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nokia c5 price

nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Price in India
  • Nokia C5 Price in India

  • HMFIC03
    Mar 28, 01:52 PM
    Tell that to the soccer moms who insist on driving V8 Suburbans or Powerstroke Diesels.

    My buddy's mom drives a V10 Excursion to go grocery shopping.
    It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.

    Feel good about yourself right? That's her choice to drive her family in, not yours. I can't stand smug people. I have no need for gas guzzler to haul kids and material around, but if I did I have the personal liberty to make that purchase. Kinda like apple products, the more choices and configurations that there are, the more ideal they become for the many different types of consumers.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Smartphone Specs
  • Nokia C5 Smartphone Specs

  • mccoma
    Jul 23, 09:42 PM
    I guess we'll see the second coming of the ibook shortly. This will probably be a small tablet size. Is it possible to use two different kind of screen technology on the same screen. OLED and TFT. The only thing is that when I was in Japan earlier this year I saw and used the Sony ereader with eInk it was really a very nice device and the screen feels like a paperback book, it isn't true white and doesn't strain the eyes. I guess, this new device is going to use text recognition and voice over, I don't know if this is going to work since Agnes is not really that great wih expressions, but we'll see. I really have no clue how this is going to pan out, I really would rather have Apple release a gread digital video camera with HD/HD but they have some sort of deal with sony or panasonic that they won't what gives!!!!

    At this point, I hope they split the iPod line into iPods (music / video) and iBooks (music, ebooks).

    I, like many on this forum given the comments, cannot read an LCD for a long period of time. Also, the power consumption of a LCD for reading the text probably wouldn't be good. The real promise of the Sony and Royal (?) readers is the eInk. Looking at eInk displays, you get the true white with no eye strain (you have to be told that is not a sticker of the screen it is an actual image on the screen). The power consumption is measured in pages (it has to redraw, not refresh like an LCD). There is a color version, but it doesn't look as developed. All this is perfect for books, but would not work for video. This would seem to be a real problem with an all in one unit. You could allow reading on the LCD, but it would be a pain.

    Since Apple just freed up a great trademark, come out with an iBook ebook reader. Allow it to play music, but not video. Make it paperback size with a good interface / spotlight search / bookmarks. Use the standard iPod cord and iTunes. Allow it to read PDF, RTF, DOC, HTML, Text and whatever format Apple uses for the DRM version. Get a lot of textbook companies to sell their books on it and replace a lot of backpacks. A color version would be better so you could get comics / anime.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Price, Features
  • Nokia C5 Price, Features

  • Mitthrawnuruodo
    Sep 12, 05:48 PM
    But here's the question though: when we see protective cases for the new Nano? :confused:What do you want that for... my 2 1/2 year old iPod mini doesn't have any flaws - except a minute scratch in the screen after an unfortunate incident where that and my keys ended up in the same trouser pocket - even a tumbling down a concrete stairway didn't leave any marks... Never had any protective case on it (except for the belt clip), the minis are durable little buggers, and hopefully the new nanos will be likewise... :D

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  • NOKIA C5 features S60 and a

  • ascii42
    Apr 2, 04:12 PM
    Doesn't most of the internet use flash?
    Yeah, mostly for ads though. Use a flash blocker on your browser and see.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Price and
  • Nokia C5 Price and

  • Eorlas
    Mar 23, 02:05 AM
    The basis for any good relationship is communication. And I am not sure what kind of money you make, but $500 is a pretty big wad of cash to throw down and it should merit a conversation with your spouse. Its not like you threw down a $1 on a cheeseburger, or $2 on a scratch off, or heck $20 of beer. You spent $500, thats like a whole months utilities. Thats a car payment. Thats a few hours of tuition for your kid's college one day. Its no chump change.

    And household income should be considered just that, household. It does not matter who makes more money, it should be community, and if you're spending $500 on an iPad, then you're lady should be able to spend $500 on a coach purse. How would you feel about that?

    Non-necessities, expensive purchases should always be discussed. There is a need for open, honest communication in a marriage. If you don't have that, and you are running around buying ipads without consulting them, well unless you got a fad wad of cash, you likely wont stay married long.

    Its about respect. If you don't respect your wife enough to discuss a $500 purchase with her, then you don't deserve to have the companionship of a female.

    I didn't read much of this whole thread, but this lady right here makes sense. Then again, I hope this idea of being able to buy a coach if the man buys an ipad works both ways.

    nokia c5 price. My Nokia C3 Experience
  • My Nokia C3 Experience

  • Source
    Oct 14, 05:15 PM
    Again, you're lying and have again, misinterpreted my posts.

    "You suggsted we rally around some cause."

    No, i suggested people contact Apple in some form, be it email, letter, fax or petition.

