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  • akac
    Aug 7, 11:39 PM
    I know we've overdosed on speculation recently, but the MacRumors live transcript from the keynote today contained the following line (from Steve I believe):

    10:24 am lots more announcements during the next week

    best to just wait and see......

    I thought that was for the Universal Binary third party - not Apple's.

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  • OllyW
    Mar 19, 05:46 AM
    Nice library, but do you need it with you at all times? I used to think I did, but I've found that I don't need 11,000 songs with me all the time. I have songs in my library I haven't listened to in years. Another reason why the iPod classic is dying, Apple, and iTunes, have made it very easy to manage the music you actually listen to, and add it to your iPod.

    Yes, I like to have it all with me.

    I listen to music for 9 hours a day when I'm at work and used to get frustrated with my old 60GB iPod photo because I only had half of my collection with me. I've had my 160GB classic since 2007 and I'm now down to my last 5GB of free space.

    A new 220GB classic in September would be perfect timing. :D

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  • yoak
    Apr 15, 09:27 AM
    Wow, we went a whole hour without this old one popping up again. I feel embarrassed for you.

    I don't know, to me Final Cut Suite was always a steal. The 'revolution' started over 10 years ago. Unfortunately, broadcasters still require HDCAM/SR deliveries so rentals aren't necessarily a thing of the past yet. I can't wait for the day we can just deliver a quicktime file.

    It�s nearer than you think, at least here. We were allowed to deliver 7*30min episodes as ProRes files on a hard drive to the main broadcaster here (NRK1 HD, the BBC equivalent) in Norway in January.
    First they wanted HDCAM, but we argued that we would just lose a couple of generations this way. We had used quite a bit of Gopro and CAnon 5D footage and we didn�t want that to go through too many unnecessary convertions.
    They agreed

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  • dlastmango
    Oct 26, 08:04 PM
    Yeap, they drilled a hole in the center of the macbook and added a screw.

    OK... who can show us a pic of this extra screw?

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  • nathjking
    Nov 7, 09:30 AM
    Hi There,

    I ordered a Macbook on the 18th October through mac universe with a hard disk upgrade to 80gb and ram to 1gb. I have called daily ever since and have been constanty told that there is a component shortage and is in constraint.... :( Umm...I've been given the option to cancel but i daren't because i've got a sneaky feeling they might be sneeking a 2 core baddy in it... anyone having a similar experience out there?:D

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  • MrCrowbar
    Oct 28, 09:53 PM
    I didn't fall for it.

    And you're an idiot.

    Seriously, these forums are so Mac users can help one another. What kind of little person gets joy out of posting false information that could cause another person grief or concern?

    Didn't you see the white 'just kidding' above the picture?
    Once I started the rumor of the black Macbook actually beeing made of aluminum with some black vinyl on it (thus the $150 premium). A week later, I heard from someone totally messing up his Macbook trying to remove 'the black layer' on his brand new Macbook with a cutter. I laughed my ass of for a week. Totally worth it. :D

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  • rockosmodurnlif
    Nov 3, 01:39 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/11/02/adobe-points-finger-at-apple-on-get-flash-page-for-iphone/)

    It's nice of Abode to tell me who I should thank.

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  • SMM
    Nov 27, 12:40 PM
    They banned songs like Lucy in the Sky and Ticket to Ride... (not to mention Metallica's Seek and Destroy) because the songs reminded people of the event.

    I see. I wonder who conducted this sorely-needed poll? I bet they banned "Ahab the Arab" too.

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  • Dr. Scott
    Mar 21, 06:29 PM
    His wife must be where the 1 'negative' came from. iPad - 1, wife - 0

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  • moose.boy
    Aug 29, 02:35 PM
    Your windows installation will not hurt your OSX installation.
    They don't see eeach other, and windows is on a seperate partition.

    Stop calling people a moron if you don't know what you are talking about.

    Boot camp basically eliminated the need to ever buy a PC.
    It was an incredibly smart move.

    Windows may not be able to read or write to the mac partition, but it will still be there. There is nothing stopping a _really_ malicious virus from messing around with the partition table to bring the whole thing crashing down.

