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  • mikeschmeee
    Mar 8, 03:23 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5140/5509790275_5e1694a680.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5509790275/)

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  • OneMike
    Mar 23, 07:04 PM
    should've tried this with my MBP

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  • sysiphus
    Oct 21, 12:38 AM
    I nominate the above post to win the "most-retarded-comment-award"

    The last part doesn't make any sense, but the poster IS right that "ultimate" usage of an Apple product for calculator usage is hardly the iPad--rather, MATLAB or Mathematica on OS X. Actually, for that matter, the Grapher app in OS X is remarkably good, too.

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  • ericinboston
    Apr 12, 11:50 AM
    How about, "we want to invest in the US!"


    There should be a law that states anytime a US company chooses to manufacture something outside the US, the company must post a clearly-articulated-less-than-25-page document stating AND COMPARING why the US is unable to manufacture said product.

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  • acfusion29
    May 4, 11:09 PM
    hope they aren't automatic then people will lose their jailbreaks!

    def. won't be automatic as people have bandwidth restrictions with their carrier.

    also, i wouldn't even mind this being over wifi.

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  • ciTiger
    May 5, 05:21 AM
    Haha, yes... When I typed my reply above, I didn't even consider 3G. Come on guys... LOL :D

    This will obviously be intended for WLAN's. Apple doesn't even do *FaceTime* over 3G.

    Why negotiate with verizon then?

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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 25, 06:07 PM
    Just read an article that says black men in London commit more than half of street crimes and gun crimes. They make up only 12% of londons population. These statistics are even higher than in the US and they can't blame slavery and Jim crow laws in London like they love to do here. What is the possible reasoning behind this? Very interesting.


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  • SBT
    Sep 13, 06:23 PM
    Yeh, Vista....whats good about it? lol.
    Another year to wait and even then it will probably be delayed. Meanwhile Leopard comes out and Vista will copy:p

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  • Friscohoya
    May 5, 11:02 AM
    Nice, but not essential. I usually have the patience to wait until I'm home to install an update. Unless it's an iOS update..

    More important to me is over-the-air syncing. That would be a killer!

    I just assumed that the two would come hand in hand though I now see why that's not necessarily the case. I agree, OTA syncing is even better but there just isnt any reason to not be able to do both.

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  • applefan27073
    Mar 24, 04:27 AM
    Great to see that Apple can still have a little fun!:p:p:p
    I wish I was in there! I would have loved a free iPad 2! I also think the Wife wouldn't complain about a free iPad either...

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  • fabsgwu
    Sep 12, 02:27 PM
    While many people are looking for Apple to integrate a radio tuner into the iPod it isn't going to happen.

    I would prefer the option to grab a quick weather forecast, news headline or actually hear a song I don't own once in a while, but that's not the iPod way. The iPod is all about your content not someone else's.

    Get an iPod radio remote and stick it in your mouth ;)

    Seriously tho, with the announcement of the BluPod (http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/blupod-ipod-add-on-offers-caller-id-radio-features/)(FM Radio and Bluetooth Caller ID remote) it seems 3rd parties will jump in the FM tuner add-on to compete with Apple (hopefully at a lower price).

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  • icedmocha
    Nov 13, 03:58 PM
    I'll make this point again... How is what Apple is doing any different than what Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony do with approvals for applications on their devices? If anything, Apple should be commended for giving everyone access to the development environment at a significantly reduced cost. The reason for the approval process is clear: they want to do QA before the product is released because if something bad happens, every news organization will feature headlines about it for a week.

    I don't recall massive outcry from the devs on those other platforms. Why do you think that is?

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  • OllyW
    Nov 25, 10:04 AM
    Don't you have to pay extra for that??

    No. All the music on iTunes is now DRM free as standard.

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  • dime21
    Mar 25, 02:29 PM
    My download was nearly finished and iTunes come up with a "download error" and I've had to start from the beginning again.
    Oh hi, I just started mine and it said "Do you want to take N10248's download?" And then I clicked on "Ok". Sorry dude...

