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pictures of carnival in brazil

pictures of carnival in brazil. Carnival in Brazil 2012
  • Carnival in Brazil 2012

  • skunk
    Apr 28, 11:24 AM
    Scary stuff, kavika. Keep a firm hold of the ground.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Carnival Floats Brazil Carnival. Photo Protected by law. Photo Credit: Alexandre Vidal / AGENCIA FOTO BR. Also, floats have to be genuinely new,
  • Carnival Floats Brazil Carnival. Photo Protected by law. Photo Credit: Alexandre Vidal / AGENCIA FOTO BR. Also, floats have to be genuinely new,

  • cherrypop
    Oct 15, 11:36 PM
    Love SJ's comment about sharing earbuds being preferable to sharing music Zune-WiFi-style. He's good.

    But you know Apple's got a WiFi iPod in the works, and then the statement on WiFi will be that it's "indispensable." Love that guy.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Samba Schools Parade, Carnival
  • Samba Schools Parade, Carnival

  • Cybergypsy
    Nov 8, 07:56 AM
    Keeping my "no issues" macbook and will hope for the red......think I will wait till the next bump.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brazil Carnival Samba Schools
  • Brazil Carnival Samba Schools

  • Thex1138
    Apr 2, 06:29 PM
    A June-July, or September launch (alongside iPod Touch) ??

    Along with a juicy new 8mp camera !:D!


    pictures of carnival in brazil. Carnival in Brazil | More
  • Carnival in Brazil | More

  • TigerWoodsIV
    Mar 22, 12:52 AM
    They definitely just need to have an update to 220 GBs that was previously discussed here. Idk what I'd do. The biggest iPod Touch is way too small and way more money.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Carnival in Rio is probably
  • Carnival in Rio is probably

  • Dustman
    Nov 3, 05:16 PM
    Apple,you greedy apple give us flash even if you allow a way to click and hold that Lego piece to save a URL fir later viewing in a app specific flash player

    Cydia is your friend. Of course Mobile Safari doesn't (officially) support file downloads so regardless you're still SOL unless you predownload and transfer your FLV/SWF files.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. During carnival, the king and
  • During carnival, the king and

  • dejo
    Aug 2, 10:20 PM
    I personally think with the uptake of more Apple systems and the perception of better security on Apple systems many people see this as a challange to break a Mac (ala Hack a Mac).

    But wait! Doesn't Apple's miniscule market-share mean that hackers won't target Macs because there is nothing to be gained? Better off targeting the 95% of Windows-running machines out there? I think this story proves again that the "security through obscurity" argument is just a myth. :)

    pictures of carnival in brazil. karnaval rasil carnaval
  • karnaval rasil carnaval

  • SevenInchScrew
    Sep 27, 06:14 PM
    Dunno why peeps call grenade launchers and powerful combos "noob". It's a good strategy, then use it.
    No one is saying it makes you a noob. It comes from the old Halo days. The old "Noob Toob" was the Halo 2 rocket launcher, because it had lock-on for everything. Which sucked, and basically took all the skill out of using it. In Reach, the Rocket Launcher only locks onto airborne vehicles, and even then, you can evade them if you pilot them well.

    And the "Noob Combo" was referred to that not because it made you a noob, but because it was soooo easy to kill them with it. Run around with the Plasma Pistol charged up, blast someone to drop their shields, quickly switch to the BR, and boom, headshot and done. Now there are a couple ways to pull this off. Either an Overcharge shot from the Plasma Pistol, or a Delay Shot from the Grenade Launcher will EMP your target, leaving them open to a quick and easy one-shot headshot.

    But again, as I said earlier, getting your hands on a headshot-capable weapon is not that easy in Reach campaign, so you have to be very efficient with your ammo usage to keep it up.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Escape to Buzios in Carnival!
  • Escape to Buzios in Carnival!

  • thiagorariz
    Apr 12, 02:26 PM
    Well, speak for yourself, because I beg to disagree by a LONG shot. Brazil has one of the cleanest and most modern democracies in this world, with flawless election systems and an absolutely open press and media, even IF people prefer to choose the "wrong" candidates.

