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  • Hastings101
    May 5, 06:58 PM
    Because it's a ridiculous feature that only retards, who have been brainwashed into thinking it's cool, want, but the rest of us who will never use it (or even go out of their way to avoid it) will pay for.

    The human brain is capable of decoding depth out of an image using a myriad of other clues (such as occlusion) and the use of the stereoscopic effect is, in my opinion, overrated. It just results in blurred or jarred motion and a crap viewing experience.

    Just because you might find 3D fun doesn't make you "brainwashed". In fact... because you seem to be so anti-3D... you might be the one that is brainwashed :eek:

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  • dtich
    Nov 12, 07:03 PM
    I do think that Apple needs to work harder on App approval, and I believe the best thing for them to do is have a gold certification level for developers who are trusted. Those developers would be allowed to make as many changes to their applications as they wanted without any interference or approval from apple.

    that seems like a very good idea, and i assume/hope/surprised if they're not working on something in that area.

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  • iDutchman
    Oct 17, 02:53 PM
    Very nice with the Cinema Display on the wall. Great family photo as well; my family pictures are always awful. :)

    Thx! Yeah, it was taken in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) this year. We had a desert safari that day.:cool:

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  • DJHonda84
    Mar 19, 02:37 AM
    Considering that a 160GB iPod Classic existed in it's really been more like 4 years since Apple has made meaningful progress with this line.

    Perhaps if a Classic were to be produced with capacity superior to all its predecessors, it might motivate people to upgrade.

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  • rob2809
    Mar 12, 04:22 AM
    I am done! I have been waiting for ever.. Cannot wait any longer! I really need this new machine! It's essential in my job. This ************ is going to go on forever! I'm gonna... wait a little longer I guess.. :D

    Lol :) Big �!! ...unfortunately

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  • roadbloc
    Sep 8, 04:01 PM
    halo = quake rip off.

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  • Schado
    Aug 8, 10:21 AM
    Regarding Steve and arguably not his best keynote - What if in fact he did have a 'one more thing' but for some reason at the last minute was decided not to announce due to quality control, lack of quantity, a contractual hurdle, etc. He keeps those close hold and well its a possibility, especially that 'odd' comment up front about 'Money isn't everything'. Cryptic msg? Then again maybe he just had a bout of flu!

    As far as the 'gap' between consumer and pro machines. MacWorld would be an ideal place to launch a prosumer device that has core duo, meet the mid-level user reqts but still be at nice pricepoint, and as an added bonus, now incorporates full home media functionality via BT or Airport :cool:

    Would give the pro line a few months to get established, not take away from bottom line and would be so hot and in demand would be another home run :p

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  • �algiris
    May 5, 12:49 AM
    what does charging your phone have to do with being tied down to a single iTunes?

    Single? There are multiple?

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  • SpinThis!
    Nov 2, 05:03 PM
    I bet Adobe got sick of all the support e-mails asking them "why doesn't flash download on the iPhone?!" Previously, on Adobe's website you could get all the way up downloading the file and mobile Safari would obviously say the file isn't supported. Adobe should have done this from the beginning.

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  • FireFish
    May 5, 02:46 AM
    [/URL][URL="http://images.macrumors.com/im/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif"]Image (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/04/ios-5-to-finally-deliver-over-the-air-updates/)

    Image (http://images.macrumors.com/article/2011/05/04/234536-vz2_500.jpg)

    According to 9to5Mac (http://www.9to5mac.com/64928/apple-and-verizon-to-deliver-over-the-air-ios-updates-to-verizon-iphone/), Apple is negotiating with Verizon about delivering over-the-air iOS updates starting with iOS 5.An over-the-air update system would allow users to download the iOS update directly to their phone over 3G or Wi-Fi and update their phone to the latest version without connecting to iTunes. Android devices already offer this feature.

    Due to the high bandwidth requirement, it seems Apple needs to negotiate deals with individual carriers to allow such a system to take place. We should note that Apple's iOS is partially capable of this functionality already. The Apple TV which is based on iOS 4 offers "over the air" updates with no iTunes syncing required. The Apple TV, however, stores little customer data so backups are not as critical as with iPhone and iPad devices. :eek:

    Article Link: iOS 5 to Finally Deliver Over-The-Air Updates? (http://www.macrumors.com/2011/05/04/ios-5-to-finally-deliver-over-the-air-updates/) :)

    Wouldn't be a bad idea. Even if they just made "patches" so we aren't downloading half a gb of updates every 2 weeks. :(

    Blow through your data cap with 650MB downloads for every point update? Not happening until Apple can deliver smaller downloads for updates.

