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mario and luigi pictures

mario and luigi pictures. Mario amp; Luigi: Partners in
  • Mario amp; Luigi: Partners in

  • AvSRoCkCO1067
    Sep 4, 10:09 AM
    Whats a guess on price for a fully loaded 23' Imac ?

    Unless it contains features that are superior to the 20" iMac (i.e. faster processor, dual hard drives, more ram slots, better video card options), I'd hope for a 2099 release price (or a 100-dollar drop on all iMacs, and a 1999 price).

    Didn't they do this last year too?

    In september they had an event for the itunes phone, and nanos. then in october they had another event for the 5g ipod and the imac?

    Yup - although that phone was crapper...

    mario and luigi pictures. prefer: Mario, or Luigi?
  • prefer: Mario, or Luigi?

  • MacFly123
    Nov 4, 07:00 PM
    it was a rhetorical question is response to MacFly123 and Knightlie's arguments that apple only follows open standards, which still allow them to create a media rich website using only open standards, that QuickTime is not.

    on a lighter note: this is one of my fav flash sites (http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider/). as you can tell, it's built only with HTML, javascript and CSS :p

    I never claimed QuickTime was open. I simply stated that Apple can very ably develop a huge robust website WITHOUT FLASH!

    No, QuickTime is not open, but Apple heavily invests in pushing open standards online as well as in a lot of their products!

    mario and luigi pictures. The Mario Brothers totally
  • The Mario Brothers totally

  • B.winkle
    Nov 23, 10:17 PM
    Yeppers. The Beatles were a great musical group. Innovative. They changed the music of the times. They began as pop and morphed into serious musicians with unique sounds. The White album was a landmark album. I wonder what the analysis will be in one hundred years? Bach=like? Probably....

    mario and luigi pictures. to the other Mario amp; Luigi
  • to the other Mario amp; Luigi

  • kretzy
    Aug 24, 12:09 PM
    Actually, here's a link (http://news.moneycentral.msn.com/provider/providerarticle.asp?Feed=OBR&Date=20060824&ID=5969723).

    mario and luigi pictures. Mario, Luigi
  • Mario, Luigi

  • mediababy
    Sep 12, 03:15 PM
    Colors are fugly, as are the square ipod mini corners.
    You would think the designer would take a trip to Tokyo once in awhile.

    How about mocha chocolate, orange, or white.

    Ipods used to be small status items. These look like sh**

    I will take the new shuffle, at least it is small & I can hide it.

    mario and luigi pictures. Screenshot 1 of Mario Vs Luigi
  • Screenshot 1 of Mario Vs Luigi

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 4, 08:02 AM
    It's a shame that these $50.00 chinese 1GB and $70.00 2GB MP4 players with the Samsung chip have MP3 playback - Video - FM Radio - eBook Reader - Photo Viewer - Voice & FM Recorder, yet the Nano at three times the price does not!

    The Nano with these features, plus iTMS, will withstand anything coming from Sandisk, MS, Creative, or the cheap Chinese imports.Yes, because at the moment the competition is killing the iPods... oh, wait...

    Seriously: Why should you cram all that s*** into the iPods. Leave them be, and sell all those other things as optional accessories... I don't want a radio, video and voice recorder, so why should I have to pay for all that...?

    mario and luigi pictures. mario bros
  • mario bros

  • voyagerd
    Aug 8, 01:09 AM
    Has anybody found Xcode 2.4 yet? It's not up on ADC as far as I can see.

    mario and luigi pictures. Coolest Mario and Luigi
  • Coolest Mario and Luigi

  • BJMRamage
    May 5, 07:50 AM
    perhaps the negotiating is FREE 3G downloads. if it is coming from Apple, as an iOS update there is no charge (for downloaded data).

    mario and luigi pictures. “Mario and Luigi holding a
  • “Mario and Luigi holding a

  • Feverish Flux
    Jan 11, 11:55 AM
    Woah, different font - that's not Myriad Set like most of their stuff...

    mario and luigi pictures. Mario and Luigi
  • Mario and Luigi

  • AceWilfong
    Apr 9, 10:48 AM
    Sadly, a so-called: "secular bible" does not have the backing of a bearded man in the sky.

    mario and luigi pictures. Part 9 of Mario and Luigi 3
  • Part 9 of Mario and Luigi 3

  • Queso
    Nov 8, 08:27 AM
    Anyone who was expecting more from this update was living in a bit of a dreamland. The MacBook design is the newest of all the form factors from Apple and from the sales figures they have no reason yet to think about changing it. Incremental updates are nice to see, price cuts are even nicer.

