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nokia c5-03

nokia c5-03. Nokia C5-03 VS Samsung Wave
  • Nokia C5-03 VS Samsung Wave

  • guez
    Aug 24, 04:21 PM
    I, too, have a number in the range affected but am getting turned down by the website. Interestingly, when I changed the last letter of the serial number I entered from "a" to "b," it was accepted! I am wondering whether in fact not all batteries in the range are being recalled and Apple is just doing a bad job of communicating (as someone on Macintouch suggested).

    nokia c5-03. Nokia C5 03 2 US launch of
  • Nokia C5 03 2 US launch of

  • ericinboston
    Apr 12, 12:57 PM
    Obviously companies build outside of the U.S. because it doesn't make financial sense to do so. U.S. labor is expensive in comparison to developing nations. Why is that so hard to understand?

    Whoever said that was hard to understand? Not me!

    This is a big problem (and has been for 30+ years)...that everything we buy in the USA is made somewhere else...USA no longer manufactures except for our junky USA cars.

    Sure...at some point when this all started decades ago, it WAS cheaper to build certain things outside the US...but then everyone got on the bandwagon and now it's the norm. (Thanks politicians!)

    The "it's cheaper to build outside the US!" is a bogus argument and has become an evil of our own doing.

    If it costs X to build in the US, please don't tell me it costs 1/10th of X to build, import, pay taxes, blah blah blah, to get it back into your company's hands.

    We can all agree that some things, yes, are easier and/or cheaper to build outside the US for a variety of reasons. Our USA system needs some serious overhauls to get stuff to be built back in the US other than screws and toilet paper.

    nokia c5-03. Nokia characteristics C5 03 03
  • Nokia characteristics C5 03 03

  • jesteraver
    Sep 8, 07:57 PM
    Would be nice to see the nano play video's also be a 8 - 10 gb version. Hopefully they totally overhaul the iPod, 80 - 120 gb and better battery life or something.

    4 Days until we see some new stuff!

    nokia c5-03. The Nokia C5-03 supports
  • The Nokia C5-03 supports

  • citizenzen
    Mar 15, 02:08 PM
    Top 10 defense contractors employ over 1 million people. If you cut their federal contracts by 40%, how many people will they have to lay off, 40%? 30% 20%. Do the math. Defense cuts need to be slow and steady over many years so we can absorb these workers.

    Excerpts (http://mondediplo.com/2008/02/05military) from Le Monde Diplomatique, february 2008 ...

    Why the US has really gone broke

    Global confidence in the US economy has reached zero, as was proved by last month’s stock market meltdown. But there is an enormous anomaly in the US economy above and beyond the subprime mortgage crisis, the housing bubble and the prospect of recession: 60 years of misallocation of resources, and borrowings, to the establishment and maintenance of a military-industrial complex as the basis of the nation’s economic life.

    There are three broad aspects to the US debt crisis. First, in the current fiscal year (2008) we are spending insane amounts of money on “defence” projects that bear no relation to the national security of the US. We are also keeping the income tax burdens on the richest segment of the population at strikingly low levels.

    Second, we continue to believe that we can compensate for the accelerating erosion of our base and our loss of jobs to foreign countries through massive military expenditures — “military Keynesianism” (which I discuss in detail in my book Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic). By that, I mean the mistaken belief that public policies focused on frequent wars, huge expenditures on weapons and munitions, and large standing armies can indefinitely sustain a wealthy capitalist economy. The opposite is actually true.

    Third, in our devotion to militarism (despite our limited resources), we are failing to invest in our social infrastructure and other requirements for the long-term health of the US. These are what economists call opportunity costs, things not done because we spent our money on something else. Our public education system has deteriorated alarmingly. We have failed to provide health care to all our citizens and neglected our responsibilities as the world’s number one polluter. Most important, we have lost our competitiveness as a manufacturer for civilian needs, an infinitely more efficient use of scarce resources than arms manufacturing.

    Fiscal disaster

    It is virtually impossible to overstate the profligacy of what our government spends on the military. The Department of Defense’s planned expenditures for the fiscal year 2008 are larger than all other nations’ military budgets combined. The supplementary budget to pay for the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not part of the official defence budget, is itself larger than the combined military budgets of Russia and China. Defence-related spending for fiscal 2008 will exceed $1 trillion for the first time in history. The US has become the largest single seller of arms and munitions to other nations on Earth. Leaving out President Bush’s two on-going wars, defence spending has doubled since the mid-1990s. The defence budget for fiscal 2008 is the largest since the second world war.

