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  • rlreif
    Nov 27, 07:47 PM
    Their greed, or yours?

    ive spent over 10,000 on itunes since it came out... you dont know me dude... im the farthest thing from a cheapskate in the universe.... im tyoing this now from my yacht in Bora Bora it isnt about the money, its about the convenience.... itunes works cause its instant gratification, im not going to fly to some developed country just to buy a cd by a group thats too stuck on themselves to join the rest of the world offering their product in a convenient manor... screw them...

    they had the nerve to sue apple over and over, jobs named apple apple as a tribute... and they were supposed to be about peace and love... and you are defenfending them... they are greedy bastards and they reaped what they sow

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  • viperguy
    Apr 12, 02:09 PM

    Being a Brazilian I can easily say that not only import taxes are high here - hiring people is one hell of an expensive move too. It`s actually one of the big reasons why lots of companies do not have factories here! Most of them go to China - that`s where production is cheap.
    Even if Foxconn decides to pay the minimun wage here, there`s still so many taxes, fees and other stuff that they`ll have to pay for the workers that I find it hard for it to be good at all for either Apple or Fox.

    So.. if you were waiting for this move to reduce the prices on :apple: gadgets, keep waiting.. because it`s more likely they will raise it even more :p

    I don`t know but I`m a bit skeptical about this. Especially since we`re talkin about 12U$ billion!

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  • nemaslov
    Oct 16, 01:20 PM
    Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says his company will not lose money on the sale of its Zune digital media players this holiday shopping season, but admits it won't make much money either.

    Ballmer said his company's upcoming Zune player fits into the hardware model because the value, if its successful, is all in the software. "It's in community [the ability to share music and pictures with other Zune users]," he said. "I want to squirt you a picture of my kids. You want to squirt me back a video of your vacation. That's a software experience."

    ...now think of this when you share your zune with the girl sitting next to you...:p

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  • dgree03
    May 5, 08:39 AM
    Apple is copying android!? :eek: /sarcasm

    I am sure you will have the option to download over wifi or over 3g(if they establish a patch system)

    Android has been doing this since the beginning, no issues with it in the android community.

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  • Chip NoVaMac
    Mar 28, 08:14 PM
    Apple also doesn't have to sell their products in every store. I am sure Apple could say that they couldn't do that if they want to continue selling the iPad 2. I'd be very surprised if Apple knew about this and allowed it.

    My guess is that since managers are pressuring the sales staff to sell the add-ons so hard, that they are just saying its required.

    Working in a retail shop (photo goods); I can say that margins on hard goods is so razor thin, requiring ad-ons makes sense. It also keeps scalpers away for the likes of the iPad 2.

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  • Erasmus
    Nov 7, 01:01 AM
    good. this should stop all those Waiting For C2D MB threads...


    You know, these statements are becoming the new "Powerbook G5 Next Tuesday". That means really annoying, almost as bad as the "Waiting for Merom Macbook" threads themselves! And it's HILARIOUS! :D

    I don't care about a new graphics card, but I do want my Macbook to have as good a battery life as possible. I also want it to be quiet, and cool.

    Here's to neat Merom Macbooks Tomorrow!

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  • runplaysleeprun
    Sep 12, 01:42 PM
    iTunes 2 had the blue note--v1 had three notes of varying colors. iTunes icon timeline:


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  • ozone1
    Mar 25, 04:08 PM
    I just downloaded the update, it told me something failed and I need to restore my iPhone. I am on try 3 and it is still failing every time it tries to restore. It's giving me error code 1013. I would stay away from this update for at least a day or two until others give feedback. It doesn't seem to be that critical of an update anyways.

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  • MacFly123
    Nov 5, 12:17 AM
    I like this debate. :p

    Bottom line, people in here that don't think Flash is bad and holding back web progression are either uneducated, or misinformed PERIOD!

    It is as simple as that. That is all I have to say! :rolleyes: Sorry guys.

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  • Rustus Maximus
    Apr 13, 07:47 PM
    Professional, Amateur, Semi-Pro, weird guy living above your grandmother's garage, this argument is funny no matter who you are. What will happen with this is the same that has happened in every other industry where the democratization of technology allowed more people to access tools previously only available to 'the elite'.

    Some will buy it and be able to do it themselves. Some will try it, settle with the results they achieve and convince themselves it is 'Good 'Nuff!�' (until they run into the other 'Wall of eliteness'...Network Standards, etc.) Others will realize that a tool, no matter how cheap, doesn't make you an editor/mechanic/brain surgeon and they will then go and spend more money with you or other 'professionals' and get it done right. Only you'll be able to charge a rush fee because they will be in a hurry now. ;)

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  • aswitcher
    Sep 12, 01:26 PM
    Love the new podcast download page :)

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  • twoodcc
    Sep 4, 12:34 PM
    So far I have yet to see an official confirmation from a reputable (read "not-rumour") web site.

    The "confirmations" flying around all seem to be the rumour sites referencing each other.

    Until I see iLounge or MacWorld get an invitation I won't be getting my hopes up for an secret-Apple-ninja-attack event.

    whether it's the 12th, 14th, tomorrow, 17th, whatever, i just can't wait unitl Apple does something

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  • milo
    Aug 10, 03:04 PM
    These are great boxes, and fairly priced for what you get. Should sell like hotcakes to the pros.