    Despite all problems that may exist in certain areas, no Brazilian needs to accept this sort of inferiority complex anymore, especially considering the more than visible evolution of the country when compared to the 80s and 90s. We are no longer the "nation of the future"; so it's more than high time that Brazilians should understand that as much as any foreigner does.

    I think we live in different countries, because what you see here is:

    through taxes, we pay the State for education. But if we want good education, we must buy back the private sector. We pay twice for the same service.

    through taxes, we pay the state for health. But if we want good health, we need to buy again from private enterprise. We pay twice for the same service.

    through taxes, we pay the state for safekeeping. But if you want good security, we must buy back the private sector. We pay twice for the same service.

    through property taxes, we pay the State for good roads. But if you want good road, we need to pay tolls. We pay twice for the same service.

    social security is a joke. Even if we pay the maximum amount for retirement, when we receive, we receive less than a third of the amount paid to social security.

    no tools for punishing politicians who carry out crimes against the public budget. The politicians protect themselves. There is no transparency in public accounts.

    The weight tributary to the Brazilian state suffocates the taxpayers more and more.

    we have the highest interest rates in the world. And there is no control over the banking spread.

    There is no project for the country. Whether or not the government is PT or PSDB, little changes.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brasil - carnival - Brazil
  • Brasil - carnival - Brazil

  • BenRoethig
    Sep 4, 10:31 AM
    ThinkSecret is generally dead on when it comes to things like this. So, it'd be great if they released an updated 23" iMac. I just got a 5G iPod 30GB in July and am happy with it so I don't need a new 'pod. And yes, I just got a new MacBook 2 weeks ago, but for future purchases, a 23" iMac would be neat.

    They were until they got sued

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brazil Carnival
  • Brazil Carnival

  • Apple OC
    Apr 8, 08:27 AM
    there are copious and abundant examples of self-centered, amoral, greedy bastards preaching jesus to the masses:

    Amen to that ... preaching should be banned ... even more so when they pass the collection plate around :cool:

    As for an Atheist Bible ... forget about it.

    Real non-believers are just that ... no need to waste time reading crap people are trying to sell.

    Just more annoying preachers :cool:

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brazil Carnival middot; Mardi Gra
  • Brazil Carnival middot; Mardi Gra

  • BlueRevolution
    Mar 18, 02:18 PM
    Rofl. Yeah right, reality distortion field...

    Still there. They just cranked it up so that it covers all of us. ;)

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brazil Carnival Photos x12HQs
  • Brazil Carnival Photos x12HQs

  • FF_productions
    Aug 3, 02:53 PM
    I really want to see how Leopard is going to turn out. There has been so much hype surrounding WWDC, I really hope WWDC is as good as everyone rumors it to be.

    There have been way too many posts on WWDC...It's making me sick..

    A Banner isn't going to give away SQUAT! We must wait until the keynote and any other possible leaks hours before the keynote to actually know what happens.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Carnival
  • Carnival

  • iDonkey
    Sep 22, 11:23 PM
    Any "news item" coming from the New York Post should always be treated as a Page 2 rumor. They are a hair's breadth away from running Bat Boy headlines.

    pictures of carnival in brazil. of Carnival in Brazil
  • of Carnival in Brazil

  • mike423
    Oct 22, 08:40 PM
    macbook 2.0ghz c2d, 4gb
    audioengine a2 speakers
    samsung bx2250 21.5" led monitor
    extended keyboard II
    magic trackpad

    at some point i'd love to get a new laptop (debating between a powerhouse mbp i7 or a sexy little mba) but i'm pretty happy with my setup as is.

    There is one thing in your setup which breaks my heart......

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Carnival in Brazil | More
  • Carnival in Brazil | More

  • pink-pony115
    Sep 4, 08:23 PM
    For the people who thinks that Vista is too expensive:

    Mac users: Spend more $ on hardware. Spend less $ on software.

    Windows users: Spend more $ on software. Spend less $ on hardware.

