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  • Retrograffica
    Jan 11, 02:18 PM
    I wonder if that aluminium beveled logo has something to do with the design of the long awaited new MacBook Pros?...

    ...it's already featuring on the iPhone...

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  • citi
    Nov 2, 06:49 PM
    I'm pretty sure that Flash wouldn't even work on an iPhone. It uses 100% CPU on my MBP and video still lags!

    This is probably the reason that Apple doesn't even want to let Adobe make Flash, because they know they would fsck it up somehow.

    And, since iPhones overheat, CPU usage at 100% for any length of time could cause the battery to explode!

    Don't just blame Adobe...blame apple too. It's a code/OS issue. It's works perfectly on PCs.

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  • ericinboston
    May 5, 08:43 AM
    1)what is the point on the iPad? I can read my email in 3D? Do the smiley faces in my emails hover in mid air?

    2)3D technology has been tested since the 80s...and they all require silly (and expensive) glasses to wear...3D technology needs to go much further and dump the glasses. Besides, 3D basically stinks...yes, some day it will get really good and our Sunday football games will be killer...but I'm still thinking we're 20 years away from a true 3D "tv" experience in our living rooms for under $3000.

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  • contoursvt
    Sep 3, 07:24 PM
    I'm sure you can do a clean install on the same disk from 2000 to vista (since 2000 was release a bit before 10.1, I't would be fair to not even bother bringing win98 in the scene or we'll have to drag OS 8.5 in the talks) :)

    You can easily upgrade OS X from 10.1 straight to 10.5 (atleast 10.4), and if you can't, do a clean install because it's a same damn disk. Can you upgrade Win98 to Vista?

    People said the same thing about XP, but all it did was to take 2000/NT code back then, add few drivers and paint it ugly blue.

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  • skunk
    Apr 26, 06:24 PM
    In what sense? Before and after the great war I'd agree, but today I don't entirely see why you'd think this. As i mentioned before, I think britain is the most tolerant country with regards to accepting Blacks, the same can't be said with places like Italy or spain in western Europe and certainly not eastern Europe/Russia.Whether or not Britain is the "most tolerant" country among a field containing some much worse, blacks (and Irish) were openly discriminated against, and certainly in the case of blacks, still are. Many in the UK would rather that the natives from their former colonies just remembered their place.

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  • doberman211
    Mar 18, 06:49 PM
    If I could replace my iPod classic with a 120GB iPod Touch I would do it in a heartbeat. To me the only think the classic has on the touch is storage size. In every other way the Touch is much better.

    Not everyone likes the touchscreens. I would buy a 200GB classic tomorrow. Not everyone wants iOS and apps and games and all that crap on an MP4 player. i know i don't. the iPod touch should go. they already have an iPhone, i want to listen to music with the occasional video on the bus. and with physical buttons i can change the song with the thing in my pocket. I like the UI and the clickwheel. call me old if you like but im 17.

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  • dbit
    Aug 8, 02:40 PM
    For the Desktop
    LINK TO CORE 2 DUO DESKTOPS (http://www.intel.com/buy/core2duo.htm)

    Ah. I'm drooling for the Merom. Anybody know if it's just not ready yet?

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  • X2468
    Mar 28, 11:11 PM
    And yet, no new iPhone will be present ... I predict a lot of attending hearts will be broken!
    Glad I ordered right away, I haven't missed a WWDC yet. Something told me it would be insane this year with Steve's health like it is, it may be his last.

    I'm seriously hoping this will be a traditional software only event. Apple has a lot to cover now that they're blending OS X & iOS.

    An iPhone announcement would ruin the experience. The longer Apple delays the next iPhone the better the chances are it will be their best. I'd like to see Apple use their best efforts and build a drama free new phone. If they focus they're capable of amazing things.

    None of the wonky crap like they pulled with iPhone 4. Apples better than that and it's time to prove it, not just talk about it. A really great iPhone would be fantastic.

    Yes I know the current one is selling like crazy, but that only reinforces the fact that Joe Average will buy anything Apple.

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  • wnurse
    Aug 8, 10:26 PM
    The exploit is apparently in the device driver, and so its more of an issue with Atheros than with Apple. I mean, a vulnerability is a vulnerability, and it still needs to be fixed, but the compromised code is most likely not Apple's at least.

    Many windows exploits deals with third party software.. what's your point?.
    Actually, the hackers were very nice to let microsoft and apple plus the device drivers know about the problem.

    Still, Apple is ultimately responsible for putting the software in their machines and in advertisements, they never say "macs are safe except for third party software". Actually, even with this, macs are a lot safer than windows but i predict the assualt is coming. It's really only a matter of time.

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  • scott523
    Nov 8, 09:36 AM
    Yes! 2GB RAM upgrade is $225 (estimate from A$)! Luckily I bought 2GB RAM for $195. :D :p

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  • mikeschmeee
    Mar 10, 08:23 PM
    Had some Mallory today!

    Yea.. I'm in love.. :o

    Mine for today.. You likes? Yay or nay? :)

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5219/5515947913_35d4211a61_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5515947913/)

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  • ten-oak-druid
    May 5, 12:09 AM
    Yeah, Blu Ray players are pretty useless because of the PS3, which is usually cheaper and can play Blu Ray anyway. Of course, my dad got a Blu Ray player before I could say anything :rolleyes:

    And I think the digital copy is useless because of Netflix, which can just stream it. The internet is the future for now, not discs.