    IIRC It was because of the problem with viruses corrupting boot records that microsoft cludged their disk partitioning software FDISK to include the /MBR switch to allow it to wipe previously inaccessible boot records.

    However, for those people who just need windows for one or two programs, and who have the awareness to patch and lock it down correctly, then bootcamp is a good idea.

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  • oingoboingo
    Oct 15, 04:25 PM
    Before getting slapped... I guess if youre a billionaire you can shove earbuds into a strangers ear, but here in Real World USA the results would not be pretty. Do that with your girlfriend, I dont think ANYONE would want a stranger theyve known for 1 minute coming up to them and putting crap into their ear.

    Yes, it would be rare for two people who hardly know each other to go start sticking icky things into icky parts of each other's bodies :rolleyes: :D

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  • justaregularjoe
    Oct 13, 05:53 PM
    On my Flickr I have them tagged!

    <snipped photos.>

    FLICKR Set with Tags:


    I hate to impose and I don't want to come across as creepy, but I was wondering if you could draw up a rough schematic of your room; I love the layout.

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  • mrcammy
    Oct 15, 06:04 PM
    Typical machead responses on this thread:

    microsoft wireless media player - aww that's sooo stupid...
    apple wireless media player (when it comes out) - aww that's sooo cool...

    now go drink your kool-aid everyone...:)

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  • iSax1234
    Mar 14, 02:38 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5051/5524388909_ca20c8e0a2_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/arrington_aka_photography/5524388909/)
    Mere (http://www.flickr.com/photos/arrington_aka_photography/5524388909/) by A.Arrington (http://www.flickr.com/people/arrington_aka_photography/), on Flickr

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  • blitzkrieg79
    Apr 12, 07:30 PM
    If Apple manufactured their products in the US, the iPhone would probably cost $999 with a 2-year contract and the iPad would probably cost $1599 for the 16GB model.

    When you have to pay someone $12 an hour to work an assembly line and pay for benefits and payroll taxes, that raises costs a lot to a country where you can pay 75 cents per hour and benefits like health insurance cost $5 a month rather than $500.

    A 25-page document isn't necessary and the law would be dumb. All that it takes is for someone to take a basic economics course.

    Americans who complain about jobs leaving overseas need to realize that when they go shopping they need to put their money where their mouth is. Everyone pays lip service to "made in the usa" but when they look at the price tags in the store they buy made in china!

    The thing to watch here is if the quality improves when production is done in Brazil. If the production quality is the same or better, that's good news for consumers.

    Recently I have purchased two truck toys for my kid, one was a made in China Tonka truck $50, the other was a Bruder truck $50 made in Germany, about same size trucks, same functionality, and the Bruder was made out of nice soft plastics where Tonka was made from hard cheap plastics, plus if you would even look at both of the toys you would see just how much better and how much more detail the Bruder had over Tonka. Anyway, one would think that a childs toys is a low skill labor job and that it wouldn't make any sense building it in a highly developed nation yet somehow its doable in Germany. I see more made in EU toys in European Union countries than I see made in USA toys in USA (which is almost zero). This is just an example to show that simply US companies are more greedy and they just want more bottom line profit, nothing else. They don't care about local communities, their towns, basically their own consumer base, because the people who make it are also the people who buy it. But this kind of mentality is good for short term investment, what happens if your entire middle class disappears (its been happening for the past 25 years)? Who will buy the overpriced Nike or Apple products? I could see an advantage of cheaper labor in labor intensive niche products but those products are expensive to begin with, so if a person would be able to afford a $2000 Coach made in China bag, then they could easily afford a $2250 made in USA bag. Again, labor cost difference in mass production items is minimal.

    Another issue is outsourcing of ALL the jobs, these days you have doctors from Russia reading the CT scans or X Rays for American practices and does a US patient see a decrease in medical costs??? NOPE You have paralegals outsourced all over the world, programmers/IT, lawyers, pretty much any industry can be outsourced these days except for services. And again, the savings in labor are not passed towards the consumer, its more about increasing profits for select few.

