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  • ebuc
    Aug 2, 04:39 PM
    So what happens when the owner of the MacBook closes the computer?

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  • djransom
    Mar 28, 05:17 PM
    found a hidden page to link to the locations with ipads for radio shack...


    Very good find. I'm returning my original iPad today. Deciding if I want a cheaper iPad or grab the iPad 2.

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  • Chupa Chupa
    Mar 29, 10:51 AM
    Well it sounds like Apple wants to release all of their iOS devices (the iPad, iPod and iPhone) at the same time, a month or two before christmas, and a month or two after their new iOS release.

    That way, they can make everything uniform.

    There is no advantage to Apple to do this. In fact it would be a huge disadvantage:

    1) they would become a "black friday" company where the majority of their profit and cash flow comes from one quarter of the year;

    2) they would have to hire more engineers as they wouldn't be able to shift them from other less pressing projects as they do now b/c everything would be shipping in the same time frame;

    3) there would be less PR "boom" throughout the year because Apple would basically blow its yearly product wad in the span of a couple months. Out of sight, out of mind. Apple needs to always been in people's head, waiting for the next big announcement. Don't want to kill the Big Mo.

    What it sounds like is Apple doesn't want to release iPhone 5 this summer b/c what it really wants the iPhone 5 to be won't be ready and they are not going to rush to market like they did the iPhone 4. Lesson learned.

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  • toddybody
    Apr 14, 10:31 AM
    I think Mac sales are directly tied to the Halo affect of the iOS devices. The more they sell there, the more people open up to Mac as an alternative. With Lion having more iOS like interfaces, it will make it even more natural for new customers.

    Certainly to a degree. A Part of that Halo effect is "oh my iPhone is so easy to use, maybe I should give Macs a chance"...you also have to take into account their huge marketing appeal and iOS compatibility angle. Macs are "cool" and "just work" with everything Apple.

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  • rezenclowd3
    Sep 27, 01:01 PM
    I am used to having no ammo from playing Marathon. "Wheres the ammo!"

    I honestly do not mind at all. All the enemies drop weapons and ammo when killed, and as said, there are plenty of caches around. One just has to be quick switching from weapon to weapon. It would be nice if enemies ran out of ammo though....

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  • ezekielrage_99
    Sep 4, 11:23 PM
    Strange, because everyone said that Apple would release the MB and MBPs on the 12th, but not all of a sudden it shifted to the iMac :confused:

    I'm surprised we haven't started with those "New PowerBook Next Tuesday" rumors, they were fun.

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  • xxBURT0Nxx
    May 5, 01:08 AM
    So you think because it's wireless it will allow you do that? That's a big assumption. Charging was about the fact that wireless syncing at least for me only makes sense if you can charge at the same time (induction charging) otherwise it will be slow and battery draining. I sync my iPhone at least once a weak and i put 10-12 GB of music and videos on it everytime. For such amounts wireless sync is pointless. Of course people sync different amounts of data and at different frequencies, but they sync.

    i think you are confused my friend... where did i ever say that? In fact earlier in this thread i said...

    i feel like this would be a real battery killer... maybe not if you are just adding a few apps and cd's but when i sync ~6gb of music, contacts, calanders, apps, etc. it's a pretty long process over USB... don't even want to know how long it would take over wi-fi, nor would I want to sit around the house for a few hours to finish updating my phone all while the battery is getting raped.


    later in the thread another poster said

    Tying it to a single computer's iTunes has been a nuisance from time to time.

    and you replied

    So you never charge your iPhone or iPod?

    what does being tied to a single iTunes account have to do with charging your iDevice?


    As for wireless sync and inductive charging... dumb idea imo

    so i can sync over wifi, which is going to be slow as hell, and i still have to keep my device on a charging pad or in a dock? Why wouldn't i just plug it into the damn computer to speed up the process?

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  • bmwhd
    May 5, 09:05 AM
    Don't underestimate the attraction of making this work for the phone companies - Patching the iOS today requires a series of user actions often deemed tedious by the masses that don't read forums like this. My wife for example. She uses her iPhone solely as a phone and thus it doesn't get connected to iTunes unless I take the time to do it. This frustrates ATT/VZW as they want to close 'security' holes or turn on/off features at their discretion, not ours.

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  • matthewHUB
    Nov 12, 06:17 PM
    IRONIC as facebook could clearly benefit themselves on a more strict app approval system. There's so much spam on there these days. People's accounts getting hacked, sending messages with trojan links to everyone.

    And the iPhone app itself pretty much sucks anyway so a new developer would be a good thing

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  • crackbookpro
    Mar 29, 09:56 AM
    ...Apple is waiting on AT&T on this one for sure!!!

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  • louis Fashion
    Mar 28, 08:20 PM
    Everything has to start some where. I was nearly t-boned by a SUV today that thought they were better than the rest of us... they were running very much running a red light. Get your head out of the sand as to the new world order...