    But these new machines just make the hole in Apple's product line that much more obvious. No headless machine between $799 and about $2199? No machine between yonah dual 1.6 and xeon quad 2.0? No machine with swappable video card for under two grand??? You'll be able to get a smoking dual core conroe PC for probably half that.

    I just hope this isn't the last of the line (hopefully apple is just saying that to brag on the transition speed) and there's a cheap midrange tower running conroe on the way.

    If that doesn't happen, Apple needs to update imac and even the mini to fast conroes ASAP. Both were great models at reasonable prices when they shipped, but they're looking long in the tooth and overpriced now. Updates would help close that gap in the product line.

    The pros are a HUGE improvement in expandability over the crappy internals of the G5 tower, and the extra usb ports (even 800 on the front!) are very nice. I think it's a bit cheap to leave off the BT and wifi at those prices though, and even though they're pro machines they should throw in Front Row and the remote.

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  • treblah
    Aug 4, 10:19 AM
    Yeah, I said announced. Leopard has been announced since Macworld. That photo may have shown us the cover, but that is not groundbreaking and as nice as it is, as previously mentioned I'm sure it won't be the final disk label. In the words of MosDef, they ain't sayin' nothin' new...

    Actually it was announced at last years WWDC. And I'm pretty sure that is final since they changed it from what they showed perviously. ;)


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  • TheUndertow
    May 6, 07:22 AM
    Well that's interesting........and wouldn't that be an interesting reason for a smaller screen (to better accommodate "glasses free" 3D.

    A lot of smoke here....I couldn't figure out why so many rumors had the iPad 2 at a smaller screen (despite Jobs stance on the issue at iPad 1 launch) and I could see that slipping first, without context to why.

    7" iPad is meh.

    7" 3D iPad is definitely less meh, but unless they bring more, it won't be enough for me to jump from the 2....check back though in 6 months....

    P.s. Apple - I know a "game" system is coming...whether it's this mobile device or a console (ala Apple TV mutant)....bring it!

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  • Caricature of construction

  • MaddMacs
    Mar 2, 07:10 PM

    stunning.. where is that?

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  • oblomow
    Mar 5, 02:20 PM
    http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5257/5486802478_bee1438a99_b.jpg (http://www.flickr.com/photos/69707513@N00/5486802478/sizes/l/in/photostream/)

    The muddy scrum at a London Welsh rugby match.

    Love the action, the angle and the colours.

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  • afields
    Jan 11, 04:22 PM
    Look! Up in the sky!

    Is it a bird?

    It's a plane!

    No! It's an partially eaten flying apple!

    It's landing!

    [time passes]

    Something's coming out of it!

    [gasps and screams of anticipation]


    OMG! He must be using the new iFly! What's that, Superman? It flies better than you?

    [Superman smiles and winks, and flies off, presumably to fight crime, but actually to go find Lois]

    Introducing the new Apple iFly. Better than Superman.

    Wow! I want to fly it over the Atlantic ocean!

    Look everyone! An Apple PR rep just stepped out of the iFly! What's that Apple PR rep? It can't fly above water yet? It's a bug that's going to be fixed in a software update?

    And you can fill it's 32GB of storage by syncing with iTunes on your Mac or PC? Wow!

    Everyone swarm the iFly!

    [riot ensues]

    this brought the lols

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  • Lord Blackadder
    Apr 26, 06:49 PM
    What is wrong with suggesting that there might be something inherently wrong with black culture. It would be racist to suggest there is something inherently wrong with black GENES, but culture is something which can and sometimes should change.

    Parts of black culture which have proven to have negative effects in the United States is the glorification of begetting women with children regardless of marital status.

    Dialects within African American communities in the United States have also had a negative effect on the black community. Its very hard for someone to find a job if they choose not to speak passable English.

    These are issues/trends that leaders in the African American community need to think seriously about attempting to curb because they are and will continue to cause major problems.

    None of these "parts of black culture" are unique to blacks, nor are they fundamentally identified with blacks only. Furthermore, I have never suggested that black people have no responsibility to be productive, law-abiding citizens. However, the suggestion that blacks can somehow gain equality with whites just by "getting their act together" is totally fallacious.

    Apr 11, 12:42 AM

    Oct 27, 10:55 AM
    I had a pretty annoying RSS on my week 30 white 1.83 MacBook. Typically it would go for 7-8 hours before shutting down, at which point I'd leave it to cool for half an hour or so before restarting the cycle. I am a student and simply cannot do without my laptop for a week to get the heatsink replaced, so I was simply living with it.

    Keenly applied the firmware update today and it was running OK, until this. First one on the MacBook. Really hope this is a one-off.

    Sep 12, 02:10 PM
    I wanted a silver 8GB one. Now I'm torn :(

    EDIT: Made up my mind. 4GB silver and the extra £40 in my pocket. Besides, silver'll look better in my Bose SoundDock :)

    Aug 29, 01:20 PM
    I think you're also forgetting that the current version of OSX is included with every Mac.

    I agree but it's still not a "retail" version of OS X...

    Mar 25, 01:07 PM
    After 10 years of "Feels Snappier" How snappy can Safari get? How long before Safari actually snaps in half when you move it?

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