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  • Alvin777
    Jun 29, 10:07 PM
    It'll just have a Retina Display with graphics higher than the current 4870 and faster hardware. It's only 22" because it doesn't need to be big at such pixel density. If you remove it's aluminum stand, it'll be light enough to be tolerable for your lap but it's gonna' be too hot.

    The whole screen can't be a big iPad that you put on a low table with virtual keyboard and pressure sensitivity (I expect the iPad to have Retina Display with pressure sensitivity and front camera) because that would be too tiring and the smudges are gonna' ruin photo editing sessions because nowadays you also use an iMac for professional jobs.

    The current iMac are already multi-touch with the multi-touch mouse. I just think it's the Retina display and the wireless keyboard will have iOS capabilities for things like Dashboard which is rarely used coz' it gets in the way of the your work.


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  • Juggler9000
    Jan 11, 05:05 PM
    "2008. There's something in the air."

    It's fun wondering about what it might be. Hope the secret is something we all find delightful.

    That's the most wishful thinking sentence I'm read on MacRumors in a long time. There's always someone who didn't get what they wanted, whether it is too expensive, too big, too small, too underpowered, too aluminum, or too much not like the PowerBook G5. Within 5 minutes of every announcement, the excitement and happiness is drowned out by the disappointed whines...

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  • p0intblank
    Aug 3, 08:29 PM
    That thread Spook posted is hilarious! Man we're so many people 100% wrong with their opinions... the iPod owns the world now! I wasn't a fan of Apple back when the iPod was introduced, so I didn't have any expectations. I didn't even know it was coming. But now I sit here with both my 3G 30GB and 5G 60GB iPods on my desk. :D

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  • Jayrcee
    Mar 19, 11:22 PM
    I hope not, I like the classic.

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  • Full of Win
    Mar 18, 04:26 PM
    I would love a click-wheel iPod with the thickness of a iPod touch. Not that Apple would build such a thing. If true, I hope apple does not eave the click wheel concept in it's trash bin.

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  • Chef Medeski
    Sep 6, 09:59 AM
    me too. Credit Card firmly in wallet until MB update comes around.
    Glued to a sticker saying.... only peel off in case of MB update. FOR EMERGENCY APPLE PURCHASES ONLY!


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  • eleftherios72
    Aug 24, 04:54 PM
    on the official page

    Apple claims that for the ibook 12" the range is 6C519 - 6C552

    The macrumors says: 6C510 through 6C626

    which is the correct? Why apple changed it?

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  • BJMRamage
    May 5, 07:50 AM
    perhaps the negotiating is FREE 3G downloads. if it is coming from Apple, as an iOS update there is no charge (for downloaded data).

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  • MalcolmJID
    Oct 28, 07:48 AM
    I'm sure you're correct but I'm confused as to what results to believe.

    I'm now using istat Pro, Temperature Monitor and Core2Duotemp. All are saying the same thing.

    See the screen grab below.

    If I put the machine under stress it does go up to 50 or 60 degrees but generally, it's saying around 21 when idle.

    Mine used to get stuck at low temperatures like that. It's a glitch in the CPU's measuring stuff.

    Download the latest version of smcFanControl. It has a temperature reading, but uses a sensor on the logic board rather than the one on/in the CPU. I get a more accurate temperature now. With my minimum fan speed at 2500rpm, I get idle of around 46�C. and gets up to about 77/78�C when pushed, but of the course the fan kicks in then and keeps it in check.

    I'm also curious about some people likening the fan in the MB to a jet engine. As mine spins up, i can hear a faint whine that sounds a bit like a jet engine, but as it gets faster, all I hear is the 'woosh' of air.:confused:

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  • PhoenixMac
    Oct 12, 05:13 PM
    These set ups have inspired me to have some fun with mine just sold my MacBook pro and upgraded to something nice will probably post my new set up next week when I get them in the mail

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  • mrsir2009
    Apr 14, 01:10 PM
    I think this is the two ways the market share for Macs is gained:

    1. Windows users buy an iDevice, then another iDevice, then another iDevice... Then they buy a Mac.

    2. Hardcore Mac users (like myself) have children and because of the heavy Mac influence from the start, they turn out to like and use Macs. Thats what happened with me. I grew up with all Macs and no Windows:D

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  • moose.boy
    Aug 29, 02:35 PM
    Your windows installation will not hurt your OSX installation.
    They don't see eeach other, and windows is on a seperate partition.

    Stop calling people a moron if you don't know what you are talking about.

    Boot camp basically eliminated the need to ever buy a PC.
    It was an incredibly smart move.

    Windows may not be able to read or write to the mac partition, but it will still be there. There is nothing stopping a _really_ malicious virus from messing around with the partition table to bring the whole thing crashing down.

    IIRC It was because of the problem with viruses corrupting boot records that microsoft cludged their disk partitioning software FDISK to include the /MBR switch to allow it to wipe previously inaccessible boot records.

    However, for those people who just need windows for one or two programs, and who have the awareness to patch and lock it down correctly, then bootcamp is a good idea.

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  • Mainyehc
    Oct 16, 08:45 AM
    those sites are all run by MS.

    the screen? same res as the iPod, so it will look crappy as the pixels will be stretched to fit the screen.

