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  • johncarync
    May 5, 02:15 PM
    Here's my guess as to how it will work based on how simple Apple likes to make things for the end user:

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  • zapp
    May 4, 11:54 PM
    I want to see wifi syncing first...

    I just want to be running the same version on my Verizon iPhone as everyone else (that is not using the Verizon iPhone)

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  • Solfeggio4
    Mar 19, 12:44 PM
    I see them thinking that the iPod line should definitely move to a 100% touch-screen interface. However, like many people have already said, sometimes you just want a music player. I love having my entire music collection in my bag at any time with the Classic. They should keep it until they can truly beef up the capacity for the the Touch.

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  • AmTechFox
    Mar 22, 06:49 AM

    Epic :D

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  • Warbrain
    Aug 24, 01:25 PM
    Bummer - 14" iBook is not affected. No new battery for me.

    My thoughts exactly. Makes me wonder why the 14" iBook isn't affected.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 5, 01:05 PM
    Thanks for that SIS...this especially makes me happy in pants :o

    "*Removed heavy vehicles from all 4v4 Team Objective gametypes"
    Yes, that and the swapping of the Scorpion for a Wraith on Hemorrhage is great. I'm most excited about Rocket Race coming back. I played that gametype the most in Halo 3, so I'm hoping it remains as fun in Reach.
    Sometimes I have as much fun taking screenshots as I do just playing the damn game.

    ODST Bros unite!!




    And here is a pretty awesome film clip I made. I was trying to bring the Falcon to help my team finish off a round of Invasion, when someone on the other team tried to intercept me in a Banshee. I couldn't escape, so I decided to just, shall we say, trade seats with him... in mid air. Not only did I accomplish it, but we were over the water when I kicked him out, so he died in the process. :D


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  • yellow
    Aug 3, 05:32 PM
    I seriously doubt this is a major concern ATM for home users with secured wifi access points (and by that, I mean wifi APs that filter MAC addresses). In order for someone to use this exploit, they would undoubtedly have to be on your network..

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  • djransom
    Mar 29, 08:45 AM
    That just seems wrong. Something looks fishy here. Do you know if it was just that location?

    Nope not just the location. Watched the news this morning and this was mentioned that it was definitely a bundle deal.

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  • Groovey
    Nov 8, 05:55 AM
    UK store is down!


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  • Nipsy
    Oct 13, 06:40 PM
    Originally posted by e-coli

    Nipsy, while I know you are simply trying to defend your viewpoint (as we all should), you have a very simplistic view of a computers role in society. This is a tragic flaw with all Mac users. Running a piece of software in "emulation" is a poor example of compatibility. It's like having to buy an external drive for your portable computer. It's cumbersome, hardly ideal, and defeats the purpose.

    Admittedly, running in emulation is slow and cumbersome, but the simple fact is that we can, and PC users can't. Just one of those things to counter the 'Windows can do so much more' argument.

    I don't believe that argument, but hey, my Mac can run Windows (acceptably), so it is not a point of contention any more.

    For most tasks, we have native software, but for the very rare occasion when something can not be done natively, it can still be done.

    The problem with Apple simple. They have no enterprise strategy. They have no muscle to get developers to begin including Macs in custom software solutions, database integration, and web-services compatibility. Apple is totally missing the point, and doesn't understand the place of the computer in business and (this is the sad one) education.

    Ummmm....developers? Developers are flocking to OSX, because it gives a good UNIX environment, with a good user experience. I see more geeks at more non-Mac conventions with iBooks and TiBooks every time I go.

    Databases...you haven't been paying attention! Sybase, Oracle 9i, MySQL, PostGreSQL, which db were you looking for?

    Web services...my machine is running Tomcat, apache, php/mysql, and Webobjects servers. ASP is available for UNIX, which means an apache module could prolly be compiled for Mac. Which services did you want? .net? passport?

    Businesses...businesses are slow to change, but I have seen increased interest in Apple (since OSX) for the first time in a decade.

    So, Apple has the Xserve, right? Huge dismal failure for them. They are giving hardware to Universities, but they're not leveraging their weight to get software and datablase companies on board to write enterprise-wide server-based applications. A good example: some universities are in the process of migrating all their research to secure server farms, and interconnecting them nationwide to increase the pool of information available to researchers. This means that different applications, different file types, and different methods of gathering that information (such as a custom-written piece of software that, say, reads indentity cards or thumb-print records) need to become recognizeable, retrieveable, and editable from any location. Or what if libraries wanted to interconnect, trade data, and allow data to be submitted by individual users (such as a publication written by an independent party).

    Xserve adoption will be slow, and the product needs to be excellent to gain share. Thankfully, I, and many many reviewers, think it is.