    "You never quantified what that something was."

    See above.

    "Good point. You win."

    It's not about winning you arrogant buffoon. Neither of us has "won" anything in this whole thread, i've been trying to point out to you time and time again, that the things we are arguing about are very similar, and yet you continue on a rampage of lies and misinterpretations.

    You see you, Nipsy, make arguments for the sake of looking good to your "audience". You don't hope to achieve anything constructive by making an argument, other than looking good and padding your ego by using sarcasm and making the other person look as bad as you can. You fabricate points in your replies when the person your replying to has made no such point, and if you are as intelligent as you say you are, i can only assume that you are doing that on purpose.

    An intellectual person will try to make constructive comments, and contribute to some kind of solution, you however, do not.

    I agree with you on most of your points, Nipsy, as i have said many times ("Good points").

    If you want a one man show, go on stage or become a politician. They fabricate lies and will do anything to come across as though they're making a good point, when they're not, too.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Price
  • Nokia C5 Price

  • pixelpp
    Sep 4, 08:01 AM
    If the movie store is announced on the 12th, I'm guessing the Aussie store will arrive some time in 2009 :) though maybe movies don't have as messed up distribution rights as music, but don't hold your breath.

    I am not holding my breath, (i only have a ~3 breath anyway), if they have to talk to all of our movie corps, I don't like there chances...

    But if there's anyone that can do it, Its Apple.
    Tamworth Baptist Church (http://www.tamworthbaptist.org.au/)

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  • Nokia C5 Price and

  • The Toon Master
    Sep 22, 04:38 PM
    Go Target :P

    anyway.., if they actually continue to do this, apple can sue them(see Ben and Jerry's vs Hadgengas, and i spelled that wrong)

    anyways, wow, walmart is finally threatened :), yay


    nokia c5 price. Nokia c5 Price in India
  • Nokia c5 Price in India

  • Arquelis
    Aug 3, 02:48 PM
    Why isn't the new DVD design for leopard not mentioned in the news article?

    Well I like it :)

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  • Nokia C5 Related Articles

  • chillywilly
    Apr 18, 09:52 PM
    Being a professional myself I remember having those fears a few years ago. In fact we lost a large client because one of the employees thought that her high school son could do the same level of work that we did. If that were true I would say shame on us, in reality the client came back to us a few months later when the kid couldn't actually produce the same level of edit quality and creativity that we do.

    The price drop doesn't bother me one bit. I think if anything it does open up the door for a teenager to start learning on high end software, then by the time they've finished college and have a sense of who they are as an editor they'll be a welcome, proficient addition, to someones company. I think it serves everyone in the end.

    Great post and the kind of logic that this new FCPX will bring to those wanting to get into the video production industry. I'm almost 4 years into my video editing "career" and still forward people to the pros for projects that are too much for me and ones that I know my skill level limits on. I'm excited about this new version, hoping it will expand my skills even more.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Price in India:
  • Nokia C5 Price in India:

  • MacinDoc
    Sep 4, 11:30 PM



    you guys are arguing over nickels and dimes when it really comes down to preference. people who like os x buy it. people who like windows buy it. they dont sit and think about the cost difference between the two for the most part.

    i thought die hard mac os freaks loved it for its functionality and stability, not its price advantage? and windows haters just hate windows no matter what. good for them. im a big whore and ill get the benefits of both. ;)
    I hate Windows because I fight with it at work every day. Windows is why I have a Mac.

    But the point of this thread is the debate over whether Vista will be reasonably priced at $399 for a full install set, vs. $129 for OS X 10.5.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 review amp; price info
  • Nokia C5 review amp; price info

  • ~Shard~
    Sep 6, 09:55 AM
    No I completely understand. I think it would be a good idea. I just don't see it happening from an Apple point of view.

    Love that Kool-aid.....:p

    And I agree - let's just say I would be pleasantly surprised if Apple did indeed release a Conroe mini-tower, emphasis on surprised. ;) :cool:

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5
  • Nokia C5

  • chuckles:)
    Sep 4, 04:19 PM
    Has anyone considered that apple might not be realeasing the wide screen super secret video ipod because it dosn't exist?

    lets all think for a second...

    1) touch screens are weak, soft, and matte, not iPod at all
    2) they get printy and scratched very easily
    3) they would go through oodles of batter power
    4) Apple would not make the thing bigger just to hold the extra battery
    5) battery life would STINK
    6) touch screen starts to complicate the interface, goes against apple's easy as pie rule
    7) the thing would have to cost a fortune

    please dont kill me, but does anyone have proof, or is it just a dream of perfection?

    p.s. does anyone know if they will webcast the event?

