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halo reach wallpaper helmet

halo reach wallpaper helmet. Halo Reach Official Wallpaper
  • Halo Reach Official Wallpaper

  • SFStateStudent
    Apr 12, 12:07 PM
    So Apple might pass some of the SAVINGS on to their "CUSTOMERS" sometime soon? :D

    halo reach wallpaper helmet. Subject: Halo Reach campaign
  • Subject: Halo Reach campaign

  • zweigand
    Aug 3, 02:44 PM
    I'm excited ...steve-o is giving me a keynote for my birthday! :D

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  • Chundles
    Sep 14, 08:02 AM
    Does anyone know what the formatted capacities are of each (2 gig, 4 gig, 8 gig).

    I can't find where I read it, but somewhere it looked like the formatting ate up 600 mb of space - YIKES!

    Can anyone please clarify this, confirm, refute? Thanks!

    You don't lose too much to formatting, you "lose' space because computers incorrectly use GB as a storage term instead of GiB.

    Take the capacity in GB, multiply it by 0.93 to give you GiB (which the computer will report as GB even though using an SI prefix "giga" is inappropriate for a binary measurement) and that will give you the capacity. Anything lost beyond the initial 7% of the drive is due to formatting. On a regular HDD the difference isn't much but on an iPod it's a fair bit more due to the OS, built-in applications and stuff like that.

    An 8GB iPod, if nothing was loaded on it (ie, just a blank 8GB HDD) would report a capacity of ~7.44GB on the computer. It should report 7.44GiB. Don't worry, you still get the 8x10^9 bytes you paid for, it's just a stupid quirk of all computers that they report binary measures in SI units.

    8GB = ~7.44GiB. But your computer will say 7.44GB which lends the illusion of lost space.

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  • forums halo reach Halo new

  • Dark-Sider
    May 5, 03:39 PM

    IMO: Apple will introduce incremental updates. iOS is based on UNIX like OS X. There should be no deal in upgrading binaries and libraries. Other unix and linux distros do this for years.

    Incremental updates will simplify jailbreaking. A jailbroken device can decide on its own which updates to fetch und which parts (that break the jailbreak) to leave on the server.

    Over here in Germany we have good data plans with 5GB/month with really good HSDPA coverage with up to 21mbit/s . I personally can't understand why apple still requires wifi for bigger apps.


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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 15, 08:47 PM
    steve is right, the basic thing is the ipod works well, and it is very simple to use. Itunes helps everything by being a first class program that is always getting frequent updates.

    only thing is, apple needs to let record labels/artists come up with variable pricing.

    so catalog albums will cost less, and labels can get money from singles.

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  • Pre-ordering Halo: Reach?

  • Full of Win
    Apr 2, 11:30 AM
    I believe Apple did go with a larger sensor in the iPhone 4.

    They kept the same pixel size as from before, but made the sensor larger to increase the number of pixels. It's also uses backlit illumination, per Steve Jobs.

    halo reach wallpaper helmet. Halo: Reach – The Initial
  • Halo: Reach – The Initial

  • wildmac
    Nov 6, 11:41 PM
    Would you buy a CD MB the day the C2D comes out for $700

    a new black one?.. yeah.... :cool:

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  • doowrehs
    Aug 3, 04:11 PM
    It's normally a silvery/metal color isn't it? - yet it's highlighted orange on the banner... I did a quick Google search and the only other image I could find featuring a similar orange icon is this one:


    I've never really used iSync though, so don't know what all this means or whether there are actually orange versions of the icon found within the app. Anyone care to shed any light?

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  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 12, 02:03 PM
    Kind of cool... the icon is back to iTunes 2... :)


    Also, anybody else got this? :D

    Love the new look, but I'm not sure about the library/store/devices/playlist area... the new one takes a lot more room than the old one... :(

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  • STLSigns
    Sep 24, 06:29 AM
    New here. Second post. Not a fan of WM. Anyway what is up with this...


    The digital movie is coming. I only hope I can help without WM.

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  • reach flaming helmet, halo

  • Acorn
    Oct 12, 01:24 PM
    couldnt find a good angle to take the shot. but you get the general idea. walls were just painted. feels nice to freshen up the room. it had been ages since it had a coat of paint.



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  • Halo: Reach Legendary Edition

  • dime21
    Mar 29, 02:30 PM
    Bush was pretty easy to be anti- towards. I personally object to dangerously irresponsible fools who start conflicts.
    Yep, poor ole' Saddam, just an innocent bystander. :rolleyes:

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  • darkplanets
    Apr 2, 10:58 AM
    And yet again, people are falling for the MP myth.

    Let's see the quality of these photos and video, then we'll talk.

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  • briantology
    Sep 22, 01:54 PM
    BOOOO stupid Wal*Mart threat. HOOORRAAYY _______!

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  • tny
    Aug 8, 01:56 PM
    Several members have voiced their disapproval over the Mac Pro's exclusion of Front Row and Photo Booth. However, Jobs did say that 10.5 would include "the complete package." He then went on to say that Boot Camp, Front Row, and Photo Booth would be included in the OS. So my question is this: How will one use Front Row on the new Mac Pro?


    There are five possibilities, in order of (to my mind) decreasing likelihood:

    1. New displays will come out by then with both IR and iSight
    2. A new iSight will come out by then with built-in IR
    3. A little USB device providing IR will become available.
    4. A slight update to the Mac Pro will come out by then incorporating IR; PhotoBooth will require the iSight.
    5. It won't work on Mac Pro.

    EDIT: Missed mwswami's earlier post with some similar comments. Sorry.

