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Lohan sentenced

Lohan sentenced. Lohan sentenced to 4 months,
  • Lohan sentenced to 4 months,

  • sam10685
    Jul 22, 10:20 PM
    kinda useless for such a small screen i think

    dude-- they're making the screen bigger. i don't know how, but they are.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120

  • DavidLeblond
    Aug 3, 08:08 PM
    Oh and to everyone looking at the pics of the iPhone and saying "God I hope Apple doesn't do this"... if they do, don't go complain about it on the forums because 5 years from now when they own 70% of the market, someone will post that thread and laugh at you. :)

    Like me!

    (I thought the iPod was lame when it came out too. And I hated Macs back then.)

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90

  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 22, 01:26 PM
    Has anyone beat it on legendary? Is there a different ending?
    I haven't finished my Legendary run yet, but I've talked with people who have, and as of right now, there is no extra ending for Legendary. There are a bunch of hidden items in the game (Data Pads, Gold Ranger Elites, Switches, etc), and people are thinking that completing some, or all of these things, in conjunction with Legendary difficulty, might yield a different ending. We'll have to wait and see. It just wouldn't be a Halo game without a special ending. And, given this is Bungie's last Halo, it would be really strange if they didn't include one.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 120
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced To 120

  • the editor
    Apr 12, 02:15 PM
    All this moral discussion about stealing a 1500,- bucks suite of software is pretty ridiculous if you put it into a relation to the billions of dollars/euros stolen from our tax money by the private central banks.

    If a corporation steals billions that's ok, but if someone pirates a single piece of software that's theft.

    The same rules should apply to everyone.

    Btw, I have only legit software on my computer.

    my point exactly...

    I really don't get all the wankers here with all there high morals about downloading is steeling. It aint steeling, and if it was i wouldn't feel one single bit of guilt...i'm getting robed here everyday by the government, at work, hell i'm even getting robed buying grocery's...why should i be the idiot paying for something i can get for free...and don't start the "people are losing their jobs if you don't buy it" if they do than they should get in line. Here's an idea... maybe the CEO's could spare a few of their billions to help the staff out and make them keep their job...


    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan
  • Lindsay Lohan

  • kresh
    Sep 4, 08:16 AM
    Yes, because at the moment the competition is killing the iPods... oh, wait...

    Seriously: Why should you cram all that s*** into the iPods. Leave them be, and sell all those other things as optional accessories... I don't want a radio, video and voice recorder, so why should I have to pay for all that...?

    Do a little research on eBay and see how many of these are listed and sold per hour. These cheap Chinese imports are not tracked in overall sales figures of MP3 players. I don't know what kind of market share they have.

    I've bought 5 of them myself, and those sales figures are not tracked and compared to Apples market share. One of the Chinese manufacturers has a 2 million unit per month build capacity, but they are in a 3 week back order status. I was hoping to get in the business on eBay and have done a ton of research on them. (These guys just came of of back order status: http://www.chinavasion.com/product_info.php/pName/mp4-player-1gb-15inch-tftscreen/ )

    I think the Apple investors would be shocked if it were known just how many of these players were sold and shipped to the US, but there is just no way to know.

    Lohan sentenced. Lohan was just sentenced
  • Lohan was just sentenced

  • redAPPLE
    Aug 3, 01:45 AM
    This guy is just sour that he ain't in Vegas.

    this guy is not in vegas because his exploit has as much holes as this story.

    i just wasted 20 minutes of my life reading the blog, watching the video. and dare i say, reading this thread?

    ok. got to get back to work. catch you guys later.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to

  • Benjy91
    Mar 22, 05:33 AM
    Made me smile, I love random stories like these. :)

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 90

  • gadget123
    May 5, 06:08 PM
    I hate anything 3D so I hope it's not true.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced One
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced One

  • Konz
    Nov 12, 11:37 AM
    Where's the irony? :confused:

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan says her fight
  • Lindsay Lohan says her fight

  • Charlie Sheen
    Mar 19, 02:33 PM
    They will release the ipod classic with the new intel ssd for just $1999

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced to 120

  • iStudentUK
    Apr 4, 04:35 PM
    Uhm, yeah. Saying "this is not true and that's it" is no different than "this is true and that's it."

