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    Oct 13, 04:54 PM
    Originally posted by tfaz1
    But we (rumor-heads) are the few, and PC marketing no longer seems to focus on speed. And I believe that Apple is slowly turing more heads out there.

    You're kidding, right?

    Unfortunately, most people are NOT computer savvy and when they see an Apple Mac at 1GHz and a PC at 2.5GHz and two thirds the price, which do you think they will pick?

    It's the same reason people will pick up a Gamecube over an Xbox - They don't take time to find out what comes with either, they just pick the cheapest. Nemo: "Well it does the same thing, dunnit?"

    Originally posted by Spike Spiegel
    all of the mac users i know are casual to hardcore gamers. to say that the mac gaming community is a minority worth ignoring is not true. also, ALL of the mac users i know are more tech saavy than any of the PC users i know, who only use the internet, mail, and counter strike. In my experience, mac users are more apt to tinker with their machines(RAM,hard drives, video cards etc.) I think apple needs to re-evaluate its priorities and put performance before style.

    No offense, Spike, but that is a joke. You simply can't configure your hardware in a mac as much as you can in a PC. I know people who are hardcore PC "tinkerers", who barely touch their mac (with regards to messing with the hardware), because there's simply nothing interesting to do with it, except maybe upgrade it.

    Can you buy a 5 fan aluminium case for a mac? No.
    Can you buy cooling systems, fan regulators and lights? No.
    Can you buy wrapped IDE cables and cut a hole in the side of your mac to show off everything inside? No.
    Do you have different types of hardware manufacturers, competing for your money? Well yes, but not as much as PC users.

    The very market Apple has always played for and still plays for today, to some extent, is people who are computer illiterate. Nearly all of their advertising campaigns say: "Macs are easier to use that PCs." Thereby trying to attract those who can't use PCs, or at least, find them difficult to use.

    Mac users are the most disillusioned people that i've ever seen. You guys lie and lie and lie to yourselves time and again, just to make yourselves feel better about buying a Mac.

    In general, if you want a computer for gaming, you DO NOT buy a Mac, unless you're very stupid. I'd say about one tenth of the games that come out on PC, also get released on Macs, and even when they do, it's a few months to a year after the PC version is released. Granted, Apple is doing an amazing job of getting more games developers to release OSX version of their games, but still, most of the time Mac users have to wait for the game to be release after the PC version. Although, basically all of the best games do eventually get released on Macs. The words "Mac Gamer" is an oxymoron and the words "Hardcore Mac Gamer" is just a myth.

    A Mac is a great computer, so stop bull****ting yourselves about all of the things you think it can do and just accept that Macs are still more stylish and more stable than PCs and have, in my opinion and i'm sure yours, a much better looking and interesting to use OS. PCs are slowly catching up to Macs in that department, especially with regards to stability and if you really want a stylish computer, it's easy to find as long as you have someone that can build it. I'd personally, rather have a well build, aluminium case (NOT Lian Li cr@p) cased computer than a white, plastic Mac that anyone can buy.

    It's been proven that more intelligent and richer people buy Macs. And that is the most moronic thing i've ever heard. OF COURSE the people who buy macs are, in general, going to have more money and be more intelligent, for the simple fact that Macs are far more expensive than PCs. That's like saying:

    "People that buy Mercedes cars are more intelligent and richer than people who buy Skodas."

    Macs are more expensive, therefore you need more money to buy them, - the people who buy them have more money because they have better jobs and they have those better jobs because they have college degrees or a better education. GET IT?

    Considering that statement says Mac users are more intelligent than PC users, Mac users sure do buy into a lot of stupid, ************, sensationalized advertising.

    I believe that Apple WAS turning heads, but with the advent of the 3GHz Intel CPU, i hope Apple will finally start to realize that they need to do something, and fast, but i don't think they will.

    Now don't get me wrong, i love Macs. What i HATE is Mac users who continue to lie about what Macs can do, what people who use Macs are like and spout crap like: "Mac users are sooo much better than PC users!". Just grow up!

    And the sadness of it all is that, in my experience, PC users don't really give a crap about Mac users, but Mac users continue to insult PC users at every chance they get. It's childish.

    It's Apples fault. If they can't run their company properly, they can't expect anyone else to do it for them.

