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  • narco
    Oct 15, 02:56 PM
    My favorite part:

    Microsoft has announced its new iPod competitor, Zune. It says that this device is all about building communities. Are you worried?

    In a word, no. I've seen the demonstrations on the Internet about how you can find another person using a Zune and give them a song they can play three times. It takes forever. By the time you've gone through all that, the girl's got up and left! You're much better off to take one of your earbuds out and put it in her ear. Then you're connected with about two feet of headphone cable.


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  • HermanTheGerman
    Sep 12, 02:50 PM
    Well, the title says it all. I had to reinstall the app. I got the error "not enough memory" everytime I started iTunes.

    So refrain from doing the same mistake and keep waiting for an upgrade of UNO.

    So long...

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  • green86
    Mar 29, 11:08 AM
    Something tells me that one still using a 3GS isn't likely a must have "latest and greatest" kind of consumer. I had a 3GS which I bought on Day One. ATT let nearly everyone upgrade early to the 4 so I did. It was a no brainer. Why you stuck it out w/ the 3GS I can't say but to be bitching and moaning Apple doesn't upgrade fast enough like you are is silly. If you only upgrade every 3 years what difference would more frequent upgrades possibly make in your life? I think you protesteth too much.

    Something tells me your drinking Apple koolaid.

    I had the original iPhone when it was less then two months old, and bought the 3gs shortly after it's release too.

    Not that it is any of your business, but I upgrade in my equipment in cycles. Instead of the craptastic iPhone 4, I bought a Sony Nex-5 with three lenses and a MacBook Pro i7 HR. This year it's time for a new phone. Soon.

    It was a nobrainer for me not to upgrade to a POS. Hopefully they will get it right.. on time this time. I'm not bitching and moaning about slower release cycles, it's a stupid idea when a company like Apple has the ability to do the opposite. Maybe your ok waiting longer for old tech... ever wonder why PPC was ditched? But you must be happy with your PowerBook.

    Its ok though. I used to be like you, taking opinions & shots at Apple personally. You might get out of it IF your smart enough.... Maybe not though in that case though.

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  • jroadley
    May 5, 09:05 AM
    Pretty sure Apple are smart enough to send a few meg for the update rather than the rubbish way they update at the moment.

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  • Squonk
    Nov 27, 09:59 AM
    Cue iTunes promo with "Come Together" as the soundtrack! (Or maybe "The Long and Winding Road")

    Oh there are soooo many good songs for the promo's:

    Ticket to Ride
    We can work it out
    I want to hold your hand
    Let it be
    Please please me
    You've got to hide your love away
    Revolution **** My guess for an early promo!
    You never give me your money
    Don't pass me by

    BRING IT!!! :D

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  • Skika
    May 5, 03:57 AM
    Dont see any advantages for browsing, mail,...


    gaming and movies in 3D on that screen?:eek:


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  • Hellscream2005
    Apr 13, 05:15 PM
    Funny how they claim it's supposed to be nowhere near final software, yet it's releasing in a month and a half. I would think this is on bug ironing stage right?

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  • Nipsy
    Oct 13, 05:50 PM
    Originally posted by Source

    You're kidding, right?

    This is gonna be fun...

    Unfortunately, most people are NOT computer savvy and when they see an Apple Mac at 1GHz and a PC at 2.5GHz and two thirds the price, which do you think they will pick?

    Agreed, most will go the cheaper route with the bigger numbers, and it should stay that way. I'm all for Apple quadrupling their market share up to about 20%, but once we get past that share we start getting 'undocumented Windows features' on our Macs. Virii, security exploits, crappy software, spyware, etc.

    I don't expect 20% of the cars I see to be luxury cars, the same is true of computers.

    It's the same reason people will pick up a Gamecube over an Xbox - They don't take time to find out what comes with either, they just pick the cheapest. Nemo: "Well it does the same thing, dunnit?"

    If I'm not mistaken, most of the 'people' you're referring to bought a PS2.

    You simply can't configure your hardware in a mac as much as you can in a PC. I know people who are hardcore PC "tinkerers", who barely touch their mac (with regards to messing with the hardware), because there's simply nothing interesting to do with it, except maybe upgrade it.

    True, if you want a neon coumputer with hydraulics that'll do the '3 wheel motion' get a PC. If you want a computer which looks great as manufactured, get a Mac.

    To put it into my beloved auto analogies, you can lower and tune a Honda Accord, put neon lights, big woofers, nitrous, and glitter paint on it. You could spend six figures doing this.

    If you have half a brain, you spend 80k and buy a 1997 Porsche Turbo.

    Can you buy a 5 fan aluminium case for a mac? No.

    With a cool running chip, why run 5 fans?

    Can you buy cooling systems, fan regulators and lights? No.

    Well, you can, but, why would you?

