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  • Michael CM1
    Nov 12, 04:24 PM
    there was a thing last week where tweetdeck's new app was pulled because it crashed constantly. most of the problems with Windows over the last 20 years have been third party apps and drivers and not the OS itself, yet MS got the blame. Apple learned a lesson from that. it took MS years to change the architecture to limit bad code from developers

    Add the jailbroken iPhone hack and you've got a couple of good reasons for Apple to put on the Big Brother hat. I totally understand the frustrations and drawbacks to such a system, but apps for the most part don't totally bring the device down. A few may crash, but the phone still works and the apps get fixed.

    If you like an open platform better, you have plenty of choices. Nobody's forcing you to stick with an iPhone (unless you signed a contract). I'm a geek, but I'm not geeked out to the point where I get all hot and bothered about OPEN SOURCE! Oooooooh! Yeah, Linux has been going with that for my whole lifetime and has its piddling little market share.

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  • Hobbs35
    Apr 2, 04:48 AM
    A good photographer can take brilliant photographs with a disposible camera, a bad photographer will still take rubbish photographs with a top end DSLR. :)

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  • Kolind
    Nov 8, 07:42 AM
    According to Yahoo they've been upgraded in regards to CPU (obviously), RAM and HD... so pretty much the same as the MBP's two weeks ago.

    Edit: And double layer superdrive too...

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  • mooncaine
    Sep 12, 03:52 PM
    It works great, "Dark Side" and "The Wall" play as intended.

    Cool, I can finally enjoy my Pop Will Eat Itself CDs.

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  • hulugu
    Apr 26, 03:28 AM
    ...While I appreciate the correlation between poverty and crime, that doesn't adequately explain why Sweden with its incredibly generous welfare system trends the same way as countries with less extensive benefits.

    Is it that the welfare system in Sweden, or for that matter the US, isn't enough to adequately shift the strictures of poverty?

    Good post, BTW.

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  • macridah
    Sep 22, 01:19 PM
    Is wal-mart doing a microsoft ...

    What happened to healthy competition? Boo for wal-mart ... if this is true.

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  • Armsreach
    Jan 11, 01:22 PM
    Woah, different font - that's not Myriad Set like most of their stuff...

    It's still myriad, just the light weight.

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  • Lau
    Sep 14, 10:17 AM
    I just went to Scotsys and John Lewis in Edinburgh to eye up the new nanos, and neither of them had them. <disappointed> :(

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  • eb6
    Nov 8, 09:15 AM
    wednesday is sooo the new tuesday!:eek:

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  • sunfast
    Aug 8, 09:29 AM
    Also I think FrontRow will be bluetooth enabled (with new remote) when Leopard ships so MacPros can use it.

    Provided they added the BT option.....

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  • hamholio
    Nov 27, 10:41 AM
    I think what is being referenced is what used to be called "ping-pong stereo," the very wide and complete separation of channels -- which in the Beatles catalog is heard mainly on the Rubber Soul and Revolver albums, the two best they ever made IMO. I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but mess with these recordings at your peril!

    I don't think either of those albums exhibit that -- the first four British albums in stereo do, but they've never been available on CD in stereo, just mono. Rubber Soul has a few songs that don't work well in headphones (eg Girl) but Revolver is mixed well!

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  • GeekOFComedy
    Oct 12, 05:04 PM
    On my Flickr I have them tagged!



    Entertainment Setup:



    Desk From Front:


    Desk setup:





    FLICKR Set with Tags:


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  • treyjustice
    Apr 17, 08:49 PM
    all my local BB's have NO ipad 2's simply reservations... they all told me to go to apple. which i went to and they had a few only 64gb verizon though.... they said they get daily shipments and to come in the morning

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  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 14, 06:16 PM
    Thinkpads are built incredibly well.

    They may be the case but they sure don't look it. Every Windows laptop that I have seen (I have seen quite a lot of them) and they all seem to have one thing in common, they look like a chimp put them together. There is absolutely no vision in design to how the Windows PC manufactuters build their machines. It's like they have a parts bin and could care less about how they put the parts together. When I pick up a Windows PC laptop all I can think is what a piece of junk it is. A $600 piece of junk is still a piece of junk. The Windows PC towers aren't any better.

