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  • iTravis
    Apr 2, 12:13 AM
    They make all of Nikons sensors, even the high end D3S and D3X dSLRs ones. They also made (or make?) Canon point and shoot sensors; at least as of a few years ago. Sony was one of the first with backlit CMOS as well.

    Oh, and I think Pentax, if you want to consider them a camera compay, uses Sony sensors.

    Aw man I definitely can't wait now! We're in April so not too long for WWDC to see the preview or whatever.

    I hope they have a new notification system going, yet I feel if so, they'll wait until the official announcement (in the fall) to unleash that. Either way I'm extremely excited and hoping for a true revolution (I'll settle for evolution if iOS 5 is amazing) with the iPhone 5!

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  • smileyborg
    Mar 28, 08:58 PM
    There's an old saying, " What good is the hardware without the software?" ;)

    LOL your avatar actually made me think there was a little insect on my iPad!

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  • Northgrove
    May 5, 03:10 AM
    300-600 mb over the air?


    Yes, completely unacceptable! Over a typical WiFi network, it may take a massive 600 MB / 10 Mbps = 8 minutes! That's a conservative estimate. My DSL connection is at 18 Mbps.

    Then it's a greater problem for those who have data caps in my opinion. But that's not a new problem for those, and downloading iOS updates. It's just that this time it doesn't need to pass through iTunes first.

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  • ~Shard~
    Sep 12, 03:46 PM
    The cover art view sounds interesting, but I�ll have to see it for myself. Other than that, not too much else of interest to me, mostly because I don�t live in the States and therefore don�t have access to TV shows on iTunes, let alone movies. :rolleyes: :cool:

    Let�s hope Apple fixes some of that so that I can actually make good use out of that iTV thing when it is released next year� ;)

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  • ricosuave
    Jan 11, 05:29 PM
    That's not a poster, it's a big iPhone. They've got one in every store window. Different images scroll from bottom to top. Obviously this photo is in mid scroll.

    BTW - All the iphones in iPhone commercials are very different than my iPhone. They show a small little photo of the person calling instead of a big full screen photo. Don't know why. It's the same in this ad.

    If you take a pic with your iPhone and use it in your contacts, it will appear full screen.

    If you assign a photo in your address book on the desktop, it will appear a small photo.

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  • macfan881
    Sep 22, 05:39 PM
    wow this is messed up if this is true i used to by dvds from walmart cause they were cheap but after reading this i think im not gonna buy another dvd From walmart

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  • Rootus
    May 5, 08:50 AM
    Blow through your data cap with 650MB downloads for every point update? Not happening until Apple can deliver smaller downloads for updates.

    If I have to wait for the carriers to approve this functionality because of bandwidth concerns, then it better not count against my usage.

    /though I'm on an unlimited plan
    //but still

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  • ThunderSkunk
    Nov 2, 05:10 PM
    Apple needs to pull its head out on this one.

    Flash eats battery! Ok, and? So does fieldrunners. Guess what? I can decide if I want to spend the power playing it!

    Flash is full of archaic crap. Well dang. The web is full of archaic crap. Including a lot of flash. But it's still the web, and I still need to access it.

    Flash isn't necessary, you can use Java, Wookie, etc... whatever. Ok, sure, I'll just write every website I need to visit to find my travel reservations and itinerary, and have them rewrite their page in a new format.

    This stupid tug of war leaves the end users in the lurch. Adobe, clean up flash, Apple, encourage them and accept that it ain't gonna be perfect.

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  • navpro
    Mar 23, 09:54 PM
    My new iPad was at the local FedEx distribution center, 2 miles from my house, only to be returned to Apple at Apples request. I provided them with my UPS Store PMB (Private Mail Box) number because I was out of town when it arrived. Someone had to sign. I couldn't leave it on my porch. I don't know my neighbors well enough. The folks at the UPS store could sign, right? Wrong. Because UPS has the ability to ship overseas, Apple refused to deliver.

    I travel for my job. My wife does, as well. Apple's Shipping Restrictions web page states they will not ship to PO Boxes and APO's. No mention of PMB's.

    So 21 days after announcement, my iPad was 2 miles from my hands. It's gone.

    Apple said Sorry, you'll have to reorder. It's only another 5 weeks before I can get one. They would not expedite a new order. They would not hold the iPad at the FedEx distribution center. Too bad for me. I'm fuming. I'm pissed.

    I reordered from AT&T. Wait time 25 business days. I won't give Apple all the profit they would have enjoyed. I know. Big deal. I'm not a profiteer. Not trying to subvert their ordering system. Too bad. I'm screwed.

    I understand why they refused to deliver. But, no phone call, no alternative delivery option, no expedited order, no option.

    Bad customer service. I've spent $6,000 with them over the last three years. So what? Who cares.

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  • kahos
    Aug 24, 06:41 PM
    Will this recall ever expire?
    The reason im asking is that my 3k550 A1079 12" PB battery only has been through 18 battery loadcycles and still has 100% capacity according to cocounut battery...

    Im wondering If I should get it replaced right now or wait untill my current battery starts running out of juice? What would you guys do?

    edit: My pb warps every once in a while, could a new battery fix the problem?

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  • iMikeT
    Oct 16, 03:54 AM
    Personally the Zune is looking fairly attrective right now. Ever since the 5th Gen iPod came out everyone has complained that it needed to be widescreen and have a bigger screen. I don't care for the WiFi sharing really but you have to admit the interface looks pretty nice.