    As for what we're now going to get at MacWorld. I think iTV, video iPod and BluRay will be the main talking points there, along with a small update across the range to support 802.11n. I don't think Leopard will be ready by January.

    mario and luigi pictures. Mario and Luigi by ~ShandyRp
  • Mario and Luigi by ~ShandyRp

  • LastZion
    Dec 2, 10:13 AM
    I can't wait to be able to have the beatles entire collection on my ipod

    mario and luigi pictures. Mario amp; Luigi: Bowser#39;s Inside
  • Mario amp; Luigi: Bowser#39;s Inside

  • emotion
    Nov 8, 09:10 AM
    Anyone tell me what good is a 64-bit processor other than being able to address more RAM. I know a 64-bit address bus alone doesn't make a 64-bit processor.

    Not a lot of difference at the moment is the short answer. Usually the benefit of 64 bit chips is that they also come wwith more registers or bigger caches, or more fucntional units etc etc which is where the performance increase is.

    I also heard these are not "true" 64-bit processors, just the same old x86 processors w/ 64-bitty goodness added on. Any truth to this?

    You're a died in the wool macophile right? :D These C2D (the real Core architecture, the CD was a beefed up pentium M) are pretty highly developed chips with some very nice features. Go and read arstechnica.com you'll be impressed.

    mario and luigi pictures. Mario and luigi sword edit
  • Mario and luigi sword edit

  • grue
    Apr 13, 04:52 PM
    Though the App Store would probably be much better for fighting piracy.

    Yeah, I'm sure the no-serial, no-DRM app store is a great approach for fighting piracy.

    Wanna know what's best for fighting piracy? Good pricing, and they're doing that.

    mario and luigi pictures. Mario and Luigi are now the
  • Mario and Luigi are now the

  • AlBDamned
    Sep 6, 09:14 AM
    Crikey - brand new iMacs. That 24" model is something else.

    And updates on a Random Wednesday? What the hell's going on around here?!!


    mario and luigi pictures. coloriages mario et luigi
  • coloriages mario et luigi

  • MacCoaster
    Oct 13, 11:17 PM
    Well, I like to listen to music on an MP3 player. Windows does not natively support MP3. I don't like product activation, as it means I have to call and reactivate when I change a bunch of hardware, which I'm likely to do enough for it to be a problem. I don't like paying for an OS with an insecure foundation. I don't like paying for an OS which with IE 'removed' still manages to pop up ads in ... IE. I don't like a dos cli, which has some UNIX commands, but ususally requires DOS commands.
    Uh. Windows does have the support. I can play MP3s in Windows Media Player. I can write programs using the API to play MP3s, WMA, ASF, whatever. Maybe you mean to encode? Sure, Microsoft didn't want to pay Fraunhofer for the license, since they have their own audio format that works just fine.

    Product activation. Just sends info on computer--no personal info. One click. No big deal. Microsoft is just protecting its profits losses. I've had my Athlon for a year, changed a lot, XP still runs fine and hasn't bitched.

    Windows is just as insecure as any desktop OS. I've seen many OS X security updates. Desktop OSes are worst for security if you don't know how to fully utilize the OS security components (i.e. NT Security Model, UNIX security model).

    If you want UNIX in Windows. Get cygwin.

    .net is an entirely closed initiative. JScript is JavaScript crippled for IE only. C# is (from what I've heard) bad C++. I have tried to avoid .net for many reasons. I enjoy open standards. I like learning languages which are more likely to succeed in the broadest audience. I hate the whole .dll structure. COM/ASP services I have built in the past refused to scale well.

    Outside of that, I see nothing wrong with .net, and some people will surely code for it, as long as its around.
    Very wrong. Microsoft has a shared-source (other name for open source) .NET VM, compiler, etc. for BSD called ROTOR. It's just as good as the commercial counterpart for Windows, which is free. Hell, ROTOR works on Windows if you want to have ROTOR on Windows. Besides, Mono is GPL'ed open source implementation of Microsoft.NET.

    JScript is not only for IE. It's used in scripting. JScript.NET isn't for IE anyways. It's a scripting language that can be compiled into .NET MSIL CLR.

    C# is a ECMA standard. Java isn't. It isn't bad C++. It isn't even C++. It's Microsoft's version of SUN's Java with quite some differences from Java. C# isn't Java per se, but very similar. C# is actually a very elegant language. It just works.

    Microsoft also encourages standards with XML Web Services. It's an open standard. There's a XML Web Service implementation for Java by SUN. It will play friendly with Microsoft.NET.

    COM/ASP scalability is just as bad as PHP scalability. Microsoft.NET solves this with ASP.NET which is far much more powerful and scalable.
    No what I'm saying is that Apple is a company that invest heavily in its industrial design, its UI development, etc. which gives it a high degree of style.
    No arguments there. Then again, Microsoft has too, especially with Microsoft.NET.

