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  • Tommyg117
    Sep 12, 02:26 PM
    Woah, so to get the album artwork it sends my list of songs to apple? what if I have an advance copy of an album from my friends band that I don't want apple to have? What about all those people who download albums, are they gonna get in trouble??

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  • axman6
    Aug 8, 04:36 AM
    Has anybody found Xcode 2.4 yet? It's not up on ADC as far as I can see.
    I haven't heard anything about Xcode 2.4 anywhere apart from here. are you sure about it? i really don't think it has been released. been checking as much as i can everywhere, and i've seen nothing. might be getting it mixed up with Xcode 3.0 that's going to be in Leopard? maybe?

    http://axman6.homeip.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/weblogo-al7.png (http://axman6.homeip.net/blog/)

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  • Rustus Maximus
    Apr 12, 04:15 PM
    I know what you mean, all those restrictions and regulations prohibiting the dumping of chemicals in the rivers and poison gasses into the air or killing endangered animals. And the worst is that one about not being able to use slaves. And having to pay for medical costs it someone is injured. So his hand got smashed in a machine, why can't I just fire him for it?

    Just how is a guy to make a buck in the US anymore?

    You forgot to compare them to Nazis...never forget to compare them to Nazis...


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  • conradzoo
    Sep 12, 02:55 PM
    Love the new look, though the icons suck.

    Also wondering why iTunes doesn't recognize my audiobooks.

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  • iTravis
    Apr 2, 01:54 AM
    U Mad? :confused:

    My sentiments exactly. . .

    It probably was a typo though, I don't see how iPhone 4 users are complaining, if anything it's the people going to be off contract I.E the 3GS crowd.
    Regardless if people want the latest in tech it's their business. I can't wait to upgrade though :p

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  • complexcommunic
    Mar 11, 05:18 PM
    Apologies...if it has already been discussed...I am at an airport, and dont have the time to scroll through all the pages before my flight departure:


    Looks like a hoax to me anyway.....

    lol good instinct. It is a hoax and it has been discussed... ad nauseum. Someone from here went and gave 9to5 a "tip" to see if he'd post it, and he did, so we know to discount everything that ever comes up on that website. Have a good flight.

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  • marksonamor
    Nov 16, 11:55 PM
    According to me,Facebook application is very useful in the making of the i-phone application.It is very quit relevant to the i-phone application.

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  • lharvest
    Mar 10, 01:19 PM

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  • Patriks7
    Mar 5, 08:15 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5094/5498963721_055c6f729d_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/patriksvitek/5498963721/)

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  • shecky
    Sep 6, 08:39 AM
    it would not surprise me at all to see MBP's announced in the next couple of days in the same way this was announced; press release + updated store.

    that way the 12th can be "and before we get into itunes stuff, lets recap: look at all this new stuff....."

    edit: yeah. what hecubus said!

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  • epb87
    Mar 1, 04:04 PM
    Photobucket, Flickr, etc. None of them accurately show the color in this photo as I see it straight off of the card. It's a lot warmer before the upload. Oh well:cool:

    East Tennessee:

    f/11 1/500 ISO250 66mm

    Even with the inaccurate transfer I really like the colors of this photo.

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  • kaneda
    Aug 8, 09:22 PM
    New Chassis for MAC PRO please..

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  • f00f
    Mar 25, 03:38 PM
    Not seeing any battery drain here yet. 2.5 hours since I updated and the iPhone 4 is still advertising 100% battery. Granted I haven't used it much. :P

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  • Hls811
    Nov 7, 10:04 AM
    Exactly what I was saying. Apple is based in Cupertino, California. It's not even 8 am here yet. Usually stuff happens between 9am-12pm

    When they announced the changes to the MBP C2D, it was done by now.. if you go back to the posting on MacRumors, (http://www.macrumors.com/pages/2006/10/20061024083823.shtml) it was done at 8:38am EST (5:38AM Cupertino time).

    Apple Releases Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro
    Tuesday October 24, 2006 08:38 AM EST

    Today's not lookin' good for this announcement....

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  • tveric
    Nov 7, 02:34 PM
    eg. 24" iMac: Did anyone really believe that that one would become a reality? (don't answer that...it is a redundant question).

    You mean rhetorical, as opposed to redundant?

    If you're gonna try to use big words, at least act like you know what they mean.

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  • lamina
    Sep 14, 08:49 PM
    Did that guy just seriously fly around with a jetpack?

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  • ripfrankwhite
    Sep 12, 02:22 PM
    I get iTunes error when I try to open iTunes 7 after installation. Don't know what to do.