    Now when are the fricking new Macs going to be released?

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  • kuebby
    Apr 12, 09:54 PM
    And do you know how long it takes to assemble one?

    I'm not sure, though I am sure it's a closely guarded secret, considering how secretive Foxconn is in general. I heard the other day that an AP photographer was beaten by their security guards after they caught him taking pictures near the factory, though I can't seem to find the story now.

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  • sunfast
    Jan 11, 02:36 PM
    Hover-Boards, finally.

    I have dreamt of owning one ever since I saw BF2

    Anyway, the excitement builds!

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  • zenntench_oni
    Sep 4, 07:25 AM
    nooo. im not gonna have enough money for another ipod.
    dam it. oh wells. ill give myself a month to save up. . .

    other than that. ill enjoy some tea that i make

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  • BRLawyer
    Aug 3, 03:45 PM
    Not that I want to see you naked or anything, but I really want a Conroe iMac. Been putting off the intel iMacs for 8 months waiting for this update.

    My iMac G5 is great, thanks very much...I would prefer an improved MB with better GPU and a Core 2 Duo inside...this would make me burn some Swiss Francs at once, hehehe..! :rolleyes:

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  • Concorde Rules
    Apr 3, 02:41 PM
    Technically it's not MP that's the issue. It's pixel density.

    Given the perfect conditions and equal image sizes (I.e. All the images at 2MP) the results will be almost indistinguishable between a phone, point and shoot and a D-SLR.

    Comparing the 5MP iPhone 4 sensor to a 12MP Point & Shoot and a 40D the difference between the iPhone 4 and the P&S and 40D will be significant.

    Simply: 40D @ 10MP >> TZ8 @ 12MP >>> iPhone 4 @ 5MP.

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  • Balli
    Sep 12, 02:47 PM
    Are Apple kidding? 640x480 resolution? For movies? What happened to widescreen? The last time I looked the year was 2006. :( :mad: :confused:

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 12, 02:31 PM
    While many people are looking for Apple to integrate a radio tuner into the iPod it isn't going to happen.And some of us are eternally grateful for that... :)

    Get the accessory for extra functions... :rolleyes:

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  • Ktulu
    Aug 8, 07:17 AM
    When I first saw Core Animation and Spaces and how they worked and what they were capable of I immediately thought of what many people here have said before when Boot Camp first came out.

    These two technologies, when combined, could make possible the idea of "Fast OS Switching". Could one of the "Top Secret" features be that Boot Camp was just there as a primer. It will still be there and operate in the same way but without the re-booting hassle. With Core Animation and Spaces, you could possibly have it running just as another user and "Fast Switch" between them. Being a part of Leopard now-(Boot Camp) it would stand to reason that these new technologies will be more easily accessable and used by Boot Camp.

    Just a thought, let me know what you think.:D

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  • firewood
    Apr 2, 12:56 AM
    Android Phone Specs are out pacing the Iphone. An 8 Megapixel camera, bigger screen and more memory will keep me buying.

    The competition hasn't learned that a huge portion of actual customers don't buy cell phones based on these kinds of hardware specs. And there's not enough money (bottom-line profit) in catering to those fewer customers who do care.

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  • SPEEDwithJJ
    Oct 24, 04:51 PM
    I paid the same amount for my current 13.3" but I have 2.13ghz, 128gb ssd, superdrive, apple care, retail leopard and snow leopard rolled into it.

    Plus, you've also got a backlit keyboard (which some of us value a lot) on your MBA. :)

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  • georgi0
    Sep 22, 01:24 PM
    For those that are unfamiliar with Wal-Marts business practices I recommend you watch Frontline's Is Wal-Mart Good For America? (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/walmart/)

    It's a great documentary. You can watch it online for free using RealPlayer.

    there is also another one: the high cost of wal mart.

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  • KonaBlend
    May 4, 10:02 PM
    Presumably '3D' means '3D without glasses'.

    I'd much prefer a PPI bump as reading PDF files in portrait orientation could use it. Would like to see it doubled from 132 PPI to 264 PPI (double resolution to 2048x1536).

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  • spazzcat
    Nov 23, 03:05 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I thought no one cared...

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  • Huntn
    Mar 11, 06:28 PM
    Again, the military is inextricable from the economy.

