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pokemon pictures to colour. pokemon pictures to color
  • pokemon pictures to color

  • TigerWoodsIV
    Mar 22, 12:52 AM
    They definitely just need to have an update to 220 GBs that was previously discussed here. Idk what I'd do. The biggest iPod Touch is way too small and way more money.

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  • I first got into pokemon when

  • jessica.
    Oct 25, 10:27 PM
    Here is my hackintosh set up.

    I then have a macbook beside my bed, but don't have any pictures of that.
    Wow nice! That's a slick screen clock you have. What's it called?

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  • mcrain
    Apr 1, 11:05 AM
    Freshman Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) tested his comedy act during a speech at the Congressional Correspondents' Dinner on Wednesday night, taking aim at Newt Gingrich with an edgy joke comparing the former Speaker of the House's recent flap over flip-flopping on his Libya stance to his number of wives.

    "I was happy to see that Newt Gingrich has staked out a position on the war, a position, or two, or maybe three. I don't know. He may have more war positions than he's had wives," Paul said, seemingly triggering more shocked murmurs than laughs. HuffPo (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/03/31/rand-paul-newt-gingrich-wives_n_843085.html)

    Speaking of bad jokes, who wrote Ron Paul's newsletters in the 80s?

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  • It#39;s in colour!

  • Sydde
    Apr 11, 08:02 PM
    As I said above, free will is a foundational truth that can't be overlooked. God has given you the ability to reject him and you are simply exercising that choice
    Sorry to seem to be excessively contrarian, but even here we have a problem. At least I do, some others will probably disagree with me. Of course in the first place, the "god has given you" assertion is irksome. You are apparently not even able to say "you have free will", it has to come from your god person. I mean, I understand where you are coming from, you have to realize that constantly attributing everything to your god person actually tends to detract from what you are saying.

    But more importantly, I think the very concept of free will is grossly overstated. "Free will" is actually a very trivial component of human behavior, the lion's share consists of responding to events, which may be of immediate or deferred effect or consequence. Most of what we do involves following well-established patterns, sometimes adjusting a little for a particular situation.

    Now I am aware that this kind of Skinnerian behaviorism is a bit extreme for most people to deal with, but my own personal observations (as I go through life and deal with people and animals) have yet to find fault with it. The reality is that I did not choose to believe what I do just as I am not at liberty to just adopt a different belief set. Perhaps a head trauma could turn me into a Baptist or Kufi, but even then, the choice would not be mine. If your god did make us, this is how it did, and the vaporous notion of free will upon which your religion is based is what you want, not so much how things truly are.

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  • DannyBres
    Oct 12, 04:54 AM
    My set up:

    how come you use such a retro keyboard? It looks noisey!

    pokemon pictures to colour. pokemon pictures to color
  • pokemon pictures to color

  • Darth.Titan
    Nov 12, 01:56 PM
    I predict this will be a hot thread for discussion. I'll admit that the app approval process leaves me a bit cold, and is in dire need of some changes.

    Perhaps devs jumping ship will spur Apple to action.

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  • NathanCH
    Feb 28, 09:52 PM
    Another shot from the Olympic Revival DDP (Decentralized Dance Party). The two hosts decided it would be fun to move the entire crowd before midnight. I don't think the police were expecting it. Roads were blocked for a good 30 minutes as people just wondered down the street.

    ISO 6400 | 1/100 | Nikon D7000

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5134/5487952106_392928cdd1_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/nathanch/5487952106/)

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  • Brett McD
    Sep 4, 06:25 PM
    If you try going to:


    it gives you a page that says:

    403 Forbidden
    You don't have permission to access /movies on this server.

    Does this mean anything?

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  • Pokemon Red (Gameboy)

  • Freak C
    Nov 4, 01:41 AM
    So you think that Adobe is bad because CS3 does not run on Snow Leopard?

    Think again.

    CS3 has been published a long while ago, and Snow Leopard is brand new. A lot of system libraries have changed. I do not expect Windows 3.1 software to run correctly on Windows 7 either.

    Are there any Mac developers out there?

    Apple must have caused software vendors to rewrite their software a gazillion times:

    - they switched from the 68K to the PowerPC to Intel
    - they switched from OS9 to Carbon to Cocoa
    - for Snow Leopard, if you want to run as a 64-bit app, you have to switch to the Cocoa libraries, and much of Carbon is deprecated.

    Apples next OS will most likely drop Carbon altogether. I have written programs for the Mac for a long time now, and I have spent 75% of my productivity just rewriting my programs over and over again to adopt them to Apple's library changes.

    Adobe is big, but I bet that many of their Mac programmers are busy just following Apple as they try to leave software vendors in the dust because they switch system libraries and CPUs at will. Did Microsoft ever do this? Yes, partly - they went from 16 to 32 to 64 bits. But I can still run the Reversi game that came with Windows 1.03 on Windows 7!

    And you Java lovers - go to the Sun web site and install Java. Just try. I have not seen complaints that this is impossible.

    This is not a technical issue. Every skilled team of programmers can make their software run on another platform. This is a battle of lawyers. Apple does not permit any bytecode execution engine (such as the Java and ActionScript VMs) to run on the iPhone. Period.

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  • AdeFowler
    Nov 27, 09:54 AM
    This would be great but I honestly can't see it happening. Apple Corps surely have some pride?

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  • macgeek2005
    Aug 24, 05:23 PM
    what do you think it means?

    And i called apple, they basically told me tough luck right now and i will have to wait basically till tomorrow to check the website because they are still updating it

    Because the tech tried to input everything on his side and it wouldn't accept it either.

