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  • After G
    Aug 24, 04:04 PM
    I had my battery recalled earlier.

    Wonder if the replacement falls under this recall? :D

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  • NT1440
    Mar 10, 11:34 PM
    As for why Countries like Canada and the US fare better with a large Military.

    Let's call it a personal preference ... I am not as convinced as others that may believe having a strong Military should be a low priority.

    Again, you've said nothing. No reasoning, no rationale, no facts, just pure speculation.

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  • bagleyb
    Sep 12, 03:35 PM
    GRRR, iTunes grabs 700 MB of RAM on my PC as soon as it's opened. It releases it when it's closed, but my machine becomes pretty much useless when iTunes is open.

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  • RHVC59
    Mar 2, 10:11 PM
    Auroras from lat night

    Nice capture! I am so jealous, the clouds have moved back into southeast, no lights for me...

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  • Sky Blue
    Sep 12, 03:36 PM
    'Album Artist' tag!

    yay, duets!

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  • citizenzen
    Mar 15, 03:58 PM
    show me, show me? ...

    I asked for evidence and I showed you some of mine Apple OC.

    Did you simply skip over the articles that I excerpted and linked to?

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  • Dr.Pants
    Mar 11, 02:54 PM
    Yep. Get my revision C MBP on Tuesday and then they update.

    As long as they have expresscard, everything will be right in the world.

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  • Sam Yikin
    Mar 29, 12:25 AM
    This Constitutional issue is something of a moot point... Congress has only declared war FIVE times in the history of the country (the War of 1812, Mexican-American, Spanish-American, WWs I&II). There are 125 occasions where the President has acted with no approval from Congress. Also, the War Powers Resolution is essentially valid, as it has never been tested by courts.

    In my personal view, I'm fine with the president being able to enact a limited amount of military action, as long as there are no long-term liabilities for the country. Congress is so juvenile, inefficient, and bitchy that I'm fine with not having to rely on them every time there is a clear humanitarian need to act.


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  • aristobrat
    Oct 27, 05:31 PM
    Isn't everyone assuming here that the root problem is a heatsink issue? Has Apple ever announced that it was?
    Officially, no.

    If you can believe this post (http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?p=2891746#post2891746), then yes, it was announced to Apple's service providers. These pictures (http://www.flickr.com/photos/99055354@N00/271937310/in/photostream/) show the difference between designs of the two heatsinks.

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  • Felldownthewell
    Aug 24, 12:39 PM
    Heres a screenshot just for fun:


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  • toddybody
    Apr 14, 09:08 AM
    More great news. I wonder where the limit on this growth will be?

    I'm not trying to pee in Apple's Cheerios at all...but i do wonder at what point will they reach a plateau in sales growth. That said, I don't think they're close to it yet...China is becoming a great new market for them...

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  • Primejimbo
    May 5, 09:16 AM
    Verizon is unlimited data...

    For now it's unlimited, who said it will last?

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  • melantye
    Apr 11, 12:54 PM
    Hum this is brilliant marketing.
    The subscription price serves as an anchor price that makes you feel the regular price is cheaper, hence more buying are expected at regular price.

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  • walnuts
    Mar 29, 11:03 AM
    i hate voice recognition software...no matter what it's integrated with. i think it's gimmicky and rarely works reliably. pass

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  • Chundles
    Aug 29, 08:50 AM
    According to the Wikipedia article, a Home Basic upgrade is only $99.95, which is cheaper than the standard $129 for OS X releases. Then again, education customers can often get Mac OS for around $70 in some cases, if I'm not mistaken. I don't know if there will be education discounts for Vista or how much they will be. With so many versions and price points for Vista and an unknown price tag for Leopard, it's very complicated to make comparisons...

    Now one of the big questions is, who can get a Home Basic upgrade and how much are Home Basic users missing out on if they get that as opposed to Aero, etc.? No one knows for sure all the details at this point and we won't know for sure until official announcements are made. Although I would take OS X over Windows any day, we have to be cautious I think before saying Mac's upgrades are cheaper than Windows'. It looks like in many cases they will be, but not necessarily in all cases.

    Yeah, but Home Basic is crap.

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  • djkatsuo
    Sep 12, 03:00 PM
    am i crazy or did apple completely leave this out of itunes 7...my booklets are mixed up with the music and so are the music videos...also no more search bar???

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  • nek
    Nov 3, 12:20 AM
    There have been times when I wanted Flash to work on my iPod, but I'm glad Apple is keeping it off there. They just need to keep pushing HTML5 and eventually Flash will die and the internet will miraculously become faster.

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  • Warbrain
    Nov 8, 09:18 AM
    lol, who cares, got the extra 1gb for waiting. Are you unhappy because you got your prediction of "NOT going to happen, it's going to be next year" wrong?

    Not at all. I've had predictions go wrong before, so this is nothing new to me. But it just annoys me that some people are so concerned with getting the best computer at the moment when it'll only be the best for a few months at best, and in the case of the MacBook, isn't even the best.

