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  • azazel-
    Mar 15, 02:45 PM
    You may have Windows 7 on your desktop but I doubt if you've ever used it properly. Now I've been a Mac user for a long time and I own an iMac and an MBP but let me tell you this, Windows 7 is definitely much better than Vista.

    I really don't want to compare Windows to OSX but after using both Vista and 7, I am very confident when I say that Microsoft has really done a good job with Windows 7. Vista was a disaster though....

    Please, elaborate on how one he would have "used it properly" in reference to an OS.

    It's an OS. It should get the hell out of your way and let you worry about actually *doing* stuff with your computer. About the best thing I can say about Windows 7 is that it doesn't require me to care about it in the least, so in that, it's a success, although I still far prefer OS X.

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  • ruy
    Sep 26, 10:12 AM
    Nobody can stop the tide of technology, not even Walmart.

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  • Nipsy
    Oct 13, 09:38 PM
    You don't force a boutique operation to lower prices by lowering demand.

    It is fundamental economics.

    Also, 999 of 1000 things which get said here have already been researched by BizDev, R&D, Manufacturing, etc. in Cupertino.

    They know we want a G5/Power4 Lite. They know we're savvy enough not to accept a 7470 or some other rebadged G4.

    They know that the G4 is not as fast as some PIV and Athlons. They know we know this.

    They know that MHz matters, no matter how much they downplay it.

    They know the Photoshop bake off is a bad metric.

    So, since I don't care either way, complain, don't complain, write your congressman, eat J-ello, but know for a fact that unless you have an amazing insight, a moment of pure clarity, or an unused superchip design in you desk drawer, that you won't be changing the future with suggestions, and you'll only impact it negatively by boycotting Apple products.

    As a shareholder and a customer, that idea spells doom, not development.

    Do what you want to do, but get your facts straight, and don't talk out of your sunshine hole!

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  • kristiano
    Sep 6, 08:50 AM
    I am seriously thinking of getting out of Windowsworld and the new 24" iMac looks great!:D

    From the listed specs this will really rock.

    Anybody have advice on whether I should wait for Leopard to come out or not?

    Get one if you need it now.

    Bottomline is, when Leopard comes out, there will a cheaper/better Mac. But that's just the way it is with technology.

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  • jamigre
    Jun 24, 07:49 PM
    The day that Steve Jobs tells me I have to use iTunes to purchase software for my laptop or desktop, or that I can't install what I want or how I want it on my personal computer I give him the big middle finger and switch to Linux or Windows.

    I already think it's ridiculous that I have to jailbreak my iPhone every 6months or so - but if the day comes that you'll have to jailbreak your comp, thanks but no thanks. I'll give up convenience for freedom.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 12, 09:23 AM
    [QUOTE=Sydde;12126014]Probably not, though, because then our tech-toy upgrade cycles would be much less regular, we would have to fix more stuff instead of replacing it, and there would simply not be enough margin to maintain the crucial upper class. So, yeah, practically speaking, we have to./QUOTE]

    One wonders how Japan, the third largest economy in the world, does it?

    They are just as tech-toy advanced as the United States... if not more.

    And they manage to do it while spending only 0.9% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures) of their GDP on defense ($46 billion) while the United States spends 4.3% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures) ($663 billion).

    How is China growing into the next economic superpower while only spending 2% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_military_expenditures) of its GDP ($99 billion) on defense?

    See, I think you have it backwards. You see our massive defense spending as propping up our economy. I think a closer examination will reveal that it is instead is instead, dragging us down.

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  • BenRoethig
    Sep 6, 09:10 AM
    this 7300 GT...is this a mobile chip that we might possibly see in the mbp?

    Nope, desktop chip.

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  • MacSA
    Nov 7, 04:30 AM
    If they increase the amount of RAM to 1GB they could increase the amount the integrated graphics use to around 128mb, the current 64mb is a bit low.

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  • johnny_g
    Aug 2, 10:09 PM
    Well, they find a problem and Apple responds in less than a day! No matter whose fault it was, Apple's computers had an obscure security hole and I applaud them for fixing it... not sure why everyone is getting all defensive over this one. Apple has already fixed the problem with the latest OS X security update, and I would guess Microsoft has done the same thing:

    The update to WebKit resolves an issue where a maliciously-crafted HTML document could cause a previously deallocated object to be accessed, leading to an application crash or arbitrary code execution.

    Really seems like a non-event to me as Macbook users (I wouldn't be scared to claim 100% of them) use their internal airport cards, not the silly USB one that opened up a security hole before this seurity update existed.

    I mean if you install ARD and give someone the password then they can have complete control over your computer maybe that should reach front page as the main headline.

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  • RichP
    Oct 15, 03:59 PM
    Steve is smooth, and he gets the point.

    There is nothing more to ruin the moment, whether it be with a pretty girl, or with someone you are having a friendly convesation with, than to start fumbling with MENUS. The spontanity is lost once 2 people need to remove their Zunes from their pockets, go through a few menus, and then send a song over wireless. THEN listen to it. ALONE.

    Wireless will come on iPod when its good and ready. It isnt right now.

    motulist: you are right on cue. You just described what will be the real Zune experience.

