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  • zephead
    Oct 15, 05:52 PM
    I actually like the idea of wireless communication on iPods. They could do it exactly like "sharing"in iTunes. Imagine you sitting somewhere in the underground or bus, taking out your iPod, checking "other iPods" on the main menu, browsing through the playlist and thinking: "hey, this guy/girl has a good music taste". You could see what she/he's listening to ("now playing") and listen to it. And if you see the other person rocking his head to the same song you're hearing, you know it's the right one. And if this person happens to share it's profile (contact information), you can get the phone number etc...
    That sounds like it makes more sense than Zuneing a song. Instead of somebody asking "do you want to listen to this song" and maybe the person is annoyingly persistent about you listening to it to the point where you want to clock him one for not leaving you alone, the person can look on another person's iPod himself if he so desires and if the other guy has sharing on. If Apple makes iPod sharing exactly the same as iTunes sharing, and figures out a way to keep the battery life up, then that's what people would want to get.

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  • iGary
    Sep 6, 10:00 AM
    me too. Credit Card firmly in wallet until MB update comes around.

    I'm pretty much thinking MB's won't get a bump until January, but that's me. ;) they are next to last in the revision cycle as it currently has been unfolding.

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  • 2nyRiggz
    Sep 6, 09:58 AM
    Apples whole line-up is impressive....All carrying high performance processers and add ons...I'm not in a hurry for the MBP,MB bumps beacause they are already powerful...now the imac and minis get a little bit more....good time to be interested in OSX.


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  • VirtualRain
    Mar 1, 01:09 PM
    ^ ^
    VR, beautiful clear colours. Are you using a polarising filter?

    Thanks! In this case, I didn't... perhaps I should have... It might have made it even better.

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  • Master-D
    Mar 5, 03:42 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5257/5486802478_bee1438a99_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/69707513@N00/5486802478/sizes/l/in/photostream/)

    The muddy scrum at a London Welsh rugby match.

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  • frozencarbonite
    Aug 3, 05:25 PM
    I guess I'll connect to my ethernet for now to be on the safe side until we get more information.

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  • MacFly123
    Nov 4, 07:00 PM
    it was a rhetorical question is response to MacFly123 and Knightlie's arguments that apple only follows open standards, which still allow them to create a media rich website using only open standards, that QuickTime is not.

    on a lighter note: this is one of my fav flash sites (http://www.onemotion.com/flash/spider/). as you can tell, it's built only with HTML, javascript and CSS :p

    I never claimed QuickTime was open. I simply stated that Apple can very ably develop a huge robust website WITHOUT FLASH!

    No, QuickTime is not open, but Apple heavily invests in pushing open standards online as well as in a lot of their products!

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  • eji
    Jul 24, 02:02 AM
    I do some third-party writing for Sony. I'm so sick of writing about how beautiful and elegantly designed their products are. They aren't. They always look like what a 5-year-old would draw if you told him to imagine product X. Oh, and we'll put a cool blue light here! ...and a neat racing stripe here! ... and a really cool airfoil (who care's if it's a notebook computer?) here!

    Tacky, gaudy. Ugh. Their desktop VAIO makes me want to puke.

    In any case, an Apple eBook reader would probably be done right, but as it's been said in this thread, there has to be a BIG, non-glare screen in order for it to be of any use.

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  • philr5150
    Mar 25, 04:14 PM
    if you only use it for phone calls and text then it's no problem but if you play a game or surf the web then it may get problematic to achieve a battery life that long

    Not at all. I surf, call, text and game - not 3D games but Angry Birds (naturally). 24 hours easily, 36 on lighter days.

    What helps is the off-peak synching - you can set it to stay online during certain times and not others, so between 12am and 6am it only checks for email every 2 hours, the data connection shuts off otherwise. That helps save a chunk of battery power.

