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  • Treq
    Nov 2, 10:53 PM
    It works great everywhere except some apple computers, iphones and iPods.
    But you knew that.
    Put down the Koolaid and step away from the keyboard.

    That's because Adobe hasn't written a good version for the Mac yet. The mac version is a bloated resource hog. Everyone knows that.

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  • iScott428
    Mar 21, 02:25 PM
    What amazing personality and humor from the worlds most valuable company. Kudos Apple!

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  • bmorris
    Mar 29, 10:30 AM
    All of the stores in Atlanta are out.
    Apple is opening at 9 am and the lines start at 7:30 but people are camping out since 4am.

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  • MacNut
    Sep 12, 03:38 PM
    Anyone been playing with gapless so far? How do you like it?It works great, "Dark Side" and "The Wall" play as intended.

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  • emotion
    Jan 11, 04:28 PM
    Anyone know what's happening/what happened with the Wireless spectrum auction?

    Good angle. I'm not sure Google has this nailed down yet. I expect a Google - Apple tie up when they do.

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  • michaelsviews
    Mar 29, 09:55 AM
    That sounds like it makes sense, but does ATT have LTE coverage? or will they by October?

    AT&T is going to be busy revamping T-Mobile's towers, and they still have not upgraded there current system's for more bar's in more place's .

    I've been in NYC where there supposed to be up to date and the latest technology, reset my iPhone so I was on there towers down there and still had 3 dropped calls , my friend who is Verizon has NEVER had a dropped call, either with there black berry or iPhone.

    If Verizon would update there towers to all LTE I'd port over as soon as a LTE iPhone comes out but for now I'm still using a 3G iPhone and seriously thinking of going to a pay as you go till Apple, Verizon, & AT&T get there act together and start using technology of today and not the past, easier said than done but if they want to do it they will and soon.

    Hopefully before the economy tanks out again

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  • yellow
    Aug 3, 11:55 AM
    Well, going on national TV and basically challenging the hacker community doesn't really qualify as obscure, now does it?

    People keep mentioning this.. does anyone have a link to the add that specifically challenges hackers?

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  • SilentPanda
    Aug 24, 05:25 PM
    If your serial numbers don't work but they should...

    I was just on the phone with Apple for about 45min to an hour (waiting). My battery serial number wouldn't take. The guy said it was because the page is bogged down. So you may want to save yourself a phone call and just wait until tomorrow, the next day, or late at night or something...

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  • LegendKillerUK
    Mar 29, 09:48 AM
    I have no interest in speaking into my device outside of answering a phone call or video chat.

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  • ericinboston
    Apr 12, 01:31 PM
    Cutting NPR and Union collective bargaining rights are not going to solve our fiscal mess.

    I laugh at this topic...because it's been yapped about for weeks..."just cut NPR and we'll save $40 million!" Wow...$40mill out of trillions. Yeah, great concept. Why don't we cut out public museums, libraries, and parks while we're at it.

    I actually listen to NPR...basically because it's on the classical station I tune into. NPR may be a bit on the Democrat side, but overall I find the stories are at least real news...while offering both sides of the argument.

    Queue all the Fox News freaks...

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  • Shake 'n' Bake
    Mar 8, 06:52 PM
    Here's my contribution for the day. It's a chair in my basement. Nothing too exciting. Sorry for the enormous size. I don't know how to make it smaller other than using a thumbnail. I feel like I'm "that guy."


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  • SPEEDwithJJ
    Oct 24, 04:51 PM
    I paid the same amount for my current 13.3" but I have 2.13ghz, 128gb ssd, superdrive, apple care, retail leopard and snow leopard rolled into it.

    Plus, you've also got a backlit keyboard (which some of us value a lot) on your MBA. :)

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  • Porco
    Apr 2, 05:26 AM
    Fair enough.

    I think that was common sense and wasn't worth mentioning in any context.

    I think it was worth mentioning, especially in the context of a discussion on cameras and the quality of the images they produce. It's good to remember that these things are tools and not be obsessed to the point of ignoring the creativity that is required to make these tools useful.

    If common sense was more common, the megapixel myth wouldn't exist :)

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  • Azathoth
    Apr 14, 10:03 AM
    Lenovo's global shipments went up 16.3% according to the IDC report, which is pretty damn impressive.

    That X220 is looking mighty appealing.

    Yeah, I just read the review on the X220. Some of the best in class battery life, performance and an IPS screen option (unfortunately not high-res). Looks like a great thinkpad. I'd get one if I needed a smaller/more rugged PC.

    Having said that, I see so many apple laptops nowadays - the increased per person purchasing power that most of the developed world has been afforded, combined with the lowering cost of hardware (I remember the days that *any* laptop was a serious *investment*), means that MB and MBP are no longer the high-ticket items they once were...

