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disney world orlando

disney world orlando. disney world orlando
  • disney world orlando

  • darwen
    Sep 22, 01:05 PM
    I think I speak for everyone...

    Skrew Wal*Mart!

    Who do they think they are? Their whole stratagy is forcing their supliers into deals that ultimatly hurt those with product. Wal*Mart can suck it!

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  • the Walt Disney World

  • NT1440
    Mar 10, 10:49 PM
    instead of riding on the US Military coat-tails ... I would rather we put in a bigger share

    For what exactly? I'm interested what you think a(n) (unnecessarily) larger military would do for Canada? :confused::confused:

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  • ZbHRP
    Apr 2, 07:09 PM
    Wait, Sony? Not known for providing sensors to other companies? Are you guys joking?

    Nikon, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, Casio and a whole lot more uses Sony sensors..

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  • MacNut
    Sep 12, 01:50 PM
    I don't like the dark grey sliders.

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  • edifyingGerbil
    Mar 25, 05:42 PM
    Uh oh, now you're going to unleash the fury of the autism brigade. Asperger's isn't a personality disorder!

    LOL the "autism brigade"? That's funny :D

    Well I don't know if you've dealt with many people who are on the autistic spectrum but they're very difficult, ie they don't behave like people who are not on the autistic spectrum, so I think calling it a disorder isn't too harsh an assessment.

    I deal with Asspies online more than I do in real life, for good or ill.

    Asperger syndrome or Asperger's syndrome or Asperger disorder ( /ˈɑspɚɡɚz/[1]) is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests


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  • nemaslov
    Oct 16, 01:25 PM
    "....Oh, she's hot. I wonder if she squirts?" :D

    OK, mods can delete that one.

    Yes they can BUT that is what he actually said. Unusual word choice?

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  • Sydde
    Apr 9, 04:38 PM
    Also, what about gods other than Jesus, are the good things performed in their name just as "selfless"?
    Most of the jesus religions are exclusive (non-eclectic). Good can only come through jesus and his father. Things beyond or apart from them can be neutral or evil, but not good. That which arises from other sources has not been approved by the one true god and/or his son, so it cannot approach good. That which originates from another religion (sometimes even another sect of the same religion) must be bad or evil, because the beliefs that fail to properly recognize the truth of the saviour are corrupt and probably under the influence of the prince of darkness, bringer-of-light.

    This attitude is real, persisting in the hearts and minds of the faithful. How intense it is varies from person to person, sect to sect, but I believe a similar sort of indoctrination is common with most of the other exclusive religions. This illustrates why I made the offensive statement on another thread, that believers seem to be functioning under self-imposed intellectual impairment.

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  • slu
    Aug 3, 02:51 PM
    That "thing" in the movie could not look more fake. It looks like a bad prop from a high school play.

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  • Disney World, Orlando,

  • johnnyturbouk
    Apr 2, 09:04 PM
    Great to see that Apple can still have a little fun!:p:p:p
    I wish I was in there! I would have loved a free iPad 2! I also think the Wife wouldn't complain about a free iPad either...

    might return my MBP 17" and say mum said no....

    wonder if i can score a freee MBP 17"

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  • Walt Disney World Orlando

  • Schrambal
    Apr 13, 07:34 PM
    First impressions after seeing the demo: very exited! The lack of a 'writing video' window seems worth the wait alone.

    Still have some questions and doubts though. The interface will no doubt feel like second nature after some time, but what will an omf look like when sent to my audio guy? How about final cut server support, and color, soundtrack pro, etc. Will my old libary of much loved plugins still work?

    Very curious about what we're going to see in the coming months.

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  • Walt Disney World. by cjg1

  • SoGood
    Oct 26, 07:30 PM
    Here's a question to ponder...How are people suppose to install this firmware if there macbooks keep shutting down?

    Anyways, I reccomend people use this firmware instead of geting their heatsink replaced. The later option involves an ugly screw in the middle of your macbook.
    At the next RSD, press the power button and don't let go until you hear a musical sound (maybe holding the button 4-5 second). Then when it reboots, it'll force the CUP to operate at 1GHz. And you won't get the shut down problem. This would probably be the best condition under which to do this firmware update. Good luck!

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  • MacsRgr8
    Sep 6, 08:26 AM
    Anyone knows how the GeForce 7600 GT compares to the Radeon X1X00 series?
    Similar to the X1800 GT?

    Must be better/faster than the X1600....