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5-03 Features is 5 MP
  • Nokia C5-03 Features is 5 MP

  • seashellz
    Nov 29, 02:30 PM
    Just read that EMI (the Beatles' label) have received a bid of £2.5bn from an unknown company.

    That would make the negotiations easier ;)
    thats a LOTTA cash.

    But Im wondering if EMI-APPLE Ltd., despite legal tussles with APPLE computer, probably like the ideas of:
    1. twin-named brand association, and
    2. how the iTunes store, with its huge market and sales system, is already in place, RIGHT NOW, and could drive the sales of Beatles music up-right now, also, unlike ZUNE, which is still at zero, market wise.

    Its been noted that MS has finally just decided to just brazenly copy the iPod/iTunes sales model to the letter-since theyve failed in the past, but they may already too late.
    MS doesnt have 'mystique' , 'exclusivity' or 'clue' of Apple seems to have.
    (ad line: Listen to APPLE on an APPLE!)

    Now, MS could easily afford it (if this rumour is true)

    But then, so could Apple-they have a big wad of cash, too-and their collateral: the iTunes store-with a huge sales/marketing/hardware system already in place, could stand to make back a lot of that money QUICKLY-whereas if ZUNE had exclusives to the Beatles-most people, already owning iPods, but checking out ZUNE, (or when they finally got around to buying one), would wonder: "why wont this play on my iPod?" Or "Why can I only listen to a song 3 times?"

    nokia c5 price. Nokia launched C5 in India,
  • Nokia launched C5 in India,

  • Yango
    Nov 7, 01:58 AM
    Its gonna happen soon.. iMacs already have intel core 2 duo inside....what is next??? macbook or macmini?

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5-01 price in india
  • Nokia C5-01 price in india

  • FadeToBlack
    Sep 12, 05:10 PM
    I actually really like the look of iTunes 7. The new view options are cool, but I'll probably just stick with the text-only "list" view.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5 Price India
  • Nokia C5 Price India

  • monsterinawc
    Aug 3, 10:08 PM
    sorry bout this post
    my brother in law wanted to try the forums out and so i let him use my account
    he thinks he know what he talking about when it comes to macs

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5-03 Price in India
  • Nokia C5-03 Price in India

  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:55 AM
    Someday, I hope, Apple will release another 12" laptop- prefereably an MBP. I don't think I will buy another computer until then- I love my 1.33 12" PB!

    I hear ya. I'm using the same machine and want a replacement. That replacement machine doesn't exist (yet).

    Apple has access to all those lovely ULV C2Ds for a start. They would make an excellent basis for a sleek new Macbook Nano for example.

    nokia c5 price. Nokia C5-03 Mobile Phone
  • Nokia C5-03 Mobile Phone

  • Kauai
    Mar 29, 11:49 PM
    A 4" screen is more important to me than 4g. After using 4'3" devices, 3'5" feels downright puny.

    Mar 28, 10:02 PM
    I don't mind Radio Shack for random overpriced cables in an emergency, but I would never buy anything else in there. The salespeople are just far too pushy and circle around you like vultures attracted to a rotting carcass.

    +1 kudos.

    Apr 11, 12:24 PM
    Ok, good questions and thoughts. Let me explain/expound upon my statement. The bolded part below seems to be what is drawing the most reaction.

    without an accurate understanding of who God is and our relationship to him these good works become nothing but acts of vanity and self glorification that serve only to advance pride and promote self-reliance.

    I am not speaking about conscious motivation within an individuals actions/behavior, although that could be true as we all know people do at times act out of selfish and prideful intentions.You are not necessarily talking about motivation which is either conscious or unconscious. The objection to this idea of man - and other species, too - being altruistic without a licence from El is highly objectionable itself. Is it that you do not want to allow independent action? Where then is free will? Where are other faiths? Does the giving of alms by Muslims count for nothing, too?

    Nov 8, 07:54 AM
    Excellent news, glad to see Apple isn't too far behind the times, nor were they going to do something silly like make us wait for Santa Rosa in the MBPs before updating the MacBook line. ;)

    My wife will be thrilled, she's been holding off a purchase until the MacBook line got upgraded. Now that they will be out we can test drive one, make sure it meets her needs and we'll have a nice addition to our family. ;) :cool:

    Jan 11, 04:59 PM
    After reading this article (http://gizmodo.com/343246/what-to-expect-at-macworld-2008-and-why-we-think-it-will-bigger-than-usual) I think that it's entirely possible that Apple are altering their branding. Also the lack of an Apple logo could be explained by the fact that everyone at the expo would recognise it as them anyway and it adds to the air of secrecy and mystery that they love to use in their marketing.

    oh yes, absolutely no sign of an Apple logo here....

    Mar 25, 01:01 PM
    Does it fix the bug for the daylight saver so that I won't get late at work on sunday?

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