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  • mr.steevo
    Mar 12, 09:44 AM
    ...they had to bring the store down worldwide?
    Sometimes I wonder what Apple hires those smart people for, if it's just the morons running their daily business.


    The store has been up all morning in my country.


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  • Jetson
    Oct 15, 04:10 PM
    When you look at Steve Job's odyssey from being Apple's CEO, bringing in Sculley, getting stabbed in the back and booted from his own company.

    Jobs goes off on his own, founds Next computer, develops innovative hardware, makes alliances with the likes of George Lucas, founds Pixar and comes up with hit movie after hit movie.

    Meanwhile Apple goes through the dark ages, predictions of Apple going belly up, they beg Steve Jobs to come back to the helm.

    Jobs returns to Apple, gets to work and turns the company around with some of the most inspiring products (iMac) and great market presence.

    Then his team comes up with the marvelous iPod. The Macintosh lineup is arguable the best in the PC world.

    Things would have been much less interesting if Steve didn't have to make this difficult trek. Sometimes what looks bad can be the beginning of something great if you don't give up.

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  • fabsgwu
    Sep 12, 02:27 PM
    While many people are looking for Apple to integrate a radio tuner into the iPod it isn't going to happen.

    I would prefer the option to grab a quick weather forecast, news headline or actually hear a song I don't own once in a while, but that's not the iPod way. The iPod is all about your content not someone else's.

    Get an iPod radio remote and stick it in your mouth ;)

    Seriously tho, with the announcement of the BluPod (http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/news/comments/blupod-ipod-add-on-offers-caller-id-radio-features/)(FM Radio and Bluetooth Caller ID remote) it seems 3rd parties will jump in the FM tuner add-on to compete with Apple (hopefully at a lower price).

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  • ee99ee
    Sep 12, 01:56 PM
    Time to give it the ultimate seemless playback test, Pink Floyd "Dark Side Of The Moon":)

    Make sure you're smokin' a doobie while you're at it... haha :P


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  • slinger1968
    Sep 4, 06:48 PM
    Yes, the point is that Apple is trying to prevent people from running OS X on non-Mac computers. End of story.No, this is incorrect.

    Apple sold it's OS's for Mac hardware only, long before people started running OS X on PC's.

    Mac OS's sold without hardware are sold as upgrades. End of story.

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  • redfire
    Oct 26, 07:12 PM
    My Week 36 MacBook runs quietly, coolly and reliably. Should I apply the update?

    Yes. It fixed my week 21 Macbook that just got RSS two days ago. Even if your Macbook runs nicely now, it could get RSS in the future and when you call Apple all they're going to tell you is to install the firmware update.

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  • wizard
    Nov 7, 11:58 AM
    Frankly I don't know if Bluetooth would solve the wire problem. But your point is well taken a wireless drive would have its own advantages. Something would be needed of course as I'm not dismissing the need for an optical drive from time to time. My big problem with optical hardware is that it increases weight and decreases reliability.

    One obvious answer would be a mini Wifi server of one or more CDROM's. That sort of arrangement would certainly have the bandwidth needed. In either case you are making use of radio technology so that in and of itself is a power issue. On the other hand if the drive isn't in the laptop it can never be a power burden.

    In any event I still believe that Apple would be better off putting Compact Flash or other memory device slots in its machines. They are already a better choice than CDROM's for many uses and of special interest to photographers and other professionals. The goal should be reliable low power operation.


    Is the bandwith of Bluetooth less than a CD or DVD reader?

    It would be cool to have a bluetooth CD/DVD reader. If that worked it be so tight. No wires. And you could stack them and create a laptop with 5 optical drives. :p

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  • cogsinister
    Aug 24, 08:18 PM
    But you sure would be bothered if some one got yours and you didn't get one! Probably could hear you scream in Hong Kong without an amplifier.:mad:

    Yes probably....but.......

    I would just take the battery to the local applecare store and have my battery verified and get them to sort me out a replacement.......