    Oh yes, a "click wheel" that does not actually have click wheel functions is such a nice interface...:rolleyes:

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  • clayj
    Aug 24, 12:19 PM
    CNET claims info will be here:


    But it's not yet.

    BHere's one Apple page for swapping out batteries:


    Not sure if it's valid for today's announcement or not (there's no date on the page that I saw).

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  • MattyMac
    Jul 22, 11:00 PM
    man...I cant WAIT to see what they roll out with!!!

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  • Unspeaked
    Sep 22, 02:59 PM
    This is just a business being a business. Get over it.

    You don't think Apple gives special placement certain bands and/or labels on the iTunes music store? You think it's just as easy to find "Joe Smith's Indie Band" as it is to stumble upon U2's latest single?

    Walmart is probably threatening these companies with diminished advertising and product placement. I doubt they have any intention of removing DVDs from their stores.

    In fact, I doubt this story is even true, but that's another matter.

    The sad fact of the matter is, the studios have no choice but to comply. Record labels and movie studios already fold and release special "Walmart" versions of certain items just to get them in the front door, because in this day and age, something as simple as the absence from Walmart's shelves is enough to make a CD or DVD's failure all but inevitable.

    But again, this isn't David vs. Goliath, as someone amusingly said. This is a $200 billion company vs. a $65 billion company.

    I won't be looking for the Kleenex.

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  • MarlboroLite
    Jan 11, 04:35 PM
    Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh it's the iPlane. How clueless can people be?!

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  • mdntcallr
    Nov 27, 10:57 AM
    If an ipod by U2 sold a good amount of units, imagine how many units a beatles unit would?
    hell, i hope they make it look nice.

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  • miketcool
    Nov 27, 10:16 AM
    If I recall, the way the Beatles recorded, it was almost overkill. It should be intersting to see if they remaster it to optimize it for compressed digital. Otherwise, I really love listening to every sound that the recordings have picked up as I listen to the fab four on a 30 LP.

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  • sishaw
    Jan 11, 03:08 PM
    Silly rabbits.Apple is talking about the new wireless Apple TV and associated iTunes movie rentals you download from them satellites ;)

    OK, but can they transmit directly to the receiver in my tooth?

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  • R94N
    Oct 19, 04:41 AM
    In the process of moving so my setup is located squarely on my coffee table. Will post new pic once I am moved into my new place and set up the office.
    Not shown in photo is the mountain of boxes just to the left.:D

    Are those guinea pigs in the 'cage' on the right? I love guinea pigs, as you can probably tell.... ;) My actual avatar is of my brother's guinea pig. She's about 3/4 years old and such a cutie :D

    Mar 25, 12:49 PM
    Same here! It's an "Apple" product with a "666"MB OS...anyone else thinking that's strangely close to a story with a snake in a garden? Haha. Kinda interesting.

    They like that number; the original Apple I cost $666.66. :)

    Sep 12, 05:40 PM
    As much as I love them, all of Apple's designs are getting old. The Macbook (nee iBook) has looked the same (minus a few paint jobs) for over 5 years; the current iMac design harkens back to the eMac (yes, I know, its flatter, what an innovation...wheee), which in turn was highly derivative of the original iMac. The MacBook Pro is just an AluPB, which in turn was merely a revision of the original Titanium G4. Now, the "new" iPod nano is nothing more than a iPod mini that went on a diet, and the full iPod, although much sleeker than its predecessors, is still essentially the same design as the iPod that came out in 2001. And the story goes on: the Mac Pro, a warmed over PowerMac G5; the Airport/Airport extreme, essentially unchanged since its release; the Airport Express, a power adapter with flashing lights; the iSight, unchanged since its release; the Mighty Mouse, same design as the Apple Pro Mouse, etc. Essentially, the only new designs in the last three years have been: the Mac mini, the iPod shuffle, and the Cinema Displays, none of which could be considered to be attention-getters. Even the new, unreleased "iTV" is copying the Mac mini design. Not too impressive for a company which claims high design as a main benefit. Where is the new cube? the iMac (& G4)? the tiBook? There is nothing fresh or innovative about their current lineup, nothing exciting or innovative.Instead, its all inoffensively sterile, to my eyes; walking into an Apple store has become similar to walking into IKEA, nothing unexpected, just clean lines. It's like they've become artistically constipated. Or is this just what we get for Apple's new push on "competitive prices"?

    In my opinion, its time for some fresh blood, someone with a new vision. And yes, I'm looking squarely at you, Steve and Jonathan. I want to be <i>excited</i> again, and not just by the "guts" of the computer. I, for one, miss the Macworlds of 5 years ago...

    May 5, 08:18 AM
    I think that is sort of the point here... :eek:

    I wouldnt think so (of course thats a big assumption). There has to be some kind of acceptance prior to the download, along with all the EUA jazz. I wish Apple would give the JB community a little slack, as they do the hackintosh folks.

    Jul 23, 12:56 AM
    It's the fourth most behind Mandarin, English, and Hindi.


    (just in case you were wondering)
    Well there you go, was wondering about Chinese (mainly Mandarin), didn't think of Hindi. So English is only the 2nd most spoken language, huh. Add Spanish and Portuguese, and it would be 2nd! Well OK, not how it works...
    So Mandarin, English, Spanish and possibly Hindi dictionaries should be hot sellers on an eBookPod then.

    Mar 30, 04:36 AM
    I am humored by the notion of an "unfair advantage" in a war.

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