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park jung min not alone

park jung min not alone. Park Jung Min Releases “Like
  • Park Jung Min Releases “Like

  • partyBoy
    Oct 16, 06:12 PM
    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

    I said where did you "buy" not "put":confused:

    park jung min not alone. Park Jung Min acaba de lanzar
  • Park Jung Min acaba de lanzar

  • azzurri000
    Sep 6, 09:26 AM
    Wow, what a beauty. I am surprised that the top model didn't come with a better graphics card standard though, especially because of its large screen size.

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  • Tags: Not Alone, Park Jung Min

  • cube
    Nov 7, 05:05 AM
    I read this as "fix coming soon for rumored MacBook Pro humming issues".

    So I thought, "Great, still couldn't buy MacBook Pro if I wanted to".

    park jung min not alone. [Info] Jung Min #39;Not Alone#39;
  • [Info] Jung Min #39;Not Alone#39;

  • kockgunner
    May 4, 10:39 PM
    I don't know why so many people are against 3D. It sounds like people who say "Get off my lawn!!" Sure, 3D isn't fully developed yet, but even the 3DS is pretty neat and adds a whole new level of gameplay and immersion. It is surely the next level of tangible UI.

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  • [Fan Photo] Jung Min @ #39;Not

  • iDutchman
    Oct 16, 04:31 PM
    Where did you buy that buddha head ?

    It's still there. It's just not shown in the picture.

    The iPhone first gen hasn't got a very good camera so I could not get it all on the pic.

    park jung min not alone. [Media Pics] Park Jung Min quot;Not Alonequot; Performance on 28 Jan 11 Mnet Countdown
  • [Media Pics] Park Jung Min quot;Not Alonequot; Performance on 28 Jan 11 Mnet Countdown

  • Chef Medeski
    Sep 12, 08:44 PM
    So... will that trick of making a 8GB 1G nano work with these....

    remember... open up a nano and u'll see a free slot. Cause, I could go for a 12GB Green..... 16GB black would be ok... but green... color of envy... color of desire... color of money....

    12GB Green would be highly desired!

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  • Park Yoo Chun of JYJ,

  • Jacqui83
    Nov 7, 07:56 AM
    Might be tomorrow since it's like Election Day today, but then again might be next Tuesday. All I know and feel like saying is that it's close, very close.

    park jung min not alone. Park Jung Min #39;Not Alone#39;
  • Park Jung Min #39;Not Alone#39;

  • mooncaine
    Sep 12, 05:05 PM
    Every iTunes update, I keep expecting to see this. Tags you can pile on, *in any order*.

    Example: I have a song by Joe Blow, a song by Suzy Suck, and a song where they collaborated.

    If I add an artist tag "Joe Blow, Suzy Suck", it's one tag. It's not Joe's tag, and Suzy's tag, and it's also not the same as "Suzy Suck, Joe Blow" ... though, to the user, it should be. A search for Suck and Blow should turn up any song that has both artists in the Artists tag[s].

    Especially important for Genre tags. Many tunes could be classified as several genres, but if I put Joe's tune down as "Blues Rock", it isn't "Blues" and it isn't "Rock".

    I would have suggested tags "like iPhoto's keywords", but I don't like iPhoto's implementation of them. I do like drag and drop tags, though. I guess iPhoto-style tagging would be more helpful than the current system.

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  • [Kpop] Not Alone - SS501 Park

  • Keleko
    Mar 8, 01:24 PM
    and yet another from this weekend's visit to Loreto ...


    This is just pretty.

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  • Park Yoo Chun of JYJ,

  • shtoat
    Apr 14, 09:36 AM
    What the hell? Since when have apple made desktop computers?

    park jung min not alone. The, Park Jung Min Mini Album
  • The, Park Jung Min Mini Album

  • morespce54
    Nov 28, 01:51 PM
    Just can't wait... :rolleyes: :D :D

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  • SS501#39;s Park Jung Min is

  • yudilks
    Nov 8, 06:19 AM
    MatthewConnelly did you refresh your browser every second back then,.. Hehehhee.. Yeah, it just downnn!!

    park jung min not alone. Park JungMin#39;s quot;Not Alonequot;
  • Park JungMin#39;s quot;Not Alonequot;

  • ipodtoucher
    Mar 8, 08:36 AM
    Here's number 3 of the series, it's an on-going series that I hope to continue for a while.


    park jung min not alone. Park Jung Min “Not Alone”
  • Park Jung Min “Not Alone”

  • bearda
    Aug 24, 06:26 PM
    Wow, I have already replied to this one above, but below is his brother apparently.

    So even though I have a MBP and not a PB I can probably get a new battery as well by changing the serial numbers despite what is really on my battery.


    That's seriously not cool. For one, you're basically stealing someone else's replacement battery, since when they put in their number that happens to have a C instead of your B it's going to say they already sent the battery out. And second, when it comes time to return your defective battery don't you think they're going to notice it's entirely the wrong type?

    Bad plan.

    Andrew Beard

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  • SS501#39;s Park Jung Min has

  • iScott428
    Apr 2, 12:13 PM
    People who are only in love with specs don't want to give the ipad its due.

    The device works, because it is optimized for itself, i.e. hardware and software specs are integrated really really well.
    It has a great price point and stressing over camera quality is ridiculous, as it is not a camera! Will it be better, yes in the next generation when availability and prices of 8 MP or more fit into what Apple wants to pay for it.

    People also don't want to recognize that an ipad is not a laptop. We are IMO about 50% there, but until reliable voice recognition technology replaces a real keyboard, we have to wait.