    Can you buy wrapped IDE cables and cut a hole in the side of your mac to show off everything inside? No.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, only those proprietary Apple brand flat IDE cables work in a Mac.

    And I've got a Dremel and a Sawzall, I can cut a hole in anything I want to. However, I find my computer aesthetically pleasing, and don't enjoy looking at cables, cards, and drives as they sit static all day long

    Do you have different types of hardware manufacturers, competing for your money? Well yes, but not as much as PC users.

    More and more we're gonna ruin this argument. UNIX has as many driver options for hardware as Windows. Already, some PC cards are working out of the box, and drivers for many more are being rewritten for Jaguar (PPC+BSD). This argument is valid now, but not for long.

    The very market Apple has always played for and still plays for today, to some extent, is people who are computer illiterate. Nearly all of their advertising campaigns say: "Macs are easier to use that PCs." Thereby trying to attract those who can't use PCs, or at least, find them difficult to use.

    What they're playing for is those who want to use a computer to do work, not those who want to do work on a computer. I've got 2 Macs, 2 PCs, and a Sun box at my desk. I am able to do more in a day on the Macs, because they don't get in my way, they don't have DLL conflicts, they don't BSOD, they just work.

    Talk to the smartest engineers in the world about anything, and they'll all tell you to employ the KISS principle at all times for a better product. That's 'Keep it simple, stupid'.

    Apple has always made things simple, yet powerful, well still keeping them idiot proof. That is why they have such amazing loyalty.

    Mac users are the most disillusioned people that i've ever seen. You guys lie and lie and lie to yourselves time and again, just to make yourselves feel better about buying a Mac.

    There's a lot of truth to this. People who think that the G4 1GHz is faster than 2+GHz x86's are indeed delusional. I will, however, be glad to point out that Windows is not a productive place to work, and all the extra mousing, clicking, rebooting, debugging, and BSODing adds up to a lot of wasted time you don't have with a Mac. Additionally, the TCO and downtime/year of the Mac is far superior in a business environment (businesses are the places where computers don't have neon lights, and the people want to work, FYI).

    In general, if you want a computer for gaming, you DO NOT buy a Mac, unless you're very stupid. I'd say about one tenth of the games that come out on PC, also get released on Macs, and even when they do, it's a few months to a year after the PC version is released. Granted, Apple is doing an amazing job of getting more games developers to release OSX version of their games, but still, most of the time Mac users have to wait for the game to be release after the PC version. Although, basically all of the best games do eventually get released on Macs. The words "Mac Gamer" is an oxymoron and the words "Hardcore Mac Gamer" is just a myth.

    Sure, we're not a gaming platform first and foremost. You should see the three bad games I have on my Solaris machine... Anyway, we get out games a bit later, and I'm okay with that, but as things progress, I think you'll see the quality games released concurrently (like Warcraft III).

    A Mac is a great computer, so stop bull****ting yourselves about all of the things you think it can do and just accept that Macs are still more stylish and more stable than PCs and have, in my opinion and i'm sure yours, a much better looking and interesting to use OS. PCs are slowly catching up to Macs in that department, especially with regards to stability and if you really want a stylish computer, it's easy to find as long as you have someone that can build it. I'd personally, rather have a well build, aluminium case (NOT Lian Li cr@p) cased computer than a white, plastic Mac that anyone can buy.

    To each they're own. I'm not 13, so I don't wan't an erector set case with lights and a window, and 5 noisy fans.

    PCs maybe catching up on stability (I stop at Win2k Pro), but they are losing on Privacy, Fair Use, extensibility, programmability, style, ease of use. and productivity.

    Also, anyone here can fix a Mac with relative ease (if something goes wrong), but 90% of PC users flail miserably until calling in professional support. That says a lot.

    It's been proven that more intelligent and richer people buy Macs. And that is the most moronic thing i've ever heard. OF COURSE the people who buy macs are, in general, going to have more money and be more intelligent, for the simple fact that Macs are far more expensive than PCs. That's like saying:

    "People that buy Mercedes cars are more intelligent and richer than people who buy Skodas."

    Macs are more expensive, therefore you need more money to buy them, - the people who buy them have more money because they have better jobs and they have those better jobs because they have college degrees or a better education. GET IT?

    Considering that statement says Mac users are more intelligent than PC users, Mac users sure do buy into a lot of stupid, ************, sensationalized advertising.

    Well, aside from making an argument, and immediately contradicting it, did you have a point?

    The cult of Macintosh is built around taste. An appreciation for design, ease of use, quality, value, etc.

    That doesn't mean stupid people don't have Macs, and smart people don't have PCs.

    It simply means PC users, on the average, are likely to own Lay-Z-Boys, and Mac owners, on the average are likely to own Eames chairs.

    Taste, some have it, some don't.

