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japan earthquake 2011 tsunami

japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. JAPAN EARTHQUAKE AND TSUNAMI

  • bruinsrme
    Nov 11, 09:52 PM
    I do recall reading other developers expressing similar feelings.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. The 2011 Japan Earthquake and
  • The 2011 Japan Earthquake and

  • Treq
    Nov 3, 05:45 PM
    Well, yes, on a full-size C2D iMac.

    But, did you notice the part where on a similar, C2D AOPEN Mini, running Windows 7, IE8 runs the same Flash movie at 0%-1%, Chrome and Firefox at 4%, but Safari goes to almost 30%.

    I'd say it's Apple that has the problem, and not Adobe.

    Flash works just fine, and it's useful and necessary to the vast majority of users. Adobe seems to be doing a very good job with 10, and from what I've seen, it runs just fine on mobiles presumably less powerful than the iPhone.

    The way I see it, if there is a pi$$ing match between Apple and Adobe, and Adobe takes its ball (Creative Suite) and walks away from Apple, the Mac OS will die, for all practical purposes.

    Anyway, the iPhone must have Flash, if it is to remain competitive, and Apple really needs to dedicate some resources, and make sure Flash (and Java) run better on OS X.

    First, comparing flash for windows to flash for osx is like comparing apples and oranges. Second, As for your numbers for flash on Safari vs Firefox... I get the same numbers for both. 70%! That sucks any way you slice it. Given that Safari is the fastest browser out there, I don't think it's apples fault. Flash just isn't written well for apple hardware, and until it is, apple won't allow it on the iphone.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. The 2011 Japan Earthquake and
  • The 2011 Japan Earthquake and

  • rand0m3r
    Nov 8, 06:26 AM
    haha by the time you get opera the MB will be udpated.

    man i haven't felt this tense in ages.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. japan-tsunami-earthquake
  • japan-tsunami-earthquake

  • zorinlynx
    Mar 25, 02:14 PM
    IIRC, it's a feature, not a flaw.

    I actually love this feature, because text messages tend to be more important than other notifications, so if I'm busy and I feel a single-vibrate I know not to worry about it and can look later, wheras if it's a double vibrate I'll look a lot sooner.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. PHOTO: Japan earthquake and
  • PHOTO: Japan earthquake and

  • Lord Blackadder
    Apr 26, 03:40 PM
    I'm sure this is correct. AFAIK, this thread is about the UK, though.

    I don't want to drag this too far OT, but my arguments are germane for two reasons. First, the history of the black population in London will be just as critical in understanding the relationship between race and crime there as it is in the US (where I am more familiar with the issue). Power relationships, socioeconomic status, prejudice, media slant - these are all major factors in the way people percieve issues and the way they go about trying to understand and solve them. We need more data on the London situation before any judgments can be made.

    Second, likemyorbs's OP demonstrates his bias: [emphasis mine]

    Just read an article that says black men in London commit more than half of street crimes and gun crimes. They make up only 12% of londons population. These statistics are even higher than in the US and they can't blame slavery and Jim crow laws in London like they love to do here. What is the possible reasoning behind this? Very interesting.

    He is approaching the issue from the perspective that xeonophobia, racism and/or prejudice have little or no effect on a minority population in terms of their self identity, educational/economic/professional opportunities, or the nature of their relationship with the majority group. This could not be further from the truth.

    So again with the boohoo sob stories of past discrimination that young blacks today have never felt

    Why do rural whites in the south fly confederate flags, reenact battles and develop spurious revisionist theories about the Civil War? Why do they care? They never felt any of its effect, right?

    They are put at an advantage over whites today and have been for the last 40 years.

    Funny, the numbers don't bear that out. I have never seen a single piece of data that would indicate that blacks have any sort of advantage over whites, or even parity for that matter, in terms of education, income, or any other metric.

    And once again, you say nothing about other countries that have the same issue and no racial history like the US has, i've already asked you twice to acknowledge this and look at it in a more global way, and you keep mentioning slavery and jim crow laws which affected a tiny percentage of africans worldwide a long time ago. stop thinking only within the borders of the US.

    Whereas you'd prefer to prattle on about trailer parks...in the US. Fine, let's talk other countries - but what on earth is a racial history? I challenge you to find a single country with a significant black population that has no history of prejudice.

    Not only do they commit a disproportionate amount of the crime in mostly white countries

    Moving the goalposts again once you're proven wrong...you aren't fooling anyone.

    they can't even seem to run their own countries in Africa without violence. WHY????

