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  • Rower_CPU
    Aug 31, 11:26 AM
    DRM discussion has been moved into a separate thread. Let's keep this on topic.

    Thanks :)

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  • bbeers
    Mar 10, 08:41 PM

    Nikon D3100, Nikkor 18-55mm, ISO 320, 55mm, f/11, 1/500

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  • emotion
    Nov 8, 08:55 AM
    Someday, I hope, Apple will release another 12" laptop- prefereably an MBP. I don't think I will buy another computer until then- I love my 1.33 12" PB!

    I hear ya. I'm using the same machine and want a replacement. That replacement machine doesn't exist (yet).

    Apple has access to all those lovely ULV C2Ds for a start. They would make an excellent basis for a sleek new Macbook Nano for example.

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  • lmalave
    Nov 7, 12:16 AM
    There are many possibilities for the graphics of the Macbook. The GMA950 is at about the end of the road. Maybe we'll see Intel's X3000. If not, one of Nvidia's or ATi's integrated solutions would be nice.

    I doubt we will see a change in graphics. I mean, I still see Dell and the other computer makers offering the 950 for their "consumer" laptops. Apple is usually a few weeks behind Dell et. al. in offering the newer components, so I would be very pleasantly surprised if Apple actually changed the graphics.

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  • gadget123
    May 5, 06:08 PM
    I hate anything 3D so I hope it's not true.

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  • Zwopple
    Nov 2, 06:51 PM
    haha I love all the people in this thread ripping on "FLASH SUCKING" yet have no clue in the difference in development costs of making most Flash Sites with html4 or html5 and ajax.

    Half of the stuff Flash does is still impossible in HTML5. It may be slow in some area's but that isn't because Adobe is lazy it's simply due to the way the technology has to work to support all of it's features.

    IMO Apple should take heat from this. They have no reason -not- to allow the plugin and have it turned off by default so users don't get battery drain while browsing the web.

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  • mdntcallr
    Oct 15, 08:47 PM
    steve is right, the basic thing is the ipod works well, and it is very simple to use. Itunes helps everything by being a first class program that is always getting frequent updates.

    only thing is, apple needs to let record labels/artists come up with variable pricing.

    so catalog albums will cost less, and labels can get money from singles.

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  • bdkennedy1
    Jan 11, 05:16 PM
    I think it's a computer that will fit inside your home and possibly carry around with you (There's something in the Air), that can use your modem's telephone line to connect to the WWW and display text and graphics.

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  • strwrsfrk
    May 5, 07:31 AM
    My two cents:

    Glasses-free 3D in its current iteration seems hardly more than a gimmick. Viewing angles are bad, viewing distance is wacky, and it causes headaches after prolonged use. Not to mention the tech required increases the thickness of the panels.

    For Apple to implement this type of technology, it would probably need to develop an in-house solution (or at least something after close corroboration with another company). Since few - if any - rumors to that effect have surfaced, it seems reasonable to believe that any such venture is at the very least not particularly close to fruition.

    And even assuming they had the propriety tech, I agree with many others on this forum who believe the implementation would increase the price fairly dramatically. My guess is that Apple will strive to maintain their competition-bustingly low prices.

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  • paolo-
    Oct 11, 09:34 PM
    New setup, my brother and I decided we want make enough music together to make a setup just for that. My macbook and his iMac, side by side. My macbook runs logic node so the iMac can offload some of it's work. Main sound card is a lexicon i-onix.

    EDIT : ouch, I didn't notice how grainy that picture ended up being.

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  • albusseverus
    Jun 29, 06:43 AM
    Mac OS X 11.0? Seriously?
    You mean Mac OS XI?

    Maybe there's room for an X-11 pun in Apple's naming scheme� say if the 1s were index fingers, indicating a unix touch interface.

    And yes, I'd love a touch interface for X.7 and don't care about names. Not being able to touch the screen is bordering on frustrating nowadays. I'd still be happy for an optional keyboard (typing, key command shortcuts, I use them all the time), but moving stuff with a mouse is just inefficient now.

