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blackberry curve pink

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  • coder12
    May 4, 10:39 PM
    If it were glasses-less 3d... wouldn't it need a retina display at 240hz? 120fps for each eye? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

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  • BlackBerry Curve 8330

  • skellener
    Mar 28, 12:24 PM
    What does it matter? The more sales the better, right?Exactly. There are only so many Apple Stores around the country. Apple realized it could sell more products to more people if it branched out and sold them in stores everywhere. So what if it's Target or Best Buy or Radio Shack? If it's closer to your house, it'll be easier for you to buy. Of course, that also assumes they can make enough supply for the demand! ;)

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  • JLEW700
    Mar 28, 11:49 PM
    I hope this isn't right because the closest location would be more than 20 miles away from me.



  • kps
    Jan 11, 04:38 PM
    Something in the air? FAA bans laptop use due to electromagnetic interference.

    OK, but can they transmit directly to the receiver in my tooth?

    Depends. What colour is your tooth?

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  • BlackBerry Curve 8520 in pink:

  • Lara F
    Apr 18, 05:28 PM
    Extended warranties aren't always bad though - you think I want to deal with Sling if my Solo goes on the fritz? I was happy to pay a bit extra for the security of knowing I could go back to BB for two years (especially since reviews on Amazon have consistently pointed to issues shortly after the one year mark).

    And I definitely wish I'd gotten it for my HDTV whose screen crapped out at 18 mos. :mad:

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  • BlackBerry Curve 8520 LCD

  • kallisti
    Mar 9, 03:40 PM
    and yet another from this weekend's visit to Loreto ...

    Very nice. I like the light falling on the foreground element as well as the background.

    Similar comments to the image you posted the other day. I love the blue band going across. You seem to also have found a little green :) Nice.


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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 22, 01:26 PM
    Has anyone beat it on legendary? Is there a different ending?
    I haven't finished my Legendary run yet, but I've talked with people who have, and as of right now, there is no extra ending for Legendary. There are a bunch of hidden items in the game (Data Pads, Gold Ranger Elites, Switches, etc), and people are thinking that completing some, or all of these things, in conjunction with Legendary difficulty, might yield a different ending. We'll have to wait and see. It just wouldn't be a Halo game without a special ending. And, given this is Bungie's last Halo, it would be really strange if they didn't include one.

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  • NT1440
    Jul 10, 11:53 AM
    And Apple never made much profit until iOS hit the scene.


    Come on.

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  • Music_Producer
    Oct 27, 04:14 AM
    Seems to have solved my Macbook shutdown problem. It used to shut down 4-5 times a day.. since I applied the patch.. it hasn't shut down since the last 5 hours. It's also very quiet.. it was always quiet but sometimes the fans would kick in.. now I hear nothing.

    Quite pleased that Apple takes notice and figures out solutions rather quickly.

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  • iMeowbot
    Aug 24, 08:42 PM
    hahaha, that'd be a bit of an oversight. i wonder if the new batteries are being specially made for the recall...
    Sort of. Sony corrected the defect in their cells, so that newly built battery packs using those cells won't have the problem.

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  • Raid
    Mar 29, 03:06 PM
    Yep, poor ole' Saddam, just an innocent bystander. :rolleyes: ....So if Saddam was such a baddie, why didn't Bush Sr. finish the job? Oh yeah, they thought he could be controlled after that. :rolleyes:

    In my opinion, the current political leaders have little choice in the current involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. Regardless of the reasons for getting into those conflicts, simply packing up and going home is just irresponsible. A transition of power and a peace keeping force will provide the population with more stability and security; and help change those nations in a democratic fashion rather than leaving a power vacuum in volatile situations.

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    Apr 11, 05:48 PM
    Well this is interesting...

    On Adobe's website, it has announced the date of termination for CS Live Services, being April 12 2012. Maybe this will coincide with the date of the CS6 launch?

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  • R.Perez
    Mar 10, 06:50 PM
    I suggest everyone give this a shot...


    This is a pretty cool exercise. I just fixed the US budget problems, and was able to increase spending on education, environmental protection, and assistance for low income families. All while shoring up social security and increasing benefits. Give it a shot everyone!

    Your budget deficit for 2015: Surplus of 221.9B
    Percentage of long term social security solved - 125%

    TAX THE RICH, TAX THE RICH oh and cut military spending by 80%

    Problem solved

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  • iTravis
    Apr 2, 01:54 AM
    U Mad? :confused:

    My sentiments exactly. . .

