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will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding

will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Will Smith, the Hollywood
  • Will Smith, the Hollywood

  • bpaluzzi
    Apr 12, 06:57 AM
    Private organisations cannot fine people. The RIAA has levied no fines against individuals. There have been lawsuits and settlements, but not fines. Also, the RIAA cannot bring criminal copyright infringement charges, only civil ones. As such, you can't say "you're criminals". Criminal copyright infringement is not something that is brought against the casual software downloader, it is something that is charged against individuals that are into piracy for profit.

    And it's not theft, it's copyright infringement. Theft deprives the true owner of his possession, copyright infringement doesn't.

    At least if we're going to argue, let's argue using the proper terms.

    You're right, it wasn't the RIAA handing the fines, of course, it was courts. But you're wrong, there most certainly have been fines:

    My university was one of the schools targeted (several times) by the RIAA, which resulted in subpoenas to individuals, as well as several students losing all access to the university network.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Jada Pinkett-Smith - Jada
  • Jada Pinkett-Smith - Jada

  • aughsum
    Mar 28, 05:34 PM
    I guess if her main criteria for car choice is killing people in small cars then she has picked the right car.

    cars are overrated. live where you work/socialize.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. will smith and jada pinkett
  • will smith and jada pinkett

  • iGary
    Sep 6, 08:53 AM
    A maxed out 24" is $3,384.00


    hmmm..... may pick up one of the large ones.

    wanna play with one at an apple store first though. also see if i can upgrade the graphics card. or see if the one included is good enough for photography and gaming.

    There is a 256MB option.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. will smith
  • will smith

  • E.Lizardo
    Nov 23, 06:32 PM
    lady bla bla has some talent. you have to have some to get admitted to juliard and NYU. even madonna had a good musical education before she hit the clubs in the 1980's


    if you haven't seen this yet, it's lady bla bla a year or so before she hit it big

    I had not seen that before.It'd beautiful.Makes it all the more sad that she sold here soul to be famous.GaGa fever will probably be over in a few years.She could have had a lifetime of success and respect if she hadn't changed.So so sad.I hope in the future she looks back and thinks it was worth it.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. world – Will Smith amp; Jada
  • world – Will Smith amp; Jada

  • gauchogolfer
    Aug 3, 12:46 PM
    OK, so their inital aim was implicitly to get in-the-face of smug Mac users. And then Apple "leans" on them, so they go all nicey-nice and 'decide' to a USB wifi card instead? Doesn't this seem slightly odd to anyone else?

    It certainly strikes me as being a bit off, as well. I didn't think about it until you mentioned it, though. Seems like a pretty abrupt about-face.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. will smith and jada pinkett
  • will smith and jada pinkett

  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 28, 09:53 PM
    I didn't fall for it.

    And you're an idiot.

    Seriously, these forums are so Mac users can help one another. What kind of little person gets joy out of posting false information that could cause another person grief or concern?

    Didn't you see the white 'just kidding' above the picture?
    Once I started the rumor of the black Macbook actually beeing made of aluminum with some black vinyl on it (thus the $150 premium). A week later, I heard from someone totally messing up his Macbook trying to remove 'the black layer' on his brand new Macbook with a cutter. I laughed my ass of for a week. Totally worth it. :D

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

  • Legion93
    May 5, 02:26 PM
    I would prefer a retina display or twice the pixel resolution as the current iPad 2 over 3D.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. and Jada Pinkett Smith
  • and Jada Pinkett Smith

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 16, 11:32 PM
    I would say for laptops Apple is up in the top three for the best built and what not. For desk tops... ALL companies suck. The best ones are the ones you build yourself. Handsdown.

    Windows or mac. I use windows. I don't really care to much. It runs my programs and thats the only thing that matters. I don't use most of their installed programs because they suck. I use chrome as my webbrowser, VLC to play videos, iTunes for music (the halo effect. I got when I had my Ipod. Sold my iPod for School books. got a new computer and realized it was the fifth program i installed.) Open office for documents. I basically own windows for the basic ability to interact with my hardware. Other then that I don't need it.

    I do have Mac os on it, but most of the drivers don't work and i am to lazy/don't care to get ones that work for my hardware. I would love to see apple allow people to run OEM mac OS.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Will Smith, Jada Pinkett
  • Will Smith, Jada Pinkett

  • davidgrimm
    Apr 24, 05:50 PM
    Are you aware you can change the timeline to look like imovie6 HD? My biggest gripe about iMovie 11 is no third party plugins. iMovie 6 can use them though. I'm hoping the next FCE (if there will be one) has the same power as FCP. Yeah, it will be dumbed down but I want a semi pro editor for home use.

