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pregnant women eating

pregnant women eating. Pregnant Women
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  • mdntcallr
    Sep 22, 03:33 PM
    walmart is evil!!

    whether or not they did this. although with how hard the pressure all of their suppliers, i would NOT believe that they didnt exert some form of pressure on the movie studios

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  • Piggie
    Apr 2, 05:54 AM
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you get over a lot of the quality issues by using a 90 degree bend, so the lens on the back of the phone/ipad is almost just a glass cover, behind which is a mirror, then you have a long unit at 90 degrees to this device which holds various lenses, so for example you could have a 10 or 20mm long lens barrel/system inside there?

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  • ten-oak-druid
    May 5, 12:09 AM
    Yeah, Blu Ray players are pretty useless because of the PS3, which is usually cheaper and can play Blu Ray anyway. Of course, my dad got a Blu Ray player before I could say anything :rolleyes:

    And I think the digital copy is useless because of Netflix, which can just stream it. The internet is the future for now, not discs.

    I don't know about the digital copy being useless. I have netflix and I also add movies to itunes. I see them as complimentary. Some items I do not care to purchase and it is nice to have netflix. On the other hand I like owning movie and TV shows that I really like. Also netflix doesn't have everything I want. And don't forget when traveling, you don't always have good internet.

    The Apple TV is nice because it accesses both netflix and my itunes media.

    Anyway movies I really like, I tend to buy physical copies anyway and rip them to add to itunes. The digital copy/blu ray is better as I can play the 1080p version once in a while and access it on the computer/ iOS anytime.

    I'm looking forward to the release of Lord of the Rings extended edition coming out this summer on blu ray. I believe that has digital copy too.

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  • eji
    Jul 24, 09:16 AM
    I like the dictionary idea. But aren't we getting into the realm of the tablet/PDA now?

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  • iCheddar
    Oct 24, 09:06 PM

    What's your GPU?

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  • lifeinhd
    Nov 24, 05:33 AM
    Regardless of your musical tastes, why anyone who proclaims to care about Apple's success would begrudge them expanding their catalogue to include one of the most influential bands of the 20th century... well, it's a complete mystery to me.

    That's not quite it. People were annoyed at the fact that the event was so hyped, not that it was somehow a "bad" thing.

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  • AP_piano295
    Apr 26, 12:16 AM
    Schools, churches, and libraries all have computers and books. There are several nutritional programs for the poor. most of the time they are abused, and it is spent on garbage, or sold for $.50 on the dollar.

    I hardly think you know what percentage of the time these programs are abused.

    Are these programs sometimes abused? Certainly and it's a problem but unless you have numbers don't claim that these social programs are largely in vain.

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  • Northgrove
    May 5, 03:15 AM
    Time for the headaches.

    I feel sorry for you. :( No one I know suffered from headaches from watching 3D movies.

    Having said that, I feel hesitant about this... I haven't been impressed especially by the sharpness that fake 3D can offer. Impression of depth is good enough for me, but the sharpness really sucks. 3D so far completely counters everything that we have worked for to get to HD movies in one blow. It's funny how modern 3D TV's have got to 1080p and all, and then backpedals from all that with blurry 3D movies.

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  • What cheese can pregnant women

  • Feverish Flux
    Jan 11, 11:55 AM
    Woah, different font - that's not Myriad Set like most of their stuff...

    pregnant women eating. Among pregnant women
  • Among pregnant women

  • Crzyrio
    Mar 18, 01:46 PM
    Love the views people had about it back then! To thick that iPod was the cornerstone of something so great

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  • BoyBach
    Oct 15, 04:34 PM
    I like the "Job's Pulling Technique" - whip out iPod, insert ear-buds into lasses ear, adopt hopeful grin and hope she doesn't slap you!

    Sounds like a typical weekend night-out in a valley's town. Sans iPod, of course.


    pregnant women eating. pregnant women crazy.
  • pregnant women crazy.

  • stephenli
    Oct 15, 09:04 PM
    Is there any medical concern with sharing earbuds?

    yes, so girls will use their own earbuds to jack into your iPod.

