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american idol contestants

american idol contestants. American Idol Contestant Karen
  • American Idol Contestant Karen

  • ampd
    Aug 3, 02:32 PM
    I cant wait to buy my first mac this monday... I don't actually have the money but I do have my credit card to take care of that...I wonder if the mac pros will be ready to ship monday or will there be a delay until the start shipping...If there is a delay I hope they hold off chargin my card so I can actually pay my credit bill in full instead of getting the wonderful interest added on....Any ideas?

    american idol contestants. american idol contestants
  • american idol contestants

  • Doozy
    Jan 11, 04:14 PM
    Wifi access to your home music library. It would be great to have my entire collection available on my iphone.

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  • american idol contestants 2011

  • dextertangocci
    Nov 8, 09:09 AM
    I just received mine. It tOTaLlY sUX! It overheats, the battery explodes, it whines, moos, barks and quacks and it cuts my wrists!:D :p

    Oh, and it's too slow:D

    Just thought I would be the first to say it;) :D

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  • american idol contestants 2010

  • kristiano
    Sep 6, 08:50 AM
    I am seriously thinking of getting out of Windowsworld and the new 24" iMac looks great!:D

    From the listed specs this will really rock.

    Anybody have advice on whether I should wait for Leopard to come out or not?

    Get one if you need it now.

    Bottomline is, when Leopard comes out, there will a cheaper/better Mac. But that's just the way it is with technology.

    american idol contestants. american idol contestants
  • american idol contestants

  • FireFish
    May 5, 02:46 AM
    [/URL][URL="http://images.macrumors.com/im/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif"]Image (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/04/ios-5-to-finally-deliver-over-the-air-updates/)

    Image (http://images.macrumors.com/article/2011/05/04/234536-vz2_500.jpg)

    According to 9to5Mac (http://www.9to5mac.com/64928/apple-and-verizon-to-deliver-over-the-air-ios-updates-to-verizon-iphone/), Apple is negotiating with Verizon about delivering over-the-air iOS updates starting with iOS 5.An over-the-air update system would allow users to download the iOS update directly to their phone over 3G or Wi-Fi and update their phone to the latest version without connecting to iTunes. Android devices already offer this feature.

    Due to the high bandwidth requirement, it seems Apple needs to negotiate deals with individual carriers to allow such a system to take place. We should note that Apple's iOS is partially capable of this functionality already. The Apple TV which is based on iOS 4 offers "over the air" updates with no iTunes syncing required. The Apple TV, however, stores little customer data so backups are not as critical as with iPhone and iPad devices. :eek:

    Article Link: iOS 5 to Finally Deliver Over-The-Air Updates? (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/04/ios-5-to-finally-deliver-over-the-air-updates/) :)

    Wouldn't be a bad idea. Even if they just made "patches" so we aren't downloading half a gb of updates every 2 weeks. :(

    Blow through your data cap with 650MB downloads for every point update? Not happening until Apple can deliver smaller downloads for updates.

    :rolleyes: I'm starting to get the feeling that people are finding that the Verizon iPhone 4 wasn't all they thought it would be. Granted that the voice quality is better; remember you cannot use 3G while on the phone with Verizon and also remember that phones are more like 'personal communicators' these days. Now that Internet caps are being introduced, everyone is going to loose, just as a Predicted. You have more & more apps that rely heavily on cloud based content that need 3G web access. This is why I kept my AT&T grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan for both my iPhone 4 as well as my wife's iPhone 4 & my iPad 2.
    On the new iPad, unlimited cell internet is awesome. You can watch movies from anywhere, etc. all without worrying about your bandwidth or throttle limitations. :apple:

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  • Contestants - Photoshoot

  • Gomff
    Apr 11, 07:45 PM
    Adobe can **** my ****.