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  • mdriftmeyer
    Nov 16, 06:30 PM
    Reading some of the posts about this on Twitter, it may (or may not be) about the Three20 project (Objective C library for developing iPhone apps) that was developed by Hewitt. It apparently was using private APIs and may have been getting other people's apps, who were using the code, rejected. Conceivably, the Facebook app could have been using the same private API calls and was continually getting rejected. Supposedly, Apple has some new way to check out if you're using these APIs. Hewitt may have just got fed up with the situation and decided to quit.

    There is a reason you don't use Apple private APIs in Cocoa. They are fluid and will break your application.

    Public APIs are meant for mass consumption and have been through several levels of SQA.

    You write your own private APIs for the functionality you want that is not current in Public APIs. You submit requests for your functionality to become part of the Public APIs if you feel it would save a lot of time in the future.

    Using private APIs by the parent Company violates any basic common knowledge of OOA/OOD.

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  • seashellz
    Nov 29, 02:30 PM
    Just read that EMI (the Beatles' label) have received a bid of £2.5bn from an unknown company.

    That would make the negotiations easier ;)
    thats a LOTTA cash.

    But Im wondering if EMI-APPLE Ltd., despite legal tussles with APPLE computer, probably like the ideas of:
    1. twin-named brand association, and
    2. how the iTunes store, with its huge market and sales system, is already in place, RIGHT NOW, and could drive the sales of Beatles music up-right now, also, unlike ZUNE, which is still at zero, market wise.

    Its been noted that MS has finally just decided to just brazenly copy the iPod/iTunes sales model to the letter-since theyve failed in the past, but they may already too late.
    MS doesnt have 'mystique' , 'exclusivity' or 'clue' of Apple seems to have.
    (ad line: Listen to APPLE on an APPLE!)

    Now, MS could easily afford it (if this rumour is true)

    But then, so could Apple-they have a big wad of cash, too-and their collateral: the iTunes store-with a huge sales/marketing/hardware system already in place, could stand to make back a lot of that money QUICKLY-whereas if ZUNE had exclusives to the Beatles-most people, already owning iPods, but checking out ZUNE, (or when they finally got around to buying one), would wonder: "why wont this play on my iPod?" Or "Why can I only listen to a song 3 times?"

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  • chairguru22
    Oct 26, 05:57 PM
    im ruuning at 50ish which is what its always at...

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  • AidenShaw
    Sep 6, 08:32 AM
    I'm guessing you mean 3Gbps...
    Apple likes firewire, they made it. eSATA is nice, but you can't daisy chain the drives. That's why I like firewire so much.
    I meant 3000 Mbps, thanks for pointing out the typo.

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  • Piggie
    Apr 2, 02:22 PM
    Because no one wants to take pictures with the iPad. I want to list all the situations where the iPhone would be much more accessible and easier to take pictures with...but that would be a huge waste of my time. It's pretty obvious.

    This made me chuckle. Nice dude.

    I want an iPad that takes, at least reasonable quality photo's.
    I would not expect DSLR quality, but if I am out and I have my iPad with me, and I wish to take a photo or a video, then at least I would like it to be of a quality that does the moment justice.

    The silly thing about this argument is you are defending the indefensible.
    There is no reason why a worse item is desirable over a better item all things being equal.

    The only reasons are cost, size etc.

    1mp camera's should have stopped being made years ago. There is no reason to deliberately make anything worse that you can, unless it's marketing and a planned strategy.

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  • Zadillo
    Sep 6, 08:26 AM
    One thing that strikes me...... doesn't this cause some confusion since Intel uses the "Core 2 Duo" name for both the mobile Merom chips and the desktop Conroe chips? Not that most consumers would know the difference anyway, but it seems like people see "Core 2 Duo" in the desktop iMac, and the assumption would be that it would be the same "Core 2 Duo" processor found in other desktops, not the mobile version.

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  • steveh
    Apr 13, 04:33 PM
    in the app store, right.



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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 11:26 AM
    I think the prices of Windows and OSX are quite the same. You can buy a new version of OSX more frequently for a lower price per each version, or buy a new version of Windows once and pay more for it but receive free updates/service packs for years. The yearly costs are quite the same.