    I don't see ourselves in 10 years still being limited by wired headphones and such. Maybe it'll be easier than the Zune but the idea of beaming a song for somebody else to download/hear is pretty cool to me.

    e...in this case you have to pairing the girl's wireless headphone with your wireless iPod, and the girl may say "oops! its out of battery" :(

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  • TheSVD
    Mar 2, 07:05 AM
    absolutely love this, well done. such a nice picture.. the city scape in the background.. just great!

    Enjoying the view.

    stunning.. where is that?

    love this too.. :)

    my next for today, I like black and white, don't take many pics which suit it often..

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5255/5490234186_bbf9542130_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/svdphotography/5490234186/)
    Untitled (http://www.flickr.com/photos/svdphotography/5490234186/) by TheSVD (http://www.flickr.com/people/svdphotography/), on Flickr

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  • iPad 2
    Mar 29, 10:33 AM
    You really expect them to squeeze a new iPad into the fall. If anything you will see another Air update.

    Well it sounds like Apple wants to release all of their iOS devices (the iPad, iPod and iPhone) at the same time, a month or two before christmas, and a month or two after their new iOS release.

    That way, they can make everything uniform.

    A new iOS is shown every summer. Then a few months later, once developers are used to use, and all the bugs are fixed, a round of iOS devices built around the new OS debut, and people buy them up like crazy for the next several weeks to give as Christmas gifts.

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  • kuebby
    Apr 12, 09:54 PM
    And do you know how long it takes to assemble one?

    I'm not sure, though I am sure it's a closely guarded secret, considering how secretive Foxconn is in general. I heard the other day that an AP photographer was beaten by their security guards after they caught him taking pictures near the factory, though I can't seem to find the story now.

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  • like many pregnant women,

  • MacFly123
    Apr 12, 03:23 PM
    BRASIL!!! Bom demais! :D

    Sandy e Junior para sempre! ;)

    pregnant women eating. for every pregnant women.
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  • champ01
    Mar 29, 06:30 AM
    RadioShack are a bunch of AHoles who only care about money.

    This is not a joke :mad:
    Don't believe me? take a look at the next article

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  • gekko513
    Aug 3, 04:04 PM
    Now I'm confused, too. :(

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  • to eat when pregnant.

  • TheSVD
    Mar 10, 06:55 AM
    Here's one more. Having grown up there, I'm quite familiar with the place as well. I should see it as a challenge but the familiarity makes it a difficult place for me to photograph.

    http://blog.darinrogers.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/MG_9072.jpg (http://blog.darinrogers.net/blog/)
    thats really, really good.. the black and white really suits it and the reflection in the water looks great too! beautiful image man :)

    mine for today.. a bit of 'no real subject' photo, but i like the lines of the photo.. the fence & stairs leading up :)

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5016/5500196540_f8b9e8df77_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/svdphotography/5500196540/)
    Stairs (http://www.flickr.com/photos/svdphotography/5500196540/) by TheSVD (http://www.flickr.com/people/svdphotography/), on Flickr

    May 5, 10:16 AM
    It'll be over wifi. :rolleyes:

    of course.

    Mar 29, 02:30 PM
    Bush was pretty easy to be anti- towards. I personally object to dangerously irresponsible fools who start conflicts.
    Yep, poor ole' Saddam, just an innocent bystander. :rolleyes:

    Tastic Bycrom
    Nov 2, 05:28 PM
    Exactly! And not only video video tag support but the whole HTML5. Much faster and cleaner and ready to replace this flash crap. Good thing Apple is so large that they can actually transform whole markets.

    I'd argue that it's not "ready." HTML5 is a working draft, and video tag codec support is still one of those items that is not entirely settled. I'm all for getting every browser to implement it and maybe even start using it after a specific browser/codec check, but fallback is still going to be flash for the time being.

    the dr
    Sep 12, 05:28 PM
    Gah!! This gapless playback thing is annoying me. I upgraded as soon as the keynote finished and it's still analysing my library (37825 songs). What's it even for?!

    Mar 15, 12:09 PM
    I am hoping for the new MBP tomorrow, call me optimistic but I have been without my macbook pro for over a month now due to a failed logic board. Please Apple bring it out tomorrow!!

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