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  • american idol season 11

  • bootedbear
    May 4, 11:14 PM
    Stupidest. Rumor. Ever.

    american idol contestants. American Idol Contestants
  • American Idol Contestants

  • savar
    Oct 16, 04:06 AM
    Steve is a smart guy. I wish our president could answer tough questions as gracefully as Steve does.

    american idol contestants. Why let Voting for American
  • Why let Voting for American

  • eva01
    Aug 24, 03:56 PM
    What does it mean to "recall"?.

    what do you think it means?

    And i called apple, they basically told me tough luck right now and i will have to wait basically till tomorrow to check the website because they are still updating it

    Because the tech tried to input everything on his side and it wouldn't accept it either.

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  • American Idol Contestant Names

  • MacFly123
    Nov 3, 04:18 PM
    Frankly, the vast majority of users, and developers, and content providers, DO NOT care what you personally want, no matter how much you roll your eyes.

    Flash is on virtually every computer on Earth, and pretty soon it will be on virtually every smart phone as well. Except the iPhone, of course.

    Flash works very well, for the vast majority of users. The fact that Apple has not expended the minimum effort required to get Flash working more efficiently in OS X, is mostly problem for only those relatively few of us, who prefer to use Mac OS.

    (In my testing on OS 10.6.1, Safari is by far the worst of all browsers at handling Flash: it pushes the CPU to 77%, while Firefox and Camino stay at less than 49%. Safari is also by far the worst on Windows 7, where on the same video it runs to almost 30% of CPU, while IE8 is at 1%, and Firefox and Chrome are at 4%.

    The vast majority of users enjoy what Flash provides.

    And, Flash does things which would be impossible, or very hard, or prohibitively expensive, to do with other currently available technologies, and deploy them for all browsers and systems.

    So, I repeat: the rest of the world DOES NOT care, that you, and a handful of weird backroom guys, have an irrational hatred of Flash. Move on.

    The bottom line is, if Apple doesn't get Flash on the iPhone, it will quickly lose market share to Android. It's a HUGE missing feature, bigger than cut/paste and turn-by turn navigation and mms rolled together, and you can bet it will be advertised as such.

    Agree to disagree!

    However, it is not just me. Anyone that knows the history of the web and the technologies behind it including flash does not like Flash, and knows that it is an inefficient and unnecessary piece of crap. The fact that one of, if not the most powerful tech company on earth agrees might make you think twice! :rolleyes:

    What do you think Apple stands to gain from this? They are pushing OPEN STANDARDS! And if Flash is such a gaping hole in the iPhone why would such a huge powerful company let a flagship product wilt when there is nothing to gain from it for them? Think about it, that is how crappy Flash is!

    Personally I am happy that there is a company out there like Apple that will do whatever it takes to push progress and top of the line technology in ways that no other company has the balls to do! I am glad that they are determined to weed out inferior technology in the name of progress! They even obsolete their own products at the hight of them being the most popular gadgets on earth, and WHY?... Because they thought of something cooler. You know any other company with the balls to do that? No, they would just milk the product as long as they possibly can, and then serve a minor update that isn't too cost prohibitive.

    Ya, I'll stick with Apple's M.O. Thanks! :p

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  • the American Idol tour

  • notjustjay
    Apr 14, 10:09 AM
    When it comes to writing emails or checking facebook, a smart phone or tablet will do that just as well as a PC.

    Yes, and I think at this point most people who want a PC of some sort already have one. It may be an aging Compaq desktop from 2003 but it still runs, and it still does the emails and Facebook just fine, so they're not rushing out the door to buy a new one to replace it.

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  • #39;American Idol#39; contestant Pia

  • lifeinhd
    Oct 25, 03:13 PM
    Hackintosh housed insed a powermac G5 enclosure + Apple LED 27" + 15" late 2009 macbook pro.

    Mind giving us a look inside the PMG5 case? ;)

    I've wanted to do a mod like that for awhile, but those cases will easily run $100 for something with scuffs, or $175 for a case without, and I just can't justify spending so much on a case.

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  • American Idol Season 7

  • Marsil
    Mar 12, 07:46 AM


    Edit: Removed image.

