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  • LaMerVipere
    Sep 12, 05:17 PM
    iTunes 7 is ugly.

    And so is its icon.


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  • angrylawyer
    Apr 11, 09:00 AM
    So users on the subscription model get updated to the next version as part of their subscription? So if I purchase a subscription for a year of 5.5. and CS6 comes out in june, then for no extra cost I'm able to upgrade to CS6?

    Unless I've missed something, which is entirely possible, the subscription model seems to be based around temporary folks or how often the packs will be upgraded.

    I mean I have 3 macs with design premium CS4. Upgrading the 5.5 would cost $1,947 out right. But if I subscribe for $95/month * 3 macs, then that's $3,420 after one year.

    However if I go the non-subscription route, and CS6 comes out in less than a year from the time I would have subscribed, it's the same $649/upgrade cost, and I purchase it....then subscribing would have been cheaper by about $470. But that seems like a lot of assumptions.

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  • lharvest
    Mar 10, 01:19 PM

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  • szsiddiq
    Nov 7, 01:46 PM
    imho the reason why apple hasnt filled the void of a 12"powerbook equivilent is because they plan on expanding their overall product range. more portable notebooks, tablets, etc. all in the scope of vision

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 26, 10:33 PM
    Again, you can compare charging decisions and convictions among the various races in a city like London, but there is no way to compare the propensity of a race to commit crimes. How do you know what those numbers are other than to look at who was charged and/or convicted of crimes?

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  • gekko513
    Aug 3, 04:04 PM
    Now I'm confused, too. :(

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  • spicyapple
    Sep 12, 01:48 PM
    24 hours battery life!! WOW. I want one, in addition to the shuffle! I bought my 4GB nano last month, but should have waited....

    ~Shard~ my jaw dropped when iLounge first reported the nano was 52% smaller in volume. Too bad it wasn't true, because then I would have had to get one!

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  • dornoforpyros
    Nov 8, 08:01 AM
    hey, good job actually keeping the consumer and the pro lines separate this time, no more of that "low end MBP has the same clockspeed as a high end MB"

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  • Laird Knox
    Mar 28, 10:11 PM
    What's with the focus on 'sold out'? Simply limit your passes well below the projected numbers of participants, and there you go, sold out. It's just a math game and a marketing ploy.

    But how many tickets were actually for sale? 3000? 5000? 10,000? Remember that the conference center needs to house all the Apple employees, the contractors, and of course all the booths/rooms.

    I would imagine that Apple purposely plans events (timing as well as location) that WILL sell out. Apple doesn't want to hold an event where only 50% of the conference hall is filled.

    Selling out in 12 hours may not be all that it's cracked up to be. But in theory if 100% of the attendees are truly developers, I could see a fast sellout.

    You and a few other thousand engineers. What hasn't been said is how many tickets were sold. I would be curious to see if Apple limited the amount of tickets the first round to get hype and "additional tickets" will go on sale later this week.

    Really? Wow, what's next?


    Apple has announced a reduction in the number of restrooms available in their office buildings. This is seen as a media ploy to drive up demand. :rolleyes:

    Tin foil hats, necessity or fashion accessory? New at eleven.

    But there are larger venues available, so it is certainly possible to limit the number of attendees by choosing a venue that is too small.

    But are they ready to make the move to Vegas? Would love to see WWDC move here. :)

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  • toughboy
    Aug 29, 09:51 AM
    Yeah I know people who hacked Tiger and hacked Vista too, but most people will buy the OS. You don't make billions if no one is buying your product.

    People wont bundle Vista with their products if MS will price the resellers with the same price points. Then, who'll buy Vista if not bundle buyers?

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  • brandstar
    Sep 13, 11:19 AM
    Whats the point in the 8 gig when you can get so much more capacity for only £20 more?!
    Seems fairly bizarre really, you'd have to really like little black things to bother surely!

    anyone getting one care to explain your rationale?

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 6, 02:34 AM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5219/5501305809_173b5b0a99_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5501305809/)

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  • blackstarliner
    Sep 6, 08:49 AM
    I am seriously thinking of getting out of Windowsworld and the new 24" iMac looks great!:D

    From the listed specs this will really rock.

    Anybody have advice on whether I should wait for Leopard to come out or not?