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  • mrpither
    May 5, 12:06 AM
    Plus... you can backup your iPhone when you plug it in.
    iCloud (actual name tbd) will take care of that all silently and automatically. I mean automagically!

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  • timuster
    Mar 15, 02:43 PM
    I used to work at an apple store until Christmas and we were always the last to know things, we found out when the public found out eg the iMac launch, that's why they don't have the new stuff in stores the day it's announced, it stays in the back with someone who's signed a non disclosure agreement.

    I'm so glad you said that ! ;)

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  • Roessnakhan
    May 5, 11:44 AM
    If its something I can disable then I have no problem with it, but for those that want that sort of thing they can use it - everyone's happy!

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  • SandynJosh
    Apr 14, 05:33 PM
    I think this is the two ways the market share for Macs is gained:

    1. Windows users buy an iDevice, then another iDevice, then another iDevice... Then they buy a Mac.

    2. Hardcore Mac users (like myself) have children and because of the heavy Mac influence from the start, they turn out to like and use Macs. Thats what happened with me. I grew up with all Macs and no Windows:D

    You left out another important source of influence, and that's the school systems. Smart school systems usually buy Macs for the classrooms because they are much lower cost to maintain.

    By maintain, I'm speaking of the time it costs to add software, upgrade programs, add perephrials, hook up networks, and all the things you don't need a staff of geeks to just keep the computers doing what you bought them for.

    So, kids in all grades and into college get to use Macs a lot and love them.

    IBM discovered the power of the classroom back in the 1950s. By working hard to get typing classes switched over to Selectric� typewriters they created a generation of users more at home on an IMB machine than on a Royal...the market leader at the time. It almost killed Royal.

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  • Retrograffica
    Jan 11, 04:04 PM
    It's A.I.R - Apple Intelligent Robot! :cool:

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  • lgutie20
    Apr 2, 06:23 PM
    Why such a great camera on the iphone and such loser ones on the ipad?

    iPhones are actually more expensive to make than iPads. Thats why you are forced to make a contract with a carrier because when you first get your phone, the carriers are loosing money. It takes two whole months for the carriers to make back all the money they spent on an iPhone.

    That is why the iPhone can be cheaper and have better specs than an iPad could ever have. That is why I believe that the iPhone is actually Apples most advanced technology!

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  • jameshopkins
    Sep 6, 08:34 AM
    So do we keep waiting for updated Macbooks and Macbook Pro's or not? :confused:

    I dont see the MacBook going core 2 duo, but i reckon the MBP will, maybe with a new case design on the 12th?

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  • goobot
    May 4, 10:59 PM

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  • dongmin
    Sep 4, 04:05 PM
    Don't know if this deserves its own thread but Appleinsider has some juicy bits in its latest rumors. The upshot is that the new movie service will be high enough quality to be viewed in the living room (which I assume to be at least DVD quality). Be warned: most of it smacks of fanboy speculation.

    For some time now, published reports have insinuated that Apple and Jobs would be unwilling to launch a movie download service without a wide, touch-screen video iPod player to coincide. But as he reclines with his feet perched on the sprawling Apple boardroom conference table, Jobs is likely enjoying a chuckle or two -- he's been planning something bigger, something better, something everyone will want.

    Just as he asserted that consumers are more eager to own their music tracks for 99 cents a piece rather than rent them on a monthly basis, he realizes that few are willing to plunk down ten bucks for a two-hour movie that they'll have to watch with their neck cranked towards a miniature screen resting in the palm of their hand. As someone at the forefront of the motion picture industry, he knows films are designed for the big screen and later adapted for the home living-room theater.

    For these reasons, Jobs many months ago commissioned an elite group of Apple engineers to get the ball rolling on an intuitive hardware solution that would more closely tie the company's digital media strategy to the living-room. And so AppleInsider has been told, Apple has been quietly developing a video streaming device that will interface with an updated version of its iTunes jukebox software.