    In a word, colonialism. Again, read some history. It has nothing to do with them being black.

    Quit it with the politically correct "the white man is bringing the black race down" BS and look at it realistically.

    My primary basis for debate is fact. Yours is uncited assertion, accusation and "common knowledge" without any basis in fact. You are hiding behind weasel-words. This is not political correctness, it's reality. I am not trying to assert that any population carries no responsibility for its own behavior - but your apparent ignoroance or dismissal of absolutely critical contextual information makes your opinion fairly worthless in my eyes. How can you hope to understand anything in today's world if you dismiss the events and mechanisms that created it, or selectively ignore facts that disprove your baseless assertions?

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. Japan Tsunami, Earthquake 2011
  • Japan Tsunami, Earthquake 2011

  • Pared
    Mar 28, 02:06 PM
    All the stores (Walmart,Target, Best Buy) in Minot ND have Good stock of iPad 2's 3+ of each model in most cases and it has been that way for a week or 2 now.

    Every single one of those stores have none in stock currently. No idea what you're talking about.

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  • Tsunami+japan+2011+pics

  • iAlan
    Aug 4, 01:51 AM
    I reakon that the banner on the wall has another banner behind it and that The more posts I read and the discussion on 'is it or isn't it' the top banner and it will be removed after the keynote - I think it is a psyc-out. There are the usual banners hanging from the ceiling with the ubiquotous black clothes and I would think that if something major is on those puppies it/they will find their way to the banner on the wall as well )or more exactly - the banner under the banner on the wall!).

    We all know Apple didn't get much press with the over-hyped 'iPod stereo' event - in fact more disappointment than praise - and the media was less than lukewarm after the announcement, so I think Apple are down-playing the WWDC with the banner which can only lead to the 'wow' factor if some new hardware is released - and i hope we don't get new hardware with no case redesign.

    Although the 'G5' side shot could have a differnt front with the two drive bays, or be overall smaller but the same scale thus it looks like the existing model from the side (hope not as the cheese grater look is a little old) and cinema displays are conspicuos by their absence...

    I can dream and will continue to do so until until next week...

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. march 2011 tsunami in japan.
  • march 2011 tsunami in japan.

  • jbachandouris
    Mar 21, 06:48 PM
    Actually, I had recently purchased an iPad 1 last week and the wife was also upset. I did return it, but not really to make her happy-it was to make ME happy. Number 1: it was only a 16GB, and number 2: I like the iPad 2 much better.

    Plus, I have the credit to buy one, but no job. And since I didn't need it, that helped make my decision.

    But, AT&T had the 64GB wifi and 3G for $529...sooooo tempted!:o

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. Japan Earthquake 2011, Japan
  • Japan Earthquake 2011, Japan

  • acslater017
    May 4, 10:50 PM
    Why are you guys all against 3D? I think its great, BUT I think its a given that you will be able to turn off the 3D.. And if that is the case then there is no problem really :P

    I reaaally don't think Apple will implement this. It goes against everything they stand for.

    -Apple likes ergonomic, comfortable experiences. 3D gives people headaches
    -Apple hates styluses and other mandatory accessories. In most implementations of 3D, you have to wear glasses
    -Apple is moving toward high-resolution displays. In many implementations, 3D halves the effective resolution
    -Apple is all about content - high quality software, UI, etc. 3D encourages gimmicks
    -Apple's mobiles have standard-setting battery life. 3D will likely drain batteries - by doubling the rendering requirement, increasing the required backlighting, or by keeping a camera active to track your head.

    "3D" screams of unnecessary spec. There are so many drawbacks and so few benefits. If Apple has yet to implement Blu-ray, it will definitely be awhile before we see 3D.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. 2011 Japanese Earthquake and
  • 2011 Japanese Earthquake and

  • Blue Velvet
    Aug 29, 02:26 AM
    Apologies if someone has already posted this but just spotted this in Google News. Please note that many of the prices quoted are either in Canadian or Australian dollars.

    PRICING details for Microsoft's forthcoming Vista Windows release are starting to leak out, with both Microsoft's Canadian operation and online retailer Amazon publishing prices online.

    Amazon.com is listing pre-order copies of Windows Vista Ultimate for $US399 ($524), saying the product would be released on January 30, 2007.
    Meanwhile, Microsoft's Canadian operation has inadvertently leaked prices for the forthcoming Windows Vista release.

    According to posts on tech forum site Neowin.net, the Canadian website listed Windows Vista Ultimate for $C499 ($590). The Home Platinum edition was priced at $C299 and the Home Premium Upgrade version at $C199.