    Here in America bigger does not mean better in the end...

    In Germany it is "Mercedes hat vorfart" (I think that is spelled correctly)
    Translation: Mercedes has the right of way.

    - Just as God intended it.

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  • NYR99
    Oct 11, 10:45 PM
    While everyone's setup is very nice, I just can't stand all those wires! I just redid my whole setup with a new desk and everything, and spent like 6 hours hiding all the wires the best I could. Tomorrow I will take some pictures.

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  • InkMaster
    Jan 11, 03:14 PM
    the color tone is similar to the Apple TV.

    hahaha, so what, now we're matching colours? looking for some hidden meaning behind them? ;) Wow, this is more exciting then the Da Vinci Code

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  • Uragon
    Oct 17, 09:28 AM
    "Squirt," I guess is not an unfamiliar word to a man whose shirt is...... I don't want to see that video again....:D

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  • morpheus256
    Sep 12, 02:05 PM
    Can we get the new ones with the school promotion?
    nope, i called the store, and they will not do the new nano's with the school discount, but aparently they will do the new videos :confused:
    seems kinda sly to unload the old nanos on poor students.

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  • gigi1701
    Apr 12, 01:40 PM
    I hated Dreamweaver every single second I used it, and made the switch to RapidWeaver instead. A lot cheaper, a lot easier to pick up, and will grow with you as your knowledge deepens. There is a huge community of third party developers that make themes, plug-ins & extensions, and the community of users & developers are pretty open-source about sharing information and providing trouble shooting when things go awry. You can download a working demo for free...

    I tried Rapidweaver, but it wasn't for me the template system seemed to get in the way when I tried it. I do a lot of CSS coding and work a lot with Wordpress. I can used other programs to write code for Wordpress, Espresso works well and I use CSSEdit for working exclusively with CSS, but there are times I want a good WYSIWYG editor for laying out pages quickly and not have to switch between a preview and code view. So far KomPozer is the one that is the closest, but it is buggy and unfinished, I always find myself going back to Dreamweaver and wishing for something else.

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  • likemyorbs
    Apr 26, 11:41 AM
    Yes but I'm interested to know why you think the numbers are disproportionate. If you don't think it's race, finances, or lack of access to social services then what is it?

    Who knows? Maybe there is a genetic component involved.

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  • Mac-Addict
    Jan 11, 05:17 PM
    I think it's a computer that will fit inside your home and possibly carry around with you (There's something in the Air), that can use your modem's telephone line to connect to the WWW and display text and graphics.

    Ha that technology is years off. rtard.

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  • amols
    Sep 6, 09:25 AM
    Wow...now what's left for Sept 12 ? iPods and iTunes??

    And those waiting for MBPs........Start Crying :D :D :D

    May 5, 05:26 AM
    Can you toggle one of these displays between 2D and 3D?

    Sep 12, 01:48 PM
    24 hours battery life!! WOW. I want one, in addition to the shuffle! I bought my 4GB nano last month, but should have waited....

    ~Shard~ my jaw dropped when iLounge first reported the nano was 52% smaller in volume. Too bad it wasn't true, because then I would have had to get one!

    Oct 21, 08:02 PM
    this is a pic of my latest apple products mine as of october 11 my macbook pro with a 750 gig drive with a boot camp of windows xp and my time capsule 1 terabyte as of the 18th with several 2.5 drives hooked up to it as network storage for the house the time capsule is hooked up to my wireless router with a ethernet cable and its transmitting its own wireless ssid for the macbook pro for its n spec 802.11 and in the bookcase in the background is part of my anime collection i have a 2 terabyte mybook drive half full of anime most of my itunes in a mybook 1terabyte drive is anime that i convert for my ipod and watch on my mac mini that is hooked up to crt what u see part of in pic it is also hooked up to a 42in hdtv
    note here is the pic with the mac mini in the background is the anime drive my itunes drive is a 1terabyte drive that is on the far left of my desk in the pic is my magic mouse and my 3rd gen ipod touch also i have a trail of parallels on my macbook pro which is a 13in model and i also have an apple keyboard the screen to left is part of my dual screen windows vista machine

    Mar 22, 02:21 PM
    G5 PowerBook. Wife said no......

    Apr 11, 06:36 AM
    Your logic is flawed, kid. You need the right tools, BEFORE you can make money with them.

    Learn the trade, not the tool and you won't have that problem, "kid". I didn't need a 1k$ compiler/profiling suite to learn programming and I certainly didn't need a 500k$ PA-RISC box with 20k$ worth of HP-UX licenses to learn Unix systems administration.

    Yet these days I do both at a level that could earn me enough to buy that stuff (and I actually do the Unix stuff everyday professionally which does pay enough to buy that stuff, though I sometimes regret not going into the programming side).

    Why you would need every last version of the entire CS suite to get into graphics and design quite eludes the mind.

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