    My $1300 laptop at work requires me to press a button to release the lid before it can be opened. I still can't figure out why anyone would be willing to spend $1300 on it vs. a 13" Macbook Pro.

    A few years back I had a 8 year old iMac, the daisy design. I eneded up selling it for $350. I also had a HP Windows PC tower that was 5 years old. No one wanted to buy it so I ended up donating it to the Goodwill. Pretty much puts in perspective the value of Windows PCs.

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  • aristobrat
    Oct 27, 09:09 AM
    My girlfriends MacBook, runs at 15 degrees C pretty much all the time.

    Here is a screen shot,

    FWIW, 15C = 59F. I've never heard of a processor running that low. Maybe it does, but that sounds really really odd.

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  • leistnerm
    Aug 7, 10:37 PM
    I'm not holding my breath on the Top secret features...it could have been a joke.

    ALTHOUGH, Tiger included some features that were so top secret--like the exclusive dotMac widgets--that Apple couldn't even include them in the final release, so you never know! ;)

    I think ZFS may be one of the top secret features. Now, maybe that's because I would love to have ZFS running on my Power Mac. However I did see mention of the kernel now implementing DTrace, an open source project that also comes from Solaris... if they took one, maybe they took ZFS as well..

    Wishful thinking?


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  • jacollins
    Mar 25, 12:19 PM
    Any "bug fixes" actually listed out?

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  • thejedipunk
    Aug 3, 05:50 PM
    Screw the phone and new iPods. Stupid analysts and Mac insurrgents. I want to see what Leopard can do to make my Mac experience easier/better.

    If it can make breakfast for me, then I'll be camping outside the Apple store here in Irvine for my copy, come the release date.

    Seriously, you people are over anaylzing everything. I mean really, what more can you get out of a DVD that has a black X and leopard print on it? Black MBP's? Maybe in hell.

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  • matttrick
    Sep 4, 10:46 PM



    you guys are arguing over nickels and dimes when it really comes down to preference. people who like os x buy it. people who like windows buy it. they dont sit and think about the cost difference between the two for the most part.

    i thought die hard mac os freaks loved it for its functionality and stability, not its price advantage? and windows haters just hate windows no matter what. good for them. im a big whore and ill get the benefits of both. ;)

    Nov 8, 05:54 AM
    UK store is down!

    Sep 24, 01:02 PM
    Wal-Mart uses loss-leading priced CD sales to draw people into the store.

    I work for Target... while we do not always underprice CD's, in many products, that is the case. If someone goes to buy that one product (that the store takes a loss on) the store hopes that they will pick up other items while they are there.

    Target sells a lot of the iTunes pre-paid cards... and TONS of iPod accessories.

    Aug 2, 08:45 PM
    It's just a typical security report. Get your panties out of a bunch and have a glass of water.

    I think the issue here is that this story has been a big deal in the tech world all day (it was in the Post and had a front page story on CNet) and all of those stories make a big deal about it being an Apple vulnerability.

    Then we see he's using a combination of hardware and software that I reckon not a single Mac user has installed, and it all seems a little, um, faux.

    cult hero
    Mar 25, 06:07 PM
    I'm afraid I have to disagree with you. Humans are social creatures, we evolved being social to help us survive against great odds.


    I'll see if I can find it, but I wouldn't boast about having Asperger's, it's better to boast about being an NT (Myers-Briggs personality type)

    I was joking. I don't think we need a society of of Dr. House walking around.

    Me = INTJ, if you were curious. :P

    Sep 12, 04:16 PM
    Well, I love iTunes 7


    the get album art is SICK

    the album scroll view is SICK

    the gapless playback is well you get the idea!

    I love it!

    Just put it on my PC at work, and it's awesome

    I'm a little concerned about putting it on my Mac at home because of the massive 140 gig library that it will have to process...

    Hopefully it goes well,

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