    It probably was a typo though, I don't see how iPhone 4 users are complaining, if anything it's the people going to be off contract I.E the 3GS crowd.
    Regardless if people want the latest in tech it's their business. I can't wait to upgrade though :p

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 26, 03:24 PM
    Charging decisions are made by people, including police and prosecutors. A discussion about the likelihood of committing a crime is only about claims about racial differences. I'm not aware of any legitimate study that any race is more or less likely to commit crimes.
    Neither am I. This is not about any race, as in all black people in the world. This is about people who reside in London, England. Just because the crime statistics of a limited geographic area don't fit your world of political correctness, it doesn't mean they are incorrect as in inconsistent with reality.

    Criminology and Legal Sociology can be interesting, but only as long as there is a fair and open approach to the subject.
    As a former public defender I will respond on behalf of all the court appointed attornies out there. Bite me.
    I rest my case.

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  • steadysignal
    Mar 29, 12:52 PM
    I'm with you on both items. I've been psyched for iPhone 5 to replace my 3GS, but for LTE I might be convinced to wait... (Then again my 4G friend says Boston has spotty coverage at the moment...)

    As for the voice thing - I don't think I've ever used it nor really want to. To those that do use it - why? Is this a feature that car drivers use a lot?

    they have got to get battery life under control or get LTE available in more places.

    have been testing a VzW Tbolt and man its terrible in non-LTE areas on the battery.

    i will not, however, give up on my iPhone. LTE or not, upgrading will happen. add me to the line of sheep. :)

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  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 04:11 PM
    Can someone please confirm: is the search function available for the new iPods only or available as a software update for older 5G iPods??

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  • hamholio
    Nov 27, 10:04 AM
    Lets hope they remaster them - the stereo effects on the original versions can be really painful on a pair of headphones.


    For one, they would have to be remixed to fix whatever you find wrong with them.

    And then -- I can't figure out what you're talking about. I have no problems listening to any Beatles albums in Stereo. They're perhaps wider stereo soundstages than you'd find today (where albums mostly play the same GD thing out of both channels) -- but that makes them sonically interesting, not unlistenable.

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  • parrothead
    Sep 12, 03:33 PM
    EDIT: never mind I went back and actually read the thread and found what I was looking for.

    Jason S.
    Apr 17, 07:03 PM
    How the hell does best buy get no iPads and our toys r us down the street gets 5?
    It may not be that they didn't have them, rather they were set aside for being who had already reserved them (the point of reservations).

    Aug 2, 05:36 PM
    Well, which is it?

    There aren't enough Macs and Mac users out there to count as anything, or they're all smug and worthy of a slap in the face?

    People can't have it both ways. Actually, I would say it's the easiest thing in the world to have it both ways in this case, because the scenarios you describe aren't mutually exclusive. Remember, the hacker world is not monolithic. While the majority of hackers may consider mac users a waste of time, it only takes one with some time on her hands and a beef against (smug) Mac zealots to write a virus for OS X, and that's that. I can tell you as someone who works with hackers (half of my buddies are at BlackHat this week) that OS X is NOT inherently secure, and that there are plenty of vulnerabilities that surface on it that are well-known in the "hacker" community long before they are made "public," and also long before they are also repaired by Apple.

    OS X is definitely inherently more secure than Windows, but the near-complete lack of viruses/use of other exploits for them is definitely not because they are ironclad in terms of security. That should be abundantly clear from a cursitory reading of the kbase article on the latest security update. Many of those fixes were to rootkit holes! As in, god-sized sized security holes...

    I'm not trying to rant or anything, but I've definitely realized in the last few months of my internship that OS X is not nearly as secure as I'd previously assumed, and also that there are a growing number of hackers that are pissed off--or at least find it amusingly laughable-- that Apple and followers are so brazenly smug about security. I hate Symantec just as much as the rest of you for their shameless plugs of their USELESS mac software, but that doesn't mean that OS X is anywhere near impenetrable, especially if you use simple word passwords--and you bet your butt the average mac user does this, if he even sets a password at all.

    Nov 2, 04:09 PM
    Like Apple gives a rat's ass.

    Took them like over 2 years to get something as basic as MMS on "the world's most advanced phone", why would they care about flash?

    Jan 11, 05:44 PM
    Been lurking for years (entertaining for sure), but I had to register because you clowns are missing the obvious on this one.

    It is the infamous Mac iTablet (iPhone'esque only bigger), and the "in the air" part is... the keyboard.

    It's a floating holographic projection type thing that you type on, therefore freeing up all screen real estate and no smudges.

    Oct 18, 04:08 PM
    You can change the tracking settings to make it faster...

    TY for the info. I have been made aware of the settings from a few people. I still like the Trackpad better though.;)

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