain to hold securely if you're active.

    I truly believe this could be a significant upgrade over the 4 if Apples willing to put out the effort.

    Just look at the terrific job they did with the new MBA's. If they put the same effort into the next iPhone it will be an incredible model that will get lots of positive press.

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  • Source
    Oct 14, 12:29 PM
    Originally posted by benixau
    Source you are absolutely pathetic yourself. Mac users, like myself, have to defend our machines. You idiots who use pc's just dont get it. You bash macs evey chance you get and i just wonder how many have actually used one for an extended period of time. You cant honeslty tell me that the very first time you used a pc you were able to figure everything out. I cant tell if it was your first machines but i will tell you this. People who use macs for the first time generally have an easier time than pc users do.

    Now think that over and realise. it is a personal preference. Not a defining factor of who a person is.

    PS. Stop bashing macs!!!!!! (bast*rd)

    If you had read any of my posts, in whole, you would know that i love Macs. Nice work though! I haven't bashed Macs once, just a few Mac users on this board. lol

    buffsldr - Give yourself a gold star for that one. :) [/sarcasm]

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  • charris
    Sep 6, 08:40 AM
    Forgive me if this isn't new, but I just noticed that you can order the BT keyboard and mighty mouse as a package for $60 ($54 edu discount). Given that the BT MM alone is $69, this is a great deal.

    Mar 13, 06:07 AM
    Ok, so here is what I think is happening. The release of MBP may happen before the iPad because Apple want to have customers buy both the iPad and the MBP. On the other hand, the release of a brand new product (iPad) is critical for them and they need to pull everything into it. That's why they choose not releasing MBP untill AFTER the iPad in fear of killing the interest of it.

    So my conclusion is that it's either happening this tuesday or never...

    and by never I mean many weeks after the iPad launch, far out in april :(

    Aug 2, 04:26 PM
    In response to the advertisements my @$$! Figures they'd try to go after something that isn't written into the OS since we all know how hard that is. So big deal - put out a firmware update for the AirPort Extreme card and it's fixed - Next please!!

    Mar 25, 12:35 PM
    Can anyone confirm the battery life is addressed?

    The update was just released minutes ago, their is no way anyone can have an accurate answer until after testing it for a few hours.

    No one can confirmed the battery performance has improved after just 10 minutes of testing it.

    Sep 12, 01:53 PM
    This is what the iPod nano always should have been: a radically slimmer iPod mini.

    Love the colors. Love the new (old) shape. Love the new (old) aluminum scratch-free design.

    I want one. ;)

    Aug 24, 01:54 PM
    Ok, my earlier exclamation may have been premature. I'm also having problems - the battery for my 12" PB is in the range on both the press release and the apple support site, but when I put all the numbers in, it says "no mate" - seems a lot of people are getting this?

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