    The Canadian website currently lists Windows XP Professional for a retail price of $C499. Microsoft Australia lists the same product for $479.


    If these reports turn out to have any basis in reality, please let's not hear any more complaining about how expensive OSX is.

    Edit: More links...


    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. japan earthquake 2011 tsunami
  • japan earthquake 2011 tsunami

  • MrChurchyard
    Apr 13, 05:38 PM
    "Randy Ubillos, who did the demo, added more features ..."

    Great, That's the guy who "redesigned" iMovie and screwed it up. I'll bet he was partially responsible for the "improved" (sic) iPhoto 11 as well.

    I'll reserve judgement until this hits the streets.

    Who also happens to be the guy in charge of Final Cut since the very beginning. As well as the first three versions of Premiere.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. Post Earthquake Tsunami
  • Post Earthquake Tsunami

  • sharifi14
    Jan 11, 05:12 PM
    it is, i believe Myriad Pro Light. i think banners are usually Myriad Pro semibold.

    I'll be honest; I was never aware there was a Myriad Pro-Light font, but I like it. I'm really glad this has been a hot topic in this thread because it's solved my burning question!

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. japan earthquake 2011
  • japan earthquake 2011

  • Cobrien
    Jul 24, 06:46 AM
    I think this is a cool idea but I dont think that the screen is big enough to read a book, youll only be able to get a few lines on the screnn, sony's idea looks cool but its too big.

    If it was to come out I think that you would have to have free downloads or downloads at a very little cost eg $0.10 for a downloadable newspaper, that is the only way I can see it working.

    PS. I think Apple will have to do more with this iPod with all the features coming with Microsoft's Zune, I cant wait to see.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. Japanese is a very organised
  • Japanese is a very organised

  • Thunderhawks
    Apr 12, 01:50 PM
    People already piss and moan about it. If apple really wanted to have a low environmental impact they would build their products where they have Higher standards for environmental quality.

    They do. Changed their packaging to minimum needed as best as possible.
    Using material that can be recycled, pcb free cables etc.etc.

    If they give the production to FoxConn they can only get involved to a certain point. Too much demands on their partners and they won't get any production.

    The Chinese and other countries have and still are learning that at the end of the day, they need trees, clean water etc., so they do adapt.

    Because there is a lot of new technology out, they go through the environmental adaptation process faster than others in previous years.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. Japan earthquake tsunami is
  • Japan earthquake tsunami is

  • monsterinawc
    Aug 4, 10:30 AM
    sorry bout the post about the iSight post
    my brother in law wanted to try out the forums so i let him use my account
    he thinks he know what he talking about when it comes to macs
    i just now read what he wrote

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  • of Japan#39;s earthquake and

  • Freak C
    Nov 4, 01:41 AM
    So you think that Adobe is bad because CS3 does not run on Snow Leopard?

    Think again.

    CS3 has been published a long while ago, and Snow Leopard is brand new. A lot of system libraries have changed. I do not expect Windows 3.1 software to run correctly on Windows 7 either.

    Are there any Mac developers out there?

    Apple must have caused software vendors to rewrite their software a gazillion times:

    - they switched from the 68K to the PowerPC to Intel
    - they switched from OS9 to Carbon to Cocoa
    - for Snow Leopard, if you want to run as a 64-bit app, you have to switch to the Cocoa libraries, and much of Carbon is deprecated.

    Apples next OS will most likely drop Carbon altogether. I have written programs for the Mac for a long time now, and I have spent 75% of my productivity just rewriting my programs over and over again to adopt them to Apple's library changes.

    Adobe is big, but I bet that many of their Mac programmers are busy just following Apple as they try to leave software vendors in the dust because they switch system libraries and CPUs at will. Did Microsoft ever do this? Yes, partly - they went from 16 to 32 to 64 bits. But I can still run the Reversi game that came with Windows 1.03 on Windows 7!

    And you Java lovers - go to the Sun web site and install Java. Just try. I have not seen complaints that this is impossible.

    This is not a technical issue. Every skilled team of programmers can make their software run on another platform. This is a battle of lawyers. Apple does not permit any bytecode execution engine (such as the Java and ActionScript VMs) to run on the iPhone. Period.

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. japan earthquake march 11 2011
  • japan earthquake march 11 2011

  • MikeTheC
    Jul 22, 11:14 PM
    Throw in a spanish-english dictionary with either voice recognition or the ability to spell out the word to find the meaning and I am there.
    Oh, I could sooooo say something here, but it would probably be considered a racist flame-bait, so I'll just steer clear of it.

