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food chain images

food chain images. example of a food chain.
  • example of a food chain.

  • Themaeds
    Mar 28, 12:32 PM
    I'm not american. Am I meant to know what RadioaShack is?

    If you have any devices that still take D batteries thats your place to go

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  • typical food chain for the

  • monsterinawc
    Aug 4, 10:50 AM
    I think this thread has started to become unraveled. It's a freaking banner with somewhat arbitrarily picked/placed Apple products and software people! It's cool that we got to see Apple's welcome banner, isn't that enough?

    Amen to that!!!!

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  • The Food Chain

  • 6-0 Prolene
    Mar 14, 09:39 AM
    Sorry to disagree. My local Best Buy, Amazon, and B&H Photo (where I buy my camera equiptment and a good place to buy computers with no tax and Apple Care for a great price) are all fully stocked. This could be the stores knowing the product life cycle and trying to reduce inventories by ordering less and less with each restock.

    I could easily see them releasing after the stock is truly depleted so no one needs to discount to move out old inventory which is probably more profitable at the moment. But, I don't know and can't see any reason at this point to hold off introducing a new computer in fear of compromising iPad sales.

    Anyway, the complete lack of any tangible rumors for a 'this Tuesday' release is keeping my expectations low. I am placing the odds, based on nothing, at 1:4 for this Tuesday and 4:5 for the next four Tuesdays. If not this Tuesday I may instead buy a refurb imac. Apple told me that I could return it within 30 days (of placing the order) without a restock fee if I exchange for a higher priced item. It looks like a refurb imac 3.3 and a MB might cost about the same as a high end 15" MBP. Anyway, the wait goes on.

    There's no way Apple will wait until stock is completely depleted at the discount outlets.

    I get the sense that the resellers have been waiting for a while too. MacMall, for instance, let their stock of 17" MBPs dwindle and then restocked this past week. They've also been pushing the end date of their MacBook Pro sale back week after week.

    I really think there's been some unforeseen delay, but I think chances are good for 3/16 based on what little info is out there.

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  • food chain (Pond)

  • Eduardo1971
    Apr 17, 11:34 AM
    How. Many. Full. Stops. Do. They. Want. To. Cram. Into. One. Advert? Have they ever heard of the comma? It's this really useful little squiggle that can be used to separate items in a list.

    If you are going to criticize the grammar your comments should be directed at Apple. Have seen the front page of apple.com?

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  • Fast Food Chain cartoon 4

  • macnvrbck
    Nov 8, 09:35 AM
    I agree with you there is just something about the 13" MacBook that doesn't fit but the 12" its PERFECT

    I could not agree more! That 13'' is just too bulky compared to the beautiful form factor of the best laptop ever made. That said.. mine is getting sloooower, I'll bump it up to 1.25Gb of RAM here soo, just waiting for prices to come down.

    I'm not getting rid of this laptop anytime soon.

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  • Zombie Shirt, the Food Chain

  • dubis07
    Jan 11, 03:57 PM
    There is something in the air....what could that mean?

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  • ocean food chains photos

  • hulugu
    Aug 2, 11:23 PM
    Yeah, hacking is just taking something and tinkering with it to make it do something that it's not really designed to do, isn't it? This can sometimes be useful and fun, but can obviously also be done for malicious purposes, and that's sometimes referred to as "cracking" and the ones who do it as "crackers".

    Wait a second. They use a 3rd party wireless card, and he said in the end that "the flaw is not in the Apple operating system as we used 3rd party hardware". I'd say that's quite different from the impression I got from reading the macrumors headline here. A default MacBook using the built in Airport isn't vulnerable as far as I can tell.

    He also said that the exploit isn't as trivial as a generic buffer overflow. Now, to exploit a generic buffer overflow, you need to have a certain level of l337ness to begin with, so that means you don't have to worry about your neighbour braking into your wireless network, just yet. Unless someone releases premade tools to do the exploitation, I'd say that normal people and small businesses don't have to worry at the moment.

    This appears to be a variation of another wireless attack in which you decoy the wireless network. In the old attack you could create your own wireless network that appeared as the one you'd expect. This attack uses similar principles.

    The lesson here is: wireless networks are not secure. What bugs me most about this story is how it was presented as an Apple flaw, when really this is the fault of a buggy device driver and the OS. Windows and possibly Linux would fall under the same flaw.

    Using wireless networks is inherently risky and if you're concerned about attacks, say in a financial or security environment, you don't use it.

    Of course, all the people who pointed out how 'smug' Mac users are and how they deserved such an attack won't notice this particular situation and will merely cheer and clap in their glee that Apple hasn't built a Olympian-OS.

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  • The food chain game

  • rhett7660
    Mar 19, 11:10 AM
    I had to laugh at some of the responses. Boy it sure does bring back some memories,, can anyone say iPad thread!!! LOL.....

    This one caught my eye.

    straight down the tubes (stock wise)...just look at nortel and cisco

    Boy if they could only see what was coming!

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  • organisms. food chain

  • Passante
    Aug 3, 04:01 PM
    Powerbook drivers? hahaha

    Well now I'm not as certain ha ha .....um himmmm


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  • in a food chain.