    :rolleyes: I'm starting to get the feeling that people are finding that the Verizon iPhone 4 wasn't all they thought it would be. Granted that the voice quality is better; remember you cannot use 3G while on the phone with Verizon and also remember that phones are more like 'personal communicators' these days. Now that Internet caps are being introduced, everyone is going to loose, just as a Predicted. You have more & more apps that rely heavily on cloud based content that need 3G web access. This is why I kept my AT&T grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan for both my iPhone 4 as well as my wife's iPhone 4 & my iPad 2.
    On the new iPad, unlimited cell internet is awesome. You can watch movies from anywhere, etc. all without worrying about your bandwidth or throttle limitations. :apple:

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  • Porco
    Apr 2, 05:26 AM
    Fair enough.

    I think that was common sense and wasn't worth mentioning in any context.

    I think it was worth mentioning, especially in the context of a discussion on cameras and the quality of the images they produce. It's good to remember that these things are tools and not be obsessed to the point of ignoring the creativity that is required to make these tools useful.

    If common sense was more common, the megapixel myth wouldn't exist :)

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  • pound4pound30
    Mar 25, 12:20 PM
    Hopefully it fixes the FaceTime glitch on the iPad 2.

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  • Jupitjes
    Jan 11, 05:07 PM
    I'm sorry to tell this. It's strange to read 'There's something in the air' after just finishing reading an article about the biggest carpet bombing operation since 2003.
    1) But I'd like to have my poor Airport Express updated for sound while watching movies.
    2) And the poor iPod HIFI should be an iPod WIFI.
    2) Wireless Blu-ray for the MacBook Nano.
    3) iPhone 2 as a high speed internet hub when using the MacBook on the road.
    4) A solution to get rid of all the cables?

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  • jmccomas85
    Mar 30, 03:52 PM
    The salesman probably won't let you get out of the store without Applecare, a case, and a screen protector for fear of being fired. And while you are there, how is your cellphone treating you? They also have generic batteries 4 packs/$10.

    Sorry, its a terrible place to shop and knowing how constrained their inventory with the "hot" phones, they probably won't have any in stock.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 7, 08:28 AM
    Yet another Tuesday without an MB C2D. Good luck next Tuesday, waiters (people who wait not serve). :)

    I keep thinking of Dane Cook...dream it, you ****ing dreamers.

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  • Rocketman
    Sep 22, 01:04 PM
    I posted in another post on this website this claim some time ago. Wal-Mart uses loss-leading priced CD sales to draw people into the store. BTW that is directly harmful to other brick and morter stores as well as medium priced online retailers. Are they apologizing for that? Considering that iTunes has been in business for YEARS now, have they somehow lost this "increased consumer traffic benefit" as a result of Apple's (#5 in market) success?

    Do they see someting we do not see as to Apple's current or future domination of the movie business?

    It seems that since Wal-Mart tends to service the very lowest income class in our culture and many of these folks tend to not have computers, and to the extent they do, tend to not have broadband either, it seems there is a degree of mutual exclusivity of markets.

    Therefore it seems Wal-Mart is less concerned about the sales themselves as the "benefits" they receive by the physical customer traffic they get from some people going to Wal-Mart to buy intentionally underpriced product so they will shop for other things while there.

    BTW Wal-Mart themselves state this, so it is not speculation.


    See my really little violin?

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  • yellow
    Aug 3, 02:01 PM
    Does anyone know the answer to this?

    There's precious little details on what the actual exploit is, so no.. I don't think anyone here knows, yet.

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  • charlituna
    Apr 3, 10:40 AM
    Android Phone Specs are out pacing the Iphone. An 8 Megapixel camera, bigger screen and more memory will keep me buying. IOS 5 with the rumored adobe flash would be great too.

    Sorry dude, but Flash has NEVER been rumored to be on anything iOS at any point. Jobs has taken a stand that it is not appropriate to include it because it is too flawed and Adobe takes too many short cuts in producing their various versions. Something that has been confirmed by comments from Adobe's own people and various designers that work with it.