    However, your argument about data migration is silly, as data is accessed through a pipe (odbc, jdbc, etc.) and Mac OSX has a nice set of pipes. You can put a GUI on a pipe and call it an app, but all it does it form a query which gets fed to a stored proc and echo the data.

    It can be done now via the command line, which means easily via an app. With data, the 'server based app' is a collection of stored procs, and the client (a browser, Sherlock, a custom client, etc.) makes it pretty.

    Furthermore, the developers I mention above, are making sure we get many good browsers, and the browser will be the path to data (hell, it already is).

    These are great examples of how the world is becoming more interdependent, and the personal computer is becoming merely a gateway to more information, applications and services.

    Affirms my point above...

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  • Tec972
    Nov 25, 01:28 PM
    I don't at all. I have the physical box.

    As I say, I agree with many of your points.

    :D Keith, how do you like it. Is there a major difference between that set and the mono set. I am curious because I have been eyeing that purchase.

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  • kresh
    Oct 15, 06:33 PM
    Typical machead responses on this thread:

    microsoft wireless media player - aww that's sooo stupid...
    apple wireless media player (when it comes out) - aww that's sooo cool...

    now go drink your kool-aid everyone...:)

    When 60 million people are drinking the same kool-aid, common sense would tell you it's great and you should give it a try :)

    edit: and before you say that MS has 90% of the computing environment and i should try that kool-aid because it must be great. I did try it and it's skunk water!

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  • SodaPopMonster
    Sep 6, 08:17 AM
    Nice! The rumor was wrong in a good way, heh.

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 26, 10:57 AM
    I don't know the answer to question one, but the answer to the second question is yes. On top of that, the rate of conviction of blacks is higher.

    It was ONE question, not a first and a second one. Whatever somebody answers to only the second half of it, is totally meaningless as long as the answer to the first half is not "yes".

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  • pika2000
    May 5, 12:00 AM
    Due to the high bandwidth requirement, it seems Apple needs to negotiate deals with individual carriers to allow such a system to take place.

    Great. This means iPhone in the US will probably be carrier-locked forEVER. :( As much as I like OTA updates, I rather have iPhones to be independent from the US carriers first.

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  • dbhays
    Aug 24, 06:50 PM
    my battery is one of the one's that needs replaced, but the website won't take the serial number (verified by someone at apple) and tech support is clogged for the day, so hopefully sometime later this week i can get a battery sent to me. anyway, if anyone else goes there and has the 5 digit number in the range but it won't take your serial number be sure to call apple because it could be a website error.

    That's what happend to me. Called Apple support. They were great. The lady I spoke with said that there were errors happening on the website, but she was able to get it through by changing my serial number. She said she was using the recall website.

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  • rhinosrcool
    Mar 14, 10:59 PM
    It has nothing to do with who buys what. It's all about marketing. And I assure you Mr. Jobs is considerably better at marketing than you (or anyone else on these boards).


    Instead of fretting over the wait, envision that they were already released and that they all have issues (I don't really believe that they will have these issues) such as bad screens, overheating, faulty graphics cards. Consider yourself lucky that you didn't get one of these. In a couple of months when they're released, think of them as being fixed mbps. Then, grab one and enjoy.

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  • Digital Skunk
    Apr 12, 07:10 AM
    Students pay either less (edu-discount-not just in the U.S.) for their Mac, buy a refurbished model or buy a used Mac from the previous owner. In the best case, this reduces the price of a previous generation Mac to one third or even to 25 percent of the original price.

    And who says, students are rich? You, or what!? *lol*

    No way, I never said student were rich. I was making the distinction between paying over $1000 for a Mac and not having the $350 needed for one of the suites. It really should be in their price considerations.

    Or . . . they can always run the same software on a PC. ;)

    i agree - as an independent myself I really have to justify outlays based on revenue potential. I no long can just write a purchase order and spend the corporate cash. OTOH, it has made me more aware of other tools beside the big guys that do what I need at a fraction of the cost.

    Right. When you eat off of your gear you're always going to find ways to not spend SO MUCH on said gear so you can put more food in your mouth. Which is why I really don't have an issue claiming student-ship if I am able to. I personally don't do it with certain software titles, but I will do it with Apple hardware and others. AVID Media Composer is $2500 regular price give or take a few $100s. The EDU version is $295 . . . . . okay I am going to hop on that EDU bandwagon right now.

    Just as the lenses you acquire in still/video photography will cost more than your body, software will be the major cost in building any rig.

    Neither have I, but if the require a cash outlay plus a monthly fee then it'll be a non-starter for many small businesses or freelancers. If they really want their business (and maybe convert some people who use pirated versions) they'd make it a flat fee, pay as you go deal; with maybe a cheaper rate if you buy x months at a time. That would let people jump in and out of the products as they need them, get support from Adobe, and help them decide if they want to buy or continue to rent the software.