    I can see value in tossing out legacy OS X code for 'new' iOS code and making a clean-start for the next Mac operating system, like OS X was for OS 9.

    Given Apple's success getting Mac OS developers to move to native OS X, you'd have to wonder what the success rate would be moving to an entirely new touch OS. It's not that developers are slow, as much as 'the majority' of customers are even slower, so there's no incentive for developers.

    However, if you sell it as a new line of products, that's a discontinuity that might be perceived as 'new growth' instead of an upgrade/backward compatibility nightmare. You know how managers and stock analysts just love 'new growth areas' and tech sites just love 'new and shiny'.

    Might be another genius move by Steve Jobs to solve the age old problem of backward compatibility. Just start a new product line! I guess we'll find out in less than 60 days now (if the rumours are correct).

    Can't wait.

    P.S. Touch iMacs and MacBooks would have to be wedge shaped, higher at the back for better viewing angle. That stand thingy is the right idea, just think outside the box a little more�the cooling would probably run left-right, not up as iMacs run now.

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  • eb6
    Nov 8, 09:15 AM
    wednesday is sooo the new tuesday!:eek:

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  • Thunderhawks
    Mar 29, 07:08 AM

    You forgot:

    Apple is only a hype machine

    Apple is evil

    Apple only cares about money

    Apple is money grabbing Steve Jobs ruling with an iron fist

    Apple is a moral dictator

    Apple should invest in cancer research

    add here.................................

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  • jaxstate
    Aug 29, 09:05 AM
    Well since Windows has about 95% of the market, which don't include the bootcamp users, I thinking a lot of people will be.
    Whoz gonna "BUY" Vista....??
    I am definitely not shelling out $250 odd dollars for WINDOWS VISTA!

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  • eoin3-
    May 4, 10:59 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8C148)

    It couldn't be automatic because you would have to agree to the new T.O.S.

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  • Amnak
    Apr 17, 01:27 AM
    people may think this is bad, but actually it's a perfect plan make it the only consumer tablet that anyone sees anywhere and kids make up a huge chunk of what parents purchase. They'll be saying iPad and Apple before Dadda and Mamma

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  • Eraserhead
    Oct 16, 12:27 PM
    I think one of the greatest flaws in the wireless is that the only use I can see is between friends, I have a wireless MP3 Player already (called a macbook, it's a litttle smaller than the zune ;) ) and in a CS seminar someone bluetoothed me a song, now as a Maths student I don't know the Comp Sci people so I'd never spoken to before so I rejected it, I can't believe I'd do any different if I had a Zune, unless I knew them, in which case I might as well go round with my iPod to their house ;).

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  • Funkymonk
    May 4, 10:29 PM
    Talks of the iPad 3 and I just ordered an iPad 2 two days ago....

    FFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:

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  • MikeMcD
    Nov 8, 08:49 AM
    on the specs page for the mac mini the intel logo links to a non-exsistent page about core 2 duos....(as seen on apple insider) but all the other links to the usual intel core duo spots on the mac mini pages are down as well....change in progress. Maybe today is apple's day to completely embrace the C2D

    Nov 8, 06:07 AM
    The Dutch store (www.apple.com/nlstore) is down!!

    Mar 11, 03:52 PM
    It was judged to be a hoax, just like all the MBP rumors so far.

    Thanks for the clarification


    Laird Knox
    Mar 18, 09:09 PM
    The space/price point was nice but my iPod Video HD sure didn't like being cliped to the tank of my motorcycle. ;)

    Nov 8, 07:49 AM
    If only the graphics card were better!

    If only it had a graphics card. ;)

    Mar 30, 02:13 PM
    I am just going to wait, I know if I get an iphone 4 now then in 4-6 months the iphone 5 comes out I will be kicking myself. Its just like I couldnt wait a few months for the 3gs when I got the iphone 3g. I was kicking myself.

    I think I am going to wait to. Kicking myself also....

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