    No I wasn't aware of this. I have iMovie v 9. Perhaps I'll play with the newest version before making the jump to FC.

    Yes, a semi-pro editor for my home is what I'm looking for too.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. will smith and jada pinkett
  • will smith and jada pinkett

  • calderone
    Oct 18, 10:02 PM
    I like that desk. Who is it by?


    Looks like these legs:

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

  • Darkroom
    Nov 2, 07:51 PM
    Users don't care about flash, they care about websites. Some site developers seem to care more about Flash than about their users. Therefore, we get crappy Flash "websites" that don't work for the users. Who is at fault here? The developer.

    your argument is subjective. while i agree with you that some flash sites can be a bit heavy, there are a lot that work very well. some even have quicker load time that static HTML/Javascript/CSS/Images. here's a site i've developed earlier this year which i like to believe is fairly light weight (http://www.deskguise.com) (click the character's nose!), it allows for back/forward, deep linking and SEO functionality, while including animations that are currently not possible with HTML/CSS.

    HTML/CSS will not compete with flash in the future. however, WebGL certainly will. WebGL is going to be great!

    It's the developer's job to use technologies that will be future-proof and well, not suck.

    technologies change all the time and the best developers learn how to adapt to the constant change using the best production tools they can. so while (as i mentioned) WebGL will give adobe a run for their money, it's unlikely that adobe will simply quit development for flash, which by the way has been around since the mid 90s. flash will only become more advanced.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. will smith and jada pinkett
  • will smith and jada pinkett

  • doug in albq
    Mar 25, 12:52 PM
    Gestures still function on iPad?

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. wife Jada Pinkett Smith
  • wife Jada Pinkett Smith

  • Lixivial
    Oct 15, 04:09 PM
    Aww... love this quote:

    Music is so deep within all of us, but it's easy to go for a day or a week or a month or a year without really listening to music. And the iPod has changed that for tens of millions of people, and that makes me really happy, because I think music is good for the soul.

    What a nice interview.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Mega millionaires Will Smith
  • Mega millionaires Will Smith

  • wesmhead
    Mar 11, 03:03 PM
    ive been waaiting for soo long! i have all my money ready, i hope they are in store tommorrow.. i am sooo excited!!

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Will Smith and Jada
  • Will Smith and Jada

  • OllyW
    Apr 12, 12:08 PM
    How about, "we want to invest in the US!"


    Don't worry.

    If the Chinese economy keeps growing at the same rate over the next decade they will be setting up manufacturing plants in the USA to take advantage of the cheap American labour. ;)

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. jada-pinkett-smith-p#62E6
  • jada-pinkett-smith-p#62E6

  • OllyW
    Nov 24, 01:10 PM
    The publishing rights are what was being discussed and it's every song in the Beatles catalog. There are other songs by the Beatles and the individual artists which are not part of the catalog being discussed. I wasn't referring to those, or the mechanical rights.

    People seemed to think that Sony/ATV controlled (and profited from) the Beatles music available on iTunes so I was just making it clear. :)

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Jada Pinkett Smith says it#39;s a
  • Jada Pinkett Smith says it#39;s a

  • mccoma
    Jul 23, 09:42 PM
    I guess we'll see the second coming of the ibook shortly. This will probably be a small tablet size. Is it possible to use two different kind of screen technology on the same screen. OLED and TFT. The only thing is that when I was in Japan earlier this year I saw and used the Sony ereader with eInk it was really a very nice device and the screen feels like a paperback book, it isn't true white and doesn't strain the eyes. I guess, this new device is going to use text recognition and voice over, I don't know if this is going to work since Agnes is not really that great wih expressions, but we'll see. I really have no clue how this is going to pan out, I really would rather have Apple release a gread digital video camera with HD/HD but they have some sort of deal with sony or panasonic that they won't what gives!!!!

    At this point, I hope they split the iPod line into iPods (music / video) and iBooks (music, ebooks).

    I, like many on this forum given the comments, cannot read an LCD for a long period of time. Also, the power consumption of a LCD for reading the text probably wouldn't be good. The real promise of the Sony and Royal (?) readers is the eInk. Looking at eInk displays, you get the true white with no eye strain (you have to be told that is not a sticker of the screen it is an actual image on the screen). The power consumption is measured in pages (it has to redraw, not refresh like an LCD). There is a color version, but it doesn't look as developed. All this is perfect for books, but would not work for video. This would seem to be a real problem with an all in one unit. You could allow reading on the LCD, but it would be a pain.