    All too often they take one more or less working version or anything and slap on porting code and call it a day. Which something high powered like a Mac computer might be able to handle but a mobile device with a much lower processor and ram can't. This is a major reason why all those Android devices that were marketed as "with Flash" haven't added it yet. It doesn't work on their stuff either

    This is what Jobs was talking about when he called Adobe "lazy". They need to sit down and rewrite all their stuff top to bottom in native code for the system it is supporting. That is the only way to truly have efficient code with reduced risks of security issues, crashing etc.

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  • hazza.jockel
    Oct 15, 02:47 AM
    Has anyone noticed that the scoring is sometimes a bit off in matchmaking? I was playing today and the in game scoreboard said i had 17 kills but the stats after the game said i had 22. Also everyone scores added up to be way more then 75 which is impossible as it is first to 75. (no suicides or betrayals)

    Is breakpoint a re-make of a halo 2 extra map?

    I hope to never be caught reading a video game book:cool: That's not saying I have anything to be caught over though:D

    What would it make you look nerdy?? May i remind you that this is an online forum about computers.

    Aug 8, 11:48 AM
    I understand your point. I do, however, feel that Apple has more of the platform's long-term best interests at heart, versus the developers delay of a UI for 5 months.

    If we're to assume the "Top Secret to prevent photocopying" theory, then these next 5 months are more crucial to Apple's development than the platform developers. Come January, Apple might spill all the details of the (currently speculative) Finder, and developers have from then until release date to incorporate it. Sure, it's a delay of 5 months, but think big-picture. If Apple's secretiveness prevents Vista from incorporating Leopard UI traits, it's worth the wait to make Leopard appear further ahead.*

    *We all know this is a rumor site, but the above is purely speculation on my part.

    I guess I'm just not seeing the point in keeping stuff secret.

    I understand that Apple uses the photocopy thing as a joke, but in all reality, it isn't like Microsoft is stealing lines of code. The features that Apple has included are not necessarily original. They are just original as being "incorporated" in the OS.

    Big picture, they should have spilled it all. The reaction to Leopard has already been rather blah. And so what if Microsoft steals one or two "top secret" features.

    Time Machine - nothing new conceptually, just graphically improved
    Spaces - A blatant rip of "Virtue" for OS X
    Mail Improvements - I already have plugins that do most of that
    iChat - About 1000 people have already pointed out a been there, done that for iChat

    All of Apple's supposed "new" features are not as new as they seem.
    I like what they are doing with the stuff, but right now they need to save their *** and give away some "secret" features before people stop caring.

    Nov 8, 09:44 AM
    only 25% faster. well, I pass it. coreduo is still faster. it's still useful or my work. but I will get new MBP when mac os x Leopard will come with mac next year. :D

    Mar 29, 02:33 AM
    You would think it was a U2 concert or something.

    I have been to the past 2 WWDCs. I got 2 tickets yesterday, one for myself and one for my Director of Engineering. I debated on buying that second or holding off. Glad I didn't hold off.

    I certainly understand the Keynote is the most exciting thing. Hey, I still tell people Steve Jobs yelled at me (and everybody else in the room) last year during it.

    The sessions are good, but the labs are even better. Normally, Apple development support is mediocre on a good day for any of the new APIs. Sending an email only waiting for a vague response. But WWDC is something different. You can get your code reviewed and get direct answers to questions. If you are a serious developer, this show is worth te price of buying a scalped ticket. :D

    Nov 7, 09:29 AM
    euro apple stores have been @ 3 days for quite sometime... france & germany @ least... the education institution has been @ 3-5 (5-7 days for blackbooks) for a couple weeks now too...
    i too think soon, and not today... i usually wake up around 7:30 - 7:45am (cupertino time) and when i woke up last when MBP were updated it was alrdy on the wepage

    Aug 3, 03:01 PM
    It represents leopard yes...nothing to be excited about...Apple told everyone that they were going to preview Leopard..the banner doesn't give anything away.

    I was just talking about the design, not about product hints. :) The spots already gave away it was leopard, but I was talking about the reflection.

    Is OSX going to get an optional Black skin? (for the new black macbooks) Since Tiger had an alluminium X?

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