    But there is much more. In an attempt to disguise the true size of the US military empire, the government has long hidden major military-related expenditures in departments other than Defense. For example, $23.4bn for the Department of Energy goes towards developing and maintaining nuclear warheads; and $25.3bn in the Department of State budget is spent on foreign military assistance (primarily for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Republic, Egypt and Pakistan). Another $1.03bn outside the official Department of Defense budget is now needed for recruitment and re-enlistment incentives for the overstretched US military, up from a mere $174m in when the war in Iraq began. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently gets at least $75.7bn, 50% of it for the long-term care of the most seriously injured among the 28,870 soldiers so far wounded in Iraq and 1,708 in Afghanistan. The amount is universally derided as inadequate. Another $46.4bn goes to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Missing from this compilation is $1.9bn to the Department of Justice for the paramilitary activities of the FBI; $38.5bn to the Department of the Treasury for the Military Retirement Fund; $7.6bn for the military-related activities of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; and well over $200bn in interest for past debt-financed defence outlays. This brings US spending for its military establishment during the current fiscal year, conservatively calculated, to at least $1.1 trillion.

    More to follow.

    nokia c5-03. Nokia C5-03 is a touchscreen
  • Nokia C5-03 is a touchscreen

  • cvaldes
    Apr 17, 12:22 AM
    Why is this on the front page? It's like saying that WalMart is now selling a junk tablet. Except this article says that Toys R Us and Best Buy is now selling iPads. This isn't front page news.
    But it is. It represents a lot of points of distribution.

    That's a big deal for retail consumer electronics.

    nokia c5-03. NOKIA C5-03
  • NOKIA C5-03

  • mulletman13
    Aug 3, 03:32 PM
    ... I think it's safe to assume the 'Mac Pro' is not getting a case redesign. It says 64 bit on the poster -- that is new, so we can assume everything else on the poster is up to date.

    nokia c5-03. Nokia C5-03 | Nokia Launches
  • Nokia C5-03 | Nokia Launches

  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 15, 05:31 PM
    I actually like the idea of wireless communication on iPods. They could do it exactly like "sharing"in iTunes. Imagine you sitting somewhere in the underground or bus, taking out your iPod, checking "other iPods" on the main menu, browsing through the playlist and thinking: "hey, this guy/girl has a good music taste". You could see what she/he's listening to ("now playing") and listen to it. And if you see the other person rocking his head to the same song you're hearing, you know it's the right one. And if this person happens to share it's profile (contact information), you can get the phone number etc...

    Kinda like meeting people on the internet by their profile, but here you can just walk up to the person and go on from there.
    Compatible car radios could receive the digital signal streamed from your iPod. No wires, no crappy fm-transmitted sound quality. :)

    PS: "Can I put my earbud into your ear?" is kinda close to "can I put my p*nis into your v*gina?". So I guess girls could be offended.

    nokia c5-03. The C5-03 is a low priced
  • The C5-03 is a low priced

  • Sam Yikin
    Mar 29, 12:25 AM
    This Constitutional issue is something of a moot point... Congress has only declared war FIVE times in the history of the country (the War of 1812, Mexican-American, Spanish-American, WWs I&II). There are 125 occasions where the President has acted with no approval from Congress. Also, the War Powers Resolution is essentially valid, as it has never been tested by courts.

    In my personal view, I'm fine with the president being able to enact a limited amount of military action, as long as there are no long-term liabilities for the country. Congress is so juvenile, inefficient, and bitchy that I'm fine with not having to rely on them every time there is a clear humanitarian need to act.


    nokia c5-03. The Nokia C5-03 is a 3.2-inch
  • The Nokia C5-03 is a 3.2-inch

  • Chef Medeski
    Sep 6, 09:59 AM
    me too. Credit Card firmly in wallet until MB update comes around.
    Glued to a sticker saying.... only peel off in case of MB update. FOR EMERGENCY APPLE PURCHASES ONLY!


    nokia c5-03. the Nokia C5-03.
  • the Nokia C5-03.

  • Analog Kid
    Aug 2, 07:42 PM
    Wait a second. They use a 3rd party wireless card, and he said in the end that "the flaw is not in the Apple operating system as we used 3rd party hardware". I'd say that's quite different from the impression I got from reading the macrumors headline here. A default MacBook using the built in Airport isn't vulnerable as far as I can tell.

    He also said that the exploit isn't as trivial as a generic buffer overflow. Now, to exploit a generic buffer overflow, you need to have a certain level of l337ness to begin with, so that means you don't have to worry about your neighbour braking into your wireless network, just yet. Unless someone releases premade tools to do the exploitation, I'd say that normal people and small businesses don't have to worry at the moment.
    Can't get the video to play right now, but the text sounds like Atheros writes the drivers for the built in Airport.

