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american idol casey and haley

american idol casey and haley. American Idol#39;s Hayley
  • American Idol#39;s Hayley

  • toddybody
    May 5, 08:04 AM
    IDK why iOS updates have to be a full OS download...if they manage to compartmentalize the update and allow smaller packages, then wifi updates will rock:cool:

    american idol casey and haley. Casey managed to make it very
  • Casey managed to make it very

  • lamina
    Sep 14, 08:49 PM
    Did that guy just seriously fly around with a jetpack?

    american idol casey and haley. Eliminated American Idol
  • Eliminated American Idol

  • Sydde
    Mar 15, 04:04 PM
    Thanks for your diligent research efforts
    ... �It is often believed that wars and military spending increases are good for the economy. In fact, most economic models show that military spending diverts resources from productive uses, such as consumption and investment, and ultimately slows economic growth and reduces employment�.That reads rather oddly. Consumption is a productive use? Does a degree in economic analysis require a credit in mendacious obfuscation?

    ... In a recent paper that I co-authored with Robert Pollin, we show that dollar per dollar, more jobs are created through spending on clean energy, health care, and education than on the military. Further, we show that more middle-income and well-paying jobs are created in all of these areas...Here we encounter another small problem, arising from the efforts on the part of various Koch fiends to marginalize the income and advantages of public employment. With collective bargaining and public unions defanged and declawed, it is doubtful that non-military-related income from government spending will be able to maintain its edge, perhaps not even keep up.

    american idol casey and haley. That#39;s right, Casey told Haley
  • That#39;s right, Casey told Haley

  • toddybody
    Apr 14, 12:45 PM
    I beg to differ.

    The Apple Tax has not gotten 'out of control'.
    Apple has always maintained a 30% profit margin
    Therefore the tax has ALWAYS been about 25%.

    Well, if you are not getting hardware with that money what are you getting?

    Does Mac OSX have no value to you?
    Could it be worth more than Windows?
    A lot more?

    Frankly, shouldn't Toshiba/Dell/HP be charging A LOT MORE?
    They wish.

    Yeesh dude, now were getting into perceived value of a product? Thats the same logic that perpetuates Apple's inflated mark up. And btw naysayers, I have a 27 iMac, iPad 2, and iPhone 4...no product bias against Apple.

    The simple fact is, Apple is selling tons of product and will not change their pricing methodology to be competitive (iOS devices aside). I just scratch my head when all the Apple-ites on MR jump down my throat to defend Apple's pricing *Yes Sir may I have another.

    You haven't been to Baltimore lately!
    Middle of Nowhere is just south of the interstate and is beautiful.

    News flash, Macs are popular and plentiful and still have no Viruses.
    Don't you worry about the future. It will get here and it will be fine.

    Windows users, be afraid, be very afraid.

    Thanks for the reassurance:) BTW: I live in Frederick MD and go to Balt'mo about once a month...obviously youve NEVER been to MD's armpit.

    american idol casey and haley. moanin casey and haley
  • moanin casey and haley

  • macdaddy121
    Aug 24, 12:12 PM
    Interesting.....powerbooks and ibooks sold through this month but not the batteries in the Macbook or Macbook Pro....

    american idol casey and haley. #39;American Idol#39;s#39; Casey Abrams
  • #39;American Idol#39;s#39; Casey Abrams

  • britishempire
    Aug 24, 07:58 PM
    this is all very strange. there's nothing about the recall on apple's front page, and the recall page isn't easy to find.

    I'm guessing that as soon as Apple sort out the recall page, they'll post a link on their main page and send out a "Hot News" page, etc.

    I've tried entering serials for two laptops with their batteries, and both times the computer's SN was given the ok, but the battery didn't make it.

    I'm just hoping that when they sort this out, my batteries go through, because one of them is totally dead. :P

    american idol casey and haley. American Idol#39;s Hayley
  • American Idol#39;s Hayley

  • rwilliams
    Mar 12, 10:25 AM
    My 13" Whitebook is literally falling apart. Im buying a new 13" Pro as soon as its updated

    What happened to it?

    american idol casey and haley. American Idol#39;s Casey Abrams
  • American Idol#39;s Casey Abrams

  • bigandy
    Aug 29, 03:57 PM
    Will Basic only play minesweeper?
    That and crash, yes. ;)

    american idol casey and haley. American Idol#39;s Casey Abrams
  • American Idol#39;s Casey Abrams

  • Fukui
    Sep 12, 02:58 PM
    Generally the layout is fine, but this thing (iTunes 7) looks absolutely FUGLY!

    Yea, apple had platinum, then aqua, now, with this release the've invented "Delorean." :(

    american idol casey and haley. Watch: Haley Reinhart Sings
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  • john123
    Mar 14, 06:29 PM
    I get the feeling this'll drag on for a very long time...

    Even though I'm in the market for one, I don't mind this. The longer it stretches out, the higher the chances that we'll see a significant upgrade in some unforeseen dimension. I'd prefer waiting a bit and getting something awesome in the feature set than getting the incremental update we've all been expecting since the first of the year.

    american idol casey and haley. American Idol singers Casey
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  • wildmac
    Nov 7, 12:04 PM
    well, today looks like a no-go. it probably would have been announced by now, or the store would be offline... so, the wait until next Tuesday starts...:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Aug 29, 08:44 AM
    At that price, I hope Apple considers preinstalling Vista on its machines.