    I believe that Apple WAS turning heads, but with the advent of the 3GHz Intel CPU, i hope Apple will finally start to realize that they need to do something, and fast, but i don't think they will.

    Ever seen a PC on the cover of Time magazine? Ever seen a bunch of Mac journalists go 'wow, this Windows on Intel thing is really cool'? Ever think that maybe you're not privy to Apple's master plan?

    I've been using Macs since 1984, and I've heard 'Apple better....' more times than I care to imagine. Like before they revolutionized the publishing industry. Like before the orignal iMac was introduced. Like before they brought UNIX to the masses. I'm really not too worried that 'Apple had better...'

    Now don't get me wrong, i love Macs. What i HATE is Mac users who continue to lie about what Macs can do, what people who use Macs are like and spout crap like: "Mac users are sooo much better than PC users!". Just grow up!

    What can't a Mac do? Play DiVX movies well.
    What can a Mac do? Run 99% of all software ever written (MacOS, UNIX, Windows via VPC, C64, SNES, etc through emulation).

    Mac users are uppity about being Mac users because they have less problems, it doesn't make them better.

    And the sadness of it all is that, in my experience, PC users don't really give a crap about Mac users, but Mac users continue to insult PC users at every chance they get. It's childish.

    Actually, Mac users tend to bash PC users who show up in Mac forums touting the great benefits of Wintel.

    Mac users (over 18) usually don't have the energy to go muckraking in the PC world.

    It's Apples fault. If they can't run their company properly, they can't expect anyone else to do it for them.

    Can't run their company? This is too puerile to be real. They're doing huge things in a crap market, creating new revenue streams, new products, etc.

    Name a profitable PC company recently?

    Give you a hint, starts with A

    Maybe by 'can't run thier company' you meant 'can't please me'?

    Now when are the fricking new Macs going to be released?

    When the planets chip/market/inventory/r&d/manufacturing/cost align in 2003.

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  • eenu
    Sep 13, 05:42 AM
    I have 3 USB 1 ports and 2 FireWire ports. Does that mean if I buy a new 8Gb Nano, it won't work with my system? :(

    No it just means it will transfer at USB 1 speeds instead of its new full capacity

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  • SamIchi
    Oct 27, 06:34 PM
    I had no problems before update, and no problems now. I don't see a change in the temp.

    I'm grateful that I haven't had any problems with my MB, although I did have a couple kernel panics.

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  • Lara F
    Apr 18, 05:28 PM
    Extended warranties aren't always bad though - you think I want to deal with Sling if my Solo goes on the fritz? I was happy to pay a bit extra for the security of knowing I could go back to BB for two years (especially since reviews on Amazon have consistently pointed to issues shortly after the one year mark).

    And I definitely wish I'd gotten it for my HDTV whose screen crapped out at 18 mos. :mad:

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  • fishkorp
    Mar 28, 08:24 PM
    This sucks. I was going to buy my ticket when I got home from work. By the time I got home, it was already sold out.

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  • Icaras
    May 4, 11:25 PM
    I don't get the "3D" screen thing???? My regular 1080p TV can play a 3d Movie just fine. The 3D software shared here on MacRumors didn't have any special screen... what the heck would Apple do to make it a 3D screen?

    I say "false".

    To compete with the Nintendo 3DS.

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  • RaceTripper
    Mar 11, 08:50 PM
    Yes, I know that they are two different categories, but the MBPs would definitely steal a lot of the iPad's thunder.I doubt a new MBP announcement will hurt the iPad in any way. I think only an inconsequential percentage of Apple's iPad customer base would change plans for an iPad and choose a MBP instead.

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  • edesignuk
    Nov 12, 10:18 AM
    We always said that if Apple's arbitrary, inconsistent, and quite frankly baffling approval process didn't get straightened out soon, the defections were going to pick up pace -- and what do we have here? Joe Hewitt, the developer of the well-loved and highly regarded Facebook iPhone app, has flipped the script and rejected the App Store. And, as you'd expect, our man is not mincing his words, stating that his "decision to stop iPhone development has had everything to do with Apple's policies," and that he's "philosophically opposed to the existence of their review process." While Hewitt can't comment on specific future projects (he's still at Facebook, but the app itself has been handed off to another developer) he has mentioned that he'll be devoting his time to web development for mobile devices. As you know, there is no approval process for the world wide web (which is apparent if you've spent any time on Geocities back in the day). Way to give 'em hell, Joe!Engadget (http://www.engadget.com/2009/11/12/facebook-app-developer-rejects-app-store-irony-ensues/).