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  • -hh
    Aug 8, 06:40 AM
    Time Machine is nothing like System Restore. Time Machine allows you to find multiple previous versions of a file. For example, if you accidentally save a revised file without changing the name with "Save As", you can still go back to the previous version of the file if you decide you don't like the revisions or if a file is lost or damaged...

    Time Machine reminds me a little bit about how MS-Word allows "Quick Saves" to documents: what it basically does is leave the original file alone, but then appends the incremental changes to the end of the file. It makes saving the file faster, at the expense of making the file slower to load (and larger).

    From here, its not too much of a leap. Simply:
    a) Take what MS had had for years and make it crash-proof
    b) Extend it from one Application to be supported System wide.

    Now if Apple can only beat MS out of the gate on the release date...

    They could do ads like this:

    (Cue I'm a Mac/I'm a PC music.)
    Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
    PC: And I'm a PC.
    Mac: You know, I'm really excited, I have this new operating system called Leopard...
    PC: Oh yes, I 'm going to have a new operating system too, called Vista...sometime soon...I think...well, at least there's an 80% chance I will...
    Mac: That's great! ...

    Personally, I don't think that's going to be Apple's strategy: I think Steve's laying the groundwork for a big "Mindshare" grab by raising the bar right after Vista finally ships.

    (Cue I'm a Mac/I'm a PC music.)

    Mac: Hello, I'm a Mac.
    PC: And I'm a PC.

    Mac: Hey, congratuations - Vista has finally shipped!

    PC: Well, thanks. As you see, I can now do this...
    Mac: Yeah, I had that last year (Tiger)

    PC: And I can now also do this...
    Mac: That's really great (2004; Panther)

    PC: And I can now also do this...
    Mac: And its about time (2003; Jaguar)

    PC: so I now just about have everything Apple said it would give you when it previewed your new OS five months ago.

    Mac: yeah, well now that Vista's shipped, we no longer have to worry about being too distracting to Vista's developers.

    PC: you, distracting?
    Mac: Uh, yeah. I mean, you really, really, needed a more secure OS.

    PC: Gosh, you can say that again. But...distracting?

    Mac: Well, we didn't exactly announce everything we shipped. Ever heard of "One More Thing"? (insert mind-blowing new features here).

    PC: That's not in Vista.

    Mac: Oh, and this stuff has already shipped too...its included -free- in Leopard. Mac users just need to do a "Software Update" to get it activated.

    PC: you know, come to think of it, I haven't opened that Vista upgrade yet, so I can still return it. And my hardware is getting pretty old. Hey Mac, think you might be able to help me pick out a new machine?

    Mac: Have you been to 5th Avenue in New York recently...?


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  • fishmoose
    Mar 29, 09:07 AM
    BS. 3G was fully matured at the time of release of the first Iphone. It had been commercially adopted for over 5 years at that point in time.

    But not widespread at all in the U.S the primary target audience of the first generation iPhone.

    Nov 27, 11:13 AM
    Geez, this is a MONEY LOSER if there ever was one.
    I loved the beatles when I was 6.
    But, these days who's going to be buying these tracks!!!

    Steve must love the Beatles, because this is a gift.
    And will hardly be a profitable venture.

    Yes, the stereo effect on the early albums is hard on headphones.
    The drums ONLY in the Right ear.
    The Guitars ONLY in the Left...

    Beieve me, this will sell big time. Look what catalogue tracks have sold. Alot of old boomer stuff. As Morrissey said...Repackage repackage. But yes the remastered versions in both CD (and 5.1) and online versions will be really big. I mean U2 sells a ton of even their 20 year old music on itunes.

    Sep 12, 03:58 PM
    He-he... I'm testing "The Wall", too... :)

    Did the "Gapless Determination" detect your The Wall album or did you, like me, have to set the Gapless Album tag yourself...?It detected on its own.

    Looks really hot BUT where is EQ?, i live by this thing, now i can no longer find it. Whats up?It's listed under "view"

    Oct 24, 05:35 PM
    ^^nice setup.

    Aug 3, 04:43 PM
    people are not understanding that ALL products on the banner have already been released...

    aside from leopard.

    Oct 25, 06:53 PM
    http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1414/5108858842_80b9fec111.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/heyjuliette/5108858842/)

    Alright yall... figured out the brand of this case for the many you who have asked me/pm'd me.

    Brand is Avenues USA, and it is a black zip folio. Bought it at Staples for $15.99. I just brought in my mba to test on all the folios and this one was perfect. I might be selling mine if I sell my MBA for the new 11.6" haha. Might go for something smaller since I would be able to!

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