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may 21 judgement day billboard

may 21 judgement day billboard. day of judgment, May 21,
  • day of judgment, May 21,

  • Max Payne
    Nov 7, 08:26 AM
    Yet another Tuesday without an MB C2D. Good luck next Tuesday, waiters (people who wait not serve). :)

    may 21 judgement day billboard. Judgment Day is coming May 21,
  • Judgment Day is coming May 21,

  • Full of Win
    Apr 2, 07:13 AM
    No offense but its obvious you know nothing about photography. Your statement is 100% incorrect.

    I guess these are bad pictures then if good pictures can't be taken without top of the line equipment:

    To be fair, you are cherry picking. He said the following after that statement.

    A good photographer can frame, layer, focus the subject, and compose well. Yes, you don't need a "good" camera for those qualities, but you need a well-creafted camera to back up and improve on the photographer's skills.

    That is exactly right, at least in my experience.

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  • Billboards proclaim May 21

  • eawmp1
    Mar 21, 05:23 PM
    :eek: Wow. I must find myself a wife, so that she can say no.

    Take my wife...please. She's good at saying "no".

    may 21 judgement day billboard. 21st Judgement Day,may
  • 21st Judgement Day,may

  • pocketrockets
    Aug 24, 03:28 PM
    I think every laptop ever made has battery issues. I'm about to get my third for my Rev. B 12" PowerBook if neither of my old ones is covered under this recall.

    Your 3rd?? So do you have 3 year applecare warranty? Or did that all happen within 1 year?

    may 21 judgement day billboard. May 21 Judgement Day Hoax?
  • May 21 Judgement Day Hoax?

  • britishempire
    Aug 24, 07:58 PM
    this is all very strange. there's nothing about the recall on apple's front page, and the recall page isn't easy to find.

    I'm guessing that as soon as Apple sort out the recall page, they'll post a link on their main page and send out a "Hot News" page, etc.

    I've tried entering serials for two laptops with their batteries, and both times the computer's SN was given the ok, but the battery didn't make it.

    I'm just hoping that when they sort this out, my batteries go through, because one of them is totally dead. :P

    may 21 judgement day billboard. may 21 judgement day. May 11
  • may 21 judgement day. May 11

  • Balli
    Sep 12, 02:47 PM
    Are Apple kidding? 640x480 resolution? For movies? What happened to widescreen? The last time I looked the year was 2006. :( :mad: :confused:

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  • May 21 Judgement Day Family

  • akac
    Aug 7, 11:39 PM
    I know we've overdosed on speculation recently, but the MacRumors live transcript from the keynote today contained the following line (from Steve I believe):

    10:24 am lots more announcements during the next week

    best to just wait and see......

    I thought that was for the Universal Binary third party - not Apple's.

    may 21 judgement day billboard. Judgement Day Is May 21st,
  • Judgement Day Is May 21st,

  • Jacqui83
    Nov 8, 06:21 AM
    The US Store was like up a few minutes ago though and now it's down, could it really be?! Ugh I can't wait! please let it be!

    may 21 judgement day billboard. 21 Judgement Day, May 21st
  • 21 Judgement Day, May 21st

  • theheadguy
    Apr 12, 11:45 AM
    If they build it from scratch, they could probably design the place with working conditions that don't make people as suicidal (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1104449&referrerid=51132).

    may 21 judgement day billboard. may 21 judgement day family
  • may 21 judgement day family

  • DJMastaWes
    Aug 3, 02:20 PM
    MacBook Pro in black?

    What are those 4 blue dots represent in this picture? (http://greaterstuff.com/google/perspectivefixed.jpg)


    may 21 judgement day billboard. May 21 Judgement day crap.
  • May 21 Judgement day crap.

  • Krevnik
    Mar 25, 03:10 PM
    I know. It's insane... Hopefully with iOS 5 we will get some sort of patch system, like on OS X. Makes sense, really.

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  • A illboard advertisement

  • jonnysods
    Mar 19, 08:38 AM
    They should have a funeral for the Classic, just like they did for OS9 (what is OS9?). This thing turned Apple around, and turned them into the cash carrying monster they are today.

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  • May 21 Judgement Day: For

  • eleftherios72
    Aug 24, 05:36 PM
    But who is more specific in serial numbers of ibook 12" ?
    Apple ?

    or U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ?

    Check out this

    may 21 judgement day billboard. May 21 is Judgment Day by
  • May 21 is Judgment Day by

  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 12:28 AM
    initial backup over wifi (required) then future incremental (smaller) backups could be over 3G. the iPhone already tells you when an app is to large to update w/o wifi - it's already been training us about what we can and can't do w/o wifi.

    who determines what qualify as future incremental backups? What if I do my initial (required) backup over wifi, then add 5gb of photos? Don't think the wireless carriers are going to go for that.

    But that's besides the point... i was referring to apple giving everyone free cloud storage.