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  • wizard
    Nov 7, 11:58 AM
    Frankly I don't know if Bluetooth would solve the wire problem. But your point is well taken a wireless drive would have its own advantages. Something would be needed of course as I'm not dismissing the need for an optical drive from time to time. My big problem with optical hardware is that it increases weight and decreases reliability.

    One obvious answer would be a mini Wifi server of one or more CDROM's. That sort of arrangement would certainly have the bandwidth needed. In either case you are making use of radio technology so that in and of itself is a power issue. On the other hand if the drive isn't in the laptop it can never be a power burden.

    In any event I still believe that Apple would be better off putting Compact Flash or other memory device slots in its machines. They are already a better choice than CDROM's for many uses and of special interest to photographers and other professionals. The goal should be reliable low power operation.


    Is the bandwith of Bluetooth less than a CD or DVD reader?

    It would be cool to have a bluetooth CD/DVD reader. If that worked it be so tight. No wires. And you could stack them and create a laptop with 5 optical drives. :p

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  • tremlock
    Nov 2, 05:43 PM
    how is this new news? This message has been popping up for months

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  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 05:33 PM
    erm is there a way to go back to iTunes 6 without a complete re-install. Using this thing is giving me a headache

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  • sam10685
    Sep 4, 12:38 PM
    i may be wrong (and don't flame me if i am,) but it seems like the 6G ipod should make its way to the shelves instead of an updated 5G. the 5G has been out for almost a year , hasn't it?

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  • green86
    Mar 29, 08:42 PM
    What makes it a piece of ****, exactly? The issues it had early on that were fixed with the software update? It's much more superior in every way to the 3GS than the 3GS was to the 3.

    Hmm. I thought I covered this already.

    Well, the screen issues were definitely not fixed by a software update. So that's a no go. The proximity sensor issue may have, but if you read my post far back enough you will see I'm discuss why I didn't buy the iPhone 4 while it was new... and I won't buy it now because.. it's old.

    Oh.. but I think the update you have in mind is where apple fixed their hardware folly with a software patch. Right. They adjusted the bars so you would actually have to be receiving little or no coverage to only display one bar.

    Your right, forgot they fixed the antenna with a software band-aid.

    jive turkey
    Mar 29, 10:50 AM
    No way apple knew or went along with those "add-on" requirements to buy at Radio Shack. This is Radio Shack trying to take advantage of supply and demand in light of the fixed price by Apple. Demand is off the chart, supply was supposedly in single digits per store, so they knew that if you wouldn't buy AppleCare and a case in order to get the iPad, someone else would.

    I am sure Apple is not happy, and as a consumer I wouldn't be, either. It is good short-term business sense (maximizing today's sales), but a terrible move long run as the reputation will take a big hit with customers and suppliers. A classic case of not looking past the end of your nose.

    Jan 10, 01:56 PM
    Imagine this, if you will. The Beatles 8 gigabyte (or larger) iPod complete with the entire Beatles library. 3.5" touch screen in a yellow case. Is Valentine's Day far away?

    Jul 23, 10:28 AM
    Well there you go, was wondering about Chinese (mainly Mandarin), didn't think of Hindi. So English is only the 2nd most spoken language, huh. Add Spanish and Portuguese, and it would be 2nd! Well OK, not how it works...
    So Mandarin, English, Spanish and possibly Hindi dictionaries should be hot sellers on an eBookPod then.

    Those actually look more like the figures for first languages. English is the most spoken language; Chinese is the most common first language. (English is far and away the most common second language, and many English speakers live in cultures where second-language learning is effectively deprecated, such as the US). However, the difference between English and Chinese is less than 10% for first and second language speakers. (It's even more complicated than that, as the definition of "Chinese" is really more a political matter than a linguistic one; in Europe, the various Chinese "dialects" would be considered separate languages, but they are joined together by a common writing system.)

    sierra oscar
    Nov 8, 07:42 AM
    Have the physical dimensions changed from the older Macbook? the prnews article mentions more than once that it's '1 inch thin'' - is this something new? I can't recall...

    Apr 4, 12:29 PM
    Do we atheists need our own "Good Book"?

    No- how ridiculous. Atheism is not a religion.

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