    I wouldn't want to assume that Adobe is doing that way only because it sounds too nice. It'd be if you could just obtain the software via trial then rent the apps.

    Just as with Apple and Thunderbolt . . . Adobe has left me with a few major questions.

    OK, so we've established that you are a pirate, AND a hypocrite.

    I used to pirate then stopped. A responsible businessman should and in some cases has to when they use their software and hardware for legitimate purposes. It's a major tax write off at least.

    I was still in college when I was using CS1 and CS2. Either way, I eventually grew up and purchased the EDU version of the software with my own cash. And at that time by the way, hacked versions were far more unstable. You couldn't update them, you had to run patching scripts ever so often, plugins wouldn't work or would crash the system etc. It was just better to have the legit copy and keep it moving instead of spending time troubleshooting your scripts.

    I don't know how it is now, but I know that it was that way up until CS3 based on the students at my job that still pirated software.

    No, not 100%. You can't possibly know, unless you've surveyed every CSX pirate there ever was. Case in point. You have a full time job, and in this inflating economy, it's not enough to support your family. So, you try to do a little work on the side - just to help pay the bills. Does this person have $1200 to spend on the software? No way. Would he like to? Of course, but his family comes first.

    I am sure said person (who doesn't work in the design field) would want to take up design and production as a part-time/tennis shoe money job to support their family yet doesn't have the money to get CS so they just steal it??????? :confused:

    This person wouldn't want to get a part-time job that doesn't need him to steal? Or he/she could just claim he's/she's a student/educator and pay for the EDU version . . . at the VERY LEAST.

    No, again. not any goofball can learn Photoshop and Illustrator. You need to have a certain amount of talent in order to make sense of the tools your are working with. Also, each one can enhance the usability of the other over time with practice, and a lot of trial and error.

    Read the comment thoroughly. ANYONE can learn the apps, any goofball like you stated yourself in the bold. I didn't put any time restraint on this goofball. But I did mention that it take far more to be a good designer.

    So everyone who pirates qualifies for the EDU version? Is lying to get the EDU version better than pirating the full version?

    Yes it is IMHO. Far better than just taking it. At least you are paying something for someone's work. Using your student ID at the movies, camera shop for film and agitator, Apple store, etc is far better than just stealing from them out right.

    No hard feelings bro.

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  • Derekasaurus
    Aug 2, 04:58 PM
    Figures they'd try to go after something that isn't written into the OS since we all know how hard that is.

    Do you know what a computer without drivers is? A paperweight. The OS is not a single monolithic thing; it's made up of many components. The notion of what is "written into the OS" is more complicated than you seem to think, and it's childish to dismiss a vulnerability because it's in a driver.

    They simply chose a Mac to be a cock. How's that for smugness?

    Actually it's the smug attitude of so many Mac owners that makes them such satisfying targets. You reap what you sow. I've been using Macs since 1984 (and PCs about as long) and Mac users get on my nerves sometimes.

    Apr 17, 12:06 AM
    Still waiting for amazon.com to carry it.

    Aug 29, 10:54 AM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Yesterday, Microsoft inadvertantly released the pricing of its upcoming OS called Vista on their Canadian website. The prices were picked up by the NeoWin blog (http://www.neowin.net/index.php?act=view&id=34770) and are also neatly layed out at Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_vista#Editions).

    Vista Home Premium will retail for $239, with upgrades available for $159. Additional licenses will be available for discounts as well. Vista Home Premium edition has evolved from XP Professional, Media Center, and Tablet product lines, and probably is also the edition which can most closely be compared to Mac OS X.

    Many comparisons have been made between Vista and Mac OS X, and with many expecting Apple to continue its pricing tradition of $129 for Leopard (Mac OS 10.5), further comparisons can be made on price as well.

    All prices in USD

    Not disputing the veracity of the article, but Neowin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neowin) isn't a blog. It's a tech site, founded in 2000, and forum with over 150,000 members and 6+ million posts. There are also many of us, including staff members, who have switched to Apple.

    Apr 17, 01:23 PM
    Is it true that only WiFi iPads are sold at TRus? And if so, are there other stores where this is also the case?

    Jan 11, 12:34 PM
    Actually all kidding aside..

    MacBook Light.Or MacBook Lite.;)

    i'm impressed my friend.. ;)

    Sep 4, 02:23 PM
    Or if they do make it some outrageous price above that for the 23" iMac, might as well throw in a blu-ray drive right? ;) But that's probably still a ways off seeing how much external drives cost currently, probably more a MacWorld '07 announcement.

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