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  • MacRumors
    Nov 2, 04:02 PM
    http://www.macrumors.com/images/macrumorsthreadlogo.gif (http://www.macrumors.com/iphone/2009/11/02/adobe-points-finger-at-apple-on-get-flash-page-for-iphone/)


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  • DakotaGuy
    Mar 28, 08:25 PM
    Everything has to start some where. I was nearly t-boned by a SUV today that thought they were better than the rest of us... they were running very much running a red light. Get your head out of the sand as to the new world order...

    Here in America bigger does not mean better in the end...

    I have almost been t-boned by a compact car running a red light so what is the difference? Bad drivers are bad drivers no matter what they are driving. I drive an SUV, however it is a Ford Escape so it weighs about the same as any ordinary mid-sized sedan. I just like sitting higher and having 4WD with some ground clearance because I live in snow country. The fuel economy is about the same as any AWD mid-sized sedan and little high MPG compact cars are worthless here in the Black Hills from about November to April. Let people drive what they want to drive and don't force them into what you think they should drive.

    With that said, I purchased my iPad from Walmart and it works exactly the same as anyone who bought theirs at the Apple store. If Radio Shack wants to sell them I say more power to them. I have a feeling all of the iPads will work the same no matter where they are purchased. It is a nice thing that places like Walmart or Radio Shack are allowed to sell them because it makes it easier for us rural folks (and there are millions of us even if you don't want to acknowledge it) to be able to purchase the product.

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  • Alezan
    Mar 12, 05:43 AM
    Alleeeeez, Chrichri et moi on devient fou ici!

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  • MacRy
    Aug 24, 12:47 PM
    Link is up on Apple.com now:


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  • rand0m3r
    Nov 7, 06:09 AM
    yes, apple will be shooting themselves in the foot if they don't have that issue resolved in the second generation model.

    does anyone know how many hrs it is until we should "expect" the announcement assuming it is going to be released within the next day.

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  • Yuniverse
    Mar 25, 05:58 PM
    Dude, you must be like on Comcast-Crack Plan LOL

    LOL... my bad.. it was more like 3 minutes

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  • berkleeboy210
    Sep 4, 04:26 PM
    p.s. does anyone know if they will webcast the event?

    probably not live, usually a few hours after it'll be posted on apple.com for viewing.

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  • pmz
    Apr 2, 11:18 AM
    3D BABY!

    HTC & LG, not to mention Nintendo...It's time Apple! No blu-ray, so Apple will be 3D Gods!

    HTC and LG have the factory space to try and compete, so they do.

    Nintendo makes products for 6 year old girls.

    Apple is not interested in what is today known as "3D" which is just two out of focus images hurting your eyes.

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  • Paix247
    Jan 11, 01:19 PM
    Yes! Something interesting to discuss on a slow Friday afternoon.

    PLEASE be a 12" MacBook Pro for $1799 or less! :D

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  • CrazyWingman
    Sep 6, 09:46 AM
    It's a workstation, not a desktop. Yes there is a difference.
    A Mac pro as a home desktop is like a Freightliner with a Pickup bed.

    :) You should make your signature link here (http://www.internationaldelivers.com/site_layout/XTFamily/index.asp). It's not quite a freightliner, but close enough.

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  • reflex
    Nov 7, 04:37 AM
    if u want a small laptop like that....you would definately not enjoy gaming on it...

    I don't know, I really enjoyed gaming on my Sony Vaio S1 (13" screen) back when I used to take it to lan parties.

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  • mwswami
    Aug 8, 12:11 AM
    No remote? No Photo Booth? That's got to be a deal breaker for a lot of folks. ;)

    As for the real world, many professionals have funds to purchase these machines as they will use the speed. It seems to me that most "consumers" are not able or willing to plop down the cash to buy a Mac Pro when an iMac or MacBook or even Mac Mini will more than suit their needs.

    No front row and no photo booth was definitely a downer for me. I expect to see iSight 2.0 with better optics and IR sensor built-in released later this year.

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  • iMikeT
    Sep 22, 12:55 PM
    Let Wal-Mart cry....

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  • deputy_doofy
    Nov 8, 08:05 AM
    glad i bought me a new merom mbp...


    Wish I had my new Merom MBP.... :( Already in for speaker repair.

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  • SeattleMoose
    Nov 23, 06:05 PM
    sorry...but her stuff is light years ahead of that old outdated sound.

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  • iGrip
    Jul 10, 10:27 AM

    I don't understand this.

    Right now, I move my finger about an inch on a touchpad to move the cursor from one corner of the screen to another.

    With a big monitor, I would have to lift my entire arm, carefully place my finger on a 1/8 inch spot, move my entire arm 24 inches to the other corner of the screen, all the time putting fingerprints on my screen.

    Nope. I don't get it. A touchscreen for a desktop computer seems like useless "gee-whiz" garbage.

    Unless the touchscreen is like those ones on CNN, used for specialized presentations. Or built into a table. Or one comprising a wall where you can draw stuff. Or something (anything!) where touch is an advantage.

    But for a desktop machine?

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  • Kenso
    Mar 28, 02:38 PM
    I'll wait until Ross gets them

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  • nygfan80
    Mar 21, 03:39 PM
    this made my day. little things like this go a long way for a companies user base. Reminds me of Pixar's stint for a little girls dying request to see the movie (http://www.justpressplay.net/movies/movie-news/5530-pixar-grants-dying-10-year-olds-wish-to-see-qupq-before-she-dies.html)

    Wow, puts things in perspective.

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  • fertilized-egg
    Apr 2, 09:35 PM
    Mp Myth. Is that the same as Steve's old favorite, The megahertz myth:D

    Sorry, I just thought that would be funny.

    MP is really a myth. The single biggest factor for the image quality of a sensor is the sensor size. Assuming image processing and sensor technology are roughly of the same generation, a large 4 megapixel sensor will beat the crap out of a phone camera with 8 megapixel sensor except resolution testing under good lighting. And most people just don't need that much resolution.

    The Nokia N8 was an exception because they went for a huge(relatively speaking) sensor that was as large as the top of the line P&S like the Canon G series cameras. However with the physics involved you have to pay the price through the added thickness. I highly doubt anyone other than Nokia will take a gamble like that.

    Mar 11, 02:20 PM

    we don't spend 700 billion on troops. Cut the useless technology programs, give all the remaining money to troops and their needed supplies and equipment.

    I wasn't even thinking of troops. I was thinking of all the defense contractors employees. Remember that military industrial complex thing we ignored.

    Nov 3, 04:05 AM
    Mine was doing fine until a couple of days ago, when it shut down for the first time. Applied the firmware update, hasn't happened since.

    Mar 8, 08:18 AM
    Was able to score a virtually unused M8 a few weeks ago . Tried it out in Midtown and Central Park . Gotta get used to using a rangefinder again .


    M8 , 35/2 , iso 320 , 5.6@1/350

    Sep 6, 08:49 AM
    I am seriously thinking of getting out of Windowsworld and the new 24" iMac looks great!:D

    From the listed specs this will really rock.

    Anybody have advice on whether I should wait for Leopard to come out or not?

    Just do it. Leopard will be a coupla hundred bucks when it comes (Spring), no biggie.

    Apr 2, 09:40 PM
    Exmor sensors are CMOS. I think Sony stopped making CCD or atleast not popular of making CCD sensors.

    Not true. CCDs are still in most DSCs.


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