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  • bigmc6000
    Aug 3, 09:45 AM
    From http://blog.washingtonpost.com/securityfix/2006/08/followup_to_macbook_post.html
    During the course of our interview, it came out that Apple had leaned on Maynor and Ellch pretty hard not to make this an issue about the Mac drivers -- mainly because Apple had not fixed the problem yet. Maynor acknowledged that he used a third-party wireless card in the demo so as not to draw attention to the flaw resident in Macbook drivers. But he also admitted that the same flaws were resident in the default Macbook wireless device drivers, and that those drivers were identically exploitable. And that is what I reported. end quote

    Watch what you connect to!

    NOT! Are you serious??? - some guy writes in his blog that Apple was leaning heavily on him not to point out the problems with apples drives. Wow - it's on the internet it must be true. Oh wait - it that were right I'd have a true video iPod, a PB G5, an iPhone, and a 12 GB Nano in my ownership right now.

    Give me a break - it's a blog for crying out loud - it's about as accurate as MacOSRumors.

    Also, as pointed out on page 3 (I think) - the latest security update fixes this vulnerability - even tho it's still a 3rd party USB driver and I don't believe for 1 second that he used a 3rd party card out of respect for apple's wishes...

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  • Falleron
    Oct 11, 02:36 PM
    I think most of the blame lies with Motorola. Think of it this way, they have not even given Apple a processor that is fully DDRAM compatible (let alone enought speed bumps). Its a hash up system at the moment. I think when we get a full DDRAM G4 + the speed bump we need in Janaury the systems will get the performance needed.

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  • RITZFit
    Apr 17, 12:19 AM
    Toys R' Us? I though they only sold video games and...toys!?

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  • guter21
    Apr 17, 02:04 AM
    Just a heads up, Best Buy got into a bit of trouble for holding inventory and were told by apple to sell ipads if were in stock. Good luck finding any tomorrow....

    Mar 29, 04:50 AM
    So farfetched. May I remind you of a little matter called a Security Council resolution at the instigation of the Arab League? Bush and the neo-cons have no regard for international law.

    To suggest that President Obama represents some new nadir in presidential overreach is pure baloney.

    Check out all US military engagements since the 1940s. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_United_States_military_operations) None of them with congressional approval. You can argue that these many dozens, including Vietnam, all represent unconstitutional actions... but you can't argue that Obama represents some kind of new and dangerous deviation from the history of the last 70 years.

    I think all of them represent unconstitutional actions...although I didn't bother checking the list. Some of them might of passed the congressional test if they had been forced to go that route. It would have saved us a lot of money not to have engaged in so many military activities.

    And I think Obama's actions concerning Libya, in regards to overreaching of Executive powers, are worse than Bush's concerning Iraq. And Bush was probably the worse up until now. Jesus, now I'm depressed.

    Sep 6, 08:39 AM
    One thing that strikes me...... doesn't this cause some confusion since Intel uses the "Core 2 Duo" name for both the mobile Merom chips and the desktop Conroe chips? Not that most consumers would know the difference anyway, but it seems like people see "Core 2 Duo" in the desktop iMac, and the assumption would be that it would be the same "Core 2 Duo" processor found in other desktops, not the mobile version.

    Shouldn't the Conroe CPUs run at higher frequencies than the CPUs used in the iMacs?

    Mar 20, 10:03 PM
    The ios iPod app is an abomination. Even with my moderately sized(about 3000 songs, most are just vocab flash cards) the thing chokes on my 3gs and even a bit on 1g iPad. It takes seconds, yes SECONDS to respond to input, not to mention all the crashing. Even if they could make a 128gb iPod touch, I would shudder to think at how insanely slow the iPod app would be if you loaded that puppy up with music.

    In my case it's adding ONE podcast to listen too before bed, then waiting forever as it sits there "updating" the library. I can sync and start to listen to it in the same time on my classic.

    Nov 3, 02:50 AM
    No question, Jobs gave a good answer there. But let's face it, if it was Apple that was talking about wireless and Microsoft said you should just share earbuds, you know what the reaction would be.

    Apr 14, 06:16 PM
    So here's my question - if they're eliminating the "suite" package and eliminating upgrade pricing aren't they killing the current FCP editors who use all of the other suite apps? Currently FCP 7 charges $299 for the upgrade. So if they're eliminating the upgrade price and I want to upgrade 3 of my systems I have to pay $299 for FCPX and then an additional $700? for the other apps for each system? I've just gone from an upgrade cost of $900 (3 systems) to $3,000!

    Please tell me it ain't so!

    In my opinion the quote was very vague I think it left open the possibility that the price is $299 for the whole suite, maybe it's just wishful thinking.

    Here's the quote - "We've had upgrade pricing, we've had Final Cut Express, we've had Final Cut Studio - so we decided that we wanted to really do away with all of that, we wanted to greatly simplify the pricing structure, make it very very easy for you decide if you want to get a copy of Final Cut Pro. So we've decided to make it available for the amazing price of $299."

    I think the mention of all those would imply that all of those are now the $299 price? Thoughts?

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