    That doesn't make it a religion though.

    Your best friend may not have been raised by his parents with religion, but the society in which he was raised is influenced by Judeo-Christian values. Even atheists often display Judeo-Christian values because of the effect of society around them.

    Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying we need religion to raise children, but we better have a moral code of some kind to replace it with.

    Society isn't based on Judeo-Christian values though. Rather, Judeo-Christian values are based upon society. Religion just fits in with the times. If all religious people read the Bible literally they would stone me on site for being an atheist, they would hate homosexuals. Instead, people pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like based upon their own morality. The Bible has remained the same for 2000 years, yet look at the change in society in just the last 100- women's rights, gay rights, civil rights etc.

    You stated earlier that without guidance children would grow up to be selfish and violent. This is quite untrue. As I said earlier some higher primates show morality. Some children would grow up to be violent, but some would not. No amount of religion or lack of religion will change that.

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 120

  • rhett7660
    Mar 28, 07:33 PM
    If this is anything like the iPhone 4 sales.. there will be very limited stock on hand....Well at least in the stores around my area. Good news for those who want one. Might be able to score one via Radio Shack!

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan Sentenced
  • Lindsay Lohan Sentenced

  • princealfie
    Nov 27, 12:23 PM
    Ain't that the truth! Anyone actually seen someone using one of these yet?

    I got one! :) I also have iPod too, hehehe.

    Lohan sentenced. Lohan was sentenced
  • Lohan was sentenced

  • chasemac
    Nov 28, 01:37 AM
    The Beatles don't need iTunes! They have Cirque Du Soleil .:rolleyes: Anyway, how are those LOVE CDs doing?:) Better on iTunes with some special extra tracks I would guess.:)

    Lohan sentenced. lohan+sentenced+to+jail
  • lohan+sentenced+to+jail

  • evilgEEk
    Sep 4, 02:50 PM
    I love the idea of a movie section on the iTMS, but without a next gen iPod Video to go with it, I don't think it will do well. I say this because I just have a feeling Apple will offer the movies at current resolutions, which is awful for movies.

    If they offer the movies at least at DVD quality with true surround, I'm on board.

    But I still want an iPhone. ;)

    Lohan sentenced. Lohan was just sentenced
  • Lohan was just sentenced

  • herdnerfer
    Mar 25, 09:13 PM
    I hate how you have to download the entire OS every time there's a small update like this. 666MB for a few bug fixes... Also, what's up with the 666MB? Maybe we should stay away from this update guys lol.

    Could be not a coincidence. The first apple computer did sell for $666.66.....

    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90

  • emagdnim015
    Sep 12, 03:48 PM
    my favorite new feature is the backward syncing:


    Lohan sentenced. Actress Lindsay Lohan received her sentencing today and based on her crocodile tears, she wasn#39;t happy with the verdict.
  • Actress Lindsay Lohan received her sentencing today and based on her crocodile tears, she wasn#39;t happy with the verdict.

  • riko
    Oct 27, 05:24 PM
    Yes, it is. The screw has always been there. I will say that ours is no longer flush like it was at first. Brushing your hand over it means you feel the screw whereas in May we could not. So, the screw may be more noticeable if this is true for others, as well. I could see it being very annoying for some.

    Just got my mabook back from getting its optical drive replaced and the service centre have also replaced the heat sink (i never mentioned RSS at all so not sure why they did it). I have noticed the central screw is no longer flush now. not a huge problem but does this mean the new heatsink causes the screw to stick out a bit?