    But I would say that it won't be me needing that particular feature...

    *mumbles something to self about this being an English-speaking country and runs out of the thread*

    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. Japan Earthquake 2011
  • Japan Earthquake 2011

  • Rocketman
    Sep 22, 03:17 PM
    OH good lord what a crock of poo. How can Wal Mart threaten Hollywood studios? What will Wal Mart do, stop selling DVDs and hurt its own retail business? Silly.

    I don't believe any of it.

    Their response to movies on iTunes was to ask studios to lower their price to WM to be the same as that of an online download despite the higher media and distribtion cost. Huh? Yes, they did. Keep in mind the online version is qualatatively different in packaging and resolution, and that many folks find added value in the artifact of a physical disc.

    Wal-Mart wanted to guarantee --their-- ability to underprice the competition at the expense of the net cost of studios. WM wanted studios to SUBSIDIZE them at the rate of $1.50-$2.50 PER DISC!!

    I for one wouldn't want to download the phone call between Apple and Wal-Mart. I want to see a movie of Jobs right after he hung up :)

    Come on Steve, as an ode to rumour sites . . .


    japan earthquake 2011 tsunami. TOKYO — Japan was struck by
  • TOKYO — Japan was struck by

  • suneohair
    Sep 6, 09:36 AM
    I hope not, the 24" panel is not as good as the 23"
    I bet you see a lot of complaints regarding photo editing on the 24" iMac. The screen is way too bright, and you cannot dim it enough for true color reproduction. This is an issue that is well known with the 2407 from dell. I am assuming it is the same panel.

    I am sure someone has a 24" S-IPS panel.LGs doesnt say if it is or not.

    It would be nice to see Apple make it 24" though, but if the current panels dont permit them to do it at the same quality, I am fine with it staying the same.

    Oct 23, 11:00 PM
    This is my set up while on rotations in hospitals. Very handy as a mobile office!

    Still on the fence about getting the 11.6" mba. While small, I think multitasking will be a nightmare on it. So cute though!

    LOVE IT. What is that case?

    Apr 26, 12:13 AM
    You don't understand how that could come off as racist? The many successful black role models around today simply don't exist in your world view somehow?

    I'll agree some of the comment's weren't in the best taste. But take a step back and look at some of the numbers they're really are some worrying disparities between black communities and other communities in the US (and apparently Britain as well).


    Almost 80% of black women give birth outside of wedlock. Which is roughly twice the average rate and 3 times the rate of white women. And a dis-proportionate number of crimes are committed by black men.

    I'm NOT trying to claim that there aren't successful well educated black people out there. Obviously there are lots of them (including our current president) but your being delusional if you cannot recognize there are some very serious problems in the black community.

    One obviously needs to consider factors like poverty, lack of education etc. And even today there are certainly lingering problematic ripples from slavery and segregation.

    But there are cultural issues which members of the black community are going to have to confront.

    --> Entertainment Role Models - There is a massive shortage of visible role models in the black community. Don't get me wrong I love rap and hip hop but it is abundantly clear that much of this music glorifies woefully poor behavior.

    --> Language (you might be able to lump this in with education) I would never hire someone who can't speak passable English but never the less this ridiculous cultural lingo persists and propagates.

    There are plenty of other problems to consider, but its seriously important that we start discussing this ****. Because the issues definitely aren't going go away if we close our ears and scream LALALALA !!

    Jan 11, 04:30 PM
    Hmm. Something wireless. :rolleyes:

    Yep, thats my guess as well.

    Apple High Def TV tuner...in the new AppleTV

    Nov 27, 11:09 AM
    I think the best thing would mean that The Beatles catalogue would finally be remastered and also in 5.1. The LOVE Album in 5.1 is AMAZING. You can quibble with a few of the mashups but the sound is so crisp and immediate.

    Now for me I would never buy them from iTunes because of the quality, but this would serve both parties VERY well. If any of you have surround you have to hear the LOVE album that way. Remeber since it is really a soundtrack to a show, it is sequenced that way with several transition pieces that are really berautiful. The drums, the bass, the vocals are immediate!! A few of the masup ups are forces but again you will be in awe of the sound recording.

    It kind of gives to the impression that OASIS never had one roiginal idea;)

    Nov 7, 06:12 AM
    Hi...do you think this upgrade will solve the ramdon MB crash problems? Or do you think, as someone told me yesterday, that this problems might be already be solved?

    They were solved already with the last firmware update...and we're gonna have new MBs until next Tuesday, I am pretty sure.

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