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  • JackieTreehorn
    Nov 24, 07:50 AM
    Clearly not yours either, son.
    While there's some positive link between Mac-usage and intellect, you shouldn't take that information as meaning that posting on a Mac Forum gets you any intellect points.

    So far, you've added nothing but focusing on the messenger. Which is typical, if knowledge about the topic of discussion is superficial at best.

    For all to see.

    Sleep tight under your Beatles blanket, son.

    Mar 22, 12:21 PM
    I'll wager that Apple didn't use Comic Sans :eek: in their reply note.

    I always interpreted it as a handwritten note. I guess we won't know unless the guy post a photo of the actual note (if it in fact exists)...

    I find it very disturbing that an adult man would have to ask his wife for permission to buy an iPad, much less return one because she said "No."

    C'mon. Has nobody ever done something, only to have someone close to them (like a spouse, a sibling, a friend, ...) call them out on it to say "Hey, you know, given your current situation, maybe that wasn't a wise move"? Has nobody ever taken such advice, thought on it, then concluded "You know what, my friend is right"? Or is everyone truly hung up on this attitude of "I'M the only one who knows what's best for me, so stay outta my face"?

    Mar 28, 08:35 PM
    This news is sick! In just 12 hours? DAMN!

    I would buy the no new iPhone rumor because OS X Lion is gonna be a game changer from what I've been reading, so they will need to focus and give a 100% to Lion. However, that doesn't mean they won't preview iOS 5, for a fall release :)

    Vantage Point
    Mar 12, 09:18 AM
    It's nice to see someone with some perspective and isn't complaining daily because an update with speed increases that they'll never even notice...

    Depending on the job these speed increases can be significant. I have some photoshop tasks that take 4-6 minutes/per image. A 20% speed increase is significant. For many people the bumb will not be noticable but they would like a 20% greater value compared to buying today. For others, speed and portability are the very reason for investing in one of these.

    Oct 13, 09:01 PM
    Originally posted by Source
    Good replies, Nipsy. Although you completely misunderstood some of my points addressed some points that i wasn't even talking about and also made some points that i completely disagree with.

    I might make a proper reply addressing these tomorrow, if:

    A. I have the time.
    B. I can be bothered.

    Oh and i'm well over 18, have a very high IQ and a masters degree. :) That doesn't make me any more likely to be right or wrong than you, i'm just saying, seeing as you made some delightful comments about 13 and under 18 year olds in your aforementioned post.

    If you guys don't mind Apple being behind in hardware, then, quite honestly, stop whining about it.

    So many Mac users spend hours a day, talking about Apple and what they're doing wrong, but never take any action. If those who care about Apple being the slowest computers on the market are not going to do something about it, then they should shut up about it.

    If you're going to whine about it constantly and then get upset with someone who says it's not good enough, then you're just a stupid hypocrit. I realize that you're happy with the productivity your Mac(s) has brought you, and are incredibly loyal to Apple, as well you should be, but if you're going to complain about it, then at least make some attempt to do something about it. or shut up about it.

    Just a quickie:
    I'm not whining about anything. I think of Macs as entry level workstations (not as desktops), and as such, I find them cheap, reliable, and speedy.

    I'd like more speed (as I do tax my machine), but I'm not known to whine about anything. If you'll notice, my post is very point/counterpoint, and primarily designed to dispel some of the myths proffered from either side of the fence. If you read it carefully, I think you'll see that I'm neither a hypocrite, nor stupid. My spelling and grammar are strong. My arguments and points are logical, and put forth based on data, published and empirical.

    Note I was quick to agree that Macs are not the fastest machines...

    Secondly, Macs are not the slowest machines on the market. For processing only arguments, the Mac line sits squarely between the top and bottom end Windows machines. For reliability (uptime, TCO), the Mac sits between more mature UNIX distros, and Windows.

    As for age, there are a lot of people here in the 12-20 demographic, who agrue with zeal, but without fact. Oddly, it is this demographic which are most likely to buy neon case lights, watercoolers, billet milled aircraft aluminum cases, etc.

    No need to take the vertical demographics as an insult!

    Furthermore, what action do you propose we comsumers take to speed Apple development?

    I would wager that no active posters have high level chip design on their resumes. I would further speculate that few really understand the in-and-outs of a complex gate setup, so I doubt we're going to design it for them.

    Should we boycott Apple products? This drains R&D capital from Apple, and forces people to use Windows, certainly not an elegant soultion.

    I am open to any suggestion you have as to how I can speed the delivery of a G5 or Power4 Lite.

    Lastly, I'm a happy Apple customer, but my loyalty is available. If you can create a better matrix of performance/stability/standards based computing/availabilty of apps/cost/TCO/OS elegance I'm a customer.

    Nov 7, 03:17 AM
    my 25cents~

    MB w/ C2D
    atleast 1gb ram
    alteast 80gig hd
    4x superdrive
    gma 950 with max memory support (224mb)

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