    I always have to laugh when I read about the next ipad killer.

    The last ipad killer was actually the ipad2, and that with such a weakly underpowered camera in it.

    So very well said, and what a great last line!

    On another note its not like people are not buying up the stock of original iPads...I can not wait to see Apples quarterly earnings!

    park jung min not alone. 10th February, Park JungMin
  • 10th February, Park JungMin

  • iJon
    Sep 22, 01:29 PM
    I don't think Wal-Mart makes money on a lot of their DVDs. They sell them at a loss to get people in their stores. If people buy on iTunes, they don't come into Wal-Mart.
    Are you serious? Wal-Mart doesn't put a single thing in their store if it doesn't make them money. With Wal-Mart selling 40% of ALL DVD sales, they are making a nice revenue.

    The only thing that they may start doing that doesn't make them much is their new generic drug program, where they are selling over 300 generic drugs at a much deeper discount then leading competitors. Wal-Mart isn't required to report earnings in this field, so who knows how it will go. I'm assuming well.


    park jung min not alone. Park Jung Min lt;I#39;m NOT ALONEgt;
  • Park Jung Min lt;I#39;m NOT ALONEgt;

  • MacRumors
    Jul 22, 08:30 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com)

    Engadget claims (http://www.engadget.com/2006/07/22/apple-to-do-ebooks/) that according to two separate "trustworthy" sources, Apple is working on incorporating electronic books into the next versions of the iPod.

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  • 04 Not Alone (Inst.)

  • likemyorbs
    Apr 26, 01:30 PM

    park jung min not alone. Park Jung Min Singles Album
  • Park Jung Min Singles Album

  • tmofee
    Mar 20, 03:06 PM
    Heh. Those were the days. 2001 where the only forum I frequented was a nirvana one and my small compact music player was a Sony mini-discman. Still have it and works to this day. Have dozens of minidiscs in the cupboard, full of old radio shows i used to listen to. Unlike those old cassettes, they sound fantastic still! :)

    May 5, 06:13 PM
    iPad 3 - iPad 3D

    I could really see that, with the iPhone 3G (it was actually the 3rd phone) and had 3G.

    Smart this one is, yes.

    Besides, it will be user selectable. You can have Retina with or without 3D. :apple:

    Dec 8, 02:43 PM
    Honestly, most musicians don't study the Beatles as individuals - nor do they need to - because they were just solid musicians, nothing spectacular. When you had Clapton, Beck, and even Townshend, there is no need to study Lennon or Harrison. When you had Entwistle ... no need for McCartney.
    Even though Clapton, Beck, Townshend, and Entwistle left some pretty big footsteps, every one of them would admit they themselves followed in some pretty big footsteps as well.

    And, from a slightly different angle, Les Paul as well as the Beatles/EMI made huge strides in recording techniques that are still the foundations today for what is now commonly done in Pro Tools. Whether or not you like Les Paul or the Beatles, that's still true.

    Pioneers are still the pioneers; the greats always stand on the shoulders of the greats that came before them, it's how it works. All are made up from parts of the work of those who came before. The "greatest rock and roll band in the world" never becomes that without Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry; but you don't even have to be a fan of those guys to like what the Stones built from those influences. Or what will be made from musicians who have the Stones as one of their influences.

    ... and that putting aside the fact that in the mid 60's the level of musicianship exhibited by even average jazz players was far above anything rock players seen as 'innovators' were doing ...
    It's an unfortunate fact that their level of musicianship and talent may have no bearing on their success or their the ability to influence modern music. The world is full of technically proficient musicians playing music nobody wants to listen to. Sad, yes, but there it is.

    Jan 9, 06:50 PM
    Did anyone else expect a Beatles announcement after all the mentions they got? He played two Beatles songs, name checked a couple of albums and even used their album art in his summary.

    It looked like he was setting up for a by the way kind of announcement, not that the Beatles should ever be mentioned as an aside. Certainly when the first mention of them came up capitalised on the macrumorslive report I thought something might be up but it all came to nothing - why do you tease us so Steve?

    Nov 1, 12:08 PM
    Your experience is clearly not representative. My family and I have had 9 Macs, and no hardware problems ever. And large surveys, including those by PC Magazine and Consumer Reports, have shown that Apple desktops require significantly fewer repairs than any other brand out there.

    Either you are trolling, or you are the most unlucky Mac user I have ever heard of...

    Maybe your experience is not representative? Hmm?

    My MacBook has had the RSS issue, as well as the mushy crap trackpad button.
    My 1st gen iPod had the battery issue.
    My girlfriend's iBook (which I had bought for her) had the "infamous" logic board issue - which because it manifested itself right after the extended warranty period, bricked her laptop. She's lucky she managed to get a hand-me down laptop replacement from work.
    My friend's MacBook (bought a month ago) also had the RSS issue, which he had sent in for repair, and which seems to have been fixed.
    Another friend has had to replace her 5G video ipod TWICE; she's on her third.

    So maybe me and my friends are unlucky too, eh? :rolleyes:

    Mar 5, 08:58 AM

    f/11 1/160 ISO100 22mm

    I really like this one. I love the use of b&w with its high contrast. My eye starts on the front left pillar, then is pulled to the right column along the shaft of light on the ground to the bright side of the right column, then the contrast pulls me to the dark side, which then pulls to the bright side of the back left pillar and eventually leads to the perfectly lit Washington Monument. Where were you standing? Lincoln Memorial? This is of course assuming that I am correct in guessing thats DC and not some other monument somewhere in the world.

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