    I don't know about the digital copy being useless. I have netflix and I also add movies to itunes. I see them as complimentary. Some items I do not care to purchase and it is nice to have netflix. On the other hand I like owning movie and TV shows that I really like. Also netflix doesn't have everything I want. And don't forget when traveling, you don't always have good internet.

    The Apple TV is nice because it accesses both netflix and my itunes media.

    Anyway movies I really like, I tend to buy physical copies anyway and rip them to add to itunes. The digital copy/blu ray is better as I can play the 1080p version once in a while and access it on the computer/ iOS anytime.

    I'm looking forward to the release of Lord of the Rings extended edition coming out this summer on blu ray. I believe that has digital copy too.

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  • VirtualRain
    Mar 6, 07:35 PM
    Where is this?!?!!? Awesome shot!

    Thanks! That's a small stream that flows into the Seymour River near my house.

    My photo for today...

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5252/5501494819_983243de4e_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5501494819/)

    This is similarly awesome... I like the layers and clouds as well as the lights from downtown. I'm guessing this was shot from Queen E Park?

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  • someoldguy
    Mar 8, 08:18 AM
    Was able to score a virtually unused M8 a few weeks ago . Tried it out in Midtown and Central Park . Gotta get used to using a rangefinder again .


    M8 , 35/2 , iso 320 , 5.6@1/350

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  • intelliot
    Mar 29, 06:48 AM
    Either scalpers have swooped in or there are a lot more geeks that just want to attend the conference.

    I was seriously disappointed when I attended last years one, the Apple engineers couldn't answer either of my questions, the presentations only reaffirmed what I already knew or pointed to documentation / demo code that every developer got for free anyway.

    If you are a serious developer and want to attend the conference to actually learn its a serious disappointment. But I guess most conferences are just to network and geek it up which is why it sold out I guess.

    What were your questions?

    I was trying to add external display support to my iOS wireless collaborative drawing app (http://www.greengar.com/apps/whiteboard/), but I had run into a few problems. At WWDC I was able to work with 2 Apple engineers until we solved it. It was awesome; definitely worth it.

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  • Liquorpuki
    Nov 12, 04:21 PM
    It probably has to do with the three20 project incident a couple of days ago. Basically some devs had their apps rejected because they were using three20 which had some private API calls.

    That's pretty understandable then. Having not only your work but other devs work rejected because they used your library - that's your reputation at stake

    He should have just come out and said it

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  • SactoGuy18
    Apr 17, 08:44 PM
    I think due to the extraordinary bad timing of the earthquake in Japan, in the end Apple will have to admit that due to critical parts shortages of iPad 2 components normally made in Japan, they can no longer keep up with demand for the iPad 2, hence the problem with supplying them to Best Buy stores. Don't be surprised that Apple may even announce suspension of all iPad 2 sales and then resume them middle to late summer as the parts supply situation is resolved.

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  • hdsalinas
    Sep 6, 09:43 AM
    yes all that I wanted in my imac. VRAM memory bumped to 256 would have been great but I appreciate more the price drop. I was going to buy a 20" (glad I haven�t yet) but know who knows.

    Here in Honduras, the only authorized mac reseller in my city had the last 20" for US$2052 (in Honduras, computers are sales tax free), I wonder if they will apply the full $300 rebate. If they use the same margins the 24" should be around US$2250. Still not bad since I was going to pay US$2000 for it. The only problem with them is that they dont give you the option to customize your mac.

    So if I go with either the 20" or the 24" I win both ways! Thanks Apple.

    Now how long will I have to wait to they have them here? BTW They sold all of their 17 and 20 imacs nationwide and they said that they were waiting for a shipment of new models.:)

    I will be a happy camper this christmas!

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  • MorphingDragon
    Nov 3, 12:27 AM
    Okay then Adobe. Why dont you give us the Uber Light version used on Phones for desktop use? Oh wait. :rolleyes:

    Mar 25, 01:36 PM
    I just installed it and my battery is still going strong. So yeah, it's fixed. :rolleyes:

    I've been going thru these forums for about a year now. I find good posts and opinions but I hate these snide comments from people. Not everyone is as tech savvy as many who post here. I'm sick of scrolling past these guys that have nothing better to do than mock others.

    Sep 4, 03:44 PM
    How about a Memron Nano. It has a 3 second battery life, but during those three seconds it is one amazing MP3 player :p
    Why is it that some people stubbornly keep calling it Memron, when it's obviously Merom?

    Nov 8, 08:53 AM
    Yippee! If only they had an improved video card.

    sadly Apple has been very depressing when it comes to offering better graphics chips. Apple even is poor at doing incremental updates.

    no change in either laptops. sucks.

    Aug 8, 02:38 PM
    I was quite bummed out about no core 2 duo announcement. Can anybody tell me which, if any, pc companies are shipping with core 2 duo yet? Is this possibly going to be a silent release, and is it perhaps still happening in August or are we in for another long wait? :confused:

    For the Desktop
    LINK TO CORE 2 DUO DESKTOPS (http://www.intel.com/buy/core2duo.htm)

    Add: I checked Dell, and their ship date for a Core 2 Duo System is August 12

    Apr 29, 01:32 PM
    I somehow doubt its true, but its a nice story.

    When Ive returned a product, they have never asked for my name or address, and if I didnt give them my email address, there is no way they could contact me.

    it depends. If he ordered online, he shipped it back and they'd already have that info as you have to pay to ship it back yourself.

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