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  • American Idol 7 Top 11

  • Liquorpuki
    Nov 12, 03:40 PM
    When I look at Apple's app reviewing, I think about how Nintendo did gatekeeping in the 80's in order to maintain the quality of its game library. A few third party developers got pissed, you had the black cartridges, but it worked out in Nintendo's favor.

    To me the gatekeeping is just a business decision. It's not perfect but it does filter out a lot of crap out there. Apple just has to streamline their review process to be more consistent

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  • This American Idol style

  • Mac'nCheese
    Mar 28, 09:35 PM
    how are they in business? who ever shops radio shack?

    I stopped in one during the summer for a car power plug for the iphone as i was traveling. they had only 1 generic one for almost $40! I walked to kmart next door and chose out of 3 kinds and bought a car and home plug charger for $20.

    I do. Bought a sd card two weeks ago and headphones this past Sunday. Only one in the store both times so...

    american idol contestants. American Idol Contestants
  • American Idol Contestants

  • AP_piano295
    Apr 27, 01:29 PM
    Let's talk about this, shall we?

    We've already established earlier in the thread the following:
    1) Crime and having low socio-economic status are correlated.
    2) Blacks are more likely, for whatever reasons, to have low SES.
    3) Ergo, blacks are more prone to turn to crime.

    Point #2 is the point of contention. It's not a question of if point 2 is true, but rather one of why it is so. I submit the following premise:

    1) In our society, an individual's income is correlated with his intelligence. This is easily seen in that college graduates earn more money than non-graduates, who in turn earn more than those who drop out of high school.
    2) An individual's intelligence is correlated with his parents' intelligence due to heredity factors. As various and numerous studies have shown, blacks typically underperform whites by roughly one standard deviation. This leads us to the following:
    3) The various (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2006/04/060427161424.htm) genes (http://www.physorg.com/news91799494.html) that influence higher intelligence occur less frequently in the African-descended gene pool than in the European-descended gene pool.

    So, how do we test this hypothesis while controlling for environment? Lucky for us, we don't have to, as it's already been done, as the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minnesota_Transracial_Adoption_Study). If you scroll down to the Results section, you will see the white children scoring at the top, black children in the bottom by about 1SD, and mixed children in the middle. As the study controlled for environment (the adopting families were all of the upper-middle class), it is reasonable to conclude that the above premise has merit, and that genes do have a degree of influence on intelligence.

    Accepting that humanity is biologically diverse is simply the acknowledgment that various groups humans are different from one another in various ways due to our different genotypes. Such differences include, but are not limited to, physical appearance, athletic ability, personality, and cognitive abilities.

    As a society, we already put some aspects of this theory into practice. An example of this is your doctor asking you if any instances of cancer, heart disease, etc. run in your family. Another is the various studies, most notably those relating to autism spectrum disorders, conducted on the Amish people, who are by and large genetically isolated from their "English" neighbors.

    Finally, I would reiterate that it is not at all racist to take note of, accept, or reasonably comment on these facts. As I've said earlier, to properly combat the problem, one must first understand it. Denouncing the messengers as racist because their conclusions are unpopular will accomplish nothing except perpetuate the problem at hand.

    All of that might be true but your making a big extrapolation off of a limited amount of evidence.

    Your also imagining that a black person can be totally isolated from factors which dis-proportionately effect black persons.

    -Black kids are more likely to have black friends (this is racism but it's true, black children are more likely to accept black kids, white kids are more likely to avoid black kids). This makes it more likely that black children regardless of their family environment are going to be exposed to the negative aspects of black culture.

    -Teacher's expectations are probably lower for black students (again racism but true). It has been shown time and time again that low expectations correlate with lower performance (just as high expectations correlate with higher performance).

    There are many many more factors which would have to be considered before one could make the blanket statement that "black persons have a lower average intelligence).