    Since Apple just freed up a great trademark, come out with an iBook ebook reader. Allow it to play music, but not video. Make it paperback size with a good interface / spotlight search / bookmarks. Use the standard iPod cord and iTunes. Allow it to read PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML, Text and whatever format Apple uses for the DRM version. Get a lot of textbook companies to sell their books on it and replace a lot of backpacks. A color version would be better so you could get comics / anime.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett

  • sierra oscar
    Nov 6, 11:28 PM
    Does anyone in Australia (or anywhere else similar) know exactly when your education discount no longer applies for uni? Your last day of classes? Your last exam? Graduation day 2-3 months later? Because I should be finishing in February and I wanted to know how long to hold out. Will Leopard be out by Jan/Feb? Or at least a free upgrade for laptops purchased late Jan/early Feb?

    Your University ID would have an expiry date - that usually finishes long before Graduation - as you know Graduations are usually a few months after your last day of uni.

    If your uni ID card has an electronic expiry date (and not visible to you) - then assume your status as a student ends when uni breaks up for the last semester, you are no longer enrolled so to speak. Just like using public transport and other such things with student discount - you can't use those just b/c you haven't been to a ceremony at a later date.

    will smith and jada pinkett smith wedding. will smith and jada pinkett
  • will smith and jada pinkett

  • Ciclismo
    May 5, 03:34 PM
    Why are you guys all against 3D? I think its great, BUT I think its a given that you will be able to turn off the 3D.. And if that is the case then there is no problem really :P

    Because it's a ridiculous feature that only retards, who have been brainwashed into thinking it's cool, want, but the rest of us who will never use it (or even go out of their way to avoid it) will pay for.

    The human brain is capable of decoding depth out of an image using a myriad of other clues (such as occlusion) and the use of the stereoscopic effect is, in my opinion, overrated. It just results in blurred or jarred motion and a crap viewing experience.

    Mar 28, 02:02 PM
    Wonder when Toys R Us will get their shipment. :rolleyes:

    Aug 3, 05:13 PM
    THAT is exactly what Im talking about. All you people bitch and complain about new things/developments that Apple might be working on (and later announce) and at first you all hate it. Then you get used to it, and then one day you find you love it. I hope the iPhone does come out and you all hate it and it becomes a phenomenal success....the same case the iPod once faced. Same with the new names (MacBook). Same with the switch to Intel (now look how lucky we are). Same with the Intel integrated graphi...well...no one likes those actually, but my point is stop thinking you're going to hate it because you're most likely going to end up getting it anyway.

    I totally agree. Remember when everyone(well 99.9%) here were in a screaming fit over the Intel switch? You'll likely get slammed or ignored for your truthful comments, but that's par for the course. It's just Mac Dogma vs. Reality.


    Nov 8, 09:35 AM
    what better way to find out about the C2D macbooks, than to find out instore! and actually inform the staff that they've been updated!! they didn't know apparently! well.. so they said, but yeah! was a nice suprise!

    lol, yea the store employees are usually only informed when we are. managers and inventory people may kno earlier, but they're unlikely to say much.

    Apr 2, 08:19 AM
    They make all of Nikons sensors, even the high end D3S and D3X dSLRs ones. They also made (or make?) Canon point and shoot sensors; at least as of a few years ago. Sony was one of the first with backlit CMOS as well.

    Oh, and I think Pentax, if you want to consider them a camera compay, uses Sony sensors.

    Mostly. They fabricate Nikon's sensors and most of their non-pro ones are pretty much identical but the pro level sensors are Nikon's design on Sony's base layers. Also Nikon custom designs the image pipelines and A/D converters. Even so, Sony, Kodak, and Canon are the biggest fabricators for image sensors.

    Sony's problems in the market place come from bungling, a not-so-great lens mount and poor positioning against the two big players.

    Nov 2, 05:10 PM
    Apple needs to pull its head out on this one.

    Flash eats battery! Ok, and? So does fieldrunners. Guess what? I can decide if I want to spend the power playing it!

    Flash is full of archaic crap. Well dang. The web is full of archaic crap. Including a lot of flash. But it's still the web, and I still need to access it.

    Flash isn't necessary, you can use Java, Wookie, etc... whatever. Ok, sure, I'll just write every website I need to visit to find my travel reservations and itinerary, and have them rewrite their page in a new format.

    This stupid tug of war leaves the end users in the lurch. Adobe, clean up flash, Apple, encourage them and accept that it ain't gonna be perfect.

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