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wallpapers of nature 3d

wallpapers of nature 3d. Description: 3D nature planet
  • Description: 3D nature planet

  • citizenzen
    Mar 15, 02:08 PM
    Top 10 defense contractors employ over 1 million people. If you cut their federal contracts by 40%, how many people will they have to lay off, 40%? 30% 20%. Do the math. Defense cuts need to be slow and steady over many years so we can absorb these workers.

    Excerpts (http://mondediplo.com/2008/02/05military) from Le Monde Diplomatique, february 2008 ...

    Why the US has really gone broke

    Global confidence in the US economy has reached zero, as was proved by last month’s stock market meltdown. But there is an enormous anomaly in the US economy above and beyond the subprime mortgage crisis, the housing bubble and the prospect of recession: 60 years of misallocation of resources, and borrowings, to the establishment and maintenance of a military-industrial complex as the basis of the nation’s economic life.

    There are three broad aspects to the US debt crisis. First, in the current fiscal year (2008) we are spending insane amounts of money on “defence” projects that bear no relation to the national security of the US. We are also keeping the income tax burdens on the richest segment of the population at strikingly low levels.

    Second, we continue to believe that we can compensate for the accelerating erosion of our base and our loss of jobs to foreign countries through massive military expenditures — “military Keynesianism” (which I discuss in detail in my book Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic). By that, I mean the mistaken belief that public policies focused on frequent wars, huge expenditures on weapons and munitions, and large standing armies can indefinitely sustain a wealthy capitalist economy. The opposite is actually true.

    Third, in our devotion to militarism (despite our limited resources), we are failing to invest in our social infrastructure and other requirements for the long-term health of the US. These are what economists call opportunity costs, things not done because we spent our money on something else. Our public education system has deteriorated alarmingly. We have failed to provide health care to all our citizens and neglected our responsibilities as the world’s number one polluter. Most important, we have lost our competitiveness as a manufacturer for civilian needs, an infinitely more efficient use of scarce resources than arms manufacturing.

    Fiscal disaster

    It is virtually impossible to overstate the profligacy of what our government spends on the military. The Department of Defense’s planned expenditures for the fiscal year 2008 are larger than all other nations’ military budgets combined. The supplementary budget to pay for the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, not part of the official defence budget, is itself larger than the combined military budgets of Russia and China. Defence-related spending for fiscal 2008 will exceed $1 trillion for the first time in history. The US has become the largest single seller of arms and munitions to other nations on Earth. Leaving out President Bush’s two on-going wars, defence spending has doubled since the mid-1990s. The defence budget for fiscal 2008 is the largest since the second world war.

    But there is much more. In an attempt to disguise the true size of the US military empire, the government has long hidden major military-related expenditures in departments other than Defense. For example, $23.4bn for the Department of Energy goes towards developing and maintaining nuclear warheads; and $25.3bn in the Department of State budget is spent on foreign military assistance (primarily for Israel, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, the United Arab Republic, Egypt and Pakistan). Another $1.03bn outside the official Department of Defense budget is now needed for recruitment and re-enlistment incentives for the overstretched US military, up from a mere $174m in when the war in Iraq began. The Department of Veterans Affairs currently gets at least $75.7bn, 50% of it for the long-term care of the most seriously injured among the 28,870 soldiers so far wounded in Iraq and 1,708 in Afghanistan. The amount is universally derided as inadequate. Another $46.4bn goes to the Department of Homeland Security.

    Missing from this compilation is $1.9bn to the Department of Justice for the paramilitary activities of the FBI; $38.5bn to the Department of the Treasury for the Military Retirement Fund; $7.6bn for the military-related activities of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; and well over $200bn in interest for past debt-financed defence outlays. This brings US spending for its military establishment during the current fiscal year, conservatively calculated, to at least $1.1 trillion.

    More to follow.

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 5, 03:51 PM
    I really don't see any MB or MBP updates. Again, I could be off, but I don't see those until later this year.

    I'm sure the C2D chips coming out on all sorts of Windows laptops may be putting some pressure on Apple to update their laptop line, but I think it's still too soon.

    It might be too soon for you, but Apple will lose sales if they stick with yonah.

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  • kcmac
    Aug 24, 07:50 PM
    I will have to call Apple. My serial number is within the range and it says it is invalid.

