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cartoon earth images. Happy Earth Day
  • Happy Earth Day

  • henrystar
    Apr 13, 03:34 PM
    I am NOT into "talkies" - I think they are called "movies" now? But what excites me, especially as an AAPL investor (mostly at $4/share) is the vision of iSteve and his team. Where the hell would we be if we only had that other fellow...yes, I'm pleased that fellow donates for world health, God bless him....

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 3, 10:57 AM
    "Move on"? :( Seems kind of testy.
    Not testy, just telling you my way of dealing with d-bags.
    My point being, playing with randoms is inevitable, and a necessity. After all, if one didn't play with randoms, how would one meet 'nice players' to add to your friend's list?
    Sure, playing with randoms is going to happen. But my point is, if you play 5 games of Team Slayer, the chance that all 35 of the randoms you would play against are jerks is minimal, at best. In 5-10 games, you could find yourself 15-20 good, polite players to add to your friends list, and never have to deal with it again.
    I imagine it isn't hard to do, but Live seems to be made to play with players from all over. Playing games with only friends, seems to be rather counter productive.
    My friends list isn't filled with only people I know in real life. I have friends from all over, that I've met playing all kinds of games, and meet more all the time when my friends bring in some of their friends to play. I'm not suggesting you build up a wall, and close the community out, just to make sure the d-bags don't get to you. I'm just saying, the tools are available, and if you use them properly, your experience will be much better.

    Playing with friends not only rids you of having to play with crappy randoms, but it also adds more fun to it as well. If you play with people you know, the communication is better, the team play is better, and often times you'll win more. To me, that seems like the ultimate objective. Have fun and win. I accomplish that by playing primarily with friends. You're free to do whatever you want.
    The issue being that Halo proportionately seems to have a greatest number of jerks playing, as compared to say other games. The shame is that even Bungie realized the crappier part of their community, and made such settings as hearing only your team, or even an option to mute all other players.
    As I mentioned earlier, when you have one of the largest online communities, you will, by nature of the Law of Averages, have a large number of jerks. No game is immune to this. Forza, COD, Warhawk, Uncharted 2, Burnout, etc. I can't think of a single game that I've played online in which I haven't run into online d-bags. It is just the way the online community works (see PA comic below ;)). MacRumors is a nice, big online community, based around a simple consumer electronics company. That doesn't mean there aren't jerks abound in here. Instead of saying it's a "shame" that Bungie gives those options, you should be happy they do, use them, and then start wondering why more games don't.


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  • earth worm cartoons, earth

  • antiDesign
    Jan 11, 05:34 PM
    Would they base MacWorld around something as simple as wireless this or that? It's got to be big, probably a new product. I'm still leaning towards the GPS thing. Garmin has already announced it will be at MacWorld with new software/product codenamed "Bobcat"


    Maybe it's a portable in-car computer system touch screen tablet with the works, how amazing would that be! GPS, mp3, video, phone, etc etc.

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  • The cartoon earth wiping the

  • citizenzen
    Mar 11, 11:59 AM
    "The first step on the long road (道) to recovery is to recognize that you have a problem."

    Well, I certainly have a "problem" with the notion that a publicly funded military needs to be maintained in order to protect privately owned enterprises, who by their own free will have set up operations in foreign countries, often at the expense of American jobs.

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  • Oven roasted earth

  • roland.g
    Sep 5, 09:17 AM
    Remember it's an Apple Media Event. It just means that Steve is going to intro the iPod Hi-Fi in all Black and tell us it sounds even better than before.

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  • Cartoon: earth vs oil (medium)

  • Humber
    Mar 13, 07:43 PM
    I remember that phase. I had the whole aqua thing going on with a skin from themexp.

    Yeah, well my phase is just between now and the MBP release. After that I'm gonna give my computer to my brother so that he can play GTA: SA without any lagging. Hehe :D Long live games, the only thing a PC does better than a mac

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  • Frank and Ern Cartoon Earth

  • Snowy_River
    Aug 4, 08:33 PM
    Here ya go, I did a little updating ;)

    Nice job, but you needed to get the color casting a little better of the Leopard disk. How about this:

    cartoon earth images. ASSORTED CARTOON EARTH SMILEYS

  • greenstork
    Aug 3, 05:26 PM
    BTW, even if I believed that Apple was going to come out with an Apple cellphone (and I don't (http://forums.macrumors.com/showpost.php?p=2674706&postcount=359), I've never seen so many people absolutely convinced of the existance of an unlikely product.), WWDC would unquestionably be a bad place to announce it. If you believe such a thing exists, wait for an appropriate consumer-oriented show or a special event.

    An Apple phone that runs on some sort of mobile OS X should be released at a developer's conference. Presumably, developers will write applications for a new mobile platform.

