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  • timesup
    Mar 29, 10:28 PM
    I'm not american. Am I meant to know what RadioaShack is?

    Nobody cares where you are from. Isn't it painfully obvious that Radio Shack is a store?

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  • lbro
    Oct 24, 10:19 PM
    Hackintosh housed insed a powermac G5 enclosure + Apple LED 27" + 15" late 2009 macbook pro.

    Wow, very clean setup, how do you do that? I can't even keep my desk clean for 5 minutes!

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  • Taz Mangus
    Apr 16, 09:22 PM
    Apple does not have the best have a build quality better then everyone else. They have some very good computers, but their are companies who build much better computers you have no evidence to back up your statement. Macs use the same hardware as everyone else.

    It is true that Apple does use the same parts (e.g. RAM, etc) as other PC manufactures but Apple does design the layout of their own logic boards and another manufacturer assembles it. Apple does not use off the shelf logic boards, batteries, casings, keyboards and mice. Not too mention the A4 and A5 processor are custom built for Apple only.

    You are so fixated in your assesment about Apple not using "the best parts" or not "building the best quality computers". Is your reason for being here to set everyone straight? Does it bother you that a community of people believe that what they own is the best? Be honest now.

    I come to these forums because I am a Mac enthusiast. I don't go onto the Windows or Android forums and try to shove down peoples throats what I think about Windows or Android. That's not cool and neither is someone coming onto these forums and thinking they are going to set these people straight because you believe they are wrong.

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  • BC2009
    Apr 13, 03:55 PM
    If it's shipping in June, even June 30, how can it not be near final form? I mean when a developer tells me s/w is "nowhere near final form" I'm thinking early beta at best. But 2.5 months from release (assume June 30) shouldn't it be in the bug testing phases and everything else locked up?

    Coming from a software developer, it is very likely they are doing a concurrent development model whereby they integrate features from different source branches into the main branch one at a time. During this process you periodically "reverse integrate" the main branch into your feature branch to ensure your feature branch is functioning properly. When you complete a feature branch that has the latest main branch features integrated, you test the build within the feature branch, ensure it works, and then integrate into the main branch to make the new feature available to the other feature branches.

    If the "missing" features are relatively orthogonal to one another then it is very likely that when this "main branch" was built in February, that testing of the missing features was already well underway on separate builds within each feature branch. However, you don't integrate into the main branch until you believe the feature branch is bug free.

    So if they have major other things to integrate into the main release branch, then they should have all at been at about 98% code-completion in the February time frame, but still undergoing quality testing and bug-fix iterations. There is no way they are slapping new things on at the last minute other than fixes to defects they find.

    My bet is that the "missing features" are tied to other things they don't want to announce yet because it might reveal some of their strategy in other areas (i.e.: things like integration with iOS 5, cloud services, or iTunes or whatever -- who knows). There is obviously something they are holding back that Apple seems to feel is a big deal.

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  • NT1440
    Mar 10, 10:41 PM
    yes I do ... and I am 100% in support ... I would be more than willing to pay more taxes if Canada increased our spending to bring us more on par with the US.

    How can that possibly be justified? What is the threat that this budget is confronting?

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  • techwarrior
    Nov 12, 06:14 PM
    Eh. He's replaceable. With any one of a massive raft of iPhone devs who would be more than eager to step in to replace him. Facebook doesn't really have much of a choice about developing for iPhone considering it's (iPhone) the rising star in the smartphone market, that people are clamoring for and waiting sometimes 8 weeks to buy one. If there is no Facebook app for iPhone, owners will go pounding on Facebook's door, not Apple's.

    Absolutely spot on taster! There are thousands of talented developers willing to put up with the process. The iPhone is too important to FB, and FB is too important to Apple.

    There are clearly improvements that users have been clamoring for that Joe has apparently resisted or doesn't know how to implement with Apple's blessings. These are features others have gotten by the App Store approval police, so this is probably a good thing for those of us who have been hoping for more from this app.

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  • beebler
    Mar 18, 02:53 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/8C148a)

    Love the comments from back in the day! It's like when everyone bashed Galileo or something.