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  • Vertigo50
    Apr 13, 10:11 PM
    Okay, all this talk about Vegas features made me go look at the website for it to see what it's like these days. I used to use it many years ago when I was a Windows user.

    Looking at some of the screenshots actually made my gag reflex kick in. It almost made me retch. Wow, that interface is still as ugly as ever.

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  • Pre-Order Halo: Reach to Get

  • pip11
    Sep 12, 01:37 PM
    iTunes 2 had the blue note--v1 had three notes of varying colors. iTunes icon timeline:


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  • rand0m3r
    Nov 8, 06:08 AM
    cool. so is this it guys? is my 4 month wait finally over? someone knock down the US store dammit!

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  • BrianMojo
    May 5, 01:46 AM
    Wouldn't be a bad idea. Even if they just made "patches" so we aren't downloading half a gb of updates every 2 weeks.

    This. Patches are desperately needed for this OS.

    Dec 6, 01:51 PM
    Personally I haven't listened to them much in years, and last month did a retrospective of their stuff (http://www.geardiary.com/2010/11/09/music-diary-retrospective-a-magical-mystery-tour-of-the-beatles-catalog/)... it was interesting since most of my memory comes from the original US LP's my brother owned.

    I really don't listen to much pop music ... I mention Pat Metheny as it is about as close to mainstream stuff as I get. So for me they aren't so tired ... certainly less so than the Eminem my older son listens to so much ...

    I worded my original poorly, I was speaking of influence and being derivative ... Zepplin is a great example, as whether or not they were good, they were heavily influenced by the Beatles, Who, Jeff Beck group, and so on ... and it shows heavily in their work.

    Jul 24, 12:33 AM
    No. Please god no. I don't know how many of you have done e-books but e-books on anything smaller then a 4" screen sucks. HARD.

    What Apple needs to do is come out with a dedicated device. Integration seems the only way they can push into another market at this point. (Shades of MS Windows with [insert anything here.] integration.)

    What Apple needs to do is form an alliance with E-Reader / Peanut Press and having it integrate with iTMS. Then come out with an e book reader that uses digital ink. This is the tech that can paint a screen then cut power to the screen yet still have the image remain. In cases such as this we are talking WEEKS of battery life. Use digital ink + Apple's standard design flare + iTMS and I can guarantee people will eat it up.

    Does anyone know how big this would be? It would be huge. No beyond huge. Literature is as universally accepted as music. It's used everywhere from text books in schools, to training manuals, to maintenance manuals, to entertainment in the home, to entertainment while you are sitting waiting for the dentist. Imagine subscribing to a magazine and having it downloaded off of iTMS like a podcast.

    In short I would sell my first, second, third born sons, and cut off a pinky toe for Apple to release an e-book reader. This is Sony's attempt:


    No one in the market has done the design right yet. There is this huge market waiting for someone to step up to the plate and get it done right, easy, and elegant. Sound familiar?

    But above all please PLEASE PLEASE don�t integrate it into the iPod. It would be doing major disservice to the emerging industry.

    On second thought, silicon addict, you just might be right. big enough to read on just might be too big for the ipod. hrm.

    Aug 8, 12:51 PM
    I don't see how adjusting the UI at the last minute could be any sort of OK. Do you really want developers using the Tiger finder for the next 7 months, and then all of the sudden Apple goes BAM (Emeril Style) and puts in a brand new finder.

    a) apple did the exact same thing with OS X. aqua was kept under wraps for a long, long time from the general public and public developers. up until maybe a year before hand we all though OS X was going to look like OS 9.

    b) if you work with big software makers you'll know that top tier developers get access to things that aren't made publicly available months and years in advance. the last alpha/beta cycle i participated in started one month after the latest release (and i was on the second invite list).

    I want those developers to be able to integrate the finder with their apps. If all Apple is doing is adjusting some colors or icons or something, then we shouldn't be excited about the new finder in the first place. But if Apple is going to do some major revamping, shame on them for keeping it a secret.

    People need time to work with it and find all the kinks, especially if it is dramatically different from Tiger

    a) see above regarding developers. just because we didn't see it in the keynote doesn't mean that the developers haven't

    b) app developers don't really integrate with the finder.

    c) tiger represented a big shift in OS X development. apple publicly stated that their APIs, previously a moving target, were basically being locked down. what that means is developers don't have to worry (as much) about under the hood changes. if the file browser dialog changes dramatically between now and next spring developers should theoretically have to do nothing, their function/method calls are just calls.

    Jun 29, 06:05 AM
    Whatever happens, it's prudent for Mac users to keep their data in a form that is platform independent, so that you can switch to other systems if Apple gets carried away with their genius tag, and stops making machines we need to get life's work done.

    All my word processing files can be shipped to a Windows machine. All my email is now in IMAP format, so I am not beholden to any one software. I refuse to create data in a format that is locked into Apple, or Microsoft, or any one company. I need data portability.

    So if Apple goes off the deep end, it won't make a difference to me. I'll switch away from Apple.

    Nov 7, 12:00 AM
    I agree with you that a 2 lb. laptop isn't possible with an optical drive, but a 3 lb. laptop is still possible:

    (see the Fujitsu LifeBook)

    I really think this is a possibility. And it would play to one of Apple's core strengths of late, which is making the most compact product in their category. Think of the entire iPod line, the Mac mini, The MacBook Pros (thinnest laptops at their size, or at least the 17" is).

    I really think this will happen within the next year. Maybe Summer 2007 after Santa Rosa comes out. It would be a great back-to-school product...

    You have to consider the problems that Apple has had with heat and portables of late. There would likely be heat issues with such a portable, which makes it even more plausible that Apple won't make such a portable.

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