    240 bucks for Boot Camp is ludacris, when you'll probably hardly use it anyway...

    american idol casey and haley. Word on the American Idol
  • Word on the American Idol

  • JAT
    May 5, 03:32 PM
    But backups and updates are critical for such a device. That is my whole point... Are you arguing that it does not need ota syncing or just arguing? Obviously its serviceable without tethering, but you do need to sync it to a computer for it to work. Thats like if I had to plug my scooter into my car just to get it going. It makes it a luxury and not a necessity.
    OMG, stop with car analogies. Cars are not analogous to computers.

    Your computer can't backup by itself, either. You need backup software and hardware to do so. Backing up to the same drive is possible, but stupid. And before you say that SL and Win7 include backup software, the last few years is the first time any PC ever did. I guess all those PCs from 1975 until Time Machine came out weren't actually computers, either.

    My kids' graphing calculator is a computer. Get over your semantics.

    american idol casey and haley. on #39;American Idol#39;.Casey
  • on #39;American Idol#39;.Casey

  • Casiotone
    Mar 19, 02:05 AM
    The current "iPod" app icon on the iPhone. Enough said.

    american idol casey and haley. Kris Allen Picks Casey Abrams,
  • Kris Allen Picks Casey Abrams,

  • JayMysterio
    Sep 30, 02:05 AM
    I don't know if you like Firefight mode, but they have matchmaking available for that. That way, you aren't competing against other people, so you shouldn't feel too outclassed. And since the max players for that is 4, it finds matches super quick. Maybe give that a shot and see how it goes.

    My issue with Firefight is the betrayal system which I hear Bungie is looking at. Because Firefight - Matchmaking IS a competition. When playing gametypes like Sniper - fight, & especially Rocket - fight, there is always the one or two that have to get EVERY kill. I have no problem with that, but since the Sniper & Rocket Fight gametypes involve distance weapons one or two will usually stray into your line of fire. This suddenly becomes YOUR fault, and the idiot who rushed into that swarm of elite you are firing on, gets to boot you from the game. Some players have gotten to the point of abusing the boot feature, which is why Bungie is looking into it.

    I admit I am not the biggest fan of Halo multiplayer, not liking the general community that plays.

    american idol casey and haley. New American Idol Couple?
  • New American Idol Couple?

  • bartelby
    Jan 11, 02:17 PM
    Yikes!:eek: Wireless electricity...I think I'll wait till they've ironed the bugs out of that one before I test it ;)

    It's ok, there's no bugs. They all died from the radiation.

    american idol casey and haley. American Idol Updates middot; Casey
  • American Idol Updates middot; Casey

  • gikku
    Mar 29, 01:11 AM
    a limit of two tickets per credit card, perhaps. :)

    american idol casey and haley. American Idol#39;s Shocking
  • American Idol#39;s Shocking

  • Squonk
    Nov 27, 09:59 AM
    Cue iTunes promo with "Come Together" as the soundtrack! (Or maybe "The Long and Winding Road")

    Oh there are soooo many good songs for the promo's:

    Ticket to Ride
    We can work it out
    I want to hold your hand
    Let it be
    Please please me
    You've got to hide your love away
    Revolution **** My guess for an early promo!
    You never give me your money
    Don't pass me by

    BRING IT!!! :D

    american idol casey and haley. Casey Abrams American Idol
  • Casey Abrams American Idol

  • Squonk
    Nov 7, 09:44 AM
    Maybe they won't be 100% compliant, but unless something earth shattering happens before 802.11n is finalized, I'd expect that many draft-n products could be made compatible with equipment using the the final standard, with little more than a firmware change.

    And wasn't 802.11g still in the draft stage when it was introduced in the AirPort Extreme? (Extreme was introduced on January 7, but 802.11g was not ratified until June 2003.)

    That is something I've been wondering - what is the approval process like for these standards? Specifically, why does this take so long for approval?

    I think its great that Apple is putting the pre-N capable hardware in to the iMac's, MP and MBP already just awaiting a pre-N capable base station to make it fly. Oooh - maybe they will intro this in November to have a sale on one for Black Friday? Steve, how about it?

    Certainly the pre-n stuff will be turned on in January for the iTV intro. Here's a thought - so will there be MB and MM update prior to iTV so that the entire line will have pre-n hardware and be capable of communicating to the iTV at full tilt speeds? I'm guessing so!

    Jan 11, 05:02 PM
    Also notice, the big Apple logo on the banners has an Aluminium finish. Hence the stroke. This is the first time it has a texture like this, does it?

    *Edit: Hell I was wrong. They used this kind of logo last year.*

    Sep 12, 05:44 PM
    It's now a PLAYLIST
    True. The ones I meant are actually videos I've imported myself.

    Nov 8, 08:46 AM
    it seems that there is no longer an option for the "matte" screen, only the glossy one.

    also, and this is a guess, the new airport cards are the same as the pre-n ones found in recent MBPs and iMacs.

    i hate phones
    Mar 21, 03:52 PM
    I somehow doubt its true, but its a nice story.

    When Ive returned a product, they have never asked for my name or address, and if I didnt give them my email address, there is no way they could contact me.

    I would assume most people pay for these things by credit/debit cards and apple would therefore be able to obtain your info...

    Sep 8, 03:15 PM
    Just pre-ordered the other day. Should be fun. I've only ever played the Halo games so it will be cool to get a little more backstory about the Halo universe.

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