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  • Michael CM1
    Nov 12, 04:24 PM
    there was a thing last week where tweetdeck's new app was pulled because it crashed constantly. most of the problems with Windows over the last 20 years have been third party apps and drivers and not the OS itself, yet MS got the blame. Apple learned a lesson from that. it took MS years to change the architecture to limit bad code from developers

    Add the jailbroken iPhone hack and you've got a couple of good reasons for Apple to put on the Big Brother hat. I totally understand the frustrations and drawbacks to such a system, but apps for the most part don't totally bring the device down. A few may crash, but the phone still works and the apps get fixed.

    If you like an open platform better, you have plenty of choices. Nobody's forcing you to stick with an iPhone (unless you signed a contract). I'm a geek, but I'm not geeked out to the point where I get all hot and bothered about OPEN SOURCE! Oooooooh! Yeah, Linux has been going with that for my whole lifetime and has its piddling little market share.

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  • IJ Reilly
    Aug 29, 12:09 PM
    Well it is hidden and it is different. I guarantee you that Dell doesn't pay the same price you do when they purchase a resale license for Vista from MS.

    Also OSX is included with every Mac but it is the same situation. Apple has to mark up the hardware by some increment for the cost of the OS. I have no idea what Apple's internal pricing is for OS X but it has some value.

    It has value, but Apple doesn't buy OSX from itself. The point being, you get OSX when you buy a Mac, just as you get Windows when you buy an OEM PC. Some people seem to be finding a virtue in the latter but not the former, and a problem the fact that Apple has managed to significantly improve the OS five time in same span of years when Microsoft has managed it only once.

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  • RHVC59
    Mar 8, 01:26 AM
    ^^^ Wow! Very cool. Is that as hard as it appears to put together or is there some trick to it?

    Looks like something done with Mosaic Creator, a program I use to play with in the windows platform. Check out it out at http://www.aolej.com/mosaic/versions.htm:)

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  • daneoni
    Sep 12, 05:02 PM
    New interface will take some getting used to, looks like they moved things around a bit.

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  • chiamon
    Aug 8, 09:56 AM
    Anyone knows if the mac pro allows us to upgrade to PCI graphics cards bought from retail stores? Will there be any driver issues? Do graphics card vendors include Mac drivers on their installation disc? Never seen one that does though..

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  • fblack
    Sep 12, 02:13 PM
    glad they brought back some colors. tech in U.S. sometimes seems color challenged. :)

    great that its up to 24hrs run time. 52% made me go gaga for a few minutes there too.:D

    I still want wireless headphones from apple tho, like the logitech I have for my ipod mini only better. :cool:

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  • bketchum
    Sep 4, 04:07 PM
    Originally Posted by Ted13
    I certainly hope that the resolution on the Apple Movie Store will be AT LEAST 480x720 (aka 480P). Otherwise, between Netflix and super cheap DVDs these days, I don't see how Apple can compete with lower than DVD resolution.

    If they are really smart (and the studios play ball, which is doubtful) they would go straight to 1080P.

    I agree with you on the DVD quality. But could imagine how long it would take to downlaod a 1080p film? Days! The hard drive space would be another thing, it would be about 10 or 11 gigs for one film! At least. This is not going to be possible for at least 3 or 4 years I would say.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. Just as a test (not very scientific)... I went to the Apple Quicktime site and downloaded "The Queen" HD movie trailer at 1080P. Using an iBook connected to Airport Extreme wifi that's connected to an advertised 5-Mbps internet cable service, it took me about 5 minutes to download the 2-minute, 150-MB trailer. A little math tells me that a two-hour movie will take me about 300 minutes (5 hours) to download, and the size of the file will be about 9000 Mb in size.

    To me that's not outrageous. However, it does mean planning ahead. I won't be able to start watching the movie five minutes after I've started downloading it. The real-time viewing will catch up to the download. I would need to give it about a four-hour head start.

    No matter, my 1.33-GHz iBook isn't powerful enough to play 1080P HD movies without dropping frames and sound every few seconds. I think there are a lot of people in the same position as me. I cannot believe that Apple will offer just one level of movie quality. Just like what Apple currently offers on its movie trailer site, I'm guessing you'll be able to rent or buy 480P, 720P, or 1080P quality movies.