    Lohan sentenced. Lindsay Lohan sentenced for
  • Lindsay Lohan sentenced for

  • malnar
    Apr 27, 10:33 AM
    That's a really dangerous way of looking at it. It's much better to have three sets of money -- our money, my money, and your money. Preferably in separate bank accounts. In a situation like you sketch, usually one or the other spouse ends up doing most of the purchases with the communal chest, and that can lead to conflict when the other one wants to get something for himself.

    Kids have pocket money, which they can spend as they see fit -- adults should have at least some money that is unquestionably theirs as well. It's a lot easier to agree, once, that M and F's personal entertainment budgets are $n per month, than it is to agree that this september, we'll get a couch, and then maybe in january we'll get an ipad, etc... Budgetting and saving apply on that level as well as the communal property level.
    "Dangerous" ... this is junk talk. Who have you been listening to that suggests this? My wife and I have been married 12 years and have shared the same bank account that whole time, no separate accounts. (Jesus, what a nightmare to keep track of!) We've never once had a conflict about spending like you suggest we should. Why? because we live as WeegieMac does, the poster you're ripping on. We have respect for each other and our mutual needs as well as our individual desires. And we make sacrifices when we need to - both of us. Most of the responses in here act like marriage is a competition to see who can get what, or who can sneak this or that past their spouse. It's just shameful. What a tiring life that must be.

    Sep 12, 03:01 PM

    #1 Album Artwork. No more Google searches.
    #2 Gapless playback. Now i can playback my 70 minute prog rock albums as they were intended


    #1 Movies 640 by 480? No widescreen or animorphic? forget that! I haven't bought a 4x3 movie since 1998
    #2 Still can't burn it. I won't buy anything I can't burn an play in a DVD player. iTV could posibly change my mind. We'll see.

    Aug 2, 06:08 PM
    Well... but at least it's not Apple's fault, because they didn't produce the driver. Therefore it's actually not a concern of Apple's but of the driver's producer's.

    On the other hand Apple did include it into it's OS seemingly without testing it thorougly, and that is, of course, a concern of Apple's. So they will have to work together to get rid of that - and I'm sure they will - and I may be smug again. :p

    EDIT: Bzzzt to me for my prior comments about it being Apple's issue; apparently, the vulnerability is caused by a third party card driver. Does anyone know if that's apple's driver or the third party card driver which must be installed by the user?

    Oct 28, 02:23 AM
    'fixed' for me.

    ironically the DAY they released the update.my macbook started shutting down intermittingly..

    instaleld it..works fine so far.as for the fans..they still go 'nuts' when i run a few videos on youtube..is THAT normal?

    like they get pretty loud ugh

    The loud fan ISN'T normal, and it's something I've been fighting about with Apple ever since I bought this POS machine a day after they were released. I'm on my second one now (the first one was replaced because it was broken right out of the box), and this one sounds like a jet airplane getting ready for take off, with the turbines winding up and down.

    What particularly makes me upset is that we've got two MacBooks in my family, mine and my wife's, and hers is completely silent. When the fan does kick in on her machine, it makes a nice "whoosh" sound of air being pushed, and nothing else. Mine make this whiney noise coming from the fan itself, so loud you can't even heard the "whoosh" of air being moved.

    My MacBook has already been in AppleCare once for a fan replacement, as well as the heat-sink replacement. I had hoped this new firmware would slow the darned fan down, but nope--it's still buzzing away like an electric razor.

    I've owned five Apple laptops prior to this one (dating back to a PowerBook 520), and this MacBook is by far the worst one of the bunch. Worse even than my "flaming" PowerBook 5300 (which still works and doesn't make a peep).

    May 4, 10:06 PM
    Sounds like the source pulled their 'info' from where the sun don't shine, and I'm not even remotely interested even if its true.

    Nov 12, 03:04 PM
    I thought he was gonna share a specific experience or incident that got him fed up

    Instead he's just vehemently opposed to the model, which means he should have never started coding in the first place. When you code a release up to 3.0 and then quit on basic principle, that's retarded

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