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  • zivilist
    Jul 2, 05:13 PM
    If I want a touchscreen based computer, I buy a iPad.
    I can't imagine that you can work very productive if you must/can
    switch from Mac OS X to iOS and vise versa in iMac.

    It is important that Apple produce iMacs with a quad and hexacore processors (also for smaller displays)
    and faster graphic cards build in. It is okay, that Apple has a (one!) slow and very energy efficient iMac in portfolio for classical office environment.

    All other competitors has faster computers in the portfolio, so why not Apple?
    The Mac Pro is not a solution for that issue (XEON processor, price, other application area).
    iMac for rendering purposes and games today? Not really.

    What is with USB 3.0 and SSDs in iMac? It is time Apple...

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  • earth summit cartoons, earth

  • AndroidfoLife
    Apr 15, 10:30 AM
    This is exactly how I got into the Mac market.

    After getting an iPhone 3G, when it came time for a new laptop, I decided to give Mac a go. I absolutely loved the hardware.

    A few months ago, when it was time for a new desktop, iMac 27 inch was the machine of choice. I still prefer Windows 7 over Mac OS and Bootcamp/Win 7 is the first thing I install on new Mac hardware.

    I like having both options available to me.

    You are aware you just paid extra for only one think and that is MAC os. By placing windows on it you kind of defeat the purpose of buying a MAC. You wasted a lot of money in fact. Never buy a mac for hardware...Because they do not have the best.

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  • Cartoon – Earth First

  • Prom1
    Nov 12, 09:51 PM
    @OP, this is very sad. I have been with the facebook app forever. Infact I use it more often than my PC! I hope I get push notifications though...it's a shame. The fb app was the first one I got and it's without a doubt my most used app next to safari if you can consider safari an app.

    *tears* that was beautiful...

    Thank you! I'm glad you liked my post. Actually I think it's the best, most structured thought and post on any forum I've ever made. Was studying like crazy for an interview and did very well ~ bumped up to the last final interview today.

    I agree that the Facebook app is incredibly well designed between form and function - and I hope more follow through.

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  • leekohler
    Apr 7, 01:56 PM
    It can cause a lot of problems when people misinterpret or don't understand it. And lots of modern believers do avoid reading the old testament, especially books of the law like Leviticus and Deuteronomy (because they can be hard to understand).

    For me personally, I enjoy reading the narratives of old testament figures like Abraham, David, Joshua, Moses, Solomon, Isaac, etc. etc. These people were far from perfect and much of what we learn from them is in taking note of the mistakes they made. It gives me comfort knowing that if God can use them then he can possibly use me despite the numerous mistakes I make.

    Then there are the accounts of people like Job and Joseph. These stories provide such great encouragment as you see how they navigated and overcame such great hardship. Reading their stories provides hope.

    Wisdom and poetry books like Psalms and Proverbs are also encouraging and easy to read with their straight forward style and memorable sayings.

    I'd encourage everyone to read the Bible. Even if you don't believe it is divinely inspired you can still learn from the collective wisdom of what it contains. It seems that the atheist book the OP started this thread about would contain a good collection of human wisdom and knowledge. I don't know about it being representative of the beliefs of all atheist, but it most likely contains good information from the experiences of those who have gone before us. I would like to think that non-believers could view the Bible in much the same way regardless of whether they believe in God.

    Great question lee, thanks for asking. :)

    I've read it about sixteen times, thanks. ;)

    cartoon earth images. An older polyp cartoon called
  • An older polyp cartoon called

  • tigres
    Apr 13, 03:29 PM
    Would this run on a maxed 13" air ok?

    cartoon earth images. What on Earth is the matter
  • What on Earth is the matter

  • ViM
    Nov 7, 05:22 AM
    Hopefully it will come out within a fortnight otherwise it will be a long wait to MWSF :( I envisage just increased HD and possibly 1GB ram standard if it comes out within the fortnight. But if the C2D Macbook comes out MWSF there better be some decent upgrades! Maybe dedicated graphics card or at least the X3000.

    cartoon earth images. of Earth Day…a cartoon!
  • of Earth Day…a cartoon!

  • iGary
    Sep 6, 10:00 AM
    me too. Credit Card firmly in wallet until MB update comes around.

    I'm pretty much thinking MB's won't get a bump until January, but that's me. ;) they are next to last in the revision cycle as it currently has been unfolding.

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  • stock vector : Cartoon

  • thisisahughes
    Mar 29, 09:08 AM
    Give us a strong iOS and MacOSX upgrade this summer and then follow it up with a new iPhone in October and a retina version of the iPad and iPod Touch in the fall and Apple would be on fire for the holidays.