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  • macphin
    Sep 12, 03:49 PM
    Damn, album artwork doesn't work in my country. I'm from Latvia (in Europe, just in case) and iTunes is not available here. So, just for getting album artwork, you'll need an account in iTunes, I've tried to make one, but iTunes ignore my credit card, cause it's not registered in US (or other available countries) Really want to use this feature. Maybe someone know what can I do... Thanks in advance

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  • Arquelis
    Aug 3, 02:55 PM
    Is that a leopard in the reflection of the X of the disk?

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  • starflyer
    Mar 29, 10:05 AM
    BS. 3G was fully matured at the time of release of the first Iphone. It had been commercially adopted for over 5 years at that point in time.

    Yeah, and battery life was horrible.

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  • Collin973
    Sep 6, 10:02 AM
    MBP's on September 12th are sounding even better and better. Now there's no big iMac to introduce, but there is a macbook pro update that I need to be introduced to!

    24" iMac SWEET! If I needed a new desktop, I don't think I'd get one though. I've got a perfectly good 20" FP at home. I guess I'd have to get the MacPro. Darn it :D

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  • peharri
    Sep 23, 12:50 PM
    I thought about this, and I just can't see Wal-Mart winning this battle.

    If they drop DVD sales, then they undermine the DVD format. That will push people towards streaming movies of the type Apple intends to sell.

    This threat is hollow. People do, right now, want to buy DVDs. Wal-Mart can choose between a choice of online, virtual, purchases and content-in-the-hand solid purchases in future, or no choice at all and the entire world going online. Try as I may, I don't see it in Wal-Mart's best interests to promote the latter. And anything they do to hurt DVD sales will lead to the latter.

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Nov 8, 09:49 AM
    only 25% faster. well, I pass it. coreduo is still faster. it's still useful or my work. but I will get new MBP when mac os x Leopard will come with mac next year. :D

    Just goes to show that what Apple says about how much faster stuff is a load of bull. How come the MBP is 39% faster and the MB only 25%. Theyre the same chips at the same speeds arent they?

    What im trying to say is the MB should be 39% faster than the previous one right?


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  • Chupa Chupa
    Apr 17, 06:36 AM
    It's both sad and sickening to see how many Apple fanboys are elitists who only want Apple products to be sold at upscale stores. Such fanboys want Apple products to be regarded as high-end fashion accessories and status symbols. What a shame that Apple has such a feminized culture associated with it. I miss the days when Apple products were regarded as tools for accomplishing tasks.

    Seems like you have your own special elitism. However, I don't think true Apple fans care where it's products are sold. I know I certainly don't. I have liked Apple products since the early 80s. I'm in it for the technology and productivity. The day they leave that harbor I'm out, regardless of whatever special status the brand may hold. But I have seen no evidence of that happening. Apple products may be more mainstream now than 15 years ago, but they help me be as productive as ever.

    Good luck to you guys. As far as stocks for the general population, what a completely botched release by Apple.
    In Australia I've checking Apple.com.au regularly. Initially after the first handful were released, their web site has shown 3-4 weeks, that was up for 2 weeks, then dropped to 2-3 weeks, which has now been up for 2 weeks+
    Be nice to have some sort of very rough idea!!

    Err... seems like a broad estimate like "2-3 weeks" is a rough idea. It's also not a long time. If people would just order and get on with their life there would be no need to hunt and peck and moan.

    Aug 24, 12:11 PM
    Apple's having a bad day.

    Creative and now this.

    Nov 8, 09:06 AM
    Good, now everyone can shut the hell up and stop bitching about the processor. But still, you all should've just bought the machine a while ago rather than wait until now.

    And I swear, if there is any talk about Santa Rosa and when it's going to be in the MacBooks, I'll break some shins.

    yeah, I should've stop bitching and bought it two weeks ago and missed out. :rolleyes:

    Aug 29, 03:23 AM
    Microsoft surely want to go for the easy-to-use appeal, but with just so many upgrade options, people are going to be confused from the onset. I really should apply for a Microsoft marketing position, I could take the company places (although it'd compete with the superior OS, i could make a lot of money in the mean time :p)

    Mar 28, 06:41 PM
    My wife said "no", too. But I said "yes" anyway! ;)

    Aug 3, 06:59 PM
    So I guess then if there are no new products, why does the screen on the MBP seem so much taller than the actual cpu. Look at the picture where it is turned sideways...

    It may just be me, but I dont recall the MBP having an inch of screen hanging over the CPU.

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