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  • stefan15
    Nov 7, 07:05 PM
    I really hope they choose to upgrade the default amount of RAM. 512mb is simply not enough. Sure some of you will argue, but I've tried a Macbook with 512 and one with 1gb and the latter is far better. To me it seems like 1gb is OSX's sweet spot, and 512mb is just barely lacking. I was pretty surprised when they decided to go with 512mb stock in the first place.

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  • Dustman
    May 5, 03:09 PM
    iPad 3 - iPad 3D

    I could really see that, with the iPhone 3G (it was actually the 3rd phone) and had 3G.

    3G was the 2nd. 3GS was the third.

    This would be absolutely awesome! As long as its implimented well and that it has a virtual 3D slider to adjust how much it's all popping up at you.

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  • d$$$
    Jun 29, 04:31 PM
    A touch screen desktop would be too gimmicky for Apple.

    What I can see happening is using the iPad with a Remote App for controlling Apple TV. An evolution of the current Remote App for iPhone/Touch that lets you control the iTunes library on your desktop.

    The iPad remote would offer screen mirroring, so you can see what content is currently playing on your TV while moving freely across your house.

    It could also offer supplemental content; even video and background info, that you could see displayed on your iPad while the actual media content plays on the Apple TV. This way, the iPad could act as a little support screen that cues in background info at the right moments, e.g. in a movie, without disrupting the actual movie experience or cluttering up the screen (as additional content on DVDs does).

    That would be pretty cool : )

    As for the iMac, the next step would be trickling down quad-core processors to the 21" models and pleasepleaseplease offering a non-glossy screen.

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 15, 01:49 PM
    Now there is a logical solution

    What's illogical about it?

    Why should we subsidize the defense industry, a multi-multi-billion dollar expense to our government, merely to maintain some jobs?

    Please show me the evidence that demonstrates that is a positive investment for our country.

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  • netdog
    Jan 11, 05:21 PM
    The MacJordan Nike MacBook, complete with Swoosh. Available today at Niketown.

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  • *LTD*
    Apr 14, 11:52 AM
    Sad part is, as adoption increases...so will viruses/malware/trojans/etc.

    Best analogy Ive heard is:

    Windows 7 is a house with bars on the windows, and industrial locks on the doors...in Baltimore.

    OSX is a house with no locks, in the middle of nowhere.

    We've been hearing this since 2002 or so.

    Where's all the malware? It's 2011 and we have zero viruses and like 2 trojans. Adoption is increasing but malware is not.

    BUT . . . I do like your analogy. :)

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  • nagromme
    Aug 7, 10:34 PM
    Very similar external case, but the insides are totally new and different--so I think we'll see this case design for quite a while to come. That answers that, you can stop waiting for a new design :)

    Lots of great attention to detail--like the way the drive-holders are numbered in case you take more than one out and forget where they came from.

    I still wonder where the Airport and Bluetooth antennas are.

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  • 4np
    Aug 24, 06:11 PM
    I was already on the phone with Apple and they said the page is bogged down and to give it some time to cool off. My battery was in the range, Apple told me it was, and the app still doesn't work. Save some time and try again tomorrow or later tonight when people should be asleep.

    I guess that you're awake when I'm asleep (and the other way round)... in fact... it's 01:10 right now and I need to get up at 7:45... better go to bed and give the rest an opportunity to visit the battery exchange pages ;)

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  • AlaskaMoose
    Mar 14, 09:06 PM

    Mar 29, 08:58 AM
    I only use current iOS voice control for dialing.

    Would love better voice technology in iOS 5. Make it so!

    Aug 24, 01:49 PM
    Can anyone verify which serials are the right ones? The press release and the Apple site differed (before it died). I'm in the press release range, not the Apple range. :confused:

    Apr 2, 05:06 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8G4)

    You can do some amazing things with the iPhone 4 camera and photog apps. I'm considering ditching my point and shoot Canon, though zoom technology really isn't there yet for me to be able to do that, I must admit. More megapixels is fine, but let's see some implementation of a proper zoom.

    Oct 26, 07:12 PM
    My Week 36 MacBook runs quietly, coolly and reliably. Should I apply the update?

    Yes. It fixed my week 21 Macbook that just got RSS two days ago. Even if your Macbook runs nicely now, it could get RSS in the future and when you call Apple all they're going to tell you is to install the firmware update.

    Jun 29, 10:07 PM
    It'll just have a Retina Display with graphics higher than the current 4870 and faster hardware. It's only 22" because it doesn't need to be big at such pixel density. If you remove it's aluminum stand, it'll be light enough to be tolerable for your lap but it's gonna' be too hot.

    The whole screen can't be a big iPad that you put on a low table with virtual keyboard and pressure sensitivity (I expect the iPad to have Retina Display with pressure sensitivity and front camera) because that would be too tiring and the smudges are gonna' ruin photo editing sessions because nowadays you also use an iMac for professional jobs.

    The current iMac are already multi-touch with the multi-touch mouse. I just think it's the Retina display and the wireless keyboard will have iOS capabilities for things like Dashboard which is rarely used coz' it gets in the way of the your work.


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