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  • VenusianSky
    Apr 2, 10:59 AM
    More megapixels can mean equal or better quality at a larger resolution or worse quality at a larger resolution. It all depends on how they cram in the extra pixels. If they cram them into the same size sensor as a 5MP, then it would result in lower quality, but larger pictures. If they increase the sensor size, which would require a longer focal length, then you would have equal or better quality at a larger resolution. The problem with increasing the focal point is the iPhone's thin design. They would have to move sensor further away from the lens in order for it to focus properly. I believe Apple did go with a larger sensor in the iPhone 4.

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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 29, 07:08 AM

    You forgot:

    Apple is only a hype machine

    Apple is evil

    Apple only cares about money

    Apple is money grabbing Steve Jobs ruling with an iron fist

    Apple is a moral dictator

    Apple should invest in cancer research

    add here.................................

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  • macking104
    Nov 23, 10:12 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPod; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_1_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7E18 Safari/528.16)

    2 million x $1.29 = good money...

    For those comparing Bach and Beatles:

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  • chillywilly
    Sep 12, 02:26 PM
    I get iTunes error when I try to open iTunes 7 after installation. Don't know what to do.
    Are you on Windows? If so, then do an uninstall, reboot and then reinstall.

    Also, try uninstalling QuickTime if there are problems still.

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  • zap2
    Apr 4, 05:36 PM
    A child does not naturally grow up to be socially responsible or kind. They naturally grow up to be self-centered and violent unless a parent or authority teaches them otherwise.

    As negative as I think religion can be, it has set a code of conduct for people that enables cooperation and empathy for others. Although we don't need religion to teach people morals, we need some agreed upon code of conduct.

    You might say that the laws of a country serve that purpose, but they don't. They are simply rules everyone must follow and any despotic ruler can set awful laws that can hurt people. Therefore, the code of conduct has to be separate from the law.

    If atheism has any future, its needs some type of unified, agreed upon code.

    The idea that religion is the only thing that keeps kids from growing up into terrible people is a bit outdated, there are large countries in the Western World were religion has almost no influence and these places are not a pool of hate.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Oct 2, 06:30 PM
    ... that the Halo community has more than it's share of people who's manhood is defined by playing online from the relative safety of their bedroom.
    By nature of being one of the biggest games in the console space, it is also going to have one of the largest groups of people who are d-bags. And you can be "tired of my pat answer" all you want, but the fact is, by playing with only people I know, I don't have to deal with those d-bags. The tools are there, available for everyone to use. Add more nice players to your friends list, and set your voice settings to "Team Only" and move on. Not hard to do.

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  • malnar
    Apr 27, 10:33 AM
    That's a really dangerous way of looking at it. It's much better to have three sets of money -- our money, my money, and your money. Preferably in separate bank accounts. In a situation like you sketch, usually one or the other spouse ends up doing most of the purchases with the communal chest, and that can lead to conflict when the other one wants to get something for himself.

    Kids have pocket money, which they can spend as they see fit -- adults should have at least some money that is unquestionably theirs as well. It's a lot easier to agree, once, that M and F's personal entertainment budgets are $n per month, than it is to agree that this september, we'll get a couch, and then maybe in january we'll get an ipad, etc... Budgetting and saving apply on that level as well as the communal property level.
    "Dangerous" ... this is junk talk. Who have you been listening to that suggests this? My wife and I have been married 12 years and have shared the same bank account that whole time, no separate accounts. (Jesus, what a nightmare to keep track of!) We've never once had a conflict about spending like you suggest we should. Why? because we live as WeegieMac does, the poster you're ripping on. We have respect for each other and our mutual needs as well as our individual desires. And we make sacrifices when we need to - both of us. Most of the responses in here act like marriage is a competition to see who can get what, or who can sneak this or that past their spouse. It's just shameful. What a tiring life that must be.

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  • pindkaas
    Nov 8, 06:02 AM
    Dutch Apple store is down too!

    When its up and running with new macbooks, i'm the first to order one!

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  • Jason Beck
    Mar 4, 05:17 PM

    Forgot to mention this was the first shoot with my new speedlight. Decided to get one rather than upgrade to a fullframe (few more months :) ). Still loving this little Rebel XS.

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  • CorvusCamenarum
    May 1, 07:13 PM
    Any updates from Corvus anyone?