  • likemyorbs
    Mar 31, 12:41 AM

    As much as i hate to admit it, i have to agree with dime on this one. European countries cannot defend themselves, their militaries are a joke. The US pretty much has to do everything on their own, and then we take the heat for everything. Which is pretty much where american arrogance comes from. Sad but true.

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  • bear food chain

  • kinster
    Nov 7, 10:45 AM
    The MacBook doesn't need a Core 2 Duo processor. Apple needs to leave a gap between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

    why? Haven't they always been the same processor?

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  • Food chains are short. Why?

  • Analog Kid
    Aug 2, 08:02 PM
    Isn't the internal wireless device made by Intel? It's not sure Apple and Intel needs the help from Atheros to get drivers for that.

    But even what the article says, I don't see why the demo would use a 3rd party wireless card if they could just as well have attacked the built in Airport.
    Sorry to ask such basic questions, but I can't get the video to play through our firewall... Do they explicitly show an external WiFi card plugged into the slot?

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  • How many food chains do you

    Sep 6, 10:00 AM
    All this makes next week ALL ABOUT IPOD and MOVIES only...

    food chain images. A food chain describes how
  • A food chain describes how

  • charkshark
    Dec 5, 11:34 PM
    Finally, All I can say, FINALLY!!

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  • entering the food web in

  • gameface
    Mar 11, 11:44 AM

    me likey.

    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5219/5515947913_35d4211a61_z.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikeschmeee/5515947913/)

    Like this a lot but why upload it with such low resolution? The sky falls apart and doesn't do it justice, IMHO.

    And mine, just for fun.


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  • Disruption to the food chain

  • Don Kosak
    May 4, 11:39 PM
    YouTube: video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=2gm7u6f2glE)

    head tracking mockup


    YouTube: video (http://youtube.com/watch?v=bBQQEcfkHoE)


    This type of "3D" would work even for people with only one eye, or with other stereo-vision disorders.

    It's not a "true" 3D though, as it requires head or device movement to perceive the effect. (Both eyes are actually seeing the same image on the screen.)

    Thanks for finding these videos.

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  • top of food chain

  • rlreif
    Nov 27, 07:47 PM
    Their greed, or yours?

    ive spent over 10,000 on itunes since it came out... you dont know me dude... im the farthest thing from a cheapskate in the universe.... im tyoing this now from my yacht in Bora Bora it isnt about the money, its about the convenience.... itunes works cause its instant gratification, im not going to fly to some developed country just to buy a cd by a group thats too stuck on themselves to join the rest of the world offering their product in a convenient manor... screw them...

    they had the nerve to sue apple over and over, jobs named apple apple as a tribute... and they were supposed to be about peace and love... and you are defenfending them... they are greedy bastards and they reaped what they sow

    food chain images. Changes to food chains
  • Changes to food chains

  • charkshark
    Dec 5, 11:34 PM
    Finally, All I can say, FINALLY!!

    food chain images. The food chain of course is
  • The food chain of course is

  • OnceUGoMac
    Aug 24, 01:17 PM
    Looks like I get to send mine back. I'm actually not upset, I get a brand new battery! Hoorah!:D

    Sep 4, 02:45 PM
    What I need is a new MBP refresh with 160gig hard drive and no quality issues. A better GPU would be nice also.

    But a new iPod nano sound great since my current one is scratched beyond recognition.

    My wish list, which given it's been forever since Apple has updated the nano, shouldn't be too pie-in-the-sky:

    1. 12 gigs

    2. 20+ hour battery life

    3. Scratch resistent

    Battery life is the biggest issue with the iPod for me, Apple really need to work on it with the next updates.

    Mar 11, 02:47 PM
    Oh god, please let this be true. I almost wish Macrumors didn't post this because it seems like a very unreliable source... It's gotten my hopes up and I'd almost rather not know and just be surprised when it happens! Fingers crossed that the wait is almost over...

    Apr 13, 12:49 PM
    What about something made in Germany? ;)

    Not sure people would jump the gun on an Audi R8 had it been made in Asia! :D

    I would. Germany is pretty much set on protecting it's industrial base.

    Aug 9, 10:46 AM
    Yeah, but their presentation was extremely poor. If it was to show that ANY system could be hacked, why choose a set up that is EXTREMELY improbable and unlikely? It weakens their case and encourages folks to dismiss them.
    How come it is extremely imporbable and unlikely?
    They presented there script against a mac because the mac strives on the claim that they are the safest pc out there.
    They said in there interview they targeted the mac because they hate the commercials.

    Explain how that makes there presentation poor.

    Mar 22, 02:10 PM
    I agree with you 100%, well said.

    I get it- as a wife, I was the one buying the iPads, with money I make in my consulting business. However, my husband would have not been pleased if it was blowing all of our discretional income without discussing it first...

    In this case, since he gets my iPad 1, he is happy, and he's thrilled that I've made enough $ through my p/t job to afford to do this.

    Marriage is all about mutual responsibility. And while he "asks" me before buying stuff for his wood workshop, I don't ever think I would say "no"- depending on the expense it might only be "not now". Our unspoken rule is if it's a non-essential over about $200, the other spouse should be advised and gets a courtesy ask. Keeps us both happy.

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