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alabama football pics

alabama football pics. Tech Football: Alabama
  • Tech Football: Alabama

  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 10:51 AM
    They just capped us home and business owners (DSL and Fiber)... :eek:

    I would imagine that wireless will follow. AT&T and Verizon will have to honor contracts for the time being. But when the contract is over... :eek:

    I don't know if they "legally" are required to, but even when your two year contract is up they don't change it to one of their "new plans"

    They will allow you to be grandfathered in as long as you wish, and as long as you continue to pay your monthly bill. Even when you extend a new 2 year contract and buy a new phone, you are agreeing to keep the service for 2 years, but they will allow you to stay on your original plan. That's how we are allowed to have unlimited data and iPhone 4's.

    alabama football pics. Alabama Football Radio
  • Alabama Football Radio

  • innominato5090
    Oct 25, 03:57 AM
    bought a new desk @ikea
    what's in the pic:
    MBA 2,1 w/SSD (although I'm considering a switch with a MBP)
    Apple Cinema display 20" (bought this summer from a UK seller on ebay, works like a charm)
    LaCie USB speakers
    Magic Mouse + Magic Trackpad + Apple BT Keyboard (I'm left handed, so it's a pleasure to have the MT on the left and the MM on the right :D)
    iPhone 4 + gelaskin & bumper
    Griffin simplifi dock

    alabama football pics. Alabama#39;s Marcell Dareus (57)
  • Alabama#39;s Marcell Dareus (57)

  • digitalbiker
    Aug 24, 05:01 PM
    I *knew* there was a reason I bought the 17".... :p

    I wonder why it doesn't include the 17". I purchased the latest model G4 17" PB and I am sure it uses the same type of Sony batteries. It's just that the 17" runs a little cooler because there is more room and surface area to disipate the heat.

    I hope this isn't just a money saving issue on Apple's part and that the 17" PB batteries aren't defective also.

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  • Watch Alabama Football Live

    Mar 14, 07:52 AM
    Are there any news yet on the strange new SKUs from BestBuy - which were due for today???


    Do we already know for which products they stand for?

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  • Alabama Football history,

  • Drag'nGT
    Mar 29, 09:44 AM
    I hope that iOS5 is as good as we all expect. More options for voice integration would be oh so welcome. Let me listen to and respond to email and texts while driving (huge wish). But seriously, it's the one thing I'll say MS did well with their Sync technology. It is such a pleasant experience to use my iPhone in the car like that. If the phone can take even more commands from my voice I'll be ecstatic.

    Add free MobileMe and Apple will be set. I bet they need that double sized data center in NC we've heard about to pull this off.

    Wow, my hopes are high!

    alabama football pics. Florida at Alabama Football
  • Florida at Alabama Football

  • Tronic
    Mar 29, 09:24 AM
    As much as I hate my 3G these days (SLOW) i'd rather wait a few extra months for an LTE iPhone to last me another 2 years instead of having LTE in 2012 and feeling the need to upgrade so soon.

    Hopefully iPhone 5 will be both 3G/LTE and GSM/CDMA

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  • Alabama Football Accessories

  • buddhahacker
    Nov 12, 07:19 PM
    His approach is not the most mature. My guess is that he has a better job lined up and simply used his departure to get some notoriety. Grow up!

    alabama football pics. Free Alabama Football Schedule
  • Free Alabama Football Schedule

  • AppliedVisual
    Nov 8, 01:23 AM
    i don't mind an integrated graphics card, all I want is a better integrated graphics card, the best that intel can offer.

    Unfortunately, that's currently the GMA950 that's already in the Macbook. :(

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  • Alabama Football Family Reacts

  • Doctor Q
    Nov 24, 01:43 PM
    Her Majesty... off Abbey Road. The entire song is up as the iTunes clips are longer than the track. So if you want, hijack the audio and get a FREE song
    If you think of it that way then Ringo's I've Got Blisters... (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ive-got-blisters/id52046?i=52042) and The End (http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-end/id52046?i=52044) are also free. And worth every penny!

    alabama football pics. Alabama Football
  • Alabama Football

  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 6, 09:00 AM
    And isn't the 128mb 7300 still much better than the 256mb 1600?

    Yes, it is still better. Although the 7600, for $125, will make things even better than that.

    alabama football pics. Alabama Football
  • Alabama Football

  • benjs
    May 4, 11:41 PM
    All I can say is as a jailbreaker, I hope they have an opt-out feature, or I'm sticking with 4.x

    alabama football pics. Carolina Alabama Football
  • Carolina Alabama Football

  • beppo
    Jan 11, 05:17 PM
    I think that Ive made it where all of your the mac mini keyboard mouse and monitor float

    alabama football pics. alabama football stadium.
  • alabama football stadium.

  • spillproof
    May 4, 11:07 PM
    That will do wonders for my battery life.

    But, the further I can get away from physically connecting to a computer for syncing and backing up, the happier I will be. Steps in the right direction.

    alabama football pics. Alabama football
  • Alabama football

  • kingtj
    Jul 25, 04:28 PM
    Despite all the talk about paper having "superior resolution" to displays, the human eye can't really tell the difference in the size of the dots making up the print past a certain point.

    The main reason displays cause eyestrain when trying to read something like a book is the fact that they're backlit. Basically, it's akin to staring into a small flashlight. The much talked-about "e-ink" or "e-paper" is interesting because it would simply work with reflected light from existing sources - just like reading real paper.