    Dang this is, I just bought a new battery to replace the one Apple will now replace for free. I guess I can try and return it for something else after it gets here. I don't really like having two batteries.

    Mine finally went through. Yay!

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  • 3d wallpaper hd nature.

  • Parkin Pig
    Mar 15, 07:26 AM
    New York - facing east from the Empire State Building.
    I know most MacRumors members are our Stateside friends, so I apologise if you get fed up seeing pictures of New York, but for us Brits such tall buildings are beyond anything we have here.

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  • sikkinixx
    Sep 6, 08:28 AM
    *sigh* still no good video card...

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  • wallpapers nature 3d.

  • chiamon
    Aug 8, 12:14 AM
    it does not even make sense to put a phone there, since when can phones do RSS? Its just really fishy tt it is placed alongside the ipod and itunes.

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  • adztaylor
    Mar 21, 01:35 PM
    Haha, very funny story and great PR move by Apple. As someone said above I doubt anyone can use this excuse again haha!

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  • Sydde
    Apr 12, 10:26 PM
    I believe, as scripture details, that God established a covenant with Abraham and from this covenant the Jewish nation was born.
    So the all-powerful super-being took a particular interest in Abraham's plight and no other (we could in theory suggest that the deity might have tried with others but Abraham was his first real success, which would neither improve nor detract from the story). Thereafter, the lives and fates of he and his children were bound to the deity, which bestowed upon them boons and miseries, as it saw fit.

    Yet Mighty Yggdrasil, the Songlines, Sun Wukong, Tyhee Saghalie, etc, these are more absurd than the concept of an exclusive god? You earlier put forth that unbelievers cannot do good that is not vain or self glorifying: the history of your religion (by the approved texts) shows that you do have an intimate understanding of what those terms mean.
    I understand that you think your view of the evidence is the correct view and I respect your right to have that opinion. However, the whole of both the Jewish and the Christian faith would disagree.
    And the truth is democratic.

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  • DiamondGCoupe
    Mar 28, 12:14 PM
    There are still more than 500 Radio Shack's left? Can't believe they're not out of business yet lol! If it's anything like the iP4 launch, expect them to get 2-3 iPads a week.

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  • jknight8907
    Mar 11, 02:59 PM
    To all those cutting military by huge percentages, what are your plans to deal with the millions of unemployed that would produce?

    To those opposed to doing drastic cuts.....what do you plan to do to deal with the hundreds of millions affected if the country goes bankrupt?

    As for our military.....we are so massively superior to any other nation, it's not like we are going to be at risk even if we do massive cutbacks in military spending.

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  • sjo
    Mar 29, 09:04 AM
    The report notes that Apple waited to adopt 3G technology until is had significantly matured

    BS. 3G was fully matured at the time of release of the first Iphone. It had been commercially adopted for over 5 years at that point in time.

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  • aaronsullivan
    May 4, 11:56 PM
    I do not understand half the comments in this thread.

    Data caps for 3G download (if it is allowed)? What else would the negotiations be about? Downloading over wifi?

    Unavoidable, uncontrollable, and unexpected iOS upgrades? Seriously?

    How could Apple possibly solve the issue of backing up data for users of iOS 5... the version of iOS strongly rumored to include support for Apple's revamped cloud stroage solution.

    This development just strengthens the other rumors. It fits together rather nicely. Hopefully there's some validity to it. Tying it to a single computer's iTunes has been a nuisance from time to time.

    It's late. Sorry for the snark.

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  • kevs
    Jan 11, 04:41 PM
    Earlier this week I saw a rumor about Apple and Garmin joining forces at this years MacWorld. I hope it's true as I bought some Garmin stock earlier this week and already hold 899 shares of Apple. Garmin desperately needs a new revenue source, especially in the new economic recession/stagflation, and Apple could use the best GPS consumer electronics maker in the industry to position themselves further ahead of the competition. Also, if it's an exclusive agreement, this could put them much further along than even Nokia who licenses the mapping software to Garmin for all their GPS.

    Maybe a way for Apple to corner the market while telling their competitors to grab their ankles..