    October isn't in Fall?

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  • Earth Wind And Fire cartoon 1

  • mkjj
    Aug 4, 05:20 AM
    Don't forget the iSight has been discontinued altogether in Europe due to the fact it contains some matertial that will kill you if you eat one or something like that! Maybe its days are numbered?

    Now some said no ACD on the banner, new ACD with built in iSight anyone?

    cartoon earth images. Cartoon: Earth (medium) by Erl
  • Cartoon: Earth (medium) by Erl

  • Apple Picker
    Mar 28, 01:38 PM
    It is still useless to make it available in other store if they can not supply enough for peoples demand.

    Apple store, Target, Walmart and Best Buy to name a few is enough to carry Apple products. Just make sure you have TONS of stock on each outlet and consumers are satisfied.

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  • cartoon earth pictures. funny

  • Shake 'n' Bake
    Mar 7, 06:01 PM
    The capital region got a bit of ice last night. It was heavy enough to take down a tree about a mile from my house, and of course the power went out. So we came to a hotel for the night. This was taken about 100 yards down the road from the hotel.

    George Knighton
    Mar 30, 07:05 AM
    I am sure Apple is not happy, and as a consumer I wouldn't be, either. It is good short-term business sense (maximizing today's sales), but a terrible move long run as the reputation will take a big hit with customers and suppliers. A classic case of not looking past the end of your nose.

    In my part of the world, Radio Shack's reputation is pretty well cooked anyway.

    The only way their business model is going to work in 2011 is if they know how to recruit and train people who love both the products they offer and love the people enough to serve them well. It can be done...I know, because I have to do it myself, in a small company with about 450 employees.

    But there's something wrong at the top at Radio Shack, and it filters all the way down to the individual retail units.

    One of my stores is right next door to a Radio Shack store in a small country town. In a low peak period, during which it would make no sense to have a half dozen employees on the clock in a small electronics store, all six of them will be outside lounging right in front of the door, smoking and gossiping in a loud voice, and not always with socially acceptable language.

    And they're always the same race and the same sex, and they even basically look the same.

    This is a very diverse town in the Home Counties of Virginia. It is easy to hire every kind of minority you can imagine. I'd say that about 50% of the population of this small town is more or less permanently turned off by seeing this kind of thing.

    There's something wrong at Radio Shack right now, and they're going down if they don't get it in shape, fast.

    And I'll say it again...this kind of thing is evidence of something wrong at the top.

    It's a shame, because this small store, everything electronic concept still has something to offer the people, especially in small towns.

    I'm on the waiting list at my Radio Shack and the two guys ahead of me didn't have to buy an accessory with their iPad. Might be a store by store thing.

    I'm gonna check this out personally. I have an iPad 2 on order, but it'd be neat to just walk into a Radio Shack and grab one.

    I'll give it a try.

    Even though I'll have to fight my way through a half dozen tobacco addicted employees on the sidewalk.


    Sep 14, 07:59 AM
    Does anyone know what the formatted capacities are of each (2 gig, 4 gig, 8 gig)As with all capacities you need to take into account that computers (and RAM manufacturers) calculates size in binary 2^10 = 1024 for thousand, while HD and Flash memory manufacturers calculate in decimal where 1000 = 1000.

    For drives measured in GB this mean you need to multiply the drives size with ~0.93 to get the size your computer will calculate it to:
    2 GB ≈ 1.86 GB
    4 GB ≈ 3.72 GB
    8 GB ≈ 7.44 GB

    So, yes in a way you are right, on the 8 GB nano about 550 MB will be "missing".

    This has very little to do with formatting (this was an issue back when drives were just a couple of MB, then the formatting table and such actually took up a fair portion of the disk).

    This isn't exactly news. :rolleyes:

    Apr 11, 01:07 AM
    I upgraded to CS5 Master collection like less than a year ago for $1200...WTF? Now they want me to pay $500 for another upgrade??? WHAT TO THE F!!!???

    Oct 16, 03:52 PM
    Jobs' brilliance shines through in this interview. Keep the hits coming Steve!

    He's so good, he makes their "killer" feature, wireless sharing, sound dork-tastic!

    All the while making listenign together sexy as hell.

    You go girl!
    Yeah, after I read it, I was like "that man is a marketing genius!".

    Oct 26, 08:30 PM
    I'm installed the updated but my temps have gone up.. from about 34C degrees to about 54C.
    34C is really, really low. 54C sounds more normal. How does your MacBook feel to the touch? Warmer? Perhaps it was reading the temp incorrectly before and is now reading it correctly?

    i have a week 26 white 2.0 MB. it has a screw on the bottom in the dead center. it was never serviced.
    Hmm. Maybe WillMak meant some place else then?

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