    Yep, that "comparison" seems very suspicious indeed... Just look at how they compare, in size, a 30GB Zune with a 60/80GB iPod! The 30GB iPod is that much thinner compared to its bigger sibling, let alone to the über-fat Zune...

    And the screen resolution is cr*ap, for a screen with that size... I'm also figuring that since the display is probably a conventional horizontal display rotated in portrait mode, when you use the player, the colours each eye sees will be different, due to the vertical viewing angle, which is generally much smaller than the horizontal; and on the Zune, these will be reversed and will screw our stereoscopic vision, thus causing a lot of eyestrain... Just use a Sansa (which has the same display orientation) for more than five minutes and you'll know what I'm talking about :eek:

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  • Dont Hurt Me
    Nov 8, 07:55 AM
    If only it had a graphics card. ;)
    More GMA 950 Oh well. Its clear from the many posts here many dont care if a Gpu cant draw everything. Nice CPU's though.

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  • iJaz
    Oct 15, 03:00 PM
    Me sending a song to someone else who can play it 3 times, what a great community! :rolleyes:

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  • luci216
    May 4, 11:06 PM
    FIRST the ipad will have retina display. THEN MAYBE possibly (hopefully not) it can have 3D features.

    Though I really dislike the idea, 3D is all the craze these days :/ But I wouldn't want to wear special glasses to mess with an iPad--that's not very portable.

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  • Croatian
    Oct 28, 12:04 PM
    I don't think Apple changed their assembly line until week 35. If the serial number of your Mac is less than WH8635, then I don't think it has the new heatsink.

    how do i know witch week is my macbook
    also the serial number is 4H640203Uxx

    so i take it it is less then WH but my doesn't even start with WH anywhere in the serial number line

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  • anastasis
    Sep 12, 02:03 PM
    Hmmm... no edu discounts on any of the new iPods. wonder if that will change once the promotion is over.

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  • CaptMurdock
    Mar 29, 12:00 AM
    Haven't heard much from Obama about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS lately ...

    Haven't heard from Boehner about JOBS, JOBS, JOBS either.

    Anybody who thinks this is anywhere near what Dubya got us into with Iraq has the reading comprehension of a head of cabbage.

    That said, I hope we don't get much deeper into this.

    Aug 8, 05:40 AM
    I don't mean to sound dumb, well to be honest I can't help it :p

    But just how much space is this time machine going to eat up?

    If it stores a backup of everything, that's going to get huge in a hurry. For example. What happens if I have a 400 MB video file and I make 20 changes, and save the file after every change.

    I could see this growing to be a storage monster if it keeps every iteration of everything that I do. That 400 MB video would take up 8GB in my time machine, with 20 copies of it. Do that 100 times over a couple of years and that just gets nuts

    Is it only going to store the actual changes and not the whole file again? This is making my head spin, could someone explain how it's going to store backups physically? I know it's not even out yet, but I figure that one of you really smart people already know how this will work. (You're all smarter than me hehe)

    Thanks in advance :)

    Nov 12, 11:52 AM
    No one is saying that they want to do whatever the heck they want. The developers are saying they want to distribute their applications themselves without Apple having to Approve them. Sure, you can distribute applications on the store. It's a great thing. But you should ALSO have the choice to download an application from the internet from a companies website.

    The "wankers down in Australia" are running jailbroken phones and clearly didn't read the farking directions. You do that, serves you right to have your phone infected with a worm.

    But no one is saying everyone should have complete control over the phone. They're saying they want to distribute the applications themselves if they so choose to.

    Palm and Android both allow this if I recall.

    there was a thing last week where tweetdeck's new app was pulled because it crashed constantly. most of the problems with Windows over the last 20 years have been third party apps and drivers and not the OS itself, yet MS got the blame. Apple learned a lesson from that. it took MS years to change the architecture to limit bad code from developers

    Mar 21, 05:45 PM
    Sorry, but for me this story doesn't pass the sniff test.

    Me neither. This is a weird story. I want to laugh along with it, but something doesn't ring true to me.

    What if "wife said no" because "husband" spent all of his time with gadgets instead of the family? Apple sending it back (even if "free,") doesn't address the situation properly (or even politely.)

    Sep 5, 09:10 AM
    They already came out.

    Perhaps he meant the C2D MBP's?

    Store's back up. Doesn't look like there was an update to anything. Odd.

    Apr 12, 02:10 PM
    Here in Brazil we have high taxes. Taxes are high and public services are of poor quality. The cost of labor is quite high, due to all the labor bureaucracy that punishes both employers and employees. The purpose of mounting the iPads here in Brazil is that they would not be able to pay some import taxes and enjoy some tax incentives that the Brazilian government grants to companies that assemble their products in national territory. Furthermore, we live in a fake democracy, in which the State is only concerned with lining their own pockets, leaving the needs of the Brazilian people in the last plan. That since 1500.

    Well, speak for yourself, because I beg to disagree by a LONG shot. Brazil has one of the cleanest and most modern democracies in this world, with flawless election systems and an absolutely open press and media, even IF people prefer to choose the "wrong" candidates.

    Despite all problems that may exist in certain areas, no Brazilian needs to accept this sort of inferiority complex anymore, especially considering the more than visible evolution of the country when compared to the 80s and 90s. We are no longer the "nation of the future"; so it's more than high time that Brazilians should understand that as much as any foreigner does.

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