    You own over $150,00 worth of AAPL??? yikes.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Aug 30, 08:08 AM
    Here is some more details

    News Source: www.longhornblogs.com

    Microsoft.com Canada has released pricing for Windows Vista. Windows Vista Ultimate is listed at $499 Canadian which translates into $450.36 in USD. Home Premium is listed at $299 or $269.86 USD, Vista Ultimate Upgrade is priced at $299 or $269.86 USD, while Home Premium Upgrade is $199 or $179.60 USD.. Amazon.com has all prices online for pre-order. They've also listed a launch date, which apparently is January 30th, 2007.

    Edition Regular Price Additional License Upgrade Price Additional License
    Ultimate $399.00 $359.00 $259.00 $233.00
    Business $299.00 $269.00 $199.95 $179.00
    Home Premium $239.00 $215.00 $159.00 $143.00
    Home Basic $199.00 $179.00 $99.95 $89.95

    Anyone know the UK pricing?

    I find that a little pricey for just playing Solitare and running Disk Defrag on ;)

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  • NightStorm
    Nov 13, 12:46 PM
    I'm seriously amazed that ANYONE is defending Apple here.

    I'll make this point again... How is what Apple is doing any different than what Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony do with approvals for applications on their devices? If anything, Apple should be commended for giving everyone access to the development environment at a significantly reduced cost. The reason for the approval process is clear: they want to do QA before the product is released because if something bad happens, every news organization will feature headlines about it for a week.

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Sep 4, 07:43 AM
    iMac and iPod updates sound pretty reasonable, personally I think we will have to see something released next week. I also think we wil see the end of Solo processors in the Mac Mini line by October at the latest.

    Just got my tax return and a new iPod and iMac would be nice :cool:

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  • Hattig
    Aug 24, 06:04 PM
    Yup, my iBook's battery is affected. Shame, it hadn't really run out of juice, even though I've been running my laptop 24/7 (lots of sleep though) in the year I've had it (running off of the mains a lot though):

    graham@Phaedra ~/.bin$ ./BatteryInfo

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  • Haarball
    Sep 4, 06:08 PM
    Update:Nope, still hasn't shipped. Darn me for custom ordering it... ;-)

    Yeah, I first put an 80GB HD instead of the standard 60, and it wasn't due to ship until the end of the month. I completely forgot that customizing it would pust it way back. I immediately called Apple to cancel it. They said I was in luck as there usually weren't any people in to cancel orders at that time, but one guy happened to be in. Within a few minutes it was cancelled and I re-ordered it without customizing the Macbook nor iPod (engraving).

    That phone call probably made sure my goods will arrive 2 weeks earlier than originally. Phew.

    I too was hoping to get an upgraded iPod, but hey, no worries. My first iPod and I'm lovin it. Be nice if my MacBook comes with a Core 2 though >.> (wishful thinking)

    If they upgrade the MBs substantially I will chew my bloody leg off. Don't get me wrong: while immensily enjoying my Core Duo Macbook. But still...

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  • Al Coholic
    May 5, 10:34 AM
    3D is so 2010-ish.

    Holograms people... we want holograms.

    Oct 27, 05:13 AM
    Well my MB was bought the day they were announced - my local Apple store didn't have them on display yet :) and mine hasn't had the shutdown issue.

    Same here. Got a black one the day of release from apple store and have not had a single problem. I guess that was the only good batch.

    Mar 11, 03:20 PM
    9to5 revoked their statement...

    Update: We've received multiple tips that there would be Pro updates in the coming days. This latest one about the MacBook Pros may have been fake. Shame on us.

    Edit: Sorry, Esquare was a nano-second earlier than me :P

    May 4, 11:24 PM
    and waste data? i dont know...how useful is this...really?

    how hard is it to update via itunes? i just think we as a society are trying to come up with "innovative" and convenient things that are rather pointless.

    others may find it useful, but why would one need to update on the go?

    Mar 22, 11:36 PM
    Instant classic. Well played, Apple. Well played.

    Assuming it is true. After all who is the source for the tale (actual name). Who is the husband. Lack of details is standard form for tabloids that are making up everything.

    Sep 6, 08:23 AM
    Why 1394b at 800 Mbps when eSATA at 3000 Gbps is available?

    Apple missed the boat on the external storage front here....
    I'm guessing you mean 3Gbps...
    Apple likes firewire, they made it. eSATA is nice, but you can't daisy chain the drives. That's why I like firewire so much.

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