    Service packs aren't really upgrades, they are mainly bug fixes, security updates and minor feature amendments -- and even they come only infrequently (two service packs for XP in five years). Apple provides the same thing for free, and more regularly. Each of the decimal upgrades to OSX have been far more significant than either of the XP service packs.

    I don't understand why anyone would want to turn Microsoft's plodding into a virtue. It's as though giving your customers less value for more money is a good thing.

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  • NightFox
    Nov 24, 06:33 AM

    I'm saying that all those people who said, "Everyone who likes the Beatles already have all of their albums" (ahem, that list includes me! :eek:) weren't just wrong, they were epically wrong. :cool:

    Kudos and 100 Internet Points to you for being one of the few to actually have the balls to say so.

    Don't worry, I'm sure the majority of the others will be just as vocal, patronising and stubborn with their knee-jerk opinions when the next Apple 'Epic Fail' is announced.

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  • SeattleMoose
    Apr 13, 07:44 PM
    Back in the final days of Logic Pro 7 I was considering buying it. It was incredibly powerful but really deep and with a clunky GUI to boot. My procrastination paid off.

    Within months Logic Pro 8 came out and they simplified the GUI to be like GarageBand (and oh how all the "Pros" did moan...but only for awhile) and cut the price from $999 to $499. I jumped on it and never looked back.

    And now the same sort of thing is happening to FCP. All the power (fingers crossed) but with a much better GUI (yes, sort of like iMovie but only on the surface....just like with Logic Pro and Garageband).

    Jumping into this will be a no-brainer for me whereas with the old FCP I would have never "bit".

    Give the "Pros" time to come around. A lot of the resistance evaporates over time. Yes, there are actually some people who like difficult programs because then they join the "priesthood" of "those in the know" and get all puffed up.


    Mar 25, 05:58 PM
    No, it certainly isn't. It's proof that we're evolving (albeit, slowly).

    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. Humans are social creatures, we evolved being social to help us survive against great odds. People with Asperger's/autism do not understand simple social cues and are often at a loss in situations where one should read subtext rather than what is literally said.

    It's less an evolution than a branching off. What will happen when the world no longer requires mathematical savants to programme etc? These people will die out.

    A study was done which showed that since the advent of online dating reported cases of people on the autistic spectrum increased; it's thought that the people who spent most of their time online were able to find partners and procreate, without having to do the whole rigmarole of courting, flirting, etc.

    I'll see if I can find it, but I wouldn't boast about having Asperger's, it's better to boast about being an NT (Myers-Briggs personality type)

    Chris Bangle
    Sep 7, 10:23 AM
    Ok, so its going to be called imovie. So we're gonna have 2 imovies, how confusing., will it be a seperate software or will it built into itunes, personally i think that itunes should be music only, then programs and films and vodcasts in a separate application called imovie, Itunes is too clogged up.

    Jul 23, 09:42 AM
    These white ear budded headphones remind me of the book fahrenheit 451. Soon iPods will now dictate what people read, on top of what people listen to (music, podcasts, audiobook) and what people watch (movies, tv shows).

    iPods will rule the world. :eek:

    Nov 8, 08:48 AM
    If you plan to upgrade the RAM anyhow - go for the 2.0 model. It has Superdrive (DL), 1 Gig RAM, 4 MB Processor cache (instead of 2MB for the 1.83) and bigger HD.
    Upgrading to 2GB from the 2.0Ghz model seems like a waste since you'll have to throw away perfectly good DIMMS. I hate when Apple forces one to upgrade RAM along with higher priced specs.

    Mar 12, 07:06 PM
    In a free and prosperous market, business exists and is done solely because it is profitable. When it ceases being profitable, it must be stopped. To keep pouring 100 units of money into something for the sake of getting 10 units of money out via payroll can only end in one thing....failure. (I'm using 'units of money' as a general example)

    One of the greatest travesties of our time is that too many people think that economics is a scientific endeavor rather than a branch of sociology.

    Believe it or not, some businesses, especially those that are family owned, exist solely to provide social welfare.

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