    It's arguably been one of the most closely guarded secrets at Apple since the evolution of the first iPod digital music player, which forever altered the landscape of the music industry when it was introduced in October of 2001. Only a select bunch inside Cupertino have heard of the latest device and even fewer have seen it. Therefore, further details are few and far between.

    Insiders can only presume the device will take up the form of a video-enabled version of Apple's existing AirPort Express wireless base station, which lets users stream their iTunes music tracks from their computers to their home stereo receivers. It also acts as a wireless 802.11 router and printing hub.

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  • return7
    Nov 11, 11:31 PM
    All software has bugs. It's a matter of prioritizing new features vs. bug fixes when one puts out new releases. For many (maybe even most) features or bug fixes you wanted, chances are he had thought of them and prioritized them rationally. I wouldn't burn him at the stake for not implementing something you wanted sooner. :)

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  • adder7712
    Dec 6, 11:04 PM
    I really hope HTML 5 video will be widely adopted and we will be less dependent of Flash.

    And is also an open standard.

    Mar 29, 11:58 AM
    I got my black 16gb wifi iPad today at the radio shack in jersey city. I got there at 9 and no one was there. They opened at 10 and I got 1 of the 4 they had in stock. I did not have to buy the AppleCare but they made me buy an accessory. I didn't mind since I wanted a smart cover.

    Mar 4, 03:12 AM

    I would like some feedback on my photos: http://space-cat11.deviantart.com/

    I have yet to get any constructive criticism either. So go for it!

    Mar 15, 02:44 PM
    You may have Windows 7 on your desktop but I doubt if you've ever used it properly. Now I've been a Mac user for a long time and I own an iMac and an MBP but let me tell you this, Windows 7 is definitely much better than Vista.

    I really don't want to compare Windows to OSX but after using both Vista and 7, I am very confident when I say that Microsoft has really done a good job with Windows 7. Vista was a disaster though....

    What are some of the things you like better about 7 over Vista? I upgraded a few weeks ago and really haven't been able to find any improvements. Even the performance problems haven't been improved (benchmarks) (http://www.overclockers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=623235).

    Oct 14, 03:49 PM
    Again, you've made some good points, Nipsy. But you're so childish in the way you present your replies, with stupid and pointless remarks about things that i haven't addressed and wouldn't care to address, that i'm not about to take you seriously.

    You have insulted me and since you are taking my responses so personally, i will respond in like.

    "business acumen"? Hahaha. Grow up, kid. You have demonstrated that you know nothing of the computer industry or the position that Apple holds, but merely fabricated what position YOU think Apple holds, "as a shareholder". You haven't admitted when you were wrong and you're just blindly arguing for Apple.

    I never said anything about us designing chips for Apple and to even bring that up is moronic. It doesn't add to the argument or make a point, it's just suggesting that i said something that i didn't. If you can't see that, then kindly re-read my posts before replying.

    You are not getting kudos for making good points, you are getting kudos for making popular replies. The ones that most Mac users here want to hear - How much Apple owns and how they have a masterplan that, mysteriously, never seems to quite work out for them, now does it.

    Well it seems as though Apple has gone with IBM, so part of their "plan" is to improve chip speed, just as i suggested they should.

    I never suggested that the only way for Apple to survive is purely chip speed, i suggested that that is a major part of it and to say it isn't is moronic.

    In the end, Nispy, we have agreed on many points and if this whole argument had gone a little better, without petty, childish insults on your part, which i'm ashamed to say that i have contributed to in this last post, and complete missunderstandings of my posts, we could have come to some kind of constructive conclusion. Clearly that wasn't your aim.

    I just hope you have achieved whatever you intended to with your childish endeavors in this thread.

    Sep 22, 11:13 PM
    Good lord, why is Walmart so threatened?

    Most of their customers have satellites built into their RVs and wouldn't get movies from Apple anyway.

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