    President Eisenhower thought it was better to expend energy and our precious resources on products that help and improve the human race, not to kill each other.

    But I understand what you are saying though. Shifts will have to be made, pain will be suffered, just like the entire U.S. and most of the Western World is suffering the pains of globalization allowing the Middle Class to approach extinction, while the Rich get richer. In the U.S. you can thank the evil end-justifies-the-means, lying, cheating, Republican Party. And their "end" sucks a lot! Boehner and McConnel should be banned from holding public office.

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  • dmw007
    Nov 8, 08:14 AM
    It is pretty pathetic that Apple still even sells a computer with a combo drive tho.... that really should be standard even in the $1099 model these days.

    Other computer companies, such as Dell, still sell machines with only a combo drive, so it is not like Apple is so far behind the times. :rolleyes: :)

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  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 28, 12:28 PM
    Here's my roommate's macbook. Hasn't been serviced yet, you can tell by the screws.
    just kidding

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  • mscriv
    Apr 11, 01:51 PM
    Is it that you do not want to allow independent action? Where then is free will? Where are other faiths? Does the giving of alms by Muslims count for nothing, too?

    I'm sorry skunk, but I'm not quite sure how to explain it any better than I already have. As I stated above, free will is an essential aspect of what the Bible reveals about our relationship with God. I don't follow where you think I've indicated that there is no room for the allowance of independent action.

    As for all human actions that could be considered altruistic, good, sacrificial, etc. (including the actions of other faiths), like I said in my previous post:

    On a human level these actions are noble and sacrificial and I applaud them. However, on a spiritual level, I must recognize that scripture teaches us that our "good deeds" are worthless if our heart is not right with God.

    Please understand, this doesn't mean that the positive results of these actions are meaningless. For example, giving food to the homeless is a sacrificial act that does help people in need, but it will in no way earn you "points" with God. The Bible does not teach a theology of works. It's not about what you do, it's about your relationship with Christ.

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  • bmb012
    May 5, 01:03 AM
    I don't get the "3D" screen thing???? My regular 1080p TV can play a 3d Movie just fine. The 3D software shared here on MacRumors didn't have any special screen... what the heck would Apple do to make it a 3D screen?

    I say "false".

    Have you not heard of Nintendo's 3DS...??

    Here's why it's really false. The parallax barrier would have to either be vertical or horizontal. Unless there's tech that works both ways, and even if there was, switching orientations would make everything all blurry.

    Oh, and putting your fingers on the 3d would mess with it. Smudges show up far worse on a 3D screen, and iPad doesn't have buttons like the 3DS, so it would either be tilt or 3D, not both (kinda like the 3DS is AR or 3D, not both, but there's enough control schemes there that don't mess with the 3D.

    Apr 26, 05:11 PM
    Crime is not a black-and-white issue.

    May 4, 10:31 PM
    Stop complaining about another iPad release - its obviousthere will be a release every 12 months so stop complaining that you just bought an iPad 2.

    iPad 3 sounds like a cool gadget, needs to stay ahead of the competition so hopefully Apple get it out first.

    Sep 7, 08:38 PM
    Cant wait found my old copy of Halo for Mac gonna play that as soon as i play through this and get 2 eventually I really hope they put 2 on On-Demand, Since 1 and 3 are on there.

    Oct 26, 06:39 PM
    hehe!!! my macbook lives on with a shiny new firmware!


    Nov 3, 04:07 PM
    I am assuming that Apple has not spent any effort on making Flash run smoothly on Os X, but honestly its been almost 4 years since Adobe bought Macromedia and they still can't be bothered to make it run right? Really? And how long did it take for Microsoft to make a better performing Flash replacement (silverlight) for a competing Os no less. Well jeeze no fracking wonder why Apple has had enough and refuses to budge on Flash for iPhone. If you were in Apples shoes would you trust Adobe to give you a well coded port of Flash that didn't turn the iphone into battery sucking, testicle roasting hot plate?

    I installed an early beta of Windows 7 (about 5-6 months from the GM) and was stunned that even then flash ran better then in Leopard. This tells me that Adobe is spending all their time on optimization for windows, obviously their largest market. And that is understandable but their arrogance in not bothering to ever give mac users a better product is pissing me off. So I have and will continue to use it as little as possible until Adobe shows us mac users some respect.

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