    My wife and I are both alive and well, we only just got electricity back about an hour or so ago. Worst 4 days of our lives, but we got off lucky. Others lost everything, including themselves.

    I appreciate all of your nice comments. But again, aside from power loss, my family and I are fine.

    Let's keep an eye out for CorvusCamenarum, though. I'm genuinely concerned about anyone who was logged into macrumors (in other words, sitting at their computer) in Tuscaloosa at 5:00 yesterday and not in a basement or shelter.
    It's a MBP on wireless internet. When it hit, I was hunkered in the interior bathroom with it, the cell phone, a flashlight and two very upset cats.

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  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 30, 08:26 PM
    Yes, you are right, but the story itself, in the little I've seen of it is just more of the same, but I have not given up. I'm hoping to get back into it this weekend. :)
    Keep with it. The campaign is quite good, in my opinion. Oh, and also, make sure you stay through the credits. ;)
    I am still working my way through the single player on legendary but once I am done I'll check out the firefight mode. I really liked a similar mode in Gears of War so I could see myself getting into that.
    At its core, it is very similar to Horde mode from GoW2. You fight against waves and waves of Covenant, scoring points along the way. It was a little rough around the edges when they first did it in ODST, but now for Reach it is pretty awesome. You can do Matchmaking for it, if you want. Or you can set it up, and play custom versions. You can also play it in Versus mode, where it is 2v2; one team of 2 are Spartans, the other 2 are Elites. Spartans are trying to score points, Elites are trying to stop them. When the round is over, or the Spartans are out of lives, you switch sides, and see which team can end up with the most points in the end. It is a blast.

    There is also a mode that Bungie created called "Gruntpocalypse" where it is nothing but waves and waves of Grunts, with the "Grunt Birthday Party" skull turned on. It sounds very basic, but killing hundreds of Grunts, the confetti popping out of their heads, and hearing the kids cheer YAAAAYY every time you headshot them just never gets old. :D

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  • gkarris
    May 4, 11:03 PM
    A welcome feature.

    ...until you get your cell phone bill. :eek:

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  • sphereboy
    Sep 12, 03:41 PM
    Here are my thoughts ( if anyone cares ):

    The left column icons are really bad.
    The type headers are too big.
    The spacing is horrendous.

    Missing Equalizer button.
    Missing Visualizer button.

    Coverflow was cool as it was a stand alone app. But to just squeeze the exisitng app into itunes is just plain lazy. Doesn't seem like much thought went into that one.

    Ipod updates are cool.
    The Search is back to how it was. No more tabs up on top? Not searching for videos?

    What if i want to collapse the Store section on the Left Column? I can't. Stupid UI.

    To be honest, i think all this Apple attention is hurting their creativity. The buttons look like the first version of iTunes for the PC.

    Hopefully this is that bad version, and they will correct it. I will be sending these comments to Apple Feedback as well.


    Update: Oh and i forgot!... the Dock Icon. FUGLY!

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  • oldwatery
    Sep 12, 10:54 PM
    I was so wanting an upgraded Mini when Apple introduced the Nano. I disliked the new form and materials. But the new Nano is everything I wished for. Well almost. Why did they give us only black for the 8gig? This is the premium model. I want silver damn it!!! But otherwise full marks from me. Just placed my order for a Shuffle......awesome job Apple. One of the best introduction days I can remember. The new iTV is the icing on the cake. Bravo:D

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  • MacBoobsPro
    Aug 8, 10:09 AM
    I have to descent from the mass and say I was not impressed by the Keynote. What the hell is with Safari still having the brushed metal interface, as well as the finder, etc...

    I thought they were finally going to get rid of that and get some consistency in their GUI. :mad:

    Overall, I am much more interested in the developers. When is OS X going to be more than a different OS and get some key native applications? Apple continues to lead the show, as they should, but they should take a hint from Microsoft and promote their developers more. Like it or not, it's not Apple, but ultimately their developers that will grow the platform.

    Steve really should have pressed the developers to commit on stage to release dates...if that was possible. Microsoft should have been present to provide some information in regards to the next version of Office and its time frame for release.

    How can he press them for release times when they haven't even got their hands on the new Developer kit?

    Also its up to the developers i.e. Adobe et al to get the key native apps out the door. Apple is doing everything it can to help them. i.e. Xcode 2.x, hands on labs etc. Thats what WWDC is for.