    As of January this year, over 160 million iDevices have been sold. Consider maybe an average of 20gb per device and apple is looking to give out 3.2 billion GB of cloud storage to it's customers. Something tells me this is not going to happen. You think they want to let everyone back up their 64gb iPod touches to the cloud. You think apple or att/verizon is going to be ok with people backing up their 32gb iPhones to the cloud? No way, not a chance...

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  • May 21 is Judgment Day

  • drewyboy
    Aug 24, 01:13 PM
    *Cue Price is Right music*
    Come on down, you're the next contestant on the Price is Right...
    (me)... I'M A WINNER, I'M A WINNER!!! NEW BATTERY!!!!

    may 21 judgement day billboard. 21 May 2011: Judgement Day
  • 21 May 2011: Judgement Day

  • Signal-11
    Mar 29, 04:17 PM
    You're right, a pure HDD may have latency issues. But how about a hybrid one? Seagate XT Hybrid shows some promise in bridging the gap between full mechanical and full flash storage.

    Note that the XT hybrid is a 2.5" system. A hybrid system for higher capacity 2.5" drives makes sense on a number of fronts. You can't get anywhere near the current 750GB limit for a single platter 2.5" HDD with flash based storage without running into astronomical costs for consumer units.

    OTOH, the economics for a 1.8" hybrid system don't make much sense at all. The current TOTL is 220GB, which isn't all that far off in cost from what might be targetable in the next 6-18 months with SSD storage. By the time you've spent the time and money in engineering and developing a technically feasible hybrid system, the market will have already moved past you. Whatever company that would try to develop and sell this would be in a position of selling a solution for a problem that doesn't really exist.

    may 21 judgement day billboard. 21 Judgement Day, 21st,may
  • 21 Judgement Day, 21st,may

  • tzeshan
    Apr 3, 01:17 PM
    The real story, iPhones will be getting backside illumination, which will mean better low-light pictures, right?

    iPhone 4 has backside illumination. Have you watched Steve Jobs introduction last year of iPhone 4?

    may 21 judgement day billboard. on May 21, 2011 (Judgement
  • on May 21, 2011 (Judgement

  • Squonk
    Nov 7, 09:30 AM
    and when is the apple product spree going to end!?!?!?!

    :D NEVER!!!! :D

    may 21 judgement day billboard. then you may have noticed
  • then you may have noticed

  • kpbpsw
    Nov 4, 06:07 PM
    We need to get developers to use open standards and flash is not!
    Besides flash being a processor hog (bad code especially on the Mac) it is bad for search engines, it is bad for web standards, it is bad for design.

    At one time it was the only way to get rich media and non-refresh dynamic content on the web. Now there are much better lower overhead, open, web standards based ways of doing this. Flash should go away!

    Apple taking a stand against flash is good. All the internet needs now is a open standard video codec!

    What we all need to do is educate / demand that web developers / sited eliminate flash and use open standards.

    Personally I do not use sites that require flash for operability - one of my favorite hotel chains "upgraded" their site to a flash based reservation system - it looks great but is slow and un-reliable, - so I stopped staying there and emailed them telling them they lost a customer due to their bad flash based reservation system!

    I disagree that people don't care about flash players. Plenty of sites out there use flash extensively and do not offer a non-flash version. Adding adobe flash capability to the iphone would make it that much better in my opinion. Just because apple doesn't want it, doesn't mean it's not useful. I for one believe that apple "sometimes" listens to it's users, and if enough people complain, apple will react. Think apps for the iphone (remember apple's stand, it's an ipod, not a computer), cut/paste and push service. Background apps seem to be the next barrier to be broken, why not flash?

    As far as adobe and MS "holding back" web progression, the whole point of flash is that it is a tool that makes highly interactive media sites easier to accomplish.

    Sep 12, 05:10 PM
    Ok - check this out.

    In list view - click on the column header for Album.


    Oct 27, 08:21 PM
    See below. And no, I didn't use smcFanControl to set it to 6K. Can't even use it to lower the speed.

    IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 11:08 AM
    Yeah, only take that portion of my statement and :rolleyes: to it.:rolleyes:

    You've got to admit, you kind of deserve that response, if you going to cite a commercial to back up your argument.

    Aug 7, 11:42 PM
    * An unconfirmed forum post claims (http://forums.macnn.com/showthread.php?t=304580) that the Mac Pro CPUs are swappable.

    An Apple sales rep via the Apple Store chat applet answered this same question for me earlier. Keegan's response was:
    "Great question! This would definitely not be supported, but it may certainly be possible."

    I would interpret that as: This is normal PC hardware for the most part, so sure the procs are replaceable, but don't expect Apple to be in the market of selling you processor upgrades and your warranty is gone if you make any such modifications.

    Dont Hurt Me
    Sep 22, 01:45 PM
    Thanks Crap-Mart, one less reason to shop at your store! :)I agree, I hate Walmart with a passion. They are helping destroy the middle class everywhere they go. Apple does have a problem with the studios because they want to have their cake and eat it to. Im sure they are all looking into downloading movies themselves so they can avoid that 3rd party. Did I say Walmart sucks?:p

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