    Just do it. Leopard will be a coupla hundred bucks when it comes (Spring), no biggie.

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  • sushi
    Sep 13, 11:28 AM
    Whats the point in the 8 gig when you can get so much more capacity for only �20 more?!
    Seems fairly bizarre really, you'd have to really like little black things to bother surely!

    anyone getting one care to explain your rationale?
    This is very simple to answer.

    I want a solid state player that is small and lightweight and don't need the larger capacity of the regular iPod, nor do I want to lug around such a huge iPod -- relatively speaking.

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  • Stridder44
    Nov 7, 09:36 AM
    I have a question.... what time does Apple release things, like Cupertino time??? I believe I heard it was nine, and if it is, then we still got another two hours of waiting

    Exactly what I was saying. Apple is based in Cupertino, California. It's not even 8 am here yet. Usually stuff happens between 9am-12pm

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  • spazzcat
    Mar 29, 05:23 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5)

    I think it will be more like $79...

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  • LukeW
    Sep 12, 03:27 PM
    The album artwork retriever feature doesnt work that well. Gets some albums, some I didnt even know iTunes offered, yet ignores some of their best sellers like American Idiot and Demon Days! :rolleyes:

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  • Groovey
    Nov 8, 06:03 AM
    Germany down too.

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  • strwrsfrk
    May 5, 07:31 AM
    My two cents:

    Glasses-free 3D in its current iteration seems hardly more than a gimmick. Viewing angles are bad, viewing distance is wacky, and it causes headaches after prolonged use. Not to mention the tech required increases the thickness of the panels.

    For Apple to implement this type of technology, it would probably need to develop an in-house solution (or at least something after close corroboration with another company). Since few - if any - rumors to that effect have surfaced, it seems reasonable to believe that any such venture is at the very least not particularly close to fruition.

    And even assuming they had the propriety tech, I agree with many others on this forum who believe the implementation would increase the price fairly dramatically. My guess is that Apple will strive to maintain their competition-bustingly low prices.

    Oct 15, 03:05 PM
    Screw this "beaming it over" nonsense.
    Yes, that is a very nerdy/geeky thing to do. "Zune"-ing music wirelessly is only something geeks can come up with, whereas Steve's suggestion of sharing earbuds is so much cooler and, dare I say it, sexually suggestive! ;)

    Mar 21, 10:24 PM
    That's hilarious. I needed that to clean off the rotten day I had. At least my day wasn't ruined by anything from Apple.

    Nov 27, 10:38 AM
    Geez, this is a MONEY LOSER if there ever was one.
    I loved the beatles when I was 6.
    But, these days who's going to be buying these tracks!!!

    Steve must love the Beatles, because this is a gift.
    And will hardly be a profitable venture.

    Yes, the stereo effect on the early albums is hard on headphones.
    The drums ONLY in the Right ear.
    The Guitars ONLY in the Left...

    Taz Mangus
    Apr 14, 12:17 PM
    I love the "Apple tax is out of control" straw man argument.

    Very recently I was given a new MS Windows laptop at work. It is a HP EliteBook 8440p laptop. Keep in mind that I knew nothing about the laptop before it was given to me. I am looking at it and thinking, great I was given another low budget laptop to use at work. From the appearance, it looks like a $500 laptop that was built in the 1990's. After doing some digging, this thing is $1300 the way it is configured (starts at $900; Yes, I know this is the MSRP). Talk about a tax that is out of control.

    It has basically a unusable trackpad, too small and because the laptop is so thick uncomfortable after several minutes of use. I ended up hooking up a mouse.

    I love all the extra lights on it, one for the hard drive status, two for power status, two for WiFi status, one for the trackpad status, three for the volume. I also love the inovative way that HP decided to lightup the keyboard, a popout light on the screen frame. Maybe the lack of a lighted keyboard would have drained the 4 hours battery too quickly that is included in this $1300 laptop.

    When I first opened the lid on the laptop I got a good laugh seeing a "intel CORE i5 vPro" sticker that was placed crooked next to trackpad. What is it with all the lights and stickers on these Windows laptops. Someone can't tell if there laptop is on or if the hard drive is accessible.

    Hmm, let me see this or the 13" Macbook Pro or even the 13" MacBook.

    Nov 8, 06:07 AM
    The Dutch store (www.apple.com/nlstore) is down!!

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