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  • ECUpirate44
    Mar 29, 09:46 AM
    The only way waiting until September for the iPhone 5 will be worth it for me, is if it is LTE.

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  • torbjoern
    Apr 26, 12:35 PM
    Question one. No, I'm not saying whites are as likely to commit a gun crime. I have no idea if that is true or not.

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  • deconai
    Aug 3, 05:00 PM
    Something to take into consideration:
    If these guys didn't want Apple to be embarrassed, why did they go ahead and use an Apple computer? That was quite polite of them not to show how vulnerable the Airport card is...or just plain bull. I don't believe this for one second. It's all to easy to say something, but a little harder to back it up with actions.

    Not all drivers are created equal.

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  • SwitchingtoMAC
    Jan 11, 05:00 PM
    They're skipping the whole touchscreen/tablet thing and moving straight to 3D holograms that allow you to type, drag/drop and everything else by moving your hands and fingers around inside the hologram.

    nah there going to introduce streaming directly into someones mind no need for a tv or anything else

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  • emorydunn
    Mar 7, 11:33 PM
    An electric pylon in the woods near where I live.
    I was considering posting this in the weekly photo contest thread as the current theme is surrealism, but I decided to stick with my old favourite, photo of the day.

    I really like this. All of the lines seem to point to the centre which adds a good dynamic and the slight warping in the pylon is just perfect.

    As for mine, it's part of a personal project that I've been messing around with for a little while. There are a couple other lighting styles and colours in the Flickr set. I'm not quite sure how I want to do the final image but I'm thinking maybe a triptych of different coloured lights might work well.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5057/5501106890_9605f1f1f0_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/emorydunn/5501106890/in/photostream/)

    Apr 26, 07:32 PM
    Boy, am I glad it's my bedtime.

    Night, old Son. http://i55.photobucket.com/albums/g158/MouseMeat/Smilies/Offtobed.gif

    Mar 28, 04:03 PM
    So Walmart is full of obese hillbillies?

    I bought my iPad 2 at Walmart: 7 folks in line, 15 iPad 2's. Everyone was very nice. Im a 24yr old 6'2'', 190lb Systems engineer(with all my teeth)...and I shop there all the time. Dont hate...

    I went to walmart on launch day at 4pm I was #5 in line and they had 6. Best Buy had 40 in line. I was out of there by 5:05 with my 64 gig wifi. I ordered one for my wife on line I got a 5 week date. They sent my cover right away, and took full payment from my debit card. Thats why they should send the ordered ones before they open to another chain.

    Manic Mouse
    Sep 6, 08:21 AM
    *next* Tuesday ;)

    Merom in the iMacIntel does leave a space in the lineup for the Conroe Mini-Tower.

    When they come out and we both buy one, can we have a little MacRumours party topic? We can dance all night long! ;)

    I would be so happy!

    Nov 2, 04:56 PM
    Hmm, support of the standards on one hand (see Adobe apps in the Itunes store) and criticism on the other.

    The only thing they failed to do is provide a call to action. There is neither a link to Adobe or Apple. They are expecting that people actually care enough about the product that they will search out a way to provide feedback on the topic to the appropriate powers that be.

    If they are serious about making it a cause then they need to do something radical. Pull all of their products from the store, even if it is only temporary. Otherwise, it's just talk.

    Aug 3, 11:41 PM
    why would u really need a better resolution for the iSight?

    Use it as a video/security/iChat/Games camera.
    Use it for higher quality still shots.
    Have improved video chat quality when real broadband speeds available. I have 1meg up 8meg down, that should be fast enough for some decent video.

    its stupid


    all most people do is take funny pics of them-selves and do iChat

    Because the current quality is so low...
    And I think you'll find that people do more than that.
    And even if thats all they do why not have a higher resolution? Seems plenty of people are doing these things.

    if u increase the quality of the iSight for iChat, then it slows the video down
    it also will be jerky because the file is large

    If you have average machines and broadband yep it does. Whereas if you have more potent dual intel machines, mpeg4 and decent ADSL2+ etc, then you can get better quality video...iChat can already support 4 people communicating now, so 2 communicating with higher bandwidth should be easy *sigh*

    and a wireless iSight will just make iChat even slower

    Really? How fast is wireless...mmm...up to 54mbps...how fast is decent broadband...1-2mbps up stream...gee wireless is like 25x faster than it needs to be to keep the frame rate up for broadband. Even at range it should be faster.

    And there are PLENTY of high end (Axis etc) wireless security cameras out there right now using G to pump back MPEG4 video wirelesly. I even have one.

    Maybe you should do some research first before calling people stupid ;)

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