    If the other "video ipod" rumors are true, Apple is looking at using the new "OLED" display technology for the next iPod. That's not going to be quite as "paper-like" as the "e-ink/e-paper" technologies, but should provide better contrast (and resolution) than LCD technology. So that means it will be better than most devices at reducing eyestrain while reading, but not as easy on the eyes as a real paper book either.

    Yes. Yes it would.

    Until display resolution matches paper resolution, the e-book will remain relatively unpopular.

    This does seem to make a serious run at the "iPod for Education" crowd, though -- fighting to keep brand loyalty with the kids, I spose ...

    alabama football pics. UA#39;s football program has
  • UA#39;s football program has

  • cobalt79
    Mar 11, 03:29 PM
    I just bought a Macbook Pro literally 5 minutes ago. I've been waiting for months and I finally gave up. After the order was completed, I thought I'd check macrumors just for laughs and the first thing I saw was, "new macbook pros tomorrow?" :(

    "Giving up" does not mean buying outdated technology for top dollar. If you were truly giving up on waiting, you should have also given up on Apple -- who did not value your interest enough to give you either a discount or some indication as to when updates would be released.

    alabama football pics. Matt Pitt and Football Alabama
  • Matt Pitt and Football Alabama

  • AlphaDogg
    Oct 16, 12:02 AM
    haha...yeah, it is quite a bit of space. Left (21" HP f2105) and top middle (30" HP LP3065) are connected to a desktop PC that I use for work. I work from home and mess with a lot of spreadsheets and querying data so it's helpful having all the space to move stuff around. The vertical screen (24" HP2408h) is connected to my MBP via mini port to HDMI that I use mostly for personal use. The sad thing is I have a 3 or 4 more 21" screens in the closet. If I had the desk space I would hook them all up... :D

    Could I have 6 or 7 of them :D jk.... I only want one :p... but not expecting you to give it to me

    alabama football pics. Alabama Football!
  • Alabama Football!

  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 14, 11:10 AM
    Sad part is, as adoption increases...so will viruses/malware/trojans/etc.

    Best analogy Ive heard is:

    Windows 7 is a house with bars on the windows, and industrial locks on the doors...in Baltimore.

    OSX is a house with no locks, in the middle of nowhere.

    Viruses and malware target the more gullible of society. These people buy the cheap $300 or under computers. In a way the proliferation of viruses provides an excuse for poor computer performance that distracts from the poor performance of such low quality machines.

    alabama football pics. Alabama-football
  • Alabama-football

  • bassfingers
    Apr 27, 04:43 PM
    Did you notice how he put it? "On the media"?

    Where else was he gonna see it? We live in a nice safe neighborhood. It's not like he was going to witness crimes firsthand.

    + 1 what AP Piano said

    alabama football pics. Alabama, which is just one win
  • Alabama, which is just one win

  • itcheroni
    Mar 28, 11:08 PM
    Obama is quite within his rights according to the War Powers Resolution (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/War_Powers_Resolution) ...

    The War Powers Resolution requires the president to notify Congress within 48 hours of committing armed forces to military action and forbids armed forces from remaining for more than 60 days, with a further 30 day withdrawal period, without an authorization of the use of military force or a declaration of war. The resolution was passed by two-thirds of Congress, overriding a presidential veto.

    That is if America is under immediate threat, hence Bush's big case about WMDs before invading Iraq. America was under no threat from Libya. The President cannot simply go to war because he feels like it. That is definitely not a power he has by the Constitution but it is a power he'll take nonetheless. The Executive branch has taken more and more power away from the legislature and, most of all, the people and I don't think it'll stop until things get much worse.

    I really hope he isn't under the Keynesian impression that war is good for one's economy. This is the mark of an empire in decline.

    Sep 12, 03:46 PM
    The cover art view sounds interesting, but I�ll have to see it for myself. Other than that, not too much else of interest to me, mostly because I don�t live in the States and therefore don�t have access to TV shows on iTunes, let alone movies. :rolleyes: :cool:

    Let�s hope Apple fixes some of that so that I can actually make good use out of that iTV thing when it is released next year� ;)

    Nov 8, 06:02 AM
    Dutch Apple store is down too!

    When its up and running with new macbooks, i'm the first to order one!

    Oct 29, 07:38 PM
    the key issue in my case was that my macbook couldn't go to sleep or be closed, everytime it woke up, it wouldn't last longer than 3 seconds and then shut down and all of the other known symptoms.

    I ran the firmware upgrade and it works fine now, it's not hot or anything and the fans seem to be working at a normal pace.

    Well, I am grateful for the fact that I don't have to turn in the mac for 5 days or more for servicing... I make a living out of this thingy...:D

    I second instadan. MacBook was working fine until the last Apple update, then started RSS.
    After the new update it's fine. Running same temp a previously and fans also working as previously. Happy (for now).

    Nov 3, 11:42 AM
    mac is about sharing your creativity with the ones you love. In this era of myspace and mmorpg's do we need a nother form of social interaction with no physical interaction. I still think that istations are a good idea. I would like to be in line at the store and see a girl listening to ipod, and i see her ilisten light on, so I check out her playlist, though this is a lot like myspace, at least you have the ability to walk over and say "hey :) ,i love your station. I see from your event list that the band (...) is playing this fri. would you like to go with me :cool: " Yes stalkers are inevitable, but this could be pretty cool.

    Nov 7, 10:35 AM
    The MacBook doesn't need a Core 2 Duo processor. Apple needs to leave a gap between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

    15" MacBook Pro, 2.33GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB DDR2 SDRAM, 200GB Hard Drive

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