    What a shock the computing industry works both ways. :eek:

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brazil is also a hot spot for
  • Brazil is also a hot spot for

  • johnnyjibbs
    Mar 31, 05:08 AM
    I hope they significantly improve the voice recognition abilities if they are to make it a more prominent feature of the OS. The voice control in iOS is appalling - it has NEVER ONCE understood me - and the results appear to be worse if talked to through the headphones mic. In fact, I'm always forced to scurry into my pocket to try to cancel a call to some person I haven't spoken to in years...

    Maybe it just doesn't work with British accents?

    pictures of carnival in brazil. Glamorous Carnival Costumes
  • Glamorous Carnival Costumes

  • plasticphyte
    Mar 4, 03:40 AM
    An image I took earlier in the year.

    I've been desperate to get out and shoot again, but with all the nasty weather in QLD lately & being busy with work I haven't.

    Looking forward to some time off in April to get out & stretch the finger.


    pictures of carnival in brazil. Brazil Carnival
  • Brazil Carnival

  • szsiddiq
    Nov 8, 09:25 AM
    Makes sense, sort of. Why make it more confusing for consumers? I can understand the non-glossy option for MBPs since some professionals require accurate color, and therefore need matte screens.

    yea, for consumers, glossy screens are much better. thers probably only a small percentage of consumers who wouldnt buy a macbook because of the glossy screen

    Apr 25, 11:06 PM
    It's a joke, why is it racist? It's satirical, meant to highlight the lack of positive role models, that's why I used Aunt Jemima, the pancake lady, and Uncle Ben, he of the famous rice producing dynasty.

    If that offended you you need to grow a bladder.
    You don't understand how that could come off as racist? The many successful black role models around today simply don't exist in your world view somehow?

    Aug 2, 06:07 PM
    I don't think that anyone who has A Clue� doesn't know this already.
    The ilk of people who think it's immune are the same ilk of people that don't understand why their WindowsPC is running so "slowly".

    I just resent being called smug.

    I also resent blackhatters who are new to the OS X game getting all rightous. Where were they the last 5 years? They're part of the REASON "mac users are so smug about security".
    I did not intend to call you smug; I apologize if you took it that way... I was responding to your assessment of how "hackers" view Mac Users/The Mac Community.

    I think that there are actually a good deal of people with A Clue� (in general) that don't understand much about OS X security. I was speaking with hyperbole--I think a lot of people who do have this clue thing think that it's somewhat hard to write viruses for OS X... Apple certainly advertises it horrendously these days.

    As for blaming BlackHatters for our ignorance about security issues, I think that you need to get that clue thing for saying that. And as for smug OS X newcomers, you would do well to remember that OS X is MOSTLY *nix at the base. You don't have to be a hardened OS X developer to futz around in it.

    Aug 24, 08:14 PM
    I think that the webapp is working now, as my previous SN didn't work but now it does

    Still not happening for me, but your sucess gives me hope :)

    Nov 8, 08:51 AM
    it seems that there is no longer an option for the "matte" screen, only the glossy one.

    That option NEVER existed for MacBooks, only for MacBook Pros.

    Mar 22, 12:43 PM
    What the hell kind of relationship do you people have with your spouses?? I mean, seriously??! You need their explicit PERMISSION to buy something you want, with your money, and it gets to their point of people BEGGING their wives to let them buy something, only to be turned down?!
    In red is your problem. In marriage you're a unit; there is no "your" money or "my" money.. it's "our" money. If there are things more important to the unit than an iPad (I can think of many, many possibilities), then you're contorting the wife's stance unfairly.

    And, just for the record, for the women/wife bashing that's happened in the thread I'd like to point out that it can go both ways. I'm a wife and we were standing in line on launch day for ME.. my husband would never have blessed the purchase if it came from joint funds. This is the beauty of separate "fun" accounts. An allowance per se for each of us, free from the negotiations that happen from joint accounts (and to anyone that argues that it's ridiculous that big purchases from joint money have to be discussed is going to be in for a rude awakening come marriage, IMO). More couples should have 'em.

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