    Do you really think that iPhone would cost $999 if it were made in USA? It would be maybe $50-75 more expensive than it is now and all the money would stay within the country making the country stronger and local economies strong and stable. And last but not least, US government allows all of this, its funny how for over 50 years they were battling USSR and communism yet since the 1970s they helped one of the most oppressive communist countries which is China become a world power. On one hand USA is trying to teach "democracy" in the Middle East and yet they do business with one of the largest oppressive countries in the world. Anyway, I'll end my rant, its not like the world will change tomorrow.

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  • ipodtoucher
    Mar 6, 09:31 PM
    Here's the next in the series, "Angie"


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  • gturban
    Apr 11, 03:42 AM
    The best thing about this release is that now they will probably come out with a release for cs5 fixing all the bugs! They normally save the "golden master" till just after they released the next version...

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  • levitynyc
    Mar 12, 10:04 AM
    My 13" Whitebook is literally falling apart. Im buying a new 13" Pro as soon as its updated

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  • OllyW
    Apr 14, 11:44 AM
    I am surprised so many PCs are sold as it is. I wonder if people are happy with them or they just sit in a drawer or closet somewhere.

    Macs aren't the answer to everyone's needs. Apple only have a touch over 4% of the worldwide market so do you think the other 96% of customers are sitting there head in hand wishing they had a Mac?

    Apple have targeted the highly profitable premium home market and now dominate it. They aren't interested in the low end or business market because they don't need a huge market share to do well and are prepared to let their competitors fight amongst themselves for those lower margin sales.

    Jul 23, 07:05 PM
    It would be very interesting to read Lord of the Rings and have the soundtrack playing - synchronised to where you're up to in the book.

    WOW! Either you're a really fast reader or that's one long soundtrack! :p

    Seriously, from comic books to my college textbooks to CD booklets, this feature would rock! Don't remember exactly how cAMP regulates a particular intracellular reaction? Just head to page XX on your Cellular & Molecular Biology ebook. Wanna read your comic book collection on the bus? Done. Don't remember the name of the Orchestra Director in S&M? (The Metallica album, nothing dirty :rolleyes: ) there you go, check out the booklet.

    I see a lot of possibilities!

    Aug 8, 09:56 AM
    There is a link to a disk image at "http://developer.apple.com/tools/download/", but when I click on it I am asked for my ADC member password, and on the next page there is no trace of Xcode 2.4. Only a link to XCode 2.3 download. Maybe they just got the name wrong, but I won't download 915 MB to find out.

    Since it is a large download Apple is doing a staggered roll out of the download (Apple folks stated this). It appears to be rolled to premier members, then select, and finally free members.

    Jan 11, 05:14 PM
    from John Gruber:

    "Oh, also, a slogan for the show: �There�s something in the air.� My guess is it�s an AirPort-enabled network backup storage device for Time Machine."

    maybe its just me but that seems a bit......... unexciting to base the entire theme of a macworld on.

    Sep 4, 09:13 AM
    And when was the last time ThinkSecret got a rumor right???

    Nov 7, 09:44 AM
    Maybe they won't be 100% compliant, but unless something earth shattering happens before 802.11n is finalized, I'd expect that many draft-n products could be made compatible with equipment using the the final standard, with little more than a firmware change.

    And wasn't 802.11g still in the draft stage when it was introduced in the AirPort Extreme? (Extreme was introduced on January 7, but 802.11g was not ratified until June 2003.)

    That is something I've been wondering - what is the approval process like for these standards? Specifically, why does this take so long for approval?

    I think its great that Apple is putting the pre-N capable hardware in to the iMac's, MP and MBP already just awaiting a pre-N capable base station to make it fly. Oooh - maybe they will intro this in November to have a sale on one for Black Friday? Steve, how about it?

    Certainly the pre-n stuff will be turned on in January for the iTV intro. Here's a thought - so will there be MB and MM update prior to iTV so that the entire line will have pre-n hardware and be capable of communicating to the iTV at full tilt speeds? I'm guessing so!

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