    Does it mean that apple takes your battery back whether you like it or not? Because it might explode?

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  • roadbloc
    Mar 18, 05:41 PM
    For the sweet love of God Apple, NO!

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  • 100 Pokemon in there,

  • gameface
    Mar 9, 12:43 PM
    3 pictures


    *One Photo per Day - Don't post multiple images in one message.


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  • danielveeee
    Apr 17, 01:14 PM
    To sum up my day at best buy.


    They scam. They lie about iPads. Lied about exchange policy.
    And manager is ignorant, arrogant, and just plain stubborn.

    Never going back

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  • Paix247
    Jan 11, 01:19 PM
    Yes! Something interesting to discuss on a slow Friday afternoon.

    PLEASE be a 12" MacBook Pro for $1799 or less! :D

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  • malnar
    Mar 19, 08:39 AM
    I wonder what breaks more often, the hard drives fitted in the classic or the fragile touch screens of the iPod touch?
    I know many people who've had iPod hard drives crap out on them. I don't know anyone who has an iPhone or Touch who has actually cracked their screen.

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  • Full of Win
    Apr 2, 12:03 AM
    I hope this is true!!!

    How is Sony's track record with sensors though?
    Let's go Fall! (Not even WWDC ;))

    They make all of Nikons sensors, even the high end D3S and D3X dSLRs ones. They also made (or make?) Canon point and shoot sensors; at least as of a few years ago. Sony was one of the first with backlit CMOS as well.

    Oh, and I think Pentax, if you want to consider them a camera compay, uses Sony sensors.

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  • thedonga
    Sep 6, 09:30 AM
    Considering they added a 24" iMac, what are the chances that they will move the 23" ACD to 24"?
    I hope not, the 24" panel is not as good as the 23"
    I bet you see a lot of complaints regarding photo editing on the 24" iMac. The screen is way too bright, and you cannot dim it enough for true color reproduction. This is an issue that is well known with the 2407 from dell. I am assuming it is the same panel.

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  • lostngone
    Mar 29, 01:10 AM
    Event sells out when there are fewer seats. it could just be another strategy to create news. When you have too many empty seats, it does not look good for the the press nor the attendees.

    A company would rather have a news that says "sold out" than too many left overs.


    I don't understand what you are saying?

    Are you trying to say Apple may have undersold WWDC?

    Nov 8, 09:12 AM
    Which is faster, the GMA950 or Mobility Radeon 9700?

    Oct 2, 10:01 AM
    I'm really tempted to get this and go play it on my friends Xbox 360. I keep hearing a bunch of good things about. Some say it is even better than Halo 1. I wont know this till I try it as Halo 1 is my favorite out of the three but who knows, I might be very surprised!
    It is kind of hard to compare the two. Halo 1 was amazing for what it brought to the console gaming world. It was a fun world to explore and experience, along with being a very competent shooter. Reach is an amazing game, for other reasons. The new motion-capture for characters and cutscenes really works well, and makes them feel much more human than before. The facial animation, specifically, is excellent, and you get so much emotion and nuance in the cutscenes that Halo games could never do. But beyond all that, it is a very well paced game, with a great story, fun and varied gameplay, and tons of action. It 10+ years of "Halo" refined and condensed into one single experience, and is a very exciting ride.

    After all is said and done, I would rank them like this....

    1 - ODST
    2 - Halo: CE
    3 - Reach
    4 - Halo 3
    5 - Halo 2

    ....but there is a large gap between 3 and 4. I like Halo 2 and 3, but in my opinion, those other 3 games are miles better, not only from a story standpoint, but the gameplay as well. But on a whole, I've been very happy with the Halo series. Lots of ups and downs in the series and the stories within, but it has been blast playing through them.

    Aug 8, 10:12 AM
    Steve looks unhealthy. He's not as sharp as he used to be. His keynotes were flawless. He stuttered several times, forgot what he was saying in mid sentence, and handed a considerable amount of the keynote to other people. Steve was a control freak in past WWDC keynotes.

    I think he may be in not-so-good health. But I've said that before.

    He might be a little under the weather, but he'll be fine. If you go back and watch the video from the WWDC '05 he looked totally out of place; dressed in all black and very little energy. It's a fluxional phenomenon with his appearance. WWDC '05 he looked terrible, Apple Special Event #1(Intel iMac & iPod Nano) he looked great, Apple Special Event #2 (iPod Video) he looked great, Macworkd '06 he looked fine, Apple Special Event #3(iPod HiFi announcement) he looked like he had just woke up.

    The one thing to remember is that this is a Developer's Conference so there is not going to be a lot of pizazz with flashy announcements. There was not a whole lot of new mind-blowing things announced so he could have been a little bit bored with it.

    No matter what, with the transition to Intel chips complete now Apple can start devoting more time to truly new designs and hardware.

    Oct 31, 12:32 PM
    You've got nothing to lose - as it is, it's pretty much useless - unless you enjoy having your MacBook turn off at the most inopportune times.

    Do this: schedule an appt with your local Apple store Genius Bar for later today or tomorrow. Update your firmware. If it happens to shutdown while updating your firmware, or you brick it somehow, bring it to your appointment and tell them what happened.

    If it works, cancel the appointment.

    BTW, since the update came out my MacBook has been running 100% fine.

    Mar 28, 08:21 PM
    If people shelled out $1000+ for tickets to WWDC, you can bet that unless they are obscenely rich, they're there for the actual conference.

    Definitely. These people are here for the conference and workshops, not some 30 minute media event. :)

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