    It took me just 50 seconds to download the same two-minute-long trailer at 480P quality. The size of the file is about 30 Mb. That means it will take me about 50 minutes to download the whole 1800 MB movie. At that rate, I can start watching the movie right away. My internet connection provides a download rate that is twice as fast as the movie viewing rate. That is exactly what I want. On impulse, I can be watching any movie I want within a few seconds. At full screen on my iBook, the 480P movie looks like I'm watching a rented DVD movie. The best part: No trips to incredibly annoying video stores.

    I'm guessing the time it takes to download a 720P movie, and its file size, will fall somewhere halfway between the 480P and the 1080P movie.

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  • mscriv
    Apr 7, 02:48 PM
    But would they still be believers if they really read the Old Testament? The evidence within it for polytheism is rife. Worshipping Yahweh/Jehovah/El is like worshipping Zeus or Jupiter. And Satan is Baal (Beelzebub). Not many Zeus-worshippers around these days, though, are there?

    Well, this is one of those areas where we disagree on the historical evidence and the interpretation. I don't see evidence in the old testament that would support the view that it was written to support polytheism or that it was a re-writing of polytheistic accounts with the goal of popularizing monotheism.

    Sure, there is description of the polytheistic cultures of the Canaanite people, the Egyptians, and other people of that time, but the overarching story of God's revelation to man is unified starting with God's establishment of the covenant with Abraham.

    Now, God's people were not always faithful to him. In fact the entire story of the nation of Israel is one of God attempting to unify his chosen people and their repeated failure to be consistently true to him. Even King Solomon who built the temple, fell away later in life, as he become open to idol worship.

    In the old testament itself there is no confusion between Yahweh, Jehovah, Elohim or any of the other names for God. They point solely to God the father, the creator and sustainer of life. The reference to Genesis 1:26 you pointed to in your previous post is not referring to multiple gods either. You must remember that the Bible reveals God to be triune, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The "mystery" of the trinity has been debated, but scripture both, old and new testament, point to this fact and thus there are times when the original languages are in singular tense and there are also times when the original languages are in plural tense.

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  • mrtune
    Mar 21, 02:40 PM

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  • Ish
    Sep 13, 08:46 AM
    I too think that the colors are ugly... there should always be a white ipod at every level.

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  • SactoGuy18
    May 5, 12:26 AM
    In short, this confirms that iOS 5.0 will now have incremental updates, which is similar to how Microsoft updates Windows with incremental updates. Apple should have done this when iOS 4.0 came out, though....

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  • Groovey
    Nov 7, 06:30 AM
    yes, apple will be shooting themselves in the foot if they don't have that issue resolved in the second generation model.

    does anyone know how many hrs it is until we should "expect" the announcement assuming it is going to be released within the next day.

    Haha! First there would be a mass resigning. They would just all quit Apple and leave an empty building behind. Then they would sadly shoot themselves in the foot at the parking lot. That's how it would happen.

    I can't wait! L�sen Die MackBuch bitte!

    Mar 29, 03:03 AM
    i am sure that there will be NO new iphone 5 at the conference. but apple needs to show something new there, so as a "one more thing" they will introduce the new white iphone 4, and also another new model with 64 GB. There is a lot of work going on that could see the light of day by or at the WWDC such as new MobileMe especially considering Amazon's announcement today re streaming media. Throw in maybe something to do with Apple TV or a preview of new iPhone 5 capabilities such as NFC and it would be a pretty amazing meeting. An announcement of integrated iOS and OSX could be a blockbuster by itself if that comes to be.

    Mar 2, 03:39 PM

    Clockwork Orange... 15 mins from my apartment.

    I am open to criticism since I am new to photography

    Apr 4, 01:37 PM
    Dogmatic belief in the nonexistence of God can be considered a religion.
    Agnostic atheism cannot though.

    Umm..no. Sorry.

    Jul 23, 09:20 AM
    As soon as Zune hits the market, Apple will counter with iPod 2.0:

    Jobs doesn't exactly respond to what other people do, he does his own thing.

    That's why we like him so much :)

    Oct 11, 02:52 PM
    I think Motorola has another Revision (January / Febuary) + then they will have competition from IBM. I dont like Motorolas chances in that fight. We will probably get this sytem next:

    Dual 1.5Ghz with Full DDRAM Support
    167Mhz Bus
    ATI 9000 Pro (Option 9700 or Geforce TI)
    Firewire 2

    I think this spec is what we will get.

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