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  • dbattle
    Apr 14, 06:16 PM
    So here's my question - if they're eliminating the "suite" package and eliminating upgrade pricing aren't they killing the current FCP editors who use all of the other suite apps? Currently FCP 7 charges $299 for the upgrade. So if they're eliminating the upgrade price and I want to upgrade 3 of my systems I have to pay $299 for FCPX and then an additional $700? for the other apps for each system? I've just gone from an upgrade cost of $900 (3 systems) to $3,000!

    Please tell me it ain't so!

    In my opinion the quote was very vague I think it left open the possibility that the price is $299 for the whole suite, maybe it's just wishful thinking.

    Here's the quote - "We've had upgrade pricing, we've had Final Cut Express, we've had Final Cut Studio - so we decided that we wanted to really do away with all of that, we wanted to greatly simplify the pricing structure, make it very very easy for you decide if you want to get a copy of Final Cut Pro. So we've decided to make it available for the amazing price of $299."

    I think the mention of all those would imply that all of those are now the $299 price? Thoughts?

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  • rusty2192
    Mar 14, 04:08 PM
    You have to love small towns. I spent about an hour and a half in one Saturday morning getting my taxes done, so I pulled out the camera while I was waiting. I have a few keepers (by my standards of course, which are pretty low) to show over the next few days.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5053/5526836569_a3bbf429d3.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/48874590@N02/5526836569/)

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  • digitalbiker
    Aug 24, 05:01 PM
    I *knew* there was a reason I bought the 17".... :p

    I wonder why it doesn't include the 17". I purchased the latest model G4 17" PB and I am sure it uses the same type of Sony batteries. It's just that the 17" runs a little cooler because there is more room and surface area to disipate the heat.

    I hope this isn't just a money saving issue on Apple's part and that the 17" PB batteries aren't defective also.

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  • ZoomZoomZoom
    Sep 6, 09:00 AM
    And isn't the 128mb 7300 still much better than the 256mb 1600?

    Yes, it is still better. Although the 7600, for $125, will make things even better than that.

    Apr 2, 05:02 AM
    It's true that a high megapixel count is not anything like the most important factor about a camera, but everything else being equal more megapixels is better than fewer megapixels. I seriously doubt Apple is going to add megapixels just for the number on the specs list.

    Why are you comparing the users? A good comparison would be the same user (good or bad) using different cameras/mobiles to take photographs.

    I don't understand your argument.

    I think the point is that the technical specs of a photo, and the camera it was taken on, can't make a badly lit, poorly composed photo a good one, and (within reason) can't totally destroy the work of a good photographer who knows what they are doing but only had access to a 'lesser' camera.

    Another way of looking at it might be that Leonardo da Vinci could do more impressive work with a pencil and paper than many people could do with a studio full of photoshop artists.

    Sep 22, 02:59 PM
    Wal-Mart denies it:


    "The Post story appears to be a rehashing of the misinformation that's been printed previously," a Wal-Mart spokeswoman said in a statement.

    Aug 3, 05:58 PM
    THAT is exactly what Im talking about. All you people bitch and complain about new things/developments that Apple might be working on (and later announce) and at first you all hate it. Then you get used to it, and then one day you find you love it. I hope the iPhone does come out and you all hate it and it becomes a phenomenal success....the same case the iPod once faced. Same with the new names (MacBook). Same with the switch to Intel (now look how lucky we are). Same with the Intel integrated graphi...well...no one likes those actually, but my point is stop thinking you're going to hate it because you're most likely going to end up getting it anyway.

    So true!
    That's why Steve probably never wasted his time reading forums because in the end MOST people just love to hate and whine. With some exceptions of good posts, I usually just see people expecting crazy products and then getting disappointed at the end of every keynote or special event.

    Sun Baked
    Nov 23, 03:07 PM
    In 40 years let's see how Justin Beiber and Lady Bla Bla are selling. Rock on Beatles!

    Thos two might get a mention in 40 years for a musical edition of Trivial Pursuit if that is still being updated.

    Still nice to see that the Beatles can top the charts.

    Apr 13, 05:49 PM
    Awesome! :cool:

    Can't wait to see what they'll do with the Logic (http://www.apple.com/logicstudio/) rewrite!!!! ;)

    (Taps fingers impatiently...) :D

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