    Further even if this were proven to be true it would hardly matter a slightly average lower intelligence would have very little effect on individual's abilities to succeed.

    Intelligence in my experience is a highly overrated quality, I consider my self significantly more intelligent than the average person (who doesn't :rolleyes:). But I'm also a little on the lazy side, I'm highly inclined to procrastinate and goof off instead of studying, so as a result people who I'm inclined to think of my self as "smarter" than, frequently do better than me on tests, because they have a better work ethic.

    Innate intelligence is something which is more or less impossible to change, and something which I am inclined to believe is somewhat un-important.

    Again I think our focus should be on identifying negative cultural trends within the black community and considering ways to curb those self destructive trends.

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  • showed up on American Idol

  • bushido
    Apr 11, 10:53 AM
    I know teachers who use pirated software. I mean that's just Unconscionable

    lol a lecturer ik hands out his PS5 copy to his students

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  • American Idol Contestant Gina

  • 4np
    Aug 24, 06:09 PM
    The battery is paired with the computer - e.g. one battery goes with the computer serial (don't need to enter that battery serial, it matches up with the computer) and a spare uses its own.

    unfortunately that's not true; the web app requires you to enter the battery serial as well... even though it is probably paired with the laptop's serial.

    american idol contestants. American Idol contestants
  • American Idol contestants

  • spicyapple
    Oct 15, 03:53 PM
    Is there any medical concern with sharing earbuds?
    No more than sucking on someone's tongue. :)

    Apr 17, 08:21 AM
    Toys R Us? Seriously? What a bizzarre place to buy a tablet PC. I guess we'll be seeing them with the Fisher Price laptops.
    I think it's more odd that Toys R Us wants it. It's so far off their normal product type, but it could be that Toys R Us is looking for new segments to open

    You're right, it is, they usually stick to HP, ASUS and Toshiba Laptops :


    Did you even bother to look up what Toys r' Us sells before making that comment ? This isn't a "new segment to open".

    in order to try and save their business????

    Why is every business but Apple struggling and looking to save themselves ? :rolleyes: Why is it everytime a company other than Apple is mentionned around this forum, it has to be close to bankruptcy and desperate to generate revenue and relevency ?

    News flash, a lot of businesses aren't struggling at all, even if they aren't associated with Apple.

    Aug 3, 05:52 PM
    What are these????

    An iMac backside and the Core Duo logo...

    Nov 8, 07:57 AM
    Ah good to see that it's not worth upgrading my Core Duo MB to the new one, I think the speed increase wil lbe negligble (comparing a 1.83Ghz CD with 1.83C2D)

    Sep 22, 01:20 PM
    It's all fun and games until someone wakes up with a dead horse head in their bed.

    But seriously... $9.99 to $12.99 movie downloads when I can go over to any store (like, oh, say, Wal-Mart) and buy the real deal for a buck or two more? Just how in God's name is this a threat to them?! Wal-Mart's smartest move would be to drop their DVD prices by that buck or two, until they cost the SAME or LESS than online downloads.

    Apr 12, 12:07 PM
    How about, "we want to invest in the US!"


    There should be a law that states anytime a US company chooses to manufacture something outside the US, the company must post a clearly-articulated-less-than-25-page document stating AND COMPARING why the US is unable to manufacture said product.

    lol.. I seem to get the feeling that you are an anti-outsourcing person. I hope everything you buy in your life is made in the good ol USA. =) <-- I may be wrong. Feel free to correct me.

    it's a bit too expensive for companies on the scale of Apple to mass produce in America. Plus, there are so many laws and regulations sanctioned by our great Congress to protect certain industries and whatnot, equating to greater barriers to import inputs for their electronics. This may mean that Apple products might be more expensive than it is now.

    Also, American labor unions, in my opinion, can be very disruptive for production. If Apple is struggling to keep up production now, imagine if "the Apple Labor Union for Workers" decided to go on strike for whatever "menial" reason.

    Sorry, but the US is no longer comparatively advantageous for labor.

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