    Sounds like a protocol bug to me if it works on different platforms and different vendors.

    nokia c5-03. C5-03 Nokia smart phone1
  • C5-03 Nokia smart phone1

  • Shagrat
    Oct 27, 12:43 AM
    Hmmmn, my Keyboard just turned pink....AGGGHH!

    nokia c5-03. Silver Nokia C5-03
  • Silver Nokia C5-03

  • grassland
    Mar 2, 04:16 PM
    making sure everything is good:)

    nokia c5-03. Bilder Nokia C5-03
  • Bilder Nokia C5-03

  • ouimetnick
    Mar 11, 02:45 PM
    Please please please. An top it off with new Mac Pros too

    nokia c5-03. Cell Phones – Nokia C5-03
  • Cell Phones – Nokia C5-03

  • Edge100
    Nov 27, 01:11 PM
    The money they are talking about doesn't really go to the Beatles, since the Beatles were bad financial managers when they were together, they get very little of this money. They all made their fortunes after the brake up...;)

    Not true at all.

    There are several sources of income:

    1. Writers royalties - goes to the original songwriter (50/50 between Macca and Yoko, or else Harrison or Starr)
    2. Publishing royalties - goes to Sony and Michael Jackson (owners of the Northern Songs catalog)
    3. Likeness royalties (e.g. The Beatles logo and images of the band) - goes to Apple Corps (owned 25% each by Macca/Yoko/Olivia Harrison/Ringo)

    There also might be money going to EMI, who own the original recordings.

    The Beatles stand to make HUGE money from this.

    nokia c5-03. Nokia C5 03 specifications
  • Nokia C5 03 specifications

  • scottlinux
    Nov 6, 11:12 PM
    eh. I'm waiting for the 8-core macbook.

    nokia c5-03. Nokia C5-03 Review
  • Nokia C5-03 Review

  • Kissaragi
    Mar 21, 02:04 PM
    Haha, thats fantastic!

    nokia c5-03. The Nokia C5 (C5-03) is the
  • The Nokia C5 (C5-03) is the

  • lex750
    Mar 11, 06:58 PM
    Yay... i5/i7 with blu-ray, and hdmi... I CAN"T WAIT!

    nokia c5-03. Bilder Nokia C5-03 Bild,
  • Bilder Nokia C5-03 Bild,

  • Amazing Iceman
    Mar 21, 02:27 PM
    Last year a girl from the UK (if i remember correctly) wrote a letter to Jack Sparrow that she would love to meet him as she wanted him to lead a mutiny against her teachers.

    ...and so he did


    Funny, I'll bet PeeWee Herman would also do it for free.

    nokia c5-03. The new Nokia C5-03 Illuvial
  • The new Nokia C5-03 Illuvial

  • furi0usbee
    May 5, 02:27 PM
    And yes, STUPID idea. If I want 3D I'll walk to my bathroom and go take a p*ss. I want 2D for my computing needs.

    Compile 'em all
    Aug 24, 01:10 PM
    Dang, my G4 Powerbook battery doesn't qualify :(. The battery's serial number starts with W.

    Apr 26, 07:11 PM
    Boy, am I glad it's my bedtime.

    So am I.

    Mar 19, 02:37 AM
    Considering that a 160GB iPod Classic existed in it's really been more like 4 years since Apple has made meaningful progress with this line.

    Perhaps if a Classic were to be produced with capacity superior to all its predecessors, it might motivate people to upgrade.

    May 4, 11:50 PM
    hope they aren't automatic then people will lose their jailbreaks! what he said. I'm currently not j/b, but I still would like the option...

    best thing apple would do here is component-ize iOS better such that updates don't require 100s of megs of downloads. say you need just a safari update, safari shows up in your update list. etc etc...

    Nov 27, 12:10 PM
    I'm often surprised to meet a new Beatles fan who "inherited" their interest from their parents. And the publicity surrounding an iTunes debut would add to that interest.

    I wonder if they'll have a "complete catalog" package?

    Granted, for new fans might be a good thing. I wonder how many new fans the Beatles have nowadays? Plus, their parents might have the songs already on cd or lp. and of course you can always go to your local cd store and buy their music.
    Sorry, I don't think adding the Beatles is a big deal at all.
    The only thing it might be interesting is to buy their whole complete catalog of songs just like Apple did with U2 Complete for a good price.

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