    The hardware of Apple's line, love it or hate it, is highly stylized. The OS has a lot more visual appeal, and more thoughful and intuitive layout. It's bloody UNIX my Granny sends me email from. Windows is available as delivered in Marshmellow or 98 Mode. It just looks bad...
    Opinionated. I don't care if its bloody UNIX your granny sends emails from, she still doesn't know and therefore doesn't take full advantage of UNIX. Marshmellow? 98 Mode? Microsoft has dumped 9x and moved on with NT/2k/XP.

    The ease of use argument is primarily focused opn productivity.

    In Windows, when you empty the trash, an alert/confirmation box appears. You can then change focus to another window, burying the alert box, and freezing the OS, so you have to drill down through all the windows you have open to answer this alert before continuing.
    Why not simply respond to the request of action immediately then move on. Since when would it freeze the OS? Never happened to me. You don't have to answer to continue. Windows NT/2k/XP uses protected memory, just like Mac OS X. In fact, Windows had it long before Mac OS X even came out the public.
    Little annoying counter-intuitive time wasters abound.
    Well... I haven't come across anything counter-intuitive or time wasting in XP. It's all opinonated.
    I have both, I use both, I code on both, and I just feel from experience that the Mac is a better environment to code on. As I said, I'm not rendering, so the raw speed advantages of x86 are lost to the clunkiness of the UI.
    Mac is better vs. PC again. Remember. PC isn't Windows. Besides, the faster speed can help by increasing productivity by making things seem extremely responsive.
    My main machine is a DP867 with 2GB of RAM and a ATA133 RAID.

    It is as responsive it can be.
    Wow, you need that much to be productive under Mac OS X? Jeez.

    Well, I run a Dual PIII 500 Server/occasional workstation with 1GB of PC100 Registered ECC Micron RAM, all name brand, unaltered stuff. It also runs only heavily tested commercial apps (no kazaa like crap).

    It has a BSOD often enough to cause hair loss. Also, it has very destructive BSODs, meaning I get to use my 4 Win2k boot floppies...that's 3 hours of lost time.
    Then you're doing something wrong. Try out Windows XP. Very destructive BSODs, like what? I've only had one about win32k.sys, but that was a memory corruption issue that I quickly solved. Windows XP is absolutely STABLE here.

    mario and luigi pictures. [E3 2009] Mario amp; Luigi:
  • [E3 2009] Mario amp; Luigi:

  • Sharewaredemon
    Mar 22, 02:21 PM
    G5 PowerBook. Wife said no......

    mario and luigi pictures. Nintendo DS Mario amp; Luigi
  • Nintendo DS Mario amp; Luigi

  • emotion
    Nov 8, 09:16 AM
    You would've had a machine that is only 10 percent slower than the new computers. Not all that worth it.

    Hahahaa that's funny.

    I love ironic humour.

    mario and luigi pictures. that features Mario, Luigi
  • that features Mario, Luigi

  • The.316
    Oct 14, 06:33 AM
    I hear the parade route is already planned :p

    They have a shot at the playoffs, but not at the Cup, not yet anyways.

    Sun Baked
    Aug 9, 12:17 AM
    Wow. Where did you find this schmatic?Usually it is in the Developer Notes ... we usually look at these to see what Apple is really doing with machines.

    Mac Pro Developer Note (http://developer.apple.com/documentation/HardwareDrivers/Conceptual/Mac_Pro_0608/index.html)

    Then the are the usual DIY pictures of the machine at...

    Mac Pro Support link (http://www.apple.com/support/macpro/)

    Until the picture showing the "unpopulated" SATA connector was actually "unused" we were wondering about the 6 SATA ports. But yes, the 2 extra SATA ports mean a lot more options than people first thought.

    Sep 4, 05:08 PM
    I ordered a 30GB iPod and the standard white 1,83Ghz Macbook on September 2nd, and it said it was due to ship out on the 13th. I therefore thought that they'd upgrade the iPod (more likely than the MB) before sending it to me, but I just got an e-mail saying it shipped today.

    Bit bummed that I didn't get the upgrade (well, I can only presume), but at the same time stoked to get my Macbook and iPod more than a week earlier than I first thought!

    Just FYI.

    Nov 6, 11:55 PM
    Still waiting to get one... needs 10.5 standard. Of course I could go splitsies with some friends on it.

    Mar 29, 10:33 AM
    The iPhone 5 will not be released until 2012. The next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4G.

    Until then, any self-respecting journalist should refer to it as "the fifth-generation iPhone."

    Thank you, and seriously they are not going to make the jump to Iphone 5 for another generation after this one, that I think is still going to come out on time, with an A5 processor in June. I will be making the move from my 3Gs to the next gen as soon as it comes out. Btw I am not basing my knowledge of a summer Iphone release on the fact that apple has not let me down yet year after year of releasing Iphones early into the summer.

    Oct 25, 06:42 PM
    overclocked through the bios, like the vast majority of "serious" overclokings ;)

    